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Work, Work, Work Part 4 and 5

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Sexy shinny legs at work turn into a good time.

Part 4

She waved away my hand and sat lightly on the edge of the table instead. Crossing her right leg over her left she reached down and took her right heel off and placed it on the edge of the table. Slowly she uncrossed her legs and re-crossed them, left over right removing her other shoe and placeing it along side the first. Next she uncrossed her legs and lifted her body strait up with her arms. She tucker legs up under her and brought them back placing her feet beneath her in a close legged crouch. Slowly and smoothly she stood up as if being in the middle of some choreographed dance. As I watched her openly perform this trick I couldn't help but notice that she never let her heels touch the table surface. She clearly preferred to walk on the balls of her feet, or was she just showing off now that I knew she was a dancer.

"You really are very graceful. It's just amazing to watch how you do the simplest things." I wasn't lying! I hadn't lost sight of her pantyhosed legs and feet for a second. In fact I was openly admiring her body as I said this.

"Thanks, after years of practicing it just comes naturally." She replied a in a matter of fact tone.

Enough looking! I was time for some serious contact with those nylon covered thighs. My mind was already racing with the thought of her smooth silkiness against my cheeks. I hopped up on the table and moved to the very center. "Ok. So could you step closer so that we can see if the center of the table will hold us OK before we do any acrobatics?"

"Sure" she responded stepping right up to me. I'm 6' tall but she must have been 5' 10" or 11". The table held just fine. I bounced a bit and there was no sign of it giving.

"OK. Are you ready to do this?" I asked.

"Yep" She replied with one of her amazing smiles.

I turned my left side to her and went down on one knee. My heart was racing. In about 1 second she was going rap her legs around my neck. I looked over at her as she began to position herself. Both of her hands went down to the sides of her skirt and her fingers curled up around the hem. Still walking on her toes she placed her left foot in front of my knee bringing her lap within inches of my face. Then slowly she lifted her right leg to bring it around behind my back. As it lifted she guided her skirt up presumably to not expose herself any more than she had to. Time seemed to slow to one hundredth the normal speed. The more her right leg lifted the higher her skirt went. I watched her left leg closely without turning my head as more and more of her pantyhose were revealed. The light was angled perfectly and the shine of her nylon covered legs was mesmerizing.

When her right leg reached somewhere around the middle of my back I realized that her skirt didn't have much left to cover and I wasn't seeing the panty of her hose. She must be wearing sheer to waste pantyhose. My excitement rose with every millimeter of her skirt's climb. She had slowly taken her fingers out from under the hem as it was getting tight and was dragging it upwards with her lovely well manicured nails. Being so close I could hear the sound of her nails against her nylon. I literally felt wave after wave of saliva going down the back of my throat as my hands shook with excitement. Not caring at this point if it seemed premature I slowly moved my left hand to take her left ankle with all the care of a priest handling a holy relic. my fingers slid slowly by making gentle contact slowly tracing the ellipse of her leg until finally coming to a close. I gently squeezed for no other reason than my own pleassure. The sensation of making contact with her nylon covered leg was intense.

At the same time her skirt had ridden up to just an inch shy of reveling her crotch and promised to go all the way as she she brought her right leg level with my right shoulder. At this point she didn't even hesitate. She slipped her skirt right up onto her hips, her nails scraping along her nylons as she went. I was completely wrong. These were not sheer to waste pantyhose. They were seamless. My angle wasn't sufficient enough to actually look at her groin but I could see enough in my peripheral vision to know that at most she was wearing a thong under her hose.

Her right calf made contact with the top of my right shoulder gently resting there for the briefest of moments. Then in one swift and elegant movement she brought her lap against the left side of my face, pivoted and dropped her right leg down to the ground. As she did this I felt the smoothness of her hose cover lap against the my face sliding back as it slowly transitioned to the inside of her left thigh. The whole time her groin was coming closer, closer, closer and then finally rubbing against the back of my neck as she rocked back into place. Her right leg swung in against the right side of my face and neck as I took her right ankle in my hand. As this wonderful nylon covered action ended she gave a gentle squeeze of her thighs as if to confirm to both her and myself that she was in position. In my mind I ran back over the sensation of her sliding into place. I was positive I felt nothing under her pantyhose as she pressed against the side of my face. Not even a thong.

I took a moment to let it all sink in. Then slowly as if I was making sure I was looking for a good grip I slid my hands up and down her ankles and calf, squeezing as I went. The sensation was amazing. These were clearly not some inexpensive brand of pantyhose. They were silky smooth and caught the light just right. Knowing I could not sit here feeling her up forever I made a pretense of finding the right place at the base of her calf and gripped her tightly.

"Are you ready Melissa?"

"Sort of. I think you should hold my legs a bit higher. I have done this kind of thing a thousand times when dancing and I just have a feel for it." She had not even finished talking and I was already gently sliding my way up her calves slowly so as to take it all in. I stopped square in the middle of her calves with a little squeeze.

"Is that better?" I asked, wondering if she was at all put off by my groping.

"Actually if you hold on to either side of my thigh with you fingers rapped around my leg just above the knee and your thumbs beneath it should give you the most control." My @#%$ was ready to explode. I had rarely been this sexually stimulated. Did she have any idea how horny I was right now? If so she was doing a fair job of hiding it.

As per her request I slid my hands up onto her thighs and raped my fingers around them giving that final squeeze that had become our signal. They were smooth and firm. She gave a squeeze back with her thighs and I began to stand up slowly. It took a few seconds but she was light and well balanced. Once I was fully erect I looked up towards the projector. Melissa's hands were already reaching upward but seemed to barely reach the unit on the ceiling. I went up on tip toes and that seemed to help a bit.

"I think I can reach it. How do you get the bulb out?" I talked her through releasing the latch and ejecting the old bulb. The whole time she was working I was slowly moving my neck about rubbing it against her groin under the guise of trying to get a better view of what she was doing. Her pantyhose felt wonderful on my neck. The whole process of removing the bulb took about a minute. She had the it in her hands.

"I'm going to lower you down." I announced. I slowly dropped to a crouch until her long slender legs were touching the ground. This time instead of dismounting on my left she began to pivot to the right. Her right leg came across my front touching the ground in front of my left knee and pulling my head down as she put her weight on my neck. Her left leg lifted swinging back over my shoulder as her right leg which was pressed against my face slid forward. Her @#%$ was close enough for me to smell it as her groin slid by my right cheek. And then as fast as she had started she was spinning away from me and was already adjusting her skirt. I caught the shortest glimpse of the nylon mound of her vulva.

In that moment I felt a coolness on my neck. I reached back and felt the ever faint film of moisture she had left behind. Was it sweat? No! It began at the base of my neck and continued to the right. For her own reasons to be sure, she was at least a little stimulated.

To be continued...


Part 5

I refocused my mind on the problem at hand.

"I'll grab the new bulb from he AV closet." I put my hand out for the old one and took it as she let go. Dismounting from the table and put the old bulb in the trash I then ran over to the closet and retrieved the new bulb returning quickly. As I approached I noticed her right hand had dropped to the slit in her skirt and she was once again rubbing it back and forth on her pantyhose. "So this is going pretty well." I said "We should have it working in no time and you should still have plenty of time to practice your presentation." I handed the bulb up to her and climbed up onto the table.

"Yeah, I guess there will be plenty of time. I'm just so nervous about my presentation going well. I'm used to being in front of large audiences but I don't usually have to speak." She replied her finger still stroking away at her thigh.

I dropped to one knee getting ready for the next physical contact as it occurred to me I had an opportunity to breach the topic of her pantyhose. "I couldn't help but notice that you are a little nervous. You seem to rub your finger against your leg when you're nervous."

"Yeah. I like the feeling of rubbing against pantyhose or tights. It helps calm me down. It's one of those things from when you're a kid. Probably from wearing dance tights. I guess I still do it when I get nervous. I guess it's kind of weird." She confessed.

My mind was racing. I continued to move down into position wondering how I should respond. The hell with it. In all likely hood all I had coming from Melissa was another wonderful ride on my shoulders and a quick goodbye. I may as well speak my mind.

"I don't think it's weird at all. I love the way pantyhose feel. Actually I love the way they look to." This was sink or swim time. With any luck I hadn't over played my hand. She stepped close to mount me once again.

"So I'm guessing you don't mind feeling my legs around your neck then." and with that she began sliding her skirt up her legs once again. Her nails scrapping gently against nylon as more and more of her thighs were revealed. I strained my eyes to turn them far enough to watch for her @#%$ this time. Her right leg was sliding across my back lifting slowly higher. I realized that she wasn't moving nearly as fast as last time. Her skirt had climbed unbearably close to revealing her sex. Up up up went her skirt as the tip of her right foot came in contact with my right shoulder. I reached out my left hand and gently took her calf just below the knee turning my head to the left ever so slightly hoping he either wouldn't notice or would indulge me in this bit of voyeurism. Suddenly there it was. Her nylon covered vulva mounding out of the smoothness of her crotch with the faintest hint of her pantyhose dipping into her crevice as she lifted her skirt right up onto her hips. She seemed to almost hesitate for a second as she brought it close to my face plastering herself against me and rocking slowly around and into place. As her right leg dropped I took up the advised position above her knee with my right hand and shifted my left hand into place as well.

I began to stand. It's only after all of this that I realized I hadn't replied.

"To be honest I don't mind it at all." I had already gone this far... why not. "And I think your legs feel great." She had reached the projector and was snapping the bulb into place. She didn't respond to my last comment. She snapped the door to the bulb compartment closed and looked down as I was looking up.

"Should I do anything else?" She asked.

"No the controls are all down here." Right back to business. I slowly started lowering her back to the ground knowing that I would at least get to see a little more of her as she dismounted. This time she swung around to the left. The light was square on her front as she pulled away and I caught a glimpse of the vaginal dampness on her hose before she shuffled her skirt into place. I could feel the familiar coolness on my neck again.

I got down from the table as she sat down on the edge and put her shoes back on much the same as she had taken them off. First crossing one leg and then uncrossing and crossing the other. I didn't even pretend to not be watching as she did this. She stood up and adjusted her skirt a little more and started walking towards the podium behind me. I turned about and matched her pace. She went around the right side of the podium and I wet left meeting on the far side. I reached out and tapped the touch pad and the projector started to warm up. This time the light on it was green and not red.

"But how do you think they look?" She asked

"Hunh, what?" I was genuinely confused

"You said you like the way my legs feel. How do you think they look?" I couldn't believe this. There she was with an apprehensive smile asking how I liked her legs.

I cleared my throat and looked down at my hands. "I think you have the most beautiful legs I have ever seen." I said almost apologetically.

"Thats really sweet of you." She responded with another beautiful smile.

Just then the projector kicked on and a slide from her presentation was on the screen behind us. "I really do need to practice my presentation now." She switched tracks without hesitation. "Thanks so much for all of your help." She turned to her laptop and clicked on her first slide to start over.

"It's no problem." Was the best I could manage.

A little off kilter from all of this I stepped back and moved towards the table. I slowly dragged it back into place across the room. I wasn't quite sure what to do next but Melissa had already started into her presentation. I moved towards the exit. She gave me a little wave and a smile and continued right on. I could hear her talking right up until the door shut as I walked back towards the star well. I stopped off on the second floor mens room and relieved my self with a few quick strokes in one of the stalls before heading back to my office.

For the rest of the morning I simply couldn't focus. I was stuck on flash backs of those few precious moments when Melissa's legs cam in contact with my skin. Flashes of her nylon covered sex catching the light. And that question towards the end. How did her legs look. I'm sure plenty of guys tell her she has gorgeous legs!

My mind turned this over and over again until I had thought it through hundreds of times. I played through different scenarios and ideas on how things might have gone different, better. After about 2 hours of this I realized that I hadn't gotten any work done and that I needed to refocus somehow. I looked at the clock on my computer. It was about 11:00. I turned away from my computer to my bookshelf behind me and started looking for a reference manual I had meant to consult first thing this morning. Just as I found it there was a nock at the door.

"Come in" I called out. Not expecting a second surprise today I froze as I looked up to find Melissa beaming down at me.

To be continued...
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