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Amusement Park

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Not all the rides are on the midway.

Another of my recollections from my "It was a Very Good Year" series

“I hope the neighbors aren’t watching,” Brenda said.

We stood there, on her porch, watching the car back out of the driveway and onto the street. My wife was driving; her husband was sitting beside her.

“Why?” I asked as I waved to the two of them. KC flashed the headlights.

“They’ll think we’re swingers, swapping partners.”

I looked at her. In the shadows of the porch light, I couldn’t tell if she was serious or joking.


“I mean there they go, driving off together, leaving us alone together.”

“They’re leaving together because KC doesn’t drink and is the designated driver. And because Kenny didn’t buy enough beer! They’ll be back in fifteen minutes.”

She turned and started back into the house. I followed.

Once inside, sitting on the sofa, she sipped her chardonnay as I finished off the last of the beers. “Have you ever thought about it, swapping, you know?”

“Are you serious?” I asked, tilting my head, like a cocker spaniel, to emphasize my bewilderment.

“I mean,” she went on, “you and KC have been married five years, almost to that seven-year itch thing. Have things gotten a bit routine for the two of you? I know they have for me and Kenny.”

I knew she was serious. “Brenda, I don’t think we should be talking about this.”

“No, Joe. You guys are our best friends and I just want to know.”

“Well, we don’t heat up the sheets like we first did, but we are no way near a point where we want to fool around with others.”

She saw that I was uncomfortable but pushed on. “I’m just asking, if you and KC had the opportunity, do you think you might?”

I laughed. “There’s the sticky-wicket. KC! I would never do anything to hurt her and she would never go for something like that. Between her upbringing and modesty there’s no way she would.”

I was saved by a flash of lights and the honk of the car. “See,” I said, “fifteen minutes and they’re back. If we’re swingers, that has to be a record time for a quickie!”

We met Brenda and Kenny shortly after we had relocated to Bay City, not knowing anyone. We had a lot in common. Kenny and I worked in the same company, and both KC and Brenda held down jobs outside the home. We were all on the cusp of the big 3-0 and our marriages were about the same duration, five for us and six for them. Neither had children, but were planning rug rats within a couple of years.

The best part of our friendship was the bond that developed between the girls. They often met after work to share joys and concerns. Brenda would order wine and KC sipped only water. This friendship was important for KC, away from her family for the first time. And I liked that Brenda brought KC out of her shell, even stoking a bit of a wild-side in her.

That opening up showed itself three weeks after the night of the beer-run. The four of us went out dancing. The girls excused themselves to leave for the restroom. Kenny and I paid no mind, thinking this was standard operating procedure for females. We talked and drank while they were gone which seemed like an extra long time. It was a small bar and the restrooms were a single toilet for each sex. Maybe a long line for the head, I thought.

The two of us were shocked when the wives returned. They had switched clothes! KC was wearing Brenda’s jeans and white linen shirt. The pants legs were rolled up, since Brenda was the taller of the two. The shirt wasn’t tucked in, or buttoned, but tied in front. This revealed KC’s midriff, especially so, with the jeans sitting low on her hips. She looked sexy as hell! And Brenda … oh my, Brenda. What had been a mid-thigh sundress on KC was a mini on Brenda. Her larger breasts pulled at the dress’ bodice. The spaghetti-straps across the shoulders stretched to the max.

My eyes were wide as I managed to say, “We were wondering what took you guys so long.”

“We thought we’d swap,” said Brenda. “You know, just to see what it would be like.” KC giggled.

“Swapping is fine with me,” Kenny said, grabbing his wife’s hand and leading her out onto the dance floor.

“You want to give it a try?” KC asked me.

“Swapping?” I stammered.

“Dancing, silly. Come on.” With that she led me to where Brenda and Kenny were. We formed a “square” dancing in a celebration of our friendship.

I’m not much of a dancer, but KC is fantastic. She rocked and swayed with the music. She had not worn a bra with her sundress and the over-sized shirt she was now wearing allowed me an occasional quick glimpse of her breasts. I’m sure Kenny grabbed a glimpse or two. She seemed to glow and her smile transformed from that of my sweet, innocent wife, to that of a seductress.

Brenda seemed lost in the music, tilting her head backward, which thrust her chest up and out. She, too was braless, and I could see the outline of her nipples through the thin material of KC’s dress. When she twirled around, the hem of the dress flared out. I was certain that anyone sitting near the dance floor would have been able to see her panties!

When the set of fast dances had finished, a slow song started. “Switch!” said Brenda. This time she took my hand and pulled me from our partners. She rested her hands on my shoulders and I, in turn, held her by the waist. My elbows were bent, keeping our bodies a respectable distance apart.  As we began to move, slowly, gently, to the music, I looked over to see KC and Kenny similarly embraced.

When I danced with KC, she rested her head on my chest. But Brenda was about my height, so we danced, eye to eye. She leaned forward to whisper, “Are you having fun?” Her breath was hot on my ear.

“Oh, yeah,” I replied. “We always have a great time when we go out with you and Kenny.”

“No,” she said. “Are you having fun dancing with me?”

All I managed was, “Oh, sure.”

I glanced over to KC. I saw that she had moved closer to Kenny and  her head was resting on his chest. His hands were caressing the bare skin of her lower back.

“I like dancing with you,” Brenda went on. “You’re different from Kenny. You’re chest is so broad. And you’re so much more muscular, so strong.”

“Careful. You’ll give me a swelled head.”

“Which one?” she laughed.

I joined her in the laugh. “Set myself up for that one, didn’t I?”

“And you smell so different. I wonder how you taste.” With that she nipped my neck, and kissed the spot. I could feel her tongue slide across my skin sending a tingle through my body. The charge seemed to go directly to my groin.

Again, I glanced over to KC and Kenny. Her head was still on his chest and her eyes closed, as if she were in a dream-state. Kenny’s left hand remained on the small of her back, but his right was cupping her ass. There was no space between their bodies.

My attention returned to Brenda as she said, “Salty! Hmm, I wonder if you taste like that all over.”

The song ended, and now I took Brenda by the hand to lead her back to our table. I hoped no one, especially Brenda, noticed the bulge in my pants. In a moment, KC and Kenny were with us. Even in the dim light of the bar, I could see that KC’s cheeks were flushed.

We finished our last drinks and engaged in some general chit-chat. No one returned to the dance floor and we soon called it a night. Brenda invited us over to their place for a night-cap. I declined, saying I had had enough to drink and had better be getting home. We said our goodbyes in the parking lot.

On our way home, KC driving, I asked, “Did you have fun?”

“Sure. We always have fun with Kenny and Brenda. They’re lots of fun … and good friends.”

“How’d you like dancing with Kenny?”

“You want the truth?”


“He’s a much better dancer than you. A little lighter on the feet, smoother moves.” She was quick to add, “But I didn’t marry you for your dancing abilities.”

“Thank goodness for that.” We both laughed.

I continued. “It looked like he grabbed your ass during that one song.”

There was a catch in her breath and then, “Oh, I didn’t notice. I was really into the music. Are you jealous?”

“A little bit. Kenny’s a good friend, but I don’t want him fondling my wife’s ass.”

She laughed. “Well, if he did, I’m sure he meant nothing by it. It’s probably the way he dances with Brenda. Muscle memory, you know.”

As I thought about muscle memory, she went on. “Did you grab Brenda’s ass?”

“Of course not,” I was quick to answer. “We just danced.”

“You know,” she said, “I don’t think I would be jealous if you did. I know that you love me, no matter what. And I’ll always love you, no matter what Kenny does.”

We pulled into the driveway and the matter seemed closed.

Through the next few months, the four of us only got together for a movie and a company cookout. The summer was upon us and it  seemed that our calendars were filled. KC and I made a trip to her folks and spent a weekend away, at the Sleeping Bear Dunes. KC and Brenda still met for girl talk every couple of weeks or so. It was in early August, their get togethers became weekly.

It was after one of these soirees that KC came home and announced, “Cedar Point! Brenda and I think we should all go to Cedar Point this weekend.”

I looked up from the TV. “What?”

“The summer’s almost over and it’s been so long since we got together, the four of us, so we thought that would be a great trip. They have a lot of roller coasters there. And you like roller coasters, don’t you?”

“Sure. I love them. But you don’t ride; you’re too afraid.”

“Well, maybe it’s time I opened up and tried something different. Live a little, like they say.”

“We’ll need to make some some plans.”

“They’re already made,” was her immediate response. “We’ll take off together after work on Friday -- we’ll drive. It’s about a four hour trip, so we should be there by 8:00, 9:00 at the latest. We’ll get a good night’s sleep and then spend all day Saturday in the park. Spend Saturday night there, and head home on Sunday.”

“Sounds like you and Brenda have everything planned out.”

“Yep,” she said, “everything’s planned. We just need you guys’ OK.”

“You have mine. I love amusement parks.”

“I’ll call and let Brenda know,” she said, excusing herself and walking into the kitchen.

The TV was on, but I still heard her end of the conversation over the phone. “We’re all set. Joe says it’s OK with him … Was there ever any doubt about Kenny? … Yeah, I’m nervous, but let’s give it a shot … I won’t chicken out … Let’s just do it while I have the nerve … Great. See you Friday. Bye,”

The weekend arrived and everything was going as planned. We left, headed south, pass Ann Arbor and into Ohio. We turned east at Maumee and in no time at all were in Sandusky. Brenda had reserved two rooms for us at a nice motel there. She had tried to get adjoining rooms, but had to settle on rooms next to each other. We grabbed a quick bite, and since we had a full day planned for Saturday, we all turned in early.

As I snuggled against KC, I asked, “Are you really ready for this? Are you sure you want to give it a try?”

“What do you mean?” she replied, a tinge of nervousness in her voice.

“Are you sure you want to ride a roller coaster?”

She laughed. “Oh, yeah … the roller coaster. I’m ready to go for it.”

Go for it, she did. On Saturday we headed straight for the roller coaster. I wanted a bit more of a “traditional” thrill for her first time, so we headed to the wooden Blue Streak. My thinking was that it was slower and more tame than the steel-piped coasters. As we left the loading deck and clickity-clacked up the eighty-foot climb, she chatted away, trying to calm her nervousness. Talking was done when we crested that hill; it was screaming all the way up to the unloading area. That was KC’s first, and she swore, last, roller coaster ride.

The rest of the day we rode the rides, played the games, and ate all the junk food we could hold. We called it a day shortly after sunset. No one was hungry, so we went straight back to the motel. Benda and Kenny invited us to their room for some adult beverages, and we agreed. Kenny and I drank a beer from the cooler he had packed as Brenda sipped some wine. To my surprise, KC had three glasses of wine as well.

“Well, you kids had better be heading back to your room,” Brenda said. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was only 9:00.

“It’s still pretty early,” I said. With a wink to Kenny, I continued, “She must have some plans in mind for you, Buddy.”

With a buzzed laugh, KC chimed in, “She sure does!”

“Go, you two,” Brenda said. “Time to get ready for bed.”

She rose and crossed to the door. “Are you kicking us out?” I asked.

“I sure am. Now git’!”

Without further ado, KC and I left. As we entered our room, she asked, “Joe, do you love me?” The wine caused her to slur her words a bit.

“Honey, you know I love you. Always have … always will.”

“No matter what.”

“No matter what,” I assured her.

She pushed me down onto the bed. “Wait here, while I get ready.” She retrieved a small bag from the suitcase she had packed. “You can watch TV, but don’t fall asleep. OK?”

“OK,” I laughed. “Anything you say.”

After about half-an-hour she came out of the bathroom. My eyes almost popped out of my head. She was wearing a new, sheer teddy. Through the thin, white bra, I could see her firm breasts and round, pink nipples. From below the bra, the gossamer flared out, allowing me to see the curve of her waist and hips. The loose-fitting material came to just below the white panties. Through them, I could see her patch of dark hair.

I rose from the bed and crossed to her. I took her in my arms and planted a hot, wet kiss on her lips as I pulled her close to me.

She backed off from me. “Not yet,” she said. “I want you to go and get a shower. And you’ve got to promise not to come out until I knock on the door.”

“OK,” I said, looking down into her brown eyes.

“No, Joe! Promise that you won’t come out until you hear a knock on the door. I don’t care if you take a magazine in there to read; just don’t come out until you hear a knock. Promise?”

“I promise, Hon. Anything to make you happy.”

She handed me a small bag as I entered the bathroom. “Put these on.”  She pushed the door closed behind me. Through it, I heard her say, “I love you.”

I showered and took a quick shave; brushed my teeth. I opened the bag KC had given me. Silk boxer shorts! I smiled as I slipped them on … and waited. Hell, I should have brought a magazine!

My patience was nearing an end, when there came a knock on the bathroom door. In anticipation of my sexy wife, I said, “Ready or not, here I come.” Wearing only the boxers, I opened the door.

“Turn off the light!” In the second it took me to reach over to the bathroom light switch, the thought ran through my mind, That’s not KC!

The bedroom area was dark except for  a candle burning on the dresser. In the dim light I could make out the form of someone stretched out on the bed, propped up on her elbow. A saxophone played slow jazz from a cell phone.

Brenda spoke. “Here are the rules, Joe. You have ten minutes to decide if you want me to stay or not. If you don’t, I’ll call my room, and KC will come back here, and I’ll go there. If the phone rings in the next ten minutes, it’ll be KC, and she will come back, and I’ll go to my room. If I don’t call, and the phone doesn’t ring, I’ll stay until midnight … pumpkin time, you know. We will do anything you want to, up till midnight. Then I’ll go back to my room, and KC will come back to you.”


“She’s with Kenny, explaining the rules to him. We both want this, but it’s up to you guys. What do you want, for me to go or stay?”

My eyes had adjusted to the candle-light. I saw that Brenda was wearing a teddy identical to the one KC wore, except a bright red. The red material hid any trace of her nipples. I didn’t know if it was the lack of light or the color of the panties, but I could not see a darkened triangle where her thighs met. My reaction was automatic as I began to swell beneath the boxers.

“I guess, since you two have made such plans, and if you definitely want this, I guess I want you to stay, if KC doesn’t call.” I didn’t know which was more important to hide, my growing erection or the nervousness I felt.

Brenda swung herself up and sat cross-legged at the head of the bed. “Come and sit here with me; we have a few minutes.” She patted the bed. I joined her, sitting cross-legged as well.

Brenda schootched forward, so our shins were touching. She put her hands on my knees and rubbed them. Then she leaned towards me, sliding her hands up my inner thigh, to the edge of the boxers. In a kneading manner, she massaged my thighs. Again, she leaned forward, sliding her hands all the way up to my groin. Her thumbs massaged the hollow at the top of my thighs. She looked up and smiled, “We didn’t make any rules about what we could do while waiting,” she said.

“I’m glad you didn’t,” I replied. “That feels fantastic.”

She slid her hands back down, dragging her nails across my thighs, out of my shorts. Glancing at the clock, she said, “Time’s up. I guess I get to stay.”

Like a schoolboy, I gulped. While, I must admit, I had fantasies of being with Brenda, the reality of the moment caught me off-guard. My “sessions” with Brenda had started with getting down to business, and not the fore-play that preceded the deed.

“Well,” asked Brenda, “what do you want to do?”

I swung my feet to the floor and rose, extending a hand to her. “May I have this dance?” I asked in a mock-suave tone.

She laughed. “You can have anything you want?” She took my hand and also rose from the bed. And we began to dance.

It wasn’t as much dancing as simply swaying, our bodies now pressed tightly together. “Do you remember the last time we danced together?” she asked.

“That was fun,” I said.

“Do you remember, I asked what you tasted like?”

“You said I was salty.”

“I wondered if you tasted like that all over.”

“I remember that.”

She laughed. “Tonight, I get to find out.”

I kissed her, hard on the lips. Our tongues met and teased each other. My left hand cupped and gently squeezed her breast. My right ran down, across her back to caress her and squeeze her butt-cheek. Her throat vibrated with a low moan.

The memory of Kenny dancing with KC flashed in my mind. For a moment, the thought came to me, Kenny’s squeezing KC’s breast, massaging her ass.

I was brought back to the moment when Brenda pinched my ass. “God,” she said, “you are hard.”

“Buns of steel!” I replied.

She let out a little chuckle. “I wasn’t talking about your ass.” With that she pushed her groin against mine. My cock was pushed downward, laying on my left thigh. She made small circular motions with her hips, grinding her pubic bone against the base of my cock. The angle was perfect for her, massaging her clit through my boxers and her panties. She inhaled short breaths through clenched teeth. She set her own pace and rhythm, dancing be damned.

For a moment, I thought she would cum as I felt the shivers run through her body.

She stopped and pulled back from me. No longer forced down, my cock rose to form a tent in the silk boxers. She lowered her head. “Let me see,” she said.

“Are you ready?” I smiled.

“Go for it, big boy.”

I pulled down the boxers, my cock springing free, bouncing and bobbing before her.

“So much better than the pictures,” she said.

Pictures! I remembered that a couple of weeks back, KC had an instant camera, one that she had borrowed. She told me she wanted a couple of “beefcake” shots. I willingly obliged, posing, flexing, thrusting, all the time laughing. Did she show those pictures to Brenda? Did KC see pictures of Kenny’s hard cock?

Again, I returned to the moment as Brenda pulled me to the bed. She sat on the edge. I stood between her spread legs as she took me into her mouth. KC, sexy as she was, had never given me a blow job; Brenda didn’t share the same reluctance. Her tongue and lips combined to give me the pleasure I had so often wanted from my wife. Above the slurping sound and her muffled grunts, I managed to say, “That’s great!”

“No,” she replied, pulling me from her mouth and looking up to me, “you’re great. So much bigger than Kenny. I love your cock. I can’t wait to have you inside me.”

I reached down to her and lifted the top of her teddy off. Her breasts were round and soft, capped by large, brown nipples. My hands gently squeezed her tits. Then I took each nipple, rolling them between my thumbs and forefingers. “Harder,” she said. I intensified the pinch of each. She shook, as if trying to shake herself loose from me. But it was all for show as she repeated, “Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!”

She did pull free, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me close to her. Her head was on my stomach and her wonderful titis at my groin. She shook herself once more, putting my stiff cock into the cleavage of her pillows. I gave several upward thrusts of my hips. I was on the verge of cumming. Not yet; not now! I told myself.

I stepped back and knelt before her. Without a word, and without resistance, I looped my fingers on either side of her red panties, and began to pull them down from her hips. She laid back on the bed, bracing herself on her elbows to watch, and lifted her legs into the air. The panties slid across her thighs, her knees, her calves, and off over her feet. She laughed fluttering her feet in the air. But I wasn't looking at her feet. Instead, I stared at the soft lips that surrounded the slit between her legs.

In that moment I remembered some of my encounters in my college days, before marrying KC. I recalled the things I had done … and the things done to me … that KC refused.

With knees locked, Brenda lowered her legs to either side, fully exposing her shaved pussy. “You like?” she asked, a playfulness in her voice.

I didn’t respond, verbally. Instead, I leaned forward, burying my face between her thighs. She gave out a quick gasp, as she lowered her feet to the bed, still keeping her legs spread wide. I looked up to see that she was still on her elbows, looking down on me. “More!” she demanded, no playfulness now, only a husky tone in her voice. I returned my face and tongue to their proper place.

It was my turn to gently scratch of the inside of her thighs, running my hands from her knees to their meeting place. I nibbled on her thighs, first one, then the other, alternating back and forth. I could feel the goose bumps forming. Then, a nibble on those swelling, inviting, outer lips. I inhaled deeply. Her natural pheromone masked  the perfume with which she had anointed herself. Her body was trembling.

I placed the tip of my tongue just above her anus. Broad and flat, I slid my tongue up. It spread her inner lips, lapping up the juices that were beginning to flow more freely. I retraced this course, each journey bringing her closer to climax.

“Oh, God, yes!” she cried out.

With that, I locked my lips around her clit. I sucked on it, the vacuum of my mouth drawing in a full supply of blood, pulling it from the shelter of its hood. I stiffened my tongue to flick back and forth, to poke at that super-sensitive kernel. I slid two fingers into her wet opening, wiggling them, inviting her to “Come.”

She erupted with a primal scream, her body convulsing. Her hips rose and fell in rapid succession, bucking me from her groin. I looked down to see her stomach pulled in, her breasts vibrating with the spasms of her body.

Without a word, I rose and flipped her over, so that her knees were on the edge of the bed, her feet dangling in the air. Her back arched as her chest and face were flat on the bed. There was no resistance as her vagina readily accepted my stiff penis. I laid my hand on the small of her back, my thumb pressing on her anus.

I began a slow, rhythmic thrusting, pulling back till only the head of my cock remained in her. Her hole was tight, and her muscles seemed to grab me, refusing to let me leave her body. With each forward motion, she let out a muffled “Umph!” into the mattress.

When she rose to her elbows, pushing back on me, I quickened my pace. And when she began to quiver once more, I became frantic in my pounding of her. Again, she called on the Almighty. That was all I needed to push me across the brink. “Fuck,” I said, “I’m cumming.”

My balls pulled up tight against my body as I grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto me, pushing as far into her as I could. I shot wave after wave of hot semen into her body. The throbbing of my cock, deep inside her, moved her to another climax. Her cry was muffled by the pillow in which she buried her face.

We became a tableau, remaining motionless as our breathing fell into sync.

My cock softened and I reluctantly pulled it from Brenda. I looked down and, in the dim light of the candle, saw the pearly cream that had oozed from her opening. I excused myself and went into the bathroom, returning in a minute with a warm, wet washcloth, which I gave to her. She wiped away the cum from her thighs and pussy.

“What are you going to tell KC?” There was nervousness in her voice.

“What are you going to tell Kenny?”

“Well, I know what I’m NOT going to tell him!” She laughed as she pulled at my dangling penis.

I laid down on the bed beside her, drawing her close. Our naked bodies were side-by-side. She rested her head on my shoulder, my arm around her. I gently stroked her brow. “I guess,” I said, “we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

It seemed as if we had been together for only a minute when the alarm on her phone sounded.

“Midnight,” she said, swiping off the alarm. “Time to go.”

“I guess so.”

She got out of bed and put on the robe that she had left draped across a chair, slipping her phone into its pocket. She gathered the two pieces of the teddy and crossed to the door. “See you tomorrow.”

“Yep. See you tomorrow.”

When she had left, I hopped out of bed and slipped on the boxers. I took the soiled washcloth and threw it under the sink in the bathroom. I blew out the candles and turned on the lamp on the nightstand. I pulled back the covers and got back into bed and waited.

The wait was short. The door opened and KC came into the room. She gave me a half-hearted smile. “Hi,” she said.

“Hi!” I replied. “You okay?”

“Yeah. You?”

“I’m fine.”

She crossed to the bathroom. “Do you still love me?”

“Always have … always will.” Her smile brightened.

“I have to use the bathroom,” she said. “Don’t wait up for me.”

She shut the door behind her. I heard the lock click into place. Taking the hint, I rolled over and pulled up the covers around me.

I was feigning sleep when KC came to bed. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “I love you,” I heard her say.

In the morning we packed up the car to head back to Bay City. We ate at a pancake place near the motel. Our conversation was about the good time we had at the amusement park. On the the way back, both girls propped pillows by the windows of the back seat and, it appeared, napped through the morning. Kenny and I sat in the front, talking about the Lions and wondering how they would do this year.

We got together as couples only a few times in the fall. Our last visit with them was a farewell party; Kenny had accepted a transfer to a company office in Detroit.

I wish I could say that this encounter opened up a whole new world of sexual exploration and pleasure for us, however, not every story has a happy ending. KC and I never mentioned the amusement park again, but I think we had planted the seed of the very bad year to come.


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