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A Really Good Day

A Really Good Day

Young man helps lady motorist and she helps him.

Ryan Folsom was happy in his new car. It was a present from his father for his eighteenth birthday, and he had just collected it. Ryan had the feeling that this could be a good day. That morning he had learned that he had obtained the high grades he required to follow the journalism course he wanted at university.

He wasn’t surprised at the new sense of freedom that filled his mind. Just three weeks earlier, his girlfriend, Sandra, had declared that she thought their relationship should end.

"We just don't seem to be on the same wavelength, Ryan," had been her reason. Ryan agreed fervently. Her wavelength was-- nothing until marriage. Ryan had known how religious her family was, but two years of sheer frustration had an overwhelming temptation to tell her, "It's because of you that I'm still a virgin."

So, there it was, so far, his very own car, the exam results, and new unexplored freedom. Wondering just what the implications of that would mean for him and feeling good, he turned off the main highway onto the lane which his father always used as a short cut.

Hardly half a mile along this lane, with the first rain beginning to spatter the windscreen, he slowed as he saw the black car pulled onto the verge at a rather sharp angle. A shapely young lady was standing out in the rain, and she seemed to be kicking the car.

Sarah Barson kicked furiously at the flat tyre of her BMW. Bloody car. What a day this was turning into. In town to sign the divorce papers, she'd hoped she'd avoid seeing bastard Richard, but he had turned up just as she was leaving the solicitor's office, and she had to endure his nasty comments.

"Looking forward to having that big house all to yourself?" he had said, giving her that unpleasant grin that she hated.

"Selling it," she had replied flatly.

"Christ, you're taking half my money, but getting more for the house. What a greedy bitch, you are."

"Getting somewhere smaller and free from unpleasant memories of you."

He sneered at that, "Still keeping your legs firmly crossed?"

Ah, his initial excuse when his multiple affairs came to light. It was, he claimed because she was frigid. She had brought on his frustration, he said. Yes, she had closed down in reaction to his adulterous behaviour. And the judge, a perceptive lady, had, thankfully, accepted her version.

If anything, at this moment, she was the one with the frustrations. Hell, it was pushing on fourteen months since she last had any sex, and that had been a pretty grim one-night stand with a virtual stranger at a friend's party.

Damn Richard, and damn punctures, as she kicked the tyre again. Only a mile from home and she looked at the threatening sky as the first drops of rain splashed on her raised face. And damn the bloody weather.

Should she try to change the tyre, or just walk home? The rain was already soaking into her blouse and straightening her hair. As she went to open the boot, the rain got even heavier. That was the moment a small blue Ford pulled in behind her car, and a young man stepped out. "Trouble?" he enquired, glancing down, and seeing the flat tyre. "Oh, yes, you have. Can I help?"

A strange male, a quiet lane, would usually make Sarah just a shade cautious. But he had an open friendly face, a pleasing manner, and, she couldn't help noticing, a good build in tight-fitting pants and white T-shirt, which was beginning to dampen quickly in the pouring rain. Sarah became very aware that her blue blouse was now clinging to her bra-less breasts. Would he notice?

Ryan had noticed a few things. First, the flat tyre, but his attention became more fixed on the woman rather than the car. She was stunning. Blue eyes, blond hair which was beginning to hang straight at her shoulders, as the rain came down, and a bosom that the rain was also emphasising. Prominent nipples suggested no bra.

Seeing his dark eyes take in her bosom made Sarah unsure, as she said, tentatively, "I was about to try to change the wheel."

He smiled at her, "Hell," he said," that's one of the few things I'm good at." Thank God for a male who doesn't pretend to be Lord of everything, Sarah thought. That, and the smile he had bathed her with, touched at something inside her. She was further touched when he said, "Look, go and sit in my car while I get this done."

He had opened the boot of her car, quickly bringing out the spare wheel. Impressively efficient, Sarah mused, as she climbed into the passenger seat of his small car. She really couldn’t get any wetter, and this car was rather cramped in comparison with hers.

Drenched already, Ryan inspected the spare and turned to give her the bad news. "Flat," he mouthed at the car window, and to prove it, he bounced it once on the road. It didn't bounce.

He opened the driver's door to confirm it to her. "Oh, shit-" And she checked, "—excuse me. I just can't believe it."

"So now?"

"I'll just have to get home and phone the garage."

"Live far?

"About a mile along this road. Walkable when it isn't raining."

"Can I drive you?" He looked up at the sky, "Out of this."

Sarah had only a moment's hesitation. A lift from a strange man? Normally, no way. There are always potential weirdos about. She wouldn't know what a weirdo would look like. Then with an internal laugh, she thought. 'Yes, I would, like bastard Richard, that's what.'

Anyway, this young man had appealed to her sensitive side. Without delay, they were seated side by side in his small Ford. Ryan told her that when he'd put the spare wheel back, he'd left the keys in the boot, under the mat there. "You can let the garage know. It will save time."

"I'm really very grateful," she said and meant it. Just to keep the conversation flowing, she asked, "How long have you had this car?"

Ryan glanced at his watch, and gave her a quick grin, "About fifty-five minutes." And he went on to tell her how that was possible.

"Eighteenth birthday? You're only eighteen. You look more -" She was going to say 'manly', but that didn't sound right, "-more mature than that."

"University in a couple of months—that was the other good news I had today."

She hoped she hadn't spoiled his good day, and she told him.

Ryan wasn't sure how to respond to that. Meeting her in these circumstances could be classified as fitting in very well with what had transpired so far. "It's been a pleasure to help-" Pause, and then, "—you."

"Is that because I'm half naked in these wet clothes?" she asked. Oh, how dangerous was that?

Surprised that she should talk in that way, Ryan said hastily, "No, no, not that.”

Sarah watched his face from the side as he drove. His expression suggested that he was feeling uncomfortable. In an attempt to ease that, Sarah asked, “Has your girlfriend seen the car yet?”

But when he spoke again it was with just a touch of bitterness. Sarah learned of his new-found freedom from some long-term freeze-out. For Sarah, that was hard to imagine.

Ryan had been noticing as they drove along the lane that the houses were fairly up-market. While that thought was on his mind, she leaned forward and said, "The next gate. Just turn in."

The house in front of him was just as imposing as those they'd passed. There was only a short run up to the front door, and Ryan stopped the car to announce, "Home at last. Better dash and get yourself into something dry before you catch pneumonia."

As the drive home had progressed, Sarah had wondered about the deep tingling sensation deep and low inside her. Was it possible that you could receive a kind of electrical charge from another person? A stranger just sitting close to you? She couldn't remember it ever happening with bastard Richard, except of course when they were genuinely into a passionate embrace. But that had been a long time ago.

Maybe it was the fact that she had been celibate for so long that, when this young man was urging her to get herself dried, she had been unable to resist asking him, "Hadn't you better come in to dry off, too?"

Ryan had only a moments hesitation at her surprise offer. Had her face reddened a little as she asked the question? He tried desperately to make his acceptance light. "I never accept offers from strangers. I'll only come in if I know your name." Wasn't he the clever one?

Sarah laughed delightedly. She hadn't realised that she didn't know his name, but she was delighted at the way in which he had accepted. She told him her name.

"I'm Ryan," he replied, and he held out his hand, grinning at the formality of his action. Her hand was smooth, small and he could have held on.

Quickly, they were out of the car and into the entrance hall, where they kicked off their soaked shoes. She led him into a larger hall, where there were several doors, a passage leading to the rear of the house, and a large staircase running up the right-hand wall.

Sarah pointed to a door just along the passage, "A shower room there. You should find everything you need in there, including a towelled robe for when you come out."

Standing there, looking directly at her, Ryan thought that her breasts were even more prominent, and, he caught his breath, gorgeous. The twitch in his pants had him turning away to follow her direction.

"Just bring your wet things when you come out. There's a small drying room. Then come through to the conservatory straight down the passage." She gave him a warm smile, as he moved away.

Upstairs in her own en-suite, Sarah glanced in the mirror, and thought, 'God, I might as well have been topless.' Curves, nipples, shape, all stood out. Stripping off and entering the warm, welcome blast of the shower, she wondered about the situation she had created here by inviting Ryan in. That pleasant ache still lingered down below. But hell, she'd had the equivalent of that for many months now.

Standing in the small shower downstairs, Ryan's thoughts were just as uncertain. Clothes off and piled on a chair he had found that his cock had been semi-erect, and now, standing in the shower, it didn't seem to be diminishing. If anything, it was becoming more pronounced. Would a blast of cold-water help? But he decided against that. Yet his thoughts kept returning to the beautifully shaped lady who was, he assumed, somewhere having her own shower. And even that thought was maddeningly erotic.

Drying herself down, Sarah dabbed gently with the towel between her thighs. On impulse she let the towel fall away so that only her fingers were doing the dabbing. Oh, hell, she was ripe and ready. There was no doubt about that. If this Ryan made any move at all his virginity would be at serious risk.

What if she made the first move? He would either repulse it, and she was sure that wasn't likely, or he'd want her. But what kind of fulfilment would there be for her taking on an inexperienced young man? And, God, did she need fulfilment?

Ryan was dried and naked. His cock was back to half mast, and he would have to settle for that. He found the towelled robe on the back of the door, and as he was shrugging into it, the thought struck him. This was a man's robe. There had to be a husband or at least a live-in lover to be in these circumstances. That thought immediately dropped his threatened erection by ten degrees.

Sitting in the conservatory after, contacting the garage, and making a pot of coffee, Sarah wondered how provocative she was being by not having dressed. She wore her own towelled robe, and she was beginning to wonder what was taking Ryan so long when she heard the door click. She stood up, and called, "Through here."

When he appeared clutching his clothes the first thought to strike her was that he looked a hell of a lot better in that robe than bastard Richard ever had. She took his clothes from him and took them back to the small, drying room. She hung up his things and switched on the fan which would blow and help them dry quicker.

He was seated on the sofa when she got back and, after pouring two coffees, she sat on the sofa beside him, when she told herself, she could have sat in the chair opposite.

Ryan asked the question he needed to ask, "This robe. Is it your husband's?"

She laughed, "My ex-husband. It's the only article of his clothing I haven't ditched. I was just coming back from signing the final papers when I had the puncture."

Sarah went on to tell of the fractured marriage. How Richard was a very successful businessman, and how, because his adultery was proven, she kept this house and was awarded a substantial amount of alimony. "I have the house on the market. Too big for me. I've bought a very tidy apartment on the riverbank—you know, near the bridge."

Ryan knew where she meant, and knew it was a very desirable area. Now, having her sitting beside him, calmly sipping coffee, he wondered why she hadn't dressed. His thoughts wouldn't let him linger on the possible reasons.

"He told the review board that I was frigid," Sarah said, and Ryan was very aware of her eyes searching his face for his reaction to that.

Ryan could only find questions, "He committed adultery?" It was a lame question, but he couldn't imagine anyone leaving her for someone else. She was too--too—oh, the word was sensuous.

"Not just once," she said now. "Would you believe twelve, maybe more? He had a regular harem."

"He must be mad to--" Ryan checked what he was about to say.

Sarah gave him a look that said she could read his mind. Then she leaned towards him and said quietly, "Would you mind if I gave you a kiss of thanks for your help this morning?"

Ryan's head was spinning. Her leaning towards him had caused her robe to open, and he could see the natural curve of those breasts, which he felt he already knew to some extent. But he managed to reply, "That would be good."

Sarah had decided that this could be the decider. How this kiss went would indicate whether she could help Ryan out of his virginity status. She moved close and his lips reached for hers. It was a moist kiss, a more than friendly kiss, but she had no difficulty in finding a pathway for her tongue, and within seconds their tongues were wrestling , while their arms locked around each other.

Ryan was all but overwhelmed by her fervour, not to mention his own eager reaction. This kiss was a million miles from the guarded mouthing he had endured with Sandra. Cautiously, he had placed his hands on Sarah's shoulders. Even with the cover of her robe, he could appreciate and thrill at the curve of them.

The kiss, and those hands on her shoulders had aroused further urges in Sarah. Maybe there was going to be something in this pursuit. Her body was already demanding more intimate touches from him. She really had waited too long. Young, inexperienced, it didn't matter. "Touch my breast, Ryan." Then with sly devilment, she added, "On the outside only, of course."

Then, feeling his hesitant movement, she laughed, saying, "I'm teasing. Here." She took his right hand and guided it inside her robe, onto her left breast.

Ryan's trembling fingertips traced the elegant slope from nipple to the base of her throat. If the kiss had made him tingle, then the sensation of her smooth rounded breast was overwhelming. His erection heaved inside the robe.

Emboldened he allowed his fingers to play their way around the whole curving surface. His whole being was on fire.

Sarah was also simmering. She'd heard some women say that they had little feeling when their breasts were touched. Not Sarah, she was getting sensations that blazed all the way down into the core of her femininity. She wanted more of this. "The nipple, Ryan. With that same touch. You have wonderful touch."

Enjoying the thrill of it all, yet still uncertain, Ryan reached out and tentatively ran his fingers over the hard, small nipple. She gave a sharp intake of breath. "Sorry," he mumbled, jerking his hand away.

"No, no. That was perfect, Ryan. Don't stop. Use your whole hand." Sarah could not believe just how good she was feeling how much pleasure Ryan was giving her. She had been so ready for this.

Ryan knew that this couldn't be a dream. The pressure in his groin told him that. Allowing his whole hand to settle over her breast, he stroked over and around it, letting each finger trace over the nipple, which, he was sure, was hardening and growing.

"This can't be the first time you've touched a woman there," Sarah sighed huskily, knowing exactly what she wanted next. "Kiss it, Ryan."

How would that feel? Blood pounded in Ryan's head, doubly so in his cock. But her instruction was clear. "Take the nipple in your mouth, tongue it"

Ryan lowered his head nervously, "Like this?" he asked, before putting his lips around the enlarged nipple

"Tongue, Ryan. Use your tongue." Every fibre of Sarah's body glowed.

Only too willing, Ryan did just that, and couldn't believe the pleasure it gave him, but just as satisfying was realising the pleasure it was giving her. He could sense the tremors running through her body.

He found that he was sucking at that nipple without even thinking about it. Sucking so madly that he could have swallowed her whole breast. And for the first time, he wondered if they were really going all the way.

That thought, and his keenness were increasing the pressure on his throbbing cock, and as he attempted to move to a more comfortable position, he became shockingly aware that his erection had escaped the folds of the robe. It was pointing up into the open air, like some escaped meerkat.

Sarah had been looking down at his activity at her breast, but what happened beyond that had her gasping with shocked and delighted surprise. She had not seen that many male erections, but what Ryan was displaying would have rivalled any of them. Compared with bastard Richard's pathetic courgette, this was a fully-grown cucumber. Unable to resist she reached her hand towards it.

Ryan heard her gasp, "My God, Ryan, that is-" She didn't complete the statement, but, watching her now, seeing his engorged cock jutting upwards, he knew exactly what she was going to do. She was going to touch his naked cock

Oh, God, yes, it was going to happen. He heard his own grunt of dismay as her fingers closed, almost greedily around his swollen pounding shaft, and worse she began to slide her hand up and down along its length.

Sarah knew that there was no point of return now. She had to have this inside her. It felt so vibrant under her fingers. In her own experience, she could not recall feeling like this about a man's engorged cock. Men were all so cock-proud, but to have one like this, she just wanted it all.

In despair, Ryan tried to mouth a warning. After all that had happened so far, with his lower regions being so stoked up, the touch of her hand, skin on skin, was all too much. It was like an explosion he could do nothing about, and in dismay, he watched the first spurts burst whitely over her fingers and up her arm.

Sarah's first reaction was disappointment. Then, as she saw and felt Ryan bury his face in her naked breast, muttering, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry," she realised how selfish she had been. She had been instructing him how to pleasure her without really considering that this was his first time and what effect it might have on him.

"No, no, Ryan. It's me that should be sorry. I pushed you too fast."

Ryan could not rid himself of the sense of shame and guilt at his weakness. All he had thought about going all the way was now dead and buried, and his guilt was magnified by seeing the strips of his cum up her arms. "But I am sorry for spoiling it all."

"Spoiling it? What's spoiled? We haven't finished, Ryan." It was almost a sense of erotic duty driving her now. Quite apart from desire, there was a sense of guilt about her involvement with Ryan. She had caused him hurt.

Ryan could hardly bear to look down at his pathetic shrunken cock lying like a dead white root on his thigh. How could they not be finished? That thing on his thigh looked done.

Sarah saw his look and smiled. "I'll tell you what, Ryan, I think we need to be more comfortable." She stood up and took his hand urging him to stand. Then she led him up the staircase. Despite his confusion, all the way up, he was aware of the rich carpet under his feet, the expensive looking paintings on the walls, and at the top, the sweep of a corridor that looked to have multiple doors

Sarah pushed open one of the doors to reveal a lavish bedroom, a huge bed, covered in a duvet in rich autumn shades, a large picture window, and furnishings in white. "Comfort, Ryan. We've come this far. We might as well have comfort. Two seconds, I'll just go and wash up." She gave him a deliberate supportive smile as she indicated her cum-stained arm and disappeared into what was obviously the en-suite.

Ryan couldn't see what they could do now. He was limp, useless and still disappointed in himself. A vast lawn and multitudes of shrubs and flowers in the garden at the rear of the house was what he saw as he looked out of the large window. It seemed sad that Sarah would be giving up this impressive property, but he could appreciate the loneliness of being in such a big house.

As she washed, Sarah was wearing a half smile. Her direction was clear now, and that was to give Ryan confidence. She wasn't kidding herself, and still had hopes that there would be some degree of physical comfort coming her way. With that in mind, she moved back into the bedroom to find Ryan looking out of the window.

"Time to start," she said softly, her hands lingering at the tie of her robe.

Ryan moved towards where she was standing by the bed. Start what? He wondered, and he didn't have long to find out. For, as he approached her, she pulled open her robe, allowed it to slip off her shoulders to the floor, and stood there totally, delightfully naked.

His breath caught up somewhere in the back of his throat, as his eyes, roamed over the twin perfect breasts, bold, firm and pink tipped, that flat belly sloping down to the tawny patch of hair that, when she moved her feet, gave a glimpse of the secret lips hidden down there. Had his cock twitched at the sight? There was no doubt that his fingers twitched, longing to stroke the luscious body he was seeing.

Uncertain what his reaction would be at her nudity, she was relieved to find that she herself felt comfortable as his eyes caressed her, giving her a good sensuous feeling. "Now you," she said, and as he hesitated, she stepped forward to loosen his robe. As he stood there uncertainly, she moved in closer and slid her hands over his shoulders to free the robe.

Ryan had a moment of initial discomfort as she looked at him. His mother hadn't seen him naked since he'd reached puberty. Nobody had. Even with his mates after football, he had always been a little embarrassed. Now here was this virtual stranger busily eyeing his body and worse, his flaccid cock. Stranger? Hell, what was he thinking about? She'd already handled it.

Sarah was indeed eyeing this naked male body in front of her. A good, well-muscled frame, Ryan clearly worked out. As for that truncheon he kept hidden away down there, he mightn't realise it, but she knew it would soon come back to full status. She could hardly wait, but patience was the order of the day.

"You have a good body, Ryan."

Ryan could be nothing but honest in this situation, "So—so do you." Was all he could muster in reply.

That brought a warm smile to her face, as she told him, "Not bad for a thirty-year-old, is it?" She saw little point in hiding from that fact. "Let's lie down." And she lay on her back, legs slightly parted, delightfully aware that she was displaying herself totally. "Beside me, Ryan."

Ryan lay alongside this voluptuous body, his mind reeling at the thought that she was thirty. Twelve years older, and here she was, like a full sensuous offering. He leaned over her and they kissed warmly, yet controlled, until she pulled away, to say, "Start from where you were earlier."

Well, earlier it had been one breast, now both firm, deliciously inviting mounds were available. Trying to keep his excitement under control, Ryan flicked his tongue from one to the other, while his hands roamed over them, enjoying that joyous friction of skin on skin. His eyes gaped in wonder at the way her nipples swelled to his mouthing. From time to time he heard her utter a little moan, of pleasure, he hoped.

It was indeed a moan of some considerable pleasure. Sarah was so engrossed in the erotic arousal of Ryan's hands and mouth on her breasts, that she almost forgot that she should be instructing. And there was more to be gained, for them both.

She wondered what it might be like just to lie back and let him romp around her body. If he'd had more experience perhaps, but for now he needed guidance. "Don't stop what you're doing," she whispered, "but let one hand run the curve through breast waist and hip. Then back again."

Ryan was eager enough to learn but wondered whether this could be any more exciting than what he was doing. His hand performed as instructed, and he found the glide along her curves, over that smooth, smooth skin, while still favouring her breasts, so exciting.

Sarah could have allowed him to carry on in that fashion for a good while, but some things won't wait. "Down onto my thigh with that hand, onto the inside of my thigh. Oh, yes, like that. Back and forwards. Not too high."

Ryan sucked in a desperate gulp of air. If he had enjoyed the smoothness of her skin before, what he was finding along her inner thigh was a silkiness that was beyond belief. His hand played along, back, along, back with deliberate gentility. Once the upward stroke went too far and there was that momentary thrill of her downy fuzz.

Sarah, in a lovely haze of warm delight, was very aware that her body jerked involuntarily when his fingers briefly, accidentally, touched her nether parts. It was time to move things on, "Now put that hand on my belly. Yes, with fingers spread, and just stroke in a circle. Ooh, yes."

Ryan knew that with his hand on her belly he would not be far from the ultimate touch. He knew too that his own body had responded with remarkable promptness. His erection was at least half-mast and rising. Without being told, he allowed his circling hand to trace the edge of her tawny bush.

"Yes, yes, good, Ryan. Go further, fingers play through the hair, but just stay like that." She remembered this from long ago, the way she had felt in the early days with bastard Richard. "This is a good way to tease a lady. Makes her think-" She gave a gasping pause, "- oh, that you're never going to reach your goal."

So long, it had been so long. She had to help him find it. "The groove, Ryan, down lower to where it starts." Time was pressing now, as was the feel of his rising hardness against her thigh.

Ryan had been feeling that, as well as teasing the woman, this action was teasing him. But the groove? Yes, he had a vague notion of where she meant. Hadn't he briefly viewed it when she first lay back? Still licking at her breasts, his eyes gazed down across her flat belly, to watch his own fingers search.

A very short search. Almost immediately he was touching what felt like closed lips, and just as quickly they weren't closed. He was able to move a finger, gingerly into a moistness, that was a pleasure in itself. His urge was to go on moving deeper.

Sarah wanted to adore the cock that was now solid against her thigh. But would it disturb him too much? His fingers were so nearly right, but she quickly advised him, "Keep your fingers there, Ryan. Just rub between the lips gently, feel for the little pip—my clit."

She was so aware of his fingers probing as instructed. And he found it! Fire rods seemed to stem out through her lower body. God, the thrill of it

Ryan rubbed, and his fingertip found what did feel like a pip, and Sarah's reaction told him he was on the mark. The, so familiar, ache in his balls as he realised he was at full pressure warned him to be careful. Then her wavering voice told him to move his mouth down there.

Oh, oh, this was taking him towards a new stage. His mouth moving over her belly, stopped to allow his tongue to tickle at her tiny navel. On down. And the next tickling was her pubic hairs on his mouth. He couldn't go any further. These weren't the lips for his lips, were they?

Her voice, husky and impassioned, shocked him, "Move your fingers back, put your lips and tongue in their place." Sarah was so ready now, that words were difficult to form. As wet and as ready as she'd ever been. She wanted him in her, but there was just this last stage.

Put my tongue in there? That was Ryan's first troubled thought. What would that be like? Was it natural to do that? Tentatively he touched her spot with his tongue. For some reason his whole being trembled with excitement, as she stiffened and gasped, "Oooh-yes, -do it-give it -lick it-lick it hard."

His tongue began working as though it had a life of its own. Lapping at her little secret button. Her clit. It was no longer a pip, more like a smaller nipple. Back and forward with the tongue. Round and round. No taste, yet it was like sipping on cream.

All he was aware of was a scented musky aroma and the ready moistness. Her creaminess increased, as her legs spread, and Ryan found himself licking and probing until his tongue was guzzling into that mysterious hole without him even wondering about what he was doing.

"Oh, yes, we're there, Ryan." Care now, Sarah was telling herself. She wanted Ryan inside her. Her whole body pulsed with that need. Yet it was crucial not to over-excite him before he had entered her. "Roll your body between my thighs."

For Ryan, the very idea that he was about to put his pounding cock into this fabulous woman, might have been enough to have him shooting early. Between her raised thighs, he edged his body upwards, showered kisses on her breasts, and up to her lips where their tongues meshed briefly. Then she moved to reach down towards his hard cock. "No, I'll--" he tried to warn her, recalling his earlier failure.

"No, you won't," she gasped. "I won't let you." And she wouldn't. She longed to have this young cock up in the very core of her. Her hand reached its target and instead of stroking, she gripped it firmly right at the hilt. She raised her hips to meet and welcome the purple head of what she was guiding to her entry.

Ryan was tense as Sarah reached down for him, but somehow her grip was so purposeful that he had felt secure, and eager as she brought his purple end to the warm wetness of her. "Push gently, Ryan." He did that, and he was in. "Stop." She said, without anxiety and she released her hold.

As her whole being screamed for the thrust of him, she was advising him to be still. "Just relax yourself there for—for—oh, a moment." Her need now was almost a pain, yet she had to instruct him so he would gain satisfaction. "Just try to breathe easy, Ryan. Stay calm." What a hypocrite she was. She was so frantic herself.

Breathe easy? When his loaded hardness was already at the portals of that smouldering orifice that he had just finished licking out? When he could feel the delicious moisture of her, and the pulsing of her inner walls? The hungry twitching in his balls worried him.

"You're doing well, Ryan." But she knew she could wait no longer. "Now let me feel that gorgeous pole inside me. Now. Now. Oh, yes."

Just ahead of her instruction, Ryan, sure that any threat of an early rush had gone, had slid his eager erection easily through all her juicy lubrication, right up to the hilt. So far, that he was sure that he could feel the head push against some part of her deep inside.

He didn't dare ask, what to do now. He was inside, deep, deep into that warm wetness and it was the best feeling he'd ever had. But now? He didn't need telling. His body knew by instinct way beyond any sexual knowledge. So, he drew back and thrust again.

At his first long thrust, Sarah had thought she would explode. Deep inside her, his weapon was filling her, huge. When he withdrew and thrust a second time, waves of electricity fused through her body. Her inner walls pulsed with her every move. She was fast approaching that ecstatic moment that she had experienced on so few occasions.

Ryan raised his face to kiss her, but her head was rolling back and forwards as though out of control. He concentrated on sucking and nibbling at her breasts. Doing that seemed to help his control. He had eased his hips back feeling his cock being adulated by her vibrating walls. Now he pushed it back as far as it would go.

"Now-again-back-faster- " Her voice was strained, breathless almost desperate. Accordingly, he swung his hips back and forward, and his rod worked like a piston inside her. He was doing it, actually doing it. It was better than anything he could have imagined. The hotness of it, the wetness, the aromas of perfume and feminine musk, almost overwhelmed him.

Sarah knew she was all but out of control, her breathing harsher, her head tossing from side to side, her long hair flared across her face. "Ooh, it's there. Oh, yes, Ryan. Cum in me. Cum. Cum now." Her voice became a screech of near desperation.

A dam burst deep inside Ryan, and the flood poured into his cock, as with one final plunge he heard his own voice yell something wild. And he was trying to push the head of his swollen member up into the depths of her belly. He felt he was pushing gallons of cum up into her.

Sarah's was feeling as though her lower belly enclosed a lift shaft, willing to take it all. Her hips rose from the bed to match the near frantic demands of Ryan's lovely tool. Her orgasm was raising her high above the grinding of their bodies, as they groaned and gasped in unison. It seemed like it wouldn't stop, his pulsing, her taking it with a desperate gratitude.

At last, they lay calmly nestled together. Much pleasure still lay in being against her flat, sweated belly as his cock slowly shrank out of her.

At last Sarah found her voice, "God, Ryan, I knew I have been just a little deprived lately, but I hadn't realised just how ready I was.."

"It was good for you?"

"Good? Ryan, for just a first time you were quite remarkable."

"Maybe because of what happened earlier," he said tentatively.

"Maybe. And as I said, I was ready. But even so, you felt strong."

After a short while, they showered together, and Ryan learned the delights of soaped fingers exploring over each other. Her mouth searched for his as he rubbed gently between her thighs, while her fingers soaping over his cock had it rising like a phoenix. She knelt to kiss hungrily along its length, before briefly wrapping her lips around the bulbous head. For him, a juddering thrill.

Back in the bedroom, they had two more slow and sensuous sessions, in which Sarah instructed him further in avoiding becoming over-excited. She also warned him that their cumming at the same time had been very fortunate, and not to expect it every time.

At just after six in the evening, they dressed and stood facing each other, hand in hand, in the hall. Sarah had worried about telling him that it was time to part. Their encounter had given her so much pleasure and she had enjoyed leading him into manhood, but that twelve-year gap worried her. When she mentioned it, she was pained to see the sad look on his face.

Since dressing, Ryan had feared this moment, “Do years matter so much if we please each other?”

Sarah sighed, “We could both end up getting hurt,” she told him. But already his hands gripping hers were arousing her. Her body recalled the solidity and warmth of him. A clean break now would be best for them. Again, she told him that.

Ryan protested, saying how much he had learned from her, and wanting more. “Do we have to make a clean break? Couldn’t we play it by ear?”

She smiled as she replied, “Is that a new sexual position, you’ve learned?” And they collapsed against each other, laughing wildly before kisses took over. At that moment Sarah knew that she just could not set a definite ending to the affair.

When Sarah asked him if he would take her out for a drive in his new car in two days time. Ryan’s whole body tingled at the idea, just when he had been telling himself that dreams died too quickly. They were going to meet again.

At the doorway, they exchanged fairly cool kisses, with that promise of what might lie ahead.

As he drove away, Ryan saw, through his rearview mirror, that Sarah remained in the doorway watching him go, and he wondered if she felt as happy as he did. He had known it was going to be a good day.

When he got home his father met him on the drive, "That took some time. We were getting worried about you.”

“I had to learn how she responded.”

“ How far did you go?"

All the way, was in his mind but he said, "Out along the coastal road."

"Twisty road, that. Careful on those curves, were you?"

"Dad, I was especially careful on the curves."

"How did she handle?"

"Like a dream,” he said fervently.






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