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What Pam Liked Most

Pam visits us for a weekend break. She gets everything she wanted and more.
What Pam Liked Most

Lesley and I had been swingers for some time. We used to play around with other couples every so often, but we were not hardened-swingers. We started out with soft-swing, having penetration with our respective partners only…this was safer than swapping. Then occasionally we would swap with couples that we had come to know a little better.

Lesley had a friend, Pam, who as it happens, had other friends that were lesbians, definitely not bi-sexual like Pam and Lesley, They frequented gay bars in Camden in London, especially on Friday nights. We tagged along with them once and it was a most interesting evening for all of us.

It is strange to be in a bar/disco full of gorgeous and hot looking women, when all they were interested in was your partner or other women. It was surreal. On the upside, there was no way I would get rejected on that night….and I did get a few nudges and interests from the blokes, which I kindly declined.

But for all the sexiness around us, we just had some fun and enjoyed the evening.

Then one day, out of the blue, Lesley told me she wanted to have sex with Pam. She wanted to sleep with her but she was her friend, and she didn’t want to breach that boundary in case things didn’t turn out well. Lesley and I were committed to each other and I knew that whatever she did, we would still be together afterwards. She may have been bi-sexual, but she liked her cock too much to turn to the dark side.

I also liked Pam, we had chatted a bit about her fantasies and likes and dislikes so I had an idea of what she was like sexually. She was very open about her experiences. I think Pam and her may have chatted regarding their feelings. As it happened an opportunity arose when I was off on a business trip abroad. Lesley was going to stay with Pam for a long weekend and Lesley kept me in touch by text as to what was happening between them…I wanted all the details as I was curious about how they got on. My texts of ‘Is she licking you yet…’ and ‘Have you kissed?’ were a bit monotonous towards the end, but I wanted to know everything. They did get it off and Lesley had the biggest smile on her face when she got back from London.

It was more or less a one off and it was some time later that Pam had actually split from her partner. Lesley thought it would be a good idea to invite Pam down for the weekend primarily for her to have some time away. It was to be a no-strings attached weekend.

Pam arrived by train and we picked her up at the station on Friday night. We had a meal, a chat, some wine and watched TV before going to bed. On the following day we treated Pam to some sight-seeing and an afternoon out at a shopping Mall. It was an exhausting day.

That night after dinner, I was beginning to wonder whether Lesley had planned anything or whether this was just a social. As it happened, I didn’t mind either way.

I was reclined on the sofa, when Pam had just left the room to go to the loo. Lesley suddenly removed her top and then released her breasts from her bra, she leant over me so that I could suck on her breasts. I sucked on her nipples, biting them. Lesley loved her nipples being bitten.

“Pam will back in a minute…”, I exclaimed, but Lesley did nothing to hide our sexual behaviour.

Pam walked through the door and was greeted with the two of us on the sofa, Lesley on top of me, with me sucking her tits. She winked at Pam who walked to the chair and sat down and watched us both. Lesley eventually got up from her position, depriving me of her nipples.

She sat up on the other side of the sofa and motioned to Pam to sit between us. My cock was hard by now but still inside my trousers. Pam got up and sat between us looking at us both in turn and breathing heavier than normal.

Lesley, turned to Pam and kissed her. She then proceeded to remove Pam’s top. In between her hands being up in the air whilst her top was being removed, she managed to fondle Lesley’s breasts. Pam’s and Lesley’s bra were removed and I sat up straight as I watched them fondle each other.

I moved to kiss Pam as Lesley lowered her mouth to Pam’s breasts. My hand came up on Pam’s right breast as Lesley sucked on her left. She sighed a deep sigh into my mouth, her breathing becoming more laboured, the more we did to her.

I knew that Pam had split from her boyfriend a few months and as far as I knew she had not had a shag in all that time.

I stood up and decided to remove my clothes, Pam and Lesley did the same with what little they had on and we returned to the sofa. Lesley was back on Pam’s breasts as soon as we hit the sofa and my hand went between her thighs to stroke them gently.

Pam was sighing all the time we touched her. She let out a little gasp when my fingers brushed her pussy. Lesley then sat up and presented her breasts to Pam’s mouth. I watched as Pam sucked on the flesh, circling her nipples with her tongue and then taking the nipple into her mouth to suck on. It was Lesley’s turn to sigh and groan at this.

Pam left Lesley’s breasts and turned to me…

“Can I touch it”, she asked.

“Oh yes…definitely”, I said.

She reached out to stroke my cock, her hand circling it, and then fisting it up and down. She was staring intently at it, not taking her eyes away from it for a second while she pumped it.

“It‘s a nice big cock”, she said. She started fondling Lesley’s breast while she pumped on my cock. Pam looked at Lesley.

“You wait til’ you fuck it…”, said Lesley, matter of factly.

Having obtained permission, Pam looked at me, willing me to fuck her with it.

“How do you want it?”, I asked.

“From behind…on all fours”, said Pam as she started to get off the sofa.

She knelt on the floor with her body over the sofa. Lesley got off the sofa as well started to fondle Pam’s arse. She slipped a finger into her pussy from behind.

I got off the sofa and positioned myself between Pam’s legs. Lesley was looking at me and fondling Pam at the same time.

“Are you sure you want this…Pam?”, I asked smiling to myself.

“Yes…fuck it in me…”, she replied. My knob was now at the entrance of her cunt.

“Are you sure?”, I asked again.

“Please…please…”, she pleaded with me to fuck my cock into her.

I just pushed it in, just a little way. She was wet as fuck.

“Ooooo….fuck yeah…”, she sighed and groaned.

I fucked her slowly, making it last as long as I could. She savoured my cock penetrating her, but unbeknown to her I was just teasing the entrance of her pussy with my cock. She looked at Lesley…

“Oh fuck this is lovely, Lesley, you‘re so lucky!”, she exclaimed. This was quickly followed by, “Fuuuuck!” as she let out a loud audible breath as I pushed my cock all the way into her cunt.

“Fuck me hard…please….”, she urged me.

I did just that. It did not take her long to reach her first orgasm with my cock pounding inside her….and I knew that I would not last that long either. I pumped her faster and faster, then I saw her head come back and she groaned loudly for a second time as she had her second orgasm within the space of two minutes.

Lesley was urging me on at this point. She was stroking Pam’s hair and back but was happy to let her have all the pleasure for now.

“Can I come in you…”, I asked. I am not sure what prompted me to be so polite, but it brought a short laugh from Pam.

“That‘s the first time anyone has asked me that…”, she replied, “Cum in me…please”, she replied.

I fucked her senseless for another minute or so and then I spunked up in her as I shouted my release into the room. She looked over her shoulder and I could see she was smiling as I let my spunk flow into her cunt.

After a brief snogging, fondling and caressing session, Lesley, rather unexpectedly, announced that she was very tired and was off to bed…“You two stay down if you want”, she said. I looked at Pam…

“Are you going too?”, I asked.

“Not particularly…”, she replied.

I put on a movie, my favourite one, Emanuelle 2. We sat on the sofa side by side again to watch the DVD.

I must admit that we skipped most of it and I just showed Pam the juicy bits. We stopped at the Bath scene and started to watch that.

“Can I feel you again?”, she asked.

“Of course you can, Pam,”, I replied, “Anything you want - you don‘t need to ask.”, I continued.

She started to fist my semi-hardon again. She wasn’t taking much notice of the film as she pumped my cock with her hand. Then she slid off the sofa and took it into her mouth. She sucked and licked my cock to hardness as I watched her, and also Sylvia Kristel get fondled by the Thai masseuses.

After a while, Pam lifted her head. She had thoroughly enjoyed sucking my cock…I could tell.

“Fuck me again…”, she said, “but I want you to ….”

“Shhh…”, I interrupted, “I know what you want…”, I said.

I knew from our internet chat’s that Pam liked to be submissive. She liked to be fucked without any tenderness and I knew what else she liked as well. Yes, I was already hard and wanted to fuck her…but her words made the whole situation that much more lustful and immediate.

I literally jumped off the sofa to position myself behind her. I had turned from a gentle fucker to a dominating stud in a matter of seconds.

“So you want to be fucked do you”, I commanded.

“Yes…”, she replied, she breathed slowly and sharply…waiting for my next words. It was the words and actions that were turning her on now, not the sensations of being fucked.

I slipped my cock into her for the second time that evening.

“Like this…”, I said, as I eased it in slowly. She sighed but did not reply.

“Or do you want to get fucked really hard ….”, I said, as I pushed my cock in deep with one big thrust.

“Oooo fuck yesssss…”, she said, “like that…”, she continued.

I removed my cock, letting it rest at the entrance of her pussy then I thrust it in hard a second time.

“Yesss…”, was all she uttered.

As I removed my cock again, my hand came up. I let my hand fall firmly onto her arse, just before I pushed my cock in again.

“Oooo…yesss…spank me hard”, she said.

“You’re a horny bitch…aren’t you?”, I asked.

“Yes…please punish me”, she replied.

I spanked her harder, then harder again. Each time she cried out with lustfulness in her voice. Each time I thrust in her deeply as I spanked her arse.

I reached out to stroke her back drawing my fingernails down her back as I thrust out again. Each time I reached further towards her hair. Then I started to stroke my fingers through her hair.

“Do you like that?”, I asked.

“Yes…”, she replied.

I stroked her hair. Then without warning slapped her arse with my other hand as my cock thrust in once more. Pam cried out…

“Ohhh fuck…please….fuck me!”, she exclaimed.

“When I want to…”, I replied, “You‘re not getting this cock until I want you to have it…do you understand that?”, I said.

“Mmmmm…”, she mewled.

My hand was still stroking her hair as I let my cock thrust into her, speeding up a little as time went on. I was as horny as hell. I needed to fuck her as much as she wanted it, but the game had to played out. I was also holding back what she desperately wanted. No, it was not my cock….

I fucked her a little more…this time reaching round her to pinch her nipple….while still stroking her hair.

“Oooo…”, she cried.

“You‘re a dirty little bitch…”, I said to her.

“I am…”, she replied.

“You‘re going to get fucked now…do you understand”, I said.

“Yes….oh yes please…”, she retorted.

I started to fuck her faster and harder than before.

“Is this how you want to get fucked…”, I said as I thrust into her hard. She said nothing and just groaned into the sofa.

“Is this how you want to get fucked…”, I repeated louder, as I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back forcibly as I thrust my cock into her.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck…Yessss….”, she cried, “Pull on my hair….pull on it and fuck me”, she hissed through clenched teeth.

After that submission, I just fucked Pam as hard as I could and each time I pulled on her hair, pulling her head backwards.

“I‘m coming…I‘m coming…”, she was panting heavily as her orgasm was exploding inside her. “Don‘t stop….please, don‘t stop”, she continued.

I had absolutely no intention of stopping as my spunk was just about to leave my balls and hit her insides. I was not going to ask whether I could or couldn’t. We were well past that etiquette stage and given the way she was loving me pulling her hair, it would have been a little out of place.

Suddenly Pam exploded on my cock. Her orgasm hit her hard. She juddered, bouncing her arse into the air sporadically as my cock still pounded her insides. She let out a number of expletives….all were loud and all were aimed at the pleasure she was experiencing. My cock exploded inside her within seconds of her orgasm, adding to hers. I was still pulling on her hair, forcing her head backwards, as we both came.

Slowly I allowed my grip on her hair to relax. Pam’s head fell forward. She turned around and looked at me and smiled.

“Thank you…”, she said, “I love being fucked when my hair is being pulled”, she continued.

“My pleasure,”, I said, “it was a wonderful fuck, I really enjoyed it Pam”.

We got up from the floor and looked at each other, then headed off to bed. She was still breathing heavily when we reached the top of the stairs.

“Thank you…again”, she said, “That is a lovely cock you have…”, she continued.

“I loved pulling your hair too”, I replied, “I was so lucky you love that being done to you”, I continued.

We kissed, I stroked her arse and she went to the spare room for the night. I crept into bed with Lesley with all sorts of thoughts running through my head.

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