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You Want Me to Call You, What? Ch. 02

This was soooo delicious. Kneeling beside the bed looking up at Stephen wasn't exactly unusual. Yet this time, and with little provocation, I was as wet as I had been the very first time I'd been in this position. God, I loved this position. I never used to. I thought it was demeaning. But unless Stephen was 'on a mission', I was completely in control down here. Rarely in my life had I felt as strong as I did when I was on my knees with my lips wrapped around his cock. It was incredibly empowering to hear his uncontrollable moans while he clenched his teeth and fists in ecstasy. His yummy eyes smiled down at me and I realised my mouth was dry with expectation. Swirling my tongue around, I broke the silence. "What's 'the birds and the bees' talk, Daddy?"

"Well, ah..."

"Oh, please tell me!" I squealed, giggling. My hands shot to the top of his thighs and Stephen almost jumped out of his skin. Then I had an idea. "I'm a big girl now, see?" I said, twisting my body back and forth and raising my breasts with my open palms under them, presenting them to his stunned gaze. My nipples throbbed with excitement, urgently pressing against the thin fabric of my tank top.

I was enjoying this on so many levels. It was interesting to see Stephen under some pressure for a change. The situation wasn't of his making, and I sensed his occasional hesitation. I tried hard not to smile a few times, having instead to pretend I wasn't having a ball. My instinct was to giggle! I was starting to feel younger. Or perhaps it was smaller. I didn't know, but it was quite bizarre.

And of course, I was wet. Gooey wet. Warm and swollen. I already knew that stories about Ageplay sent me into raptures, but actually doing it was just... Ugh! I don't know. All I knew was that I was tingling from my scalp to my toenails, and I was ready to fuck at the drop of a hat. The longer we took to get there, the more delicious I felt!

"Ah. Okay, well... Take these, for starters," he said, clearing his throat and pointing loosely in the direction of my chest.

"These?" I asked innocently, looking down at them, still held up in my light grip. "My, um, boobies?"

Stephen chuckled at my choice of words and I blushed with genuine embarrassment. I hadn't ever called them that. "Well, yes, but that's the little girl name for them."

I wrinkled my nose. "What's the big girl name for them?" I asked, looking down at the objects of our conversation, still twisting, but more slowly.

"Big girls call them tits. But you can call them titties if you prefer." Stephen visibly swallowed and adjusted his cock in his pants, though I tried not to show that I noticed.

"My titties feel hot and swollen, Daddy. And my nipples are really, really hard too!"

"So I can see, precious."

Never in my life had he called me that. Sitting back on my heels and catching my breath, I realised I liked it. A lot. I grinned and I was sure my eyes lit up. His gaze met mine and he smiled too. With the intrusion of a sudden memory, I pulled a face.

"What's wrong, baby?" Stephen asked.

"Well," I began, not knowing where I was going with my thoughts. "Some of the boys at school make fun of my big titties, Daddy."

"That's very mean of them, baby. You have beautiful titties, okay? Stick out your chest and ignore them. They're not all mature like you. They're being babies, right?"

I giggled. "Okay, Daddy." God, I blushed as my next thought jumped out of my mouth without notice. "I prefer grown up men anyway, Daddy."

Stephen looked at me, then went red. Oh dear, I've gone too far. "Give me a minute," he said, standing and making his way to the bathroom without another word.

What the fuck got into me? I thought, as I wrung my hands together on the verge of tears. It was going so good! Now I've ruined it!

Fuck. Where did that come from anyway? I mean, on one level it's true, I've always liked older guys. Not much older. Just you know, more experienced. They knew what they were doing, and my first older guy was mind-blowing compared to the inexperienced backseat fumbling I was used to. Thinking back, even in junior high I preferred the senior high guys.

The words, 'grown up men' swirled around in my mind, and I suddenly remembered something that took my breath away. There was someone. It would have been almost twenty years ago when I was twelve or thirteen. My knowledge of just about anything would have been rudimentary at best. But I do remember masturbating and fantasising about one older guy. He was the college son of our next-door neighbours and I only remember seeing him around just that one summer.

I remember thinking I was in love with him but he never even noticed me. Still, that didn't stop me imagining all kinds of scenarios in my fantasies, most of which involved touching the bits on twenty year olds that thirteen year olds shouldn't touch.

Shuddering, I was ruthlessly yanked back to the present, feeling shamefully naughty. I should have told him this, I thought. I was about to get to my feet to run to Stephen to explain, when I heard his voice. "It's okay, baby. Just kneel and relax. I want to talk about something."

"I'm sorry! I went a bit far! I didn't mean to!"

"C'mon. Hush now, let Daddy talk." Blinking my eyes clear, I looked up at him. Did he just call himself, Daddy? "Let's get back into this, okay?"

"Um, okay. Are you all right?"

"I just had to have a think, baby girl. Daddy is fine. He just had to get his head around something. We'll talk about it later."

"Y... Yes, Daddy."

"I want to know when all this started. Tell Daddy what you can remember, okay precious?"

I smiled and whispered. "I like it when you call me that." He just smiled back and waited for me. I knew where to start. "I... I think it started because I played with myself all the time, Daddy."

"A lot?"

"More than once a day usually."

"Morning and night? I'd say that was normal."

"Is it? I mean, was it?"


"I thought I was so bad. I couldn't ask my friends about it. I was too embarrassed."

"I take it your Mother didn't help."

"She made me keep my door open."

"Okay, that's different. You better explain."

"Well," I biting my lip. "One time, about a year after I first started playing with myself, Momma caught me and she was pretty upset. My punishment was to leave the door open."

"To stop you?"

"That's what she said. She also used to say things like, 'I hope you're not playing with your cooter'. Since I had no idea what she was talking about, I confidently stated that I was doing no such thing. It took me a couple of years to realise she meant my pussy. It was too late by then," I said, giggling at the memory.

"I imagine that would have been frustrating."

"It slowed me down a bit, making me almost constantly horny and it was thrillingly dangerous too. Heaven knows what Mommy would have said if she caught me again. But I was too horny to stop, and having to leave my door open made my orgasms unbelievable."

"Were you ever caught again?"

"Not once. I was an angel."

"How did you manage it?"

"I learned to bite my pillow and moan into it, took a lot of naps and annoyingly long baths and showers. I was fast becoming obsessed by the thrill of it. I began masturbating in other places where I might get caught. Toilet cubicles were my favourite. I'd learned to cum silently by then. I started helping around the house a lot more too, just to cover the need to do my own laundry. Considering how soiled my knickers were getting, not to mention my bed sheets, I had to do something."

"So you owe your good domestic habits to your desire to hide your masturbation from your Mother?"

"I've never thought about it like that."

"Stands to reason. Tell me when you first shaved."

"A girlfriend suggested it. I told her how itchy I was down there and I hadn't even touched a boy yet. She said it was less sweaty and felt really good. Well, I didn't know whether it was less sweaty and it certainly didn't calm the itch, but it did feel good and Daddy's razor got quite a workout over the years."

"If only he'd known."

"Um, that was part of the turn on too."

"What was?"

"Well, knowing he'd used it on his face. Knowing he'd use it again and again... it was... oh I don't know, naughty!"

"You started getting kinky pretty young."

"I had no idea what I was doing or whether what I was thinking was normal or not! No one talked about this stuff. Oh, I'd overheard things and Mommy told me to be good and to keep my cherry as long as I could. After that conversation I decided to bust it myself. I could barely wait to feel the pain of becoming a woman, and I didn't want to share it with anyone. It was gone within forty-five minutes. Thankfully I was already doing my sheets by then."

"Who got you interested in older guys? When did it start?"

Where is this going? Do I want to know?

I bit my lip as prickles of embarrassment rushed over my skin and I shivered. "I... I..."

In a flash his hand shot out and slapped my left breast, setting it ablaze and my nipple throbbing. Gasping, my mouth opening like a fish out of water, I gobbled air. "Who did you want to fuck?" Stephen asked harshly. I was taken aback and I felt so strange. Memories were rushing back at me from all directions!

"I... I don't know what you mean!"

"You know exactly what I mean, you little fucktoy. Now tell me! Who was it you wanted to fuck? Who was first in line? Tell Daddy!" Again his hand shot out and I cringed, gritting my teeth and expecting another smack. His finger and thumb caught my nipple between them and he gripped it tightly.

"Ohhh!" I moaned, my mind swirling in the sudden pleasure/pain of his tight fingers. God, it was just right. I couldn't move at all, but if I was still, my nipple pulsed with hot pleasure.

"Who has Daddy's dirty little slut been thinking about? Huh? Who!" He shook my breast by the nipple and my cunt flooded.

Clenching almost uncontrollably, I cried, "Billy Hudson!"

"Who the fuck is Billy Hudson? If I get my hands on him, I'll kill him."

"No, Daddy, no! Billy didn't do anything, I just, I..."

"You what?"

"I just wanted him to!" I blurted.

"How old were you?"

"Um, thirteen, Daddy."

Releasing my nipple, he sat a moment, thinking. His eyes seemed to look far into the distance for a moment before refocussing and looking down on me. "What did you want him to do?"

I swallowed, my cheeks burning. "I... I just wanted him to notice me, Daddy."

"How did you make him notice you, baby?"

"I... I didn't wear a bra one time when I went over to drop in some mail that was delivered to our house instead of theirs. I took it off before I went over there."

"And what exactly do you think you were doing, acting like that?"

"I... I was being naughty, Daddy."

"That's right. You were flaunting your big titties at him, weren't you? You wanted him to fuck you, isn't that right?"

"Oh no, Daddy! I just... I just wanted him to notice me! I wasn't... I wasn't like that! I was a good girl!"

"Well, we'll see about that. Drop that arm and let's see those titties you've been so keen to show off, dirty girl."

I hadn't realised I was covering them. Blushing crimson, I dropped the arm I was covering my breasts with until it hung loosely by my side. To add to my embarrassment, I'd been grinding the edge of my other hand into my crotch in a second misguided attempt at modesty. "Y... Yes, Daddy," I said breathlessly, reluctantly putting both my hands behind my back and threading the fingers together.

"So these..." he snarled, grasping my nipples tightly and making me groan, "... are the titties you wanted to show that college boy, are they?"

"Ohhh..." was all I could manage as he shook my breasts by the nipples and my eyes rolled back into my head.

"These are your naughty hard fucking nipples. Say it," he demanded, pinching them harder.

"They're my... oooohh... my ha... hard fucking nipples fuckkk... Ooohhh I'm sorrrrryyy, Daddyyy..."

"Get your clamps, these titties need to learn a lesson. Go on, hurry up." Immediately he released his tight grip and my nipples throbbed so hard I could barely think. What's happening to me? I wondered, as I staggered to my feet. My pussy was hot and slippery between my legs and I was sure Stephen could tell.

When I returned from the playroom with the clamps in my hand, Stephen was sitting on the side of the bed with the crop swinging from a finger. He watched me as I entered and I started to get down on my knees again. "Stay standing," he said. "You'll be having this part of your lesson on your feet, baby girl."

"Y... Yes, Daddy," I stammered, holding out the clamps for him.

"You put them on. If you're big enough to flaunt your titties at college boys, I think you're also big enough to clamp them yourself."

I swallowed and whispered, "I... I'm sorry." I dutifully applied the clamps to my nipples while Stephen ran the tip of the crop up and down the inside and outside of my legs and hips. When I was all set, I bit my lip then asked in a little voice, "Are they tight enough, Daddy?"

"Do they hurt just a little bit?"

"They're pinching, Daddy."

"Tighten them a quarter turn."

"O... Okay, Daddy." As I turned each one, he tapped me right on my cunt with the crop. Tap! "Oooo..." Tap! "Oooohh... Th... Thank you, Daddy."

"Do you promise not to show off your titties to any more college boys, baby?" Tap! Tap!

"Oh, Oh... Yes, Daddy. I'm sorry."

"Hands behind your head... Feet apart..." I did as he asked, arching my back and shuffling my feet apart. I was so wet down there it was ridiculous. "Mmmm..." he murmured, obviously pleased with what he saw. "Good girl. Now let's get this lesson started."

"Okay, Daddy." I was blushing up a storm, and my clamped nipples were pounding.

While asking me questions, he was tapping my skin all over, like little tiny slaps, and he just kept on going, giving me these little soft slaps wherever he wanted. "So baby girl. What are these again?" he asked, tapping the crop all around each breast, careful to avoid my clamped nipples.

"Th... That's easy, Daddy. They're my ti... titties."

He started tapping them a little harder sending them wobbling on my chest with each tap. "Call them your nice big titties, baby girl."

"Oooo... Yes, D... Daddy. They're my n... nice big ooo... big titties, Daddy!"

"And what about these?" he asked, suddenly tapping right on my clamped nipples, sending a shudder through me. "What are these called, baby girl?"

"Oooo... My n... nipples, Daddy... Ohhh Goddd..."

Smack! Smack! He firmly cropped each one and my knees almost buckled. "Wrong, they are your naughty fucking hard nipples. Now say it properly."

"Th... They're my naughty f... fucking hard nipples, Daddy. Ohhh!" Smack! Smack! "Ohhh, fuckkk..."

The cropping stopped and Stephen looked up at me. I gasped at the angry look on his face. "What did you just say, you dirty-mouthed little slut? Did you say 'fuck' without being told to? Did you?"

"Y... Yes!" I gasped. "I'm sorry, Daddy! I won't do it again, I promise!" Smack! Smack! Right on my clit! "Oooohh!" I gasped.

"Get over my lap. Right now!" he demanded, tossing the crop aside while I caught my breath. "Don't think for a minute that I'm going to let you act like some kind of slut in my house, baby girl."

Scrambling over his lap and spreading my legs wide with my clit pressed right against his knee, I hung my head, whimpering, "S... Sorry, Daddy." Shudders ran through my body like they always did in this position.

"What the fuck is this?" he asked, running long fingers over my spread and sodden pussy. "You're a bad girl, aren't you?"

"I try to be g... good, Daddy, I really do, but..."

"But what? But your cunt betrays you? But you can't help yourself? Or is it that 'inside', you are a dirty little slut who can't fucking wait to be taken advantage of? Well, which is it?"

"I um, I can't help it, Daddy!" I said, grinding my clit on his knee, trying vainly to get a hold of myself. I felt so open and vulnerable. I don't know why I wasn't shitting myself.

"That's better," he said, chuckling. "At last some fucking honesty..." Smack! Smack!

"Ohhh!" My ass cheeks bounced as he struck each of them with an open and stiff palm.

"What is it, baby?" he asked, mocking me. "Weren't you ready for that? What about now?" Smack! Smack! "Well? Answer me! Tell me, fucktoy!"

"Ohhhh Daddyyy pleaseeeee..."

"Please what?!"

"Please spank me! Please! Please!!! I've been so baddddd!"

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

The open-handed spanks he rained down on my ass made me bite my bottom lip in a useless attempt to remain quiet. I'd never before ground my cunt against his knee as I had at that moment. Words tumbled out of my mouth. "Please spank me, Daddy. Please, spank me hard. I deserve it so much, Daddy. Ohhh! Ohhh, Jesus! Yes, harder! Oh please, Daddy! Harder! Harder!!"





"Th... Thank you, D... Daddy. Thank y... you for spanking y... your horny little slut," I gasped breathlessly when he was done. His warm hand caressed my ass so softly. I needed relief and he usually brought me off after a spanking. "Oh, Daddy! Please..."

"You are in front of an audience. Spread your legs further."

"Oh, Daddy!" I gasped, "They... They'll see!"

"But isn't that what you want, my little slut?"

"But, Daddy! No!!"

"Spread them nice and wide little one. I bet you wished you had been made to do this in front of your classmates..."

"Oh, my God!"

Stephen chuckled. "So it's true. You little slut. I bet you imagined yourself just like this, your skirt up over your ass and getting spanked till your ass was red, right in front your whole class! Who were they? What were their names?"

"H... Hillary Saunders... and... and... Gerri Lynch and Ambrosia Coustas... and... Petra Gila and... Oh, Godddd..."

"And your teacher? Who was the teacher, baby girl?"

"No! Please!"

Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!

"Tell me! Who was it?!"

"M... Mr. Wells... He... He had a big dick... We all wondered how big it was... You could see it through his pants most days!"

"Close your eyes!"

Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!


"Your friends are all watching, wide-eyed, riveted!"


"Oh, Goddd!"

"Can you feel Mr. Wells' cock, baby girl? Can you feel it hard against your ribs?"


Smack!! Smack!!

"Your friends can see your wet cunt, can't they?"


Smack!! Smack!!

"They can see you grinding your clit on my knee, can't they?"

"Oh, God! Yesss!!"

"What do they think of you now, baby? What would they think?"


"Oh I'm so wet! They'd know I love it!"

"What would they think! Tell me!"

"They'd think I was a dirty little slut!"

"That's right!" Stephen roared, pushing me off his lap to bounce on my hot ass.

"Stand up, slut."

"Y... Yes, Sir." I stood before him, holding my throbbing ass while my pussy actually dripped down my legs. Never in my life had I been so drenched.

Stephen sat on the edge of the bed, eying my wet cunt and chuckling to himself. "Well," he said finally, "Dirty little sluts need to learn about cocks." My pussy clenched madly as he stood and whipped down his boxers, making his cock fling back and slap him in the stomach. He sat back down on the edge of the bed, leaning back on straight arms. He let his legs fall apart and his quivering rod waved around, about ninety percent hard. "Come on, kneel down. If you want to be a nasty little cocksucker, you better get on your knees."

"Y... Yes, Daddy," I said quietly, swallowing as I went to my knees and scooted up to the side of the bed between his muscular legs. With pink cheeks and bright eyes dashing from his eyes to his cock and back again, I smiled cheekily. "Nice cock, Daddy."

He chuckled once more. "I'm glad you like it, baby girl. Would you like to touch it?"

"Can I Daddy? Oh please!"

"Well, okay. But just gently. I don't know if I can trust you yet."

"You can, Daddy! I'll be good!" I said, my hand reaching for his hardened cock, my eyes locked on my target.

"I'm sure you will be, unless you want another spanking. Mmmm, that's it, nice and slow, baby girl." He groaned softly as my fingers went around him and he said, "Damn, girl. Where did you learn that thumb over the head action?"

"Is that good, Daddy?"

"Fuck yeah," he said, leaning back further and closing his eyes. "I mean..."

"Just relax, Daddy. Your baby girl has a lot of secrets to tell," I said, marvelling at the precum pulsing out under the pad of my thumb.

"Baby... that feels so good," Stephen gasped.

"I'm sorry I was naughty with the college boy, Daddy," I whispered, my attention riveted to the spasming prick in my fist.

"It's um... It's okay, baby," Stephen choked.

"I'll be good in future. I promise," I said quietly, almost distantly.

"Mmmmm..." Stephen moaned softly, in another world. If I kept this up, I knew he would cum. Did I want my Daddy to cum? Did I want him to spurt his cream up into the air, with my fist around his cock, milking and milking... God I loved to see it fly. What was wrong with me?

"Daddy?" I asked, dipping my head to within an inch of his cock and sucking my raised and precum-covered thumb. It was even dripping down into the palm of my hand. I loved the taste of precum. I always had. I'm so bad, I thought, sighing as my eyes closed and I crushed my tingling breast in my hand. My next words almost came out as a moan. "What h... happens next, Daddy?"

Fingers suddenly gripped my chin, and my eyes opened in shock. "C... Concentrate!" said Steven urgently, almost to himself.

"I... I'm sorry, Daddy," I said, feeling his other hand tighten around my wrist, stopping my movements mid-stroke.

"Um," said Stephen, visibly struggling to control his flexing cock. "Daddy's juice is nearly cooked, baby"

I tried hard not to giggle and I failed so badly. Releasing my breast, I held my hand over my mouth, somehow managing to stifle a fully-fledged laugh. Daddy's goose is cooked, I imagined, squeezing his big cock tightly. His balls had drawn right up and his cock throbbed hotly in my fist. Mmmmm, I thought. Yummy!

"Okay, okay," Stephen gasped, squeezing my wrist a bit tighter, giving me the message to let go. Reluctantly I did so, sitting back on my heels again, surprised at how hard I was breathing. Clasping my hands together in my lap, I pressed downward, giving myself the twin pleasures of squeezing my tits together and pressing my fists hard against my clitty.

I shuddered with the firm pressure, wide-eyed as Stephen's cock did the same, lurching heavily before my eyes. "B... Baby girl," he choked.

"Yes, Daddy?" I asked, batting my eyelashes and grinning as innocently as I could.

Stephen's cock spasmed fitfully once more, but didn't blow. With a couple more smaller jerks, it rested in the crease between his thigh and his hip, still hard and pulsing, but not quite so red. "That was close, baby."

"Close to what, Daddy?"

Stephen blinked, then a sly smile replaced the look of sexual bliss that had draped itself across his face. "Close to making Daddy cum, baby girl."

I smiled coquettishly and gazed lovingly at his dick. I swallowed and looked back up into his eyes. "What's cum, Daddy?" I asked.

"It's ah... It's what comes out of Daddy's cock when he gets very excited, sweetheart."

"I want it in my mouth," I whispered, looking down at his cock again. I licked my lips at the thought. A soft clench ran the length of my pussy, causing my clit to throb. I was so juicy. "Please..."

Stephen swallowed when I looked up at him. "You are so bad," he breathed. His cock rose up again and agreed. It was striking up from his loins and rhythmically pulsing, apparently with the beat of his heart. It was almost hypnotic.

"I'm a nasty girl," I gasped, reaching for his cock and aiming it at my mouth as I descended. I lashed my lips with a tongue laved in warm saliva, parting them wetly as my heartbeat accelerated. Glancing at Stephen, I melted in his abject pleasure. Pleasure that I knew I was giving, but that caused me to flush hotly with my own. My free hand reached for my pussy, sliding two fingers in as his cock slid over my tongue. Tasting his precum, I paused for a moment, closing my eyes and concentrating on getting as much as I could.

What was it about precum? I wondered. It was like a little taste of exactly why I liked being on my knees. As 'demeaning' as it sounds, there are few times that I feel as in control as I do when I have Stephen's cock in my mouth. I mean, having a nice big cock pounding me into oblivion has its merits, but control is certainly not one of them. One is 'being fucked', rather than doing the fucking. While that is acceptable and indeed expected by most girls, even though they scramble for control soon after, I find that being on my knees and sucking softly, hard, change up, licking, rubbing across my face, or any other combination thereof, gives me a sense of control that I don't otherwise have.

Mmmmm, precum... The tiny little pulses of seminal fluid designed purely for the lubrication of the shaft for entry. One had to be a true connoisseur to even notice its presence. But I noticed. In fact, I'd always 'noticed' precum. Maybe I spent a bit too much time sucking cock, but I have to admit to liking it. When it was pointed out that precum was 'objective evidence of my man's arousal', I became addicted to the stuff. I realised also that once precum came, I could do almost anything. I could slow down and be playful, I could tease and be bratty, or I could go right for the cumshot if it suited my purposes or if I wanted it badly enough. Which was often.

And anyway, Stephen lasted much longer after losing a load of precious cargo. With him at least, he was much less selfish after that, which allowed me to indulge myself in my own pleasures without a pushy dominant shoving me on my back and fucking the shit out of me. Which as I said has its merits, but can't be a 100% thing. Everyone needs a little variety, right?

Of course, none of these thoughts were going through my mind as Stephen's slick cock head settled on my tongue and I closed my mouth around it, sucking up every little pulse of precum as my fingers started fucking my horny pussy. I'm making him so hot, I thought as his hands took root in my hair and he stood up. His cock was so hard it was pushing forcefully against the top of my mouth as he swung his hips back and forth, the silky skin thrilling me with its rock hardness underneath. I was going to cum whether he liked it or not, and I unwrapped my hand from the base of his cock in total acquiescence. Yes, I knew he would fuck my mouth hard, and I knew it wasn't going to be 'loving'. It was going to be nasty and I was going to be gagged and choked and I didn't care.

No, that's not true. I did care. I cared a lot. In fact, as my now free hand settled over my clitty and started rubbing hard in time with his thrusts, I realised that the mood dictated that I be treated like a little horny whore, and the thought made me rub harder and harder.

Barely a minute later I couldn't even suck I was moaning so loud. One of Stephen's hands stayed in my hair, but the other withdrew to stroke his cock as I shook with my hands buried in my crotch. He started talking while I was cumming, which didn't help matters at all. "That's right fucktoy. Cum for Daddy. Show Daddy how hot you get from sucking cock. More baby. More, more! Cum hard!" He started slapping my face with his cock, cock-whipping me while I moaned and built to another cum. Again he started in with the taunts, and this time I answered him. "Harder baby girl, show Daddy how hot you are, fuck that wet little cunt for me. You love it don't you?" Slap! Slap!

"Yes. Yes! Oh, God. Daddy, I'm gonna cum again. I'm sorry Daddy... Ooooohhhhhh!!!"

Cum started splattering my face as Stephen's groans of pleasure met my ears. If it wasn't for his fingers tight in my hair, I wouldn't have been able to stay upright. I wanted to open my eyes to see but one was already glued shut, and then one then another rope of hot cum hit my face. Again my hips flexed and my pussy gushed, moaning hotly as another long stream of cum hit my open mouth.

"Ohhh," I moaned after swallowing, my fingers a blur on my clit as I opened again. "More! More!"

I didn't notice if there was more or not. My clit throbbed hard and my pussy exploded, clenching almost painfully as my orgasm took control of my body and I went into some kind of seizure. The last thing I remember was a falling sensation, but I didn't feel a thing as my mind crashed and everything went white, then black.

Stephen said it had only been a minute or two that I was out, and that he'd never left my side. I awoke feeling his fingers softly caressing my slick cheek, and his voice, so sweet, so loving. "Are you okay, baby? Tell me you're okay, sweetheart. Talk to me, baby girl. Please baby, tell me everything's okay."

For a moment I laid blissfully on my side, playing possum and enjoying Stephen's lewd caresses and sweet words. Between that and feeling his cum dripping down my face, I couldn't help smiling.

"Oh, you little slut," he said, tickling me, then scooping me up in his strong arms and tossing me on the bed.

He joined me there and I crawled into him. He was stroking my hair softly when I whispered, "Thank you, Daddy." At the sound of my own voice, a tear escaped my eye and joined the streaks of cum across my cheek. I didn't even think about it as I started cleaning my face with my fingers and sucking them. I figured that way he wouldn't know I was so happy I was crying.

"I still want to talk about this, okay?" Stephen asked quietly.

"Yes, Daddy," I said quietly, sucking my fingers again.

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