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Wet Weekend

Beth's boyfriend has big plans for their vacation.
Beth was in the process of pulling her long blond hair up into a ponytail when she heard a car horn downstairs. Yanking her scrunchie tight, she grabbed her duffel bag and bounded down the steps two at a time, flying out the front door.

"Bye Daddy!" She yelled across the sidewalk to the garage, where her father was working on something at his work bench. He lifted a hand in farewell as she open the door to her boyfriend's car. Tossing her bag in the back, she plopped down in the seat and shut the door. There was something oddly crinkly under the new seat cover, but she ignored it in favor of grinning at Dean. They'd been going out since sophomore year, and now, the summer after graduation, they were pretty serious. He leaned in to kiss her, and she leaned into it before swatting his chest. "My dad is right there!"

"So? We're eighteen, we can do what we want," he scoffed, but settled back and pulled away from the house. They'd been planning this road trip for awhile now, a two day journey up to the coast, where his parents had rented them a beach house for the week. Beth plugged her iPod into the cord that attached to his stereo, and fiddled with music as they headed for the highway. Several times she couldn't help sneaking looks at her boyfriend.

Dean was just over six feet, with lightly curled dark hair that just begged for her to run her fingers through it. Coupled with his stunning blue eyes and the fact that he had been on the basketball team all four years of high school, he was quite popular among the girls in their class. A smile played over Beth's lips, and she reached over to take the hand resting casually on his thigh.

"I can't believe we're finally doing this," she said giddily. Her fingers moved to the inside of his leg, and he smirked as he felt her move up to touch his cock. "So, are you finally going to tell me what this big surprise you've been dangling in front of me is?"

"No, but you'll figure it out," he replied. She pouted attractively, starting to rub the rapidly hardening bulge in his jeans.

"Pretty please?" Beth had quickly learned what he liked, and being an adventuresome girl, was generally willing to try what Dean suggested. For two weeks now he'd been teasing her with the promise of hot sex at the beach house, as well as a surprise he wouldn't tell her about.

"Babe I'm trying to drive. You'll find out soon enough!" He laughed, pushing her hand away and occupying her fingers by handing her a soda from the cooler in the back seat. "There's chips back there too if you're hungry."

Beth settled back in her seat, content to let the subject go for a bit. As the afternoon wore on, she broke into the bag of salty chips, causing her to go through several cans of soda as well to slake her thirst. Dean watched her like a hawk, a little half smile crossing his face every so often as he watched her chug down soda.

"Can we pull over soon?" Beth asked as they drove along the highway, a cliff rising up on one side while the other dropped off a hundred feet. Dean, concentrating on the road, didn't respond. Her bladder felt uncomfortably full, especially with the way the road was twisting and jostling her. She bit her lip, pulling out her cell phone to fiddle with. Maybe if she took her mind off it she might be able to hold it until they were off the mountain.

Dean reached over and stroked her leg, left bare by the high hem of her shorts, and she smiled unconsciously. She couldn't wait to get to the beach house. Her plan was to get on her knees as soon as they got in the door and show him her newly acquired skills at oral. Beth's friend Megan had been showing her some tricks, demonstrating on a banana, and she hadn't had a chance to try them on Dean just yet. His hand on her leg just encouraged those dirty thoughts, making wetness start to collect in her pussy. That brought her thoughts right back to her lower half, and she grimaced as her bladder once again started to protest.

"Baby, I really have to go," she pleaded, a hint of a whine creeping into her tone.

"I'm sorry, there's no room to pull over. Why did you drink so much?" He scolded lightly. His hand never stopped moving, kneading her inner thigh and working steadily towards her crotch.

"The chips made me thirsty!" Beth bit her lip, now wishing she could take back all the liquid she'd drank. She felt like she was going to explode, but as Dean's fingers finally reached her pussy, a new sensation hit her. The fullness in her bladder was actually turning her on more! It was subtle, but enough that she was very close to soaking her panties in her own juices. While he rubbed her pussy through her shorts, Dean's thumb drifted up slightly, and pressed ever so slightly against her lower belly- right over her bladder.

"Dean!" She squealed in protest, crossing her legs. "That's not funny you jerk I really have to go!" He bit back a smirk as they started their descent from the mountain pass, and Beth took a deep breath. Just a couple more miles and then they could pull over. He pressed against her belly again, and she moaned at the torturous pressure against her tightly clenched inner muscles.

"Maybe you should get your shorts off babe. One less layer when we get somewhere so you can pee," Dean suggested, and as she unzipped the denim there was a tiny bit of relief without the pressure of the waistband on her middle. With a bit of wrangling she got them down her long legs, and tossed them in the back on top of her bag. Dean returned his hand to her pussy, now able to slip under her panties and rub against her slit.

"You're not helping!" she groaned, but dared to spread her legs. He brushed her clit, and she sucked in a quick breath. There was no mistaking it now; she was really turned on by the pressure of her full bladder. As he rubbed her clit in little circles, she made the mistake of relaxing just a tiny bit, and a small stream of pee escaped. Beth flushed bright red, and tried to push his hand away. "I'm serious Dean knock it off! I'm gonna pee my pants."

"You aren't wearing pants," he observed, taking his hand away. Without warning he brought it down on her belly, and she squawked in protest as a larger stream of piss came out of her. Beth looked over to yell at him, and suddenly lost her train of thought as she saw the erection straining his jeans. His eyes were still fixed firmly on the road, but the hand gripping the steering wheel was white-knuckled. Was he getting off on this somehow? She gasped as he pushed down on her belly again.

"Dean...stop!" Beth moaned as he went at her clit again, pressing between her pussy lips through the thin cotton of her panties. She was desperately horny, and her bladder was threatening to burst at any minute now. Still, the humiliation of peeing herself in front of him was enough to keep her holding out until the very end.

They were down the mountain now, facing a long stretch of road with nothing but hills on one side, and the drop-off on the other. Beth searched the side of the road for a place to pull off, growing increasingly more worried as she didn't see one. Dean pushed on her belly again, and she hissed. Looking down, she could see the edge of the wet spot soaking the gusset of her panties. With what she swore sounded like a sigh of disappointment, Dean rounded a corner and came face to face with a gas station just up the road.

Beth could almost hear angels singing as they pulled into the parking lot. She had never needed to pee this badly in her life. They chose a back corner, close to the bathroom around the back of the convenience store attached to the station. Dean sat back, then glanced over.

"I thought you had to go."

"I do," she murmured. Squeezing her eyes shut, she took a deep breath, and let go. At first, only the smallest squirt of liquid came, but then it was like a flood gate had been lifted. Relief washed through her as a steady stream of piss came. It quickly drenched her panties, warming the seat cover under her in a lightly scented, squishy mess. As she felt the last drops edge out of her, muscles flexing out of habit to make sure her bladder was completely empty, Beth opened her eyes.

Dean was staring at her crotch, lips parted slackly. At first, she was mortified that she'd just wet herself in the front seat of his car, but then he yanked her in. He kissed her hungrily, grinding his mouth on hers as he thrust a hand between her legs. Using the wet cotton of her panties, he rubbed her clit, and arousal came rushing back in. Beth whimpered, arching her hips against his finger in a rocking motion. Within moments she came, the kiss breaking as she gasped and moaned under the most intense orgasm she'd ever had.

As she caught her breath afterwards, her eyes dropped to the bulge in his jeans. "Oh my God you were getting off on that!"

"What was your first clue?" He replied dryly. "take off your panties." She awkwardly slipped out of them, but froze at his next command. "Now stick them in my mouth." While she was staring at him, he undid his pants, pulling out his cock and starting to roughly jack himself off. "Please Beth, baby, put those pissed panties in my mouth. I want to taste you."

There was raw longing in his tone, and at that she balled her underwear up, and hesitantly stuck them into his waiting mouth. Immediately he groaned in bliss, starting to suck the piss out of them as he jerked his cock. Getting a little excited herself, Beth looked around the empty parking lot, them leaned in and replaced his hand with her mouth. Bobbing up and down his shaft, she slurped and sucked all over his cock until he blew in her mouth, coating her tongue with his salty cum. Dean let out a muffled curse, pushing her head down as his body jerked from the force of his orgasm.

Beth pulled back, swallowing as she looked over at her boyfriend. He dropped her panties into his hand, and looked up at her slowly. When she smiled hesitantly, a look of relief spread over his handsome face.

"So that just happened..." she said to break the silence, and he laughed nervously.

"I wanted to ask you before, but I was afraid you would flip out on me. So, um, I kinda planned this out as a test."

"Well, I kinda don't know how I feel about it yet- but it isn't bad! This isn't me flipping out!" she quickly reassured him, then glanced between her legs. "I did kinda ruin your seat though."

"Nah, it's okay. You know those pads you use when you're house training puppies? I put one under the seat cover," Dean replied as he fixed his pants. He reached back to pull a towel from the back seat, and she wrapped it around her waist as they got out of the car. She watched as he pulled the soaked pad from under the seat cover, discarding them both in a nearby dumpster. Now that she was thinking about it, Beth was finding the experience strangely arousing. She cracked a soda open as he came back, starting to gulp the cold drink down.

"You wanna put your shorts on? We're a few hours away from the hotel tonight."

"Did you bring more than one of those pads?" She asked instead, and Dean began to grin, nodding. "So put one down on the seat and go get me a Big Gulp. We're about out of soda." 

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