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Work work work... part 2 and 3

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Sexy shinny legs at work turn into a good time.

Part 2

Of that I had no doubt. This young woman was light on her feet. Staring at the back of those silky pantyhose covered legs my mind drifted to fantasizing. I could all but feel the nylon on her thighs under the palms of my hands. My hands shifting up, up and gently gripping her tight little ass.

We reached the third floor. And she opened the door stepping through. I pulled my eyes away from her perfection in time to catch that sweet smile one more time as she held the door for me.

"Thanks." I said and was simply rewarded with more smiling.

We walked the 30 feet or so to the conference room and entered. The door we came through was at the back and this particular room had stadium seating in a semi circle with a center isle between one of the back corners and one of the front.

We walked down the center isle to the podium where her laptop was already setup. Melissa took up a position in front of her laptop and opened the lid.

"I have all of the cables connected but when I tried to turn the projector on nothing seems to happen." She explained.

"Well everything looks like it's connected OK but either way that shouldn't be causing the projector to not turn on." I looked up at the projector on the ceiling and sure enough it had a blinking light. The bulb just needed to be changed. If I had a tall enough ladder I could probably change it in under 5 minutes and be done. "When did you say your presentation begins?" I asked with a hint of 'I'm sorry' in my voice.

"Well I said it's not for an hour but it's actually not until 9:30 " Melissa replied with a worried smile. "I do really need to practice my presentation though." she said with a bit of pleading in her voice.

"Ok. Well... this problem could be complicated. What I can do is set you up to practice your presentation without the projector. You can hold the clicker and use your laptop and the microphone. If you pretend the projector is working it shouldn't effect your practicing too much since there is no one to watch." This was brilliant! I could crawl around the room watching her from every angle while she walked around in her hot little suit oblivious to my gawking.

Her knees came together and so did her knees and her pretty little smile sprung back onto her face. "Oh my god! that's a great idea! I was so worried I didn't think of that at all." She turned to her computer and hit the power button. I went to the media cabinet and retrieved the microphone and slide remote. When I returned I handed her the clicker which she placed next to her computer.

"If you open your jacket all the way I can show you how to appropriately wear this microphone." Appropriately wear this microphone! Were the hell did that come from. At this point I was feeling so horny I would have done anything.

"OK" Again, no hint that I was hot for her. Maybe I was keeping my cool better than I thought. She undid the button holding her jacket closed. I'm guessing that I was a little obsessed at this point but I swear her tits were bigger than when I last looked. I reached forward and flipped her collar up to clip the microphone on the bottom side. I then slowly rapped the cable around to her backside. "The transmitter clips on the top of your waste band behind you." I explained.

I was feeling bold so I slipped my finger between her back and her waste band to make room for the clip. I reached a little deeper than I had to probing for the top band of her pantyhose. I didn't really need to reach far. There they were. I could feel the silky smoothness against my index finger. I made a fuss about clipping it on as I enjoyed the feeling of the nylon against my finger. "Sorry. I guess today is turning out to be a rough one hunh."

"Your not kidding. I'm so stressed out all I can think about is being somewhere else." She sounded stressed.

"where would that be?" I asked now working several of my fingers far enough down to touch her pantyhose. I even have the waste band a daring little tug as I finished clipping the ridiculously simple clip to her waste band.

"Well.." There was a pause as she felt the tug on her pantyhose." She continued right on as if nothing had happened. "When I get really stressed I like to dance. It really relieves tension and makes me feel on top of the world."

"What kind of dancing I asked?" reaching past her as she turned to face me I pressed the touch pad to turn the microphone on.

"MOSTLY BALLET" she replied over the booming microphone. I quickly turn the volume down to a more reasonable level. "Sorry." she said with a smile and a bit of a giggle.

"That kind of makes sense." I said "Your very light on your feet. Very graceful".

To be continued...

Part 3

This invoked a big smile. It suddenly became obvious to me that Melissa wide open to being flattered right now.

" I'll bet your an amazing dancer. How long have you been doing it?" I probed.

"Since I was five years old. My teachers always said I was a natural but my parents think I should fall back on something more practical like a business degree." She confessed.

"Well personally, I would much rather watch you dance than give a business presentation any day of the week." I shot back with a big smile on my face.

"Thank you." Melissa replied with a big smile on her face. "That really cheered me up." there was an awkward pause. "I should get to practicing my presentation though."

"Yeah. Great. I'll stay out of your way."

Melissa turned back to the podium and opened her presentation. Going down on one knee I opened the access panel on the side of the podium and reached inside to pretend to work on something and glanced here and there at her legs. I was positioned a little behind and to her right but the lights which are directed at the center of the floor were shadowed by the podium. I could clearly see her form but the sheen of her pantyhose was subdued. As I fidgeted with some wires she began to speak.

"Hello, my name is Melissa Seager and I'll be speaking to you about the state of economic viability in multi use cargo containers...." I would definitely rather see her dance. She stepped away from the podium and the lights pored over her nylon beauty. I couldn't help but stare. What a perfect body. What sexy wonderful nude pantyhose. What shinny black pumps. What a tights ass.

She paced slowly back and forth as she delivered her presentation. With stridde a little of her thigh was revealed and then hidden through the slit in her skirt. Her steps were casual and slow. Her hips swayed gently from side to side with each graceful placement of those lovely feet. Her ass rocked up and down with the sway like the gentle rhythm of a seesaw.

After speaking for about a minute she strode back towards the podium and placed one hand to the left of the lectern and the other gently on her own thigh. Her legs where spread with her feet about a foot and a half apart. Though the lighting was subdued I couldn't help but see her index finger creep down into the slit of her skirt and gently rub at her pantyhose.

Melissa finished her last statement and turned her head to me. I turned my focus quickly back to the equipment I was supposedly working on. There was little doubt in my mind that she had seen me looking.

"Any luck in figuring this thing out she said" with a bit of a plea in her voice.

"Well I have traced and retraced all of the wires in here and everything looks OK. If you don't mind I'm going to try to restart the projector." I could see out of the corner of my eye that her finger was still rubbing gently side to side on her thigh.

"OK" she replied.

Standing I reached across in front of her and tapped at the touch pad on the surface of the podium to activate the interface. I then tapped the button to turn it off. The blinking light went away.

"Is that good?" she asked looking up at the projector. "That the red light went off, I mean." She followed up kind of awkwardly.

I tapped the pad again to turn the projector back on.

"Well. I just turned it off. Thats why the light went out. The real challenge at this point is changing the bulb if resetting the projector doesn't work out." I pointed to a table across the room. "I could stand on that but I'm not sure I would be able to reach even then." It's probably still another four feet to the projector." As predicted the projector came on again with the blinking light. I walked across the room to the table and dragged it out to just beneath the projector. I climbed up on the table and extended my arm to full length as a demonstration. "See. I'm more than a little shy of reaching."

Melissa was looking a little worried again. "Is there a ladder around or something we can use to get to it?"

"Well usually I would have t call facilities to bring a ladder in. That could be a few hours though. We are going to have to get a little creative if we are going to get this operational in time for your presentation." I gave a little sigh and looked down at her apologetically. I was really starting to wonder if I could get this thing working for her. I felt like I had to. My chance of being a hero for this young lady was quickly slipping through my fingers.

"What if I got on your shoulders?" she asked. I was stunned. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind. I couldn't even begin to process the idea of having this precious beauty rap her nylon legs around my neck. But here she was offering to do just that. Or was I misunderstanding? Was she suggesting something else? If she wasn't, suggesting something else would she really do it? To hell with the questions. I had to find out...

"Well, it's not a bad idea. I think the table would hold, but" I paused. "You're not exactly dressed for climbing around. And your um... wearing a skirt so sitting on my shoulders...." I was turning red in the face.

"Well I'm game if you are. I'm wearing pantyhose. It's not like I have nothing on under here." She said with a big smile and a thumb in the waste band of her skirt. Big @#%$ hard on.

"OK. Lets do it." I said dismounting from the table. Now I probably should have gotten the new bulb out of the AV closet but how much better would it bee to do this twice rather than once. I held out a hand to help her up onto the table.

To be continued......

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