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Folie à trois, Part II

As he led me into the living room, his wife stood. She was short and solidly built, with Indian features, copperish skin, and long black hair piled on her head with tendrils falling around her face. She smiled broadly and held out her hand to me. I took her hand and raised it to my lips; when I looked up she was smiling ironically as she held onto my hand, looking me up and down quickly before staring again into my eyes. Rex said quietly, “Allow me to present my wife Pilar.”

She smiled as I said, “Enchanted,” and replied, “It is a pleasure to meet you, Terry.”

Rex asked, “What would you like to drink?”

“Something light,” I said.

As he made us three drinks, Pilar led me to the sofa and seated me at one end, herself at the other. She sat back, her left arm on the arm of the sofa and her right on the back, legs crossed. She was wearing a backless gray dress cut low over her deep cleavage, her full breasts supported by the fabric connecting behind her neck. My eyes slid down to her wide hips and further to where the hem ended a third of the way down her bare legs.

After allowing me another half a minute to look over her, she said, “Please tell me about yourself. Where are you from? What do your people do?”

I answered her questions for the next five minutes and then asked her many of the same. “Oh yes, my family’s from Mexico City, of course, and originally from Tlaxcala, though I was born here…” After learning about her family, I asked how she and Rex had met. “In college, of course. The first week, actually. Rex came to a meeting of the Outdoor Club pursuing one young thing and then met me. He thought the whole time he was pursuing me, but I was just reeling him in.”

We laughed and Rex took that opportunity to hand us our drinks, and Pilar said, “Rex, please bring me the yearbook.” She turned to me with sparkling eyes, “Let me show you.” When he handed it to her with a slight smile, she smiled back at him happily and moved to the middle of the sofa. “Here,” she said, patting the sofa next to her.

With no hesitation I moved as ordered and sat next to her; she moved closer so that our sides touched as she opened the yearbook to the pages for the Outdoor Club, which seemed to have had a banner year of outdoor activities. In one picture she stood in hiking shorts and boots between three men, one of them, Rex, and two women, and in another she and Rex stood next to a two-man kayak, oars in hand.

“Oh, and I was in this too,” she said, turning to the Yoga Club, where she was shown in a group photo in tights and tight top that I found hard to tear my eyes from; when she made to turn the page, I said, “Just a minute,” and she giggled happily. After looking at her picture another half a minute, she turned a few pages and said, “And this is me too,” dressed impeccably in a formal suit in a picture of the officers of the French Literature Society with a cute beret atilt her head. “It was really just an excuse to get money from the administration that we spent on wine and cheese; we’d recite a poem or two and then get soused.”

“Naughty naughty,” I smiled.

“Better than the Canadian Students Association. They just used the administration’s money for beer and hockey tickets.”

We laughed and she said, “So you’re taking night classes?”


“Didn’t want to go to college?”

I sighed. “I was a bit sick my junior year and just didn’t work hard my senior year, so my grades sucked. I got sick of working the night shift at the food store with the druggies and the pimps, so as soon as I got out of there I signed up at the community college.”

I somehow managed to say this as she watched me closely, staring fixedly in my eyes, fully attentive despite the utter banality of the content. After a pause, she nodded and said, “Good. Improving yourself. What are you taking?”

“Intro to the modern novel, history of modern Europe, and intermediate statistics.”

“That’s a curious combination. I’m glad to hear it, but still.”

“Well,” I blushed, “the lit’s for fun.”

“Good! It’s such a fun subject when you’re there voluntarily.” I laughed and nodded, and she asked, “Did you ever take Spanish?”


“You should. A man who speaks Spanish is irresistible, you know,” she smiled coyly, setting my heart rushing. “You’d be a marvelous success with the women, the ones worth success with, anyway.”

We laughed and Rex asked her something in Spanish, and she replied with a smile, then turned to me, “Like that, see? Well-spoken and a delicious accent. It’s no wonder I knew I had to choose him the moment we met and he greeted me so elegantly. —But enough of that. What are you reading?”

We discussed literature for a while as Rex went and checked on dinner, remaining next to each other on the sofa; I found it hard to think clearly with her body next to mine, soft and warm where we met, her eyes intoxicating me from far too close for me to maintain a calm head. Several times she glanced down, making me wonder if my erection were as blatantly obvious as it felt, and I found it hard to keep from staring at her breasts, where her nipples stood out erect through the tight fabric restraining them.

Too soon Rex came in and said, “Dinner is ready. Let’s go to the dining room.”

She put her fingers on my arm and ran them down to my hand. “Let’s go.” We stood and she put her arm through mine, pressing the swell of her breast into my elbow without any embarrassment; the walk to dinner probably lasted 45 seconds but it felt like an eternity that still ended too soon as her swaying hips next to mine worked to rub her breast beguilingly against my arm.

She seated me next to her as Rex sat on the other side of the table, and as we ate we discussed art at Pilar’s lead, a topic that she found a surprising number of ways to bring around to sex, which she made intellectually stimulating while promising great delights. “Yes, of course, Rex and I both love the Maja Desnuda. Perfect breasts, and it was so rare to show such a beautiful patch of pubic hair. That was considered obscene, you know, while bare pubes were considered perfectly acceptable, even though that seems so much more perverse to me. Much barer and open to the eyes.”

“I don’t see the attraction myself,” I replied.

“Yes, you really need a fine carpet to tie the room together,” she said smiling, and we laughed.

And with similar conversations, we passed a slow dinner. After much of an hour, we finished, and Rex said, “Make yourselves comfortable while I wash up.”

“Open some wine, dear,” she said.

“Shall I put on some music?”

She smiled winningly, “You do read my mind, love, like my second self.” Rex poured us some wine and we toasted the evening. “To beauty,” I said, looking at her.

We smiled and sipped, and she replied, “To youth and virility,” looking at both of us. I blinked as Rex nodded acknowledgment, and he toasted, “To friendship.”

After he put on a CD of piano music, he left to wash up, and Pilar seated us as at first on opposite ends of the sofa. “It is a pleasure to meet a young man who appreciates such fine company.”

“I love talking with you, even if I just can’t keep up with you.”

She smiled, “You’re doing well enough. You don’t pretend or bullshit your way through things, and you actually seem to appreciate my opinion. So few men seem to be able to hold their own when they think they’re at a disadvantage.”

I realized that was exactly how I felt, so I smiled and nodded, and as if testing me she asked, “And do you recognize the music?”


“Well, it is a bit stereotypical for Rex to have put it on. He has a rather puckish sense of humor; is that the word?”

I said, “It’s beautiful music. I don’t see the problem.”

She laughed happily and said, “It is that. It’s by Albéniz. ‘España,’ it’s named. Few Americans know even that, though it’s world-famous elsewhere, and their eyes glaze over if you say he was Catalan, not Castilian, which is what all Americans seem to think is identical with Spanish.”

Completely out of my depth, I managed a non-committal “Ah” that made her laugh.

“But what are your interests then?” she asked.

I named the few that I could summon up and let pass as of any conceivable interest to her, jazz, rock collecting, the little cooking I could manage, limited areas of history, mystery novels, and the like. She asked, “Not a sports fan?”

“Not really, no.”

“Well, it’s a fine way to pass the time, but I find hearing anyone talk about it unutterably dull,” she said, “So yay, I guess.” We laughed and she continued by asking me about my favorite jazzmen, and we passed the rest of the piece chatting happily on a subject that made me feel less inadequate.

About the time the music ended, Rex came in and asked, “Is everything all right?”

She smiled, “Yes, mi amor.”

“Do you two need anything else?”

She smiled, “No, I think we’re good.”

He saluted, “I shall be off to bed then. See you in the morning.”

They kissed goodnight and he shook my hand, “I hope you have had a delightful evening.”

“Yes, thank you,” I said with slight stress on the last words.

He smiled, “And I hope you have a very good night.”

Pilar noticed my hesitation and smiled, “Of course we will, dear. Sleep well.”

“And you.”

After he left, we sat sipping wine and looking at each other without talking too much. The music soon ended and Pilar said, “Do you dance?”

“Nothing special. Just the usual American sloppy shuffle on the floor.”

“Ah yes, those delightful slow dances to power ballads that made all us girls so wet in high school.”

I coughed on my wine and said, “I’ll have to trust you on that. But they had…similar effects on the men, I’m sure.”

She smiled wickedly, “Yes, they certainly did, I can assure you of that many times over. For a young sheltered girl like me, it was just bewildering. It scared me no end, and yet it was so… magnetic, I guess. So afraid I’d lose control, yet at the same time, I was drunk on how much power I seemed to have over the boys with such a squat, short body as mine. I was hardly the mainstream ideal. And they ignored me so much, until it came time to dance and I’d feel something hard bumping against me from every single one of them! So confusing, so hard to keep my head.”

She stood up. “Let me put on something a little different than that, and then perhaps we could indulge in a bit of nostalgia for our high school days?”

My throat dry, I merely nodded, and she went to the small shelf with what were clearly their most frequent listens, selected a CD, and put it on, pushing the button to repeat a track. She held out her hands as it started, and she said, “It’s Colombiano, very famous south of us, anyway, but of course Americans have never heard it,” she said with an ironic inflection on “Americans,” and she let me take her in my arms and begin a slow dance.

“Of course, this dance would never do in Colombia or anywhere with real rhythm, but we’re Americans, so we’ll do it in our style,” she said mischievously. Soon we were in a steady rhythm and she pushed herself against me, melting into my arms, allowing my erection to rub freely against her belly.

“Just like high school,” she said quietly, “except that the music is much better. The DJ at our school had five songs ready for play whenever it got time for the lights to go down. If I never hear that one song of Journey and of Foreigner and of Madonna again, I won’t be missing anything.”

Her left hand was caressing the back of my neck as the right one explored my back and waist and hips. “It’s a good song,” I said, “not one I think I could dance to like it should be.”

“‘Lleno de ti,’ very simple Spanish, like a baby, could understand, but it still works me like magic.”

“Even I can understand a lot of it,” I said.

“Yes, it is very simple,” she said, and with a small laugh added, “If you change it to ‘Llena de ti’ it has such different connotations. But still 100% accurate,” she whispered as she rubbed against me even more provocatively.

The song repeated twice more as we danced, my hands beginning to caress her bare back as she breathed up onto my neck, her arms around my chest, and the pain in my balls made even our dancing begin to feel uncomfortable. I pulled away a little, which made Pilar smile. “Just like high school. If I had panties on, they’d be drenched by now,” she said, smiling wickedly up at me.

Taken aback, I finally said, “If we kept that up, I’d…ruin my underwear too.”

“That would be a waste. There are so many better places to put it.”

“Like a handkerchief? A cup?”

She giggled, “Or a houseplant. Maybe the wall. One guy in high school sprayed it all over the mirror in the girl’s bathroom. Still not sure how he did it without getting caught. Four of us stood around looking at it, we were sophomores, wondering if it was what we thought it was, and one of the seniors came in and said, ‘Well, what a waste. At least two mouthfuls just ruined.’ We were giggling about it for days afterward, and used to play guessing games how many mouthfuls each of the guys we liked would give us, and wondering which of the seniors could identify who left it there just by tasting it.”

We were both cracking up by the end of her story, and she added, “It made us all feel so funny and grown-up talking about it like that, even though we’d never done anything. Made it seem less frightening, let us pretend we had more experience than we did, reduced it to our own scale. I like it so much more now knowing just what will happen.” She pressed up against me hard as we resumed dancing, and she whispered, “Don’t you?”

I swallowed and said, “Well…”

She kissed my neck and whispered, “You will soon.” We danced another minute and she asked quietly, “Tell me about your senior prom.”

I said a few generalities and she said, “No, afterwards. What did she look like?”

“Red hair, freckles, green eyes. Green silk dress, strapless, no bra. Slow danced with me three times and let me park us in a dark street on the way home.”

“Did she kiss you passionately?”

“No. Quietly.”

“Did she let you kiss her neck?”


As she kissed my neck I trembled and felt as if I were melting, and she whispered even lower, “And did you undo her top or did she?”

“She didn’t offer any resistance.”

Pilar sighed sadly, “And had she told you, you weren’t her first choice for the prom?”

I looked at her in surprise. “Yes, it had come out. I think I wasn’t even in the top 10.”

Pilar smiled, “But I’ll bet she had a reputation for not putting out, so she got stuck with you.”

I laughed, “Probably.”

“And how were her breasts?”

“Small and firm. Very pale, with blue veins. Rosy tips.”

“Nice. Though if she was small, maybe that’s another reason she had to go with No. 11.”

I laughed quietly, and she asked, “And did she like how you played with her breasts?”

“I think so. She purred after I had sucked on them for a while, and she let me pull her top down to her hips. She was enthusiastic by the end.”

“Did she at least give you any pleasure?”

“That way? No.”

She said sadly, “Well, her loss,” and then whispered, “Not mine.”

She then pulled my lips to hers and stiffened as we began to kiss. Her body filled my arms and pressed deep against me. A moan passed from her mouth to mine and through her nose as her tongue tentatively pushed between my lips and into my mouth. As our tongues circles each other, I ran my hands more vigorously around her back to her sides and down to her waist and hips. Her hands reached down to hold my ass and she pulled me hard against her.

She pulled away and sat next to me on the couch. “You’ll never use the words ‘offered no resistance anyway’ about me. Of course, you will never tell anyone about me, but mentally, I mean.” She reached up to undo the top of her dress, which she slowly pulled down to tantalize me with the transition from copper skin to a light tan as she showed me the tops of her breasts. I was breathing heavily when her brown nipples came into view, and then she let the top fall, leaving her breasts bare before me. “I do hope you’re not one of those superficial men who believes a woman’s breasts are most beautiful when they’re white as milk with a little dollop of strawberry ice cream in the middle. Those are nice, but these are ever so much more beautiful, don’t you think?” she finished coyly.

I reached forward slowly and ran my fingertips across her breasts, watching the goosebumps rise on her flesh as I tantalized her with my touch. I stared at how they sagged a bit to the sides, smooth curves as beautiful as any that had fascinated me in pictures, and she hissed a gulp of air when I gave in and cupped them firmly. “So beautiful,” I said, “so soft and large.”

“Play with them. Take your time.”

I spent the next ten minutes hefting them, squeezing them, caressing them, and tweaking her nipples, and as her breath quickened I sucked on the base of her neck and ran my lips up to her ears and along her jaw. I kissed her lips again as I massaged her nipples between the thumb and index finger of each hand, and she groaned and sucked my tongue into her mouth. A few minutes later I kissed back to her neck and then down to her collarbone. As I kissed down her chest to the swell of her left breast, I could feel her hips starting to twitch and her thighs rustling against each other.

Her hands had roamed all over my chest and back, but about that time she focused on my belt buckle. Soon undoing it, she showed equal familiarity with my button and zipper, and soon dipped her hand under the waistband of my boxers to run the tip of her finger on the tip of my cock. I started sucking on her left nipple at that time and sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as I could in tandem with her light strokes on the head of my cock.

She pulled away slightly to say, “There’s too much fabric cluttering things up.” After I stripped, she helped me slide her dress off. I saw her thick curls for the first time, silky black and luxuriant, and she kept her thighs joined tightly as I returned to sucking on her breasts. Her hips continued their light circling as I transferred my mouth to her right breast, and she whispered, “I think it is time for you to cross a new frontier. I need your fingers. Lightly now, yes,” she whispered as my fingers crossed the Rubicon of her waist and rubbed lightly on the hairs on her mount. “I’m still a little sensitive now, but soon you’ll have to be more vigorous.”

As my fingers slid down into her forest, her thighs spread; I looked down and saw the scene that had so tantalized me in pictures in the past of a thick forest ending seemingly in midair with no view of the delightful valley on the other side of the pass, but soon my fingers reached her lips. The wetness and heat amazed and slightly frightened me, but soon I was used to them and marveled at how hard she reacted to my touch. I ran my fingers along her lips, first slowly then faster and harder, and when my fingertips slipped between her lips I explored further to find her tunnel ready for me.

“Yes, I’m getting close,” she said, and lowered her left hand to guide me. She held my hand as I inserted two fingers and then pushed my hand tight so that my palm held her mount tightly. “Now fuck me hard with your fingers,” she said in great strain, and as I did so she exhaled heavily and began gasping.

“I want to watch your face when you come,” I said, and she nodded with her eyes closed and just said, “Faster, harder. Women need it as hard as you do when you jack off.”

Following her advice, I gripped her tightly as she fucked up against my hand. Her face flushed and the tendons in her neck stood out starkly as her hips stopped circling and thrust fast and hard front and back, and in less than a minute she screamed and clamped her thighs hard around my hand, which held her tightly as I moved my fingers inside her. She groaned incoherently in what might have been meant as Spanish for almost a minute, and then she went limp.

She looked up soon and said, “Okay, I can be patient again for a few minutes. Was it as good as you hoped?”


“It’s your turn now. Suck on my breasts again.”

As I did so, she took hold of my cock and stroked it fast and expertly, watching me closely as I reacted. Soon I said, “I’m close,” and pulled away from her breasts to rise somewhat above her as she leaned back a little.

Da mi leche,” she said, and as I screamed my first climax was torn out of me. I sprayed all over her belly and up to her breasts, spurt after spurt, and she only let me go after draining out every last drop.

She lay back and let me lie next to her, and as I played with my cum on her belly she said, “That was much too much for my mouth, and you’d never have lasted long enough inside me to make our first time memorable, so I thought I’d give you the prom night ending you should have had.”

“All over the breasts, I wish she had had.”

“After making friends with a slit wetter than she probably has ever had.”

“Can I play with you some more?”

“Down there, you mean? Yes, of course, but why don’t you make me even happier?” I looked at her questioningly and she whispered, “She’s such a good friend of yours you should kiss her hello.”

I smiled nervously and knelt before her. She sat up and spread her thighs wide for me, then tilted her hips so that she was fully exposed. Her lips had retracted inside her leaving a chaste slit like a closed shell, and she said, “Please, I would love it so much.” I ran my fingers along the edge of her hair between her thighs, tracing the edges of the valley where her thighs gave way to plain, and followed the direction of the tendons pointing at the top of her lips, along her thighs to her knees, and she hissed, “You can look at it more later. I need your kisses, please. Love me with your lips.”

I leaned in and gave the join at the top of her lips a tentative lick, and she moaned, “Yes, just there, don’t stop.” I licked more vigorously and soon felt her lips opening to me like a flower, and after a few minutes, she said, “Use your fingers inside me again. Gently now, gently; lick my clit harder.” Soon all delicacy had passed and she held my head firmly to guide me, moaning how hard to fuck her with my fingers and how fast to lick her clit, and when she came it was even more violent and vigorous than the first time. I felt her cunt clamp down on my fingers as her thrusting hips bent my fingers painfully, and as her sodden hairs rubbed my face raw she screamed several times in Spanish.

After thirty seconds she collapsed and held my head in place. “I’m tender, so just use your fingers. Kiss my thighs, my hair. I need you to love me this way a long time; please don’t stop.” As I looked down at her lips wrapped tightly around my fingers working firmly inside her, she said, “Yes, you can look at me now. Do you like it?”

“I love it.”

“It’s not too much at once, is it?”

“A little, but I like it.”

I rubbed her clit lightly with my thumb, finally seeing exactly how it joined with the tops of her inner lips and felt how it extended inside her, and she said, “Yes, right there, Like that. You like how it looks?”

“Yes, especially now that I feel how it works.”

“It was so hard to let myself go with men when I was younger, tell what I needed. Let a man see all of me, make him give me all the attention I need. I need a lot, and I need it, a long time. Especially on our first time.”

“Am I doing it right?”

“Yes. Now start licking me again.” She pushed my head into place and positioned herself for her greatest pleasure, and within ten minutes she had come three more times. The last time was very strong and very long, and when she finally collapsed she said, “Okay, I can take my time now for the rest of the night.” She got up and turned off the music and said, “Now let us retire to someplace with more space, shall we?”

We gathered our clothes and walked down the hall to the master bedroom. She stopped at a door; opening it, she peeked in and closed it quietly. “Already asleep. Like a happy baby.”

In the master bedroom, she turned on a bedside lamp and pulled me to her. We lay side by side and she said, “We have all the time in the world. I want to know more about you. Your romantic and sexual side, your life with girls and with…whatever you have used.”

I laughed and she smiled, “All right, me first. I was a good Catholic girl, as quiet and placid as any, until I entered high school. When I was about 15, I discovered boys. I was too shy to do anything, of course, but I had all the usual fantasies and crushes and giggled with my friends about who was cutest and who we’d want to kiss…and kiss…and kiss…all night long. We knew there was more than that, but no one said it was anything fun, but kissing seemed like it would be great fun. Finally, when I was 16 I saw that werewolf movie, the London one, you know?” I did and nodded, and she continued, “I was with my best friend and when the man started kissing down the woman’s belly and didn’t stop, I said, ‘What is he doing?’ She said, ‘He’s going down on her, silly.’ So I asked her what that was and she told me. Wow. ‘Why would he do that?’ I really wanted to know in any case, but I really hoped it was because she would like it, and she said it was so she would come. ‘“Come”?’”

We laughed and she said, “So she looked at me like I was very silly and said, ‘Yes. Haven’t you ever come?’ Of course I hadn’t, so she lent me three of her books. One was a sex guide for women and one was a book of stores and one was a picture book. I’m still not sure where she got them. Anyway, that evening I did my weekend homework really really fast and spent the rest of the evening reading all about these new things. And a couple of nights later in my bath I finally got over the shame and the next time I saw my friend and returned her books I was able to whisper to her that I too had finally come.”

“Did you, well, have a good orgasm that first time?”

“It was good because it felt so dirty doing something so forbidden. I was too tense to really let go, especially with all that bathwater, but I did finally come, yes. In bed, I did it again, and that was a little easier. And every night after that it got easier and easier.” We giggled and she said, “But of course I was still much too shy to chase boys or anything, and all the boys were too awkward to chase me, so I was high and dry…well, high and wet all through high school.”

“So your first time…”

“Was with Rex, yes. We were on the first hike of the Outdoors Club our freshman year. We had kissed before and he made no bones about wanting me, and we slipped away one night and he kissed me everywhere for as long as I needed and let me discover what it’s like when a man comes in your hand, and then I said yes and he pushed me back onto a rock and took me deep and hard and rode me like a championship horse. He wore me out. I was also the first woman to ever wear him out. I had decided I was going to do everything I had read about, and we didn’t do that, but what we did we did thoroughly.”

She looked at my erection and smiled, “Now your turn.”

“I was in high school too, sophomore year, and one of the girls had developed like overnight. We were standing in line at lunch and she pushed her breasts into my arm. Just held them there and smiled at me and pulled back. I was scared stiff. In both ways. I had liked breasts before, seeing them on grown women and all, but it wasn’t very sexual. Just pretty. Really pretty. And now it was very sexual. That night when I was washing up, I started soaping up my dick, and it felt incredible, so I just kept soaping. Then I washed it off, and just kept washing, and then I just came. Not really sure what had happened, but I was too tired to worry about it. The next night I did it again, and the night after that, and for about a week I did it every night in the bath, like this.” I put my thumb and forefinger around my cock and ran them lightly up and down. “With lots of soap for the sensation. Then tragedy struck.”


“I soaped up and it was like an allergic reaction or something. I’d rubbed myself too raw, I guess.” We laughed and I said, “I was heartbroken. I washed up and went to bed but I was so hard. I had to get off. I discovered that if I used my hand the way other guys do, using the skin to stroke it instead of gliding over it with soap, it was even better. That was the first night I ejaculated too.”

“I’ve heard that, that most guys don’t spew their first few times.”

“Yeah, you have to prime the pump.”

We laughed and she said, “I think it’s time for your next experience. Can you last a while?”

“Yes, a while.”

“Here, use a rubber.” She opened the drawer of the nightstand. “I’m on the pill, but you have to last a long time. I might suck you off first and then let you inside me, but I’m worried you’ll drown me.” We laughed and she said, “Besides, this is what you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it? All night long, itching to join your body to mine and finally enter a woman. Spew your seed deep inside her with total abandon?”


“I need you inside me. I’ve never been anyone’s first before. You’ll never forget me, will you?”


“Well, it’s immortality of a kind, I guess.” We laughed and she added in a whisper, “I want to feel you plunge into me and watch you work on top of me and help you come inside my cunt.” She then whispered something in Spanish that from the tone of her voice sounded exquisitely obscene.

“Which means?”

“I’ll show you when the time comes.”

We laughed and she said, “Now love my body like you did before, slow and gentle, and go down on me until I’m ready, then I’ll help you inside.” Her matter of fact description combined with the sultriness of her voice to make me fully hard, and I lay next to her, kissing her mouth and breasts until she pushed down on my shoulders and said, “Make me happy.” I knelt beside the bed and moved her around until she was wide open to me at mouth level, the light from the bedside lamp shining on her ragged lips opening for me, and she held my head as I leaned in and started kissing her lightly. She responded quickly, circling her hips as I worked my tongue inside her, and I teased her by licking deeply and then pulling away to kiss next to her knee.

The third time I did so, she said, “Stop that!” I sat back on my haunches and looked innocently at her, and she giggled, “You know what I mean. Finish your job.” I tried doing it again, but her hands grabbed me tightly by the hair and she said, “Not this time.”

I settled down and licked happily, feeling her lips puffed out for me, soft and swollen and drenched, and when I knew from the way her hips were circling tightly that she was in the middle stage of arousal before building to a climax, she said impatiently, “Now put on the rubber and get ready.”

I climbed on the bed as she resettled herself lengthwise, and I quickly undid the package and she helped me roll it onto my throbbing cock. When it was in place, she smiled, “I know you want to be on top. It’s every man’s dream. Take me.” I climbed between her thighs and leaned above her as she reached down and positioned me, and when I was at her entrance she said, “Okay, I’m ready.”

“I beg your pardon. What did you say?”

She paused for a second and smiled, “Please, please make me yours. I’m open for you to have me as you will. Please make me happy. Um, let’s see, enter me, penetrate me, join with me, take me, thrust into me, ride me, fuck me, pound me, and whatever else you want, just do it now, dammit.”

I laughed and she giggled as I pushed into her, feeling her tunnel envelop me as her arms received me and her hands worked up and down my back, directing me and caressing me, taking obvious pleasure in holding me, and as I thrust back and forth she whispered to go faster or deeper, and soon she moaned, “I’m getting close, like that, don’t stop, keep that rhythm, and don’t come yet.” Her hips thrust up hard against me as I moved back and forth inside her, her eyes watching me with pride of possession as I plunged into the hilt over and over. Soon her eyes closed and her head tilted back, and I watched as her breasts swung up and back with every thrust we made, her soft copper body glistening with sweat and hard with tension.

I placed my hands above her shoulders and she held onto them to push more effectively against me, the squishing of her juices as I pummeled her filling my ears, and I managed not to come when her own climax took her. She squealed as I continued thrusting into her hard and steady, and when she relaxed I sat up long enough to put her ankles over my shoulders and thrust fast and hard deep into her belly, hearing her moan as I gave her no chance to relax after her orgasm. She was soon approaching another, and in less than a minute I felt her contracting around me again, her body twisting under me as I took full, fast strokes.

When she had climaxed the second time I pulled away to turn her over. She nodded and knelt before me, letting me settle her so that we were at the right height, and with a quick plunge I held her hips as I worked back and forth inside her. Now I allowed myself to build to my own climax, thrusting hard as I pulled her back and forth on me, hearing her pleasured moans as she caressed her clit and thrust back as hard as I thrust. I stared at the beautiful soft color of her back as it merged with the full roundness of her ass, and I moaned, “I’m coming, lover.”

“Give it to me, lover,” she moaned back, and I managed to hold off at the last minute until I felt her vagina clamp down hard in another intense orgasm. I pulled her back onto me as I thrust unseeing into her, and after ten strokes my first rope of cum shot out of me, flooding the condom that had helped me last so long. Spurt after spurt followed as her own climax continued, and after my last spurt, I held still as she thrust back in the last throes of her own orgasm.

I collapsed on her and she lowered herself to let me lie atop her in exhaustion. After a minute she said, “I love how you cover me, but…” I laughed and pulled myself off and out of her. We removed the condom and we wiped up, and she lay next to me, cradled in my left arm, and she ran her fingers over my body as I lay there in awe and exhaustion. I dozed for a minute, and then I came awake and looked at her smiling at me. “You were very manly,” she said, “just what I hoped you’d be.”

“You were… Well, I didn’t know what to expect. Now I might expect too much from every other woman.”

She laughed. “A woman has to express her needs if she wants to be sure they’re met. And it really turns me on to take control like that. Well, to guide you.”

“You were in control several times. ‘Yes, Madame President; right away, Madame President.’”

“No, you must say ‘Señora Presidente’ from now on. ‘Señora Presidente, seria un gran honor,’ or ‘Sí, Señora Presidente, de inmediato.’” We laughed and I practiced them, which made her giggle uncontrollably for a minute.

I looked at her happily as she laughed, and she then rested her head on my chest and looked into my eyes. “What are you thinking?”

“I never thought a woman would want me like that. I’m not the sort of man women fantasize about.”

“You are. You are now, anyway, for me. That’s enough.”

“Yes, it is.”

“We might not last very long, but it was very good. Not just physically. I’m your first. I’m Señora Presidente forever now for you. All your women from now on will have to compare with me. I’m yours in a way they never will be.” She leaned down and whispered, “And you know what, I don’t think any of them will fuck you quite as well as I did.” She kissed me and we lay there quietly for a minute.

“So,” I then asked her, “tell me how you started getting other lovers.”

“Rex loves variety. He is very patient and pushes just a little at a time and eventually, you want just what he wants. He turned me from an innocent Catholic schoolgirl into a not at all innocent Catholic woman with steady pressure over three years, and he got all the variety with me he could. And slowly convinced me that variety in other ways was good. I finally said straight out that I wanted it, and we set our rules and have had very discreet lovers ever since. Only one lover on the side at a time. I knew he had a history with men, and the more I thought about it the more it turned me on. And I realized he wanted to watch me with a woman, which became clear from our reading and viewing pleasures, and by the time he was ready to suggest it, I suggested it first. And it was very good. We trust each other implicitly; that’s what matters.”

“So if you’re a Catholic woman, your confessor must be horrified.”

She laughed loudly. “Oh, I confess the really good stuff to God on my own during Mass, and then tell my confessor all the boring things like wrath and gluttony and taking the Lord’s name in vain.” We laughed and she said, “So, I think you worked off enough juice I can go down on you now without you choking me.”

Stupidly I said, “Okay.”

She giggled and worked her way down until my cock was level with her mouth. She licked me as she stared into my eyes and sucked on the head as I hardened, then ran her tongue around the head while lightly stroking the shaft. She took her time, enjoying watching my responses and not wearing herself out, and when I was close to bursting she fulfilled my dreams and worked her head down until I was in the back of her mouth. She stroked the base of my shaft with her thumb and one finger, and when I came had no trouble swallowing every drop.

She cuddled up next to me. “Was it good?”

“It was incredible.”

“Was I as good as Rex?”



“Probably, but I’ll need a long-term comparative study to be sure.”

She giggled and asked, “Was it as good as when you suck yourself?”

“Far better. You don’t hurt my back.”

“I think you nearly hurt your back earlier, lover.”

I laughed and she asked, “So, how do you like it with Rex?”

“I was always a bit curious about doing it with a man.”

“Did it make you feel guilty?”

“Yes, but also really hard.”

“It was like that at first with my first woman. After I’d gone down on her about the fifth time, the guilt was gone and the pleasure remained.”

“You never wanted that in high school?”

“No, I never really thought about it, apart from those obscure prohibitions they use vague names for. The first time I really thought about it was one of our first porn movies, back in our third year together, I guess. We were married then—yes, we were married our last two years in college, which shouldn’t have worked but it did. Anyway, by that point we were very free in what we did. My yoga was very useful for some of that.”

“Oh, do you…?”

She laughed. “I’m too pudgy to manage anything close to that. You have to be a damn contortionist. I’ve known one woman who could do it. It was very impressive, and my back ached in sympathy for a week afterwards.” We laughed. “But I have tried,” she said mischievously. “Most women have to watch themselves masturbate in a mirror to see everything. I don’t need to.” I laughed and she smiled proudly.

“Which was probably one reason the idea of going down on another woman didn’t shock me so much when it came up in our movie. I’d watched myself that way and dreamed of sucking myself, and it didn’t seem so wrong to just do the same thing with a pretty young thing with pretty blonde hair and a sweet little slit. When we finally settled on a willing victim and Rex came in the next morning, he wore us out the rest of that next day, either doing us or watching us do each other. So there have been a couple, yes.”

I had hardened a bit at the thought, and she said, “You men are all alike. But really, I want to watch you and Rex. A lot of us girls like that thought. Turnabout too.”

“Sure, fair enough.”

“So, you don’t have much lingering guilt about sucking my husband?”


“How is he?”

“Really good. He’s a master at giving head, and he fucks well too.”

She suddenly fell silent and stared at me. After a minute or so she said, “Fucks?”

“Yes. It was, well, he said it was the price he was charging to be with you.”

Her face flashed with anger and after several seconds, she said, “That bastard. That bastard.” I looked at her in surprise and she took several deep breaths and said, “Okay, tell me what he said.”

“He said you might be interested, but he would let me conditional on paying his price.”

“Which was fucking you up the ass.”


She breathed slowly and said coldly, “First of all, I am not his property. He does not sell me. He does not sell access to me. He does not charge a price to be with me. I said I wanted to get to know you and would probably take you as my lover and he agreed, just like in the past.”

She slapped my chest. “And another thing. We agreed that what he did to you was strictly for us. No matter what we did with other people, only we two would share that.”

She lay there angrily and nearly got up twice. After a few minutes she became calm and said, “Well, that agreement has lapsed by the unilateral action of one party. I’m free to do whatever I want now. We’ll have some revenge, shall we?”

She sat up and pulled a tube of lube out of the bedside table and said, “Did he let you fuck him?”


“Of course he didn’t. Anyway, so. You know to be slow and gentle, right?”

“Do you want to do this? Not for revenge, but…?”

She thought for a second. “Yes. I’ve fantasized about it with my other men, but I was always faithful to Rex.”

“You like it then?”

“Love it. The first five times or so were unpleasant, but they improved. Eventually, I was happy to do it.” She looked at my cock and smiled, “I see you’re eager to get started.”

“How can I help you get ready?”

“Good boy! Go down on me and play with my other hole while you do it and lick it a lot. Don’t worry, it’s clean.” She lay back with her thighs open for me and smiled as I knelt happily before her. I had become familiar with her body and responses by then, so I sucked as she liked until she was aroused. She rolled over and raised her ass for me, and I licked her lips while working up the courage to go further. After a couple of minutes I gave her a tentative lick and didn’t mind it so much; her moan of pleasure told me she didn’t mind it at all. I worked slowly as my fingers worked her lips, and she then handed me the tube of lube so I could lubricate my left fingers.

My left index finger worked its way slowly inside her as my right hand worked her tunnel, and soon and with amazing ease, she has relaxed and let my finger inside her all the way. Over the next five minutes I worked in a second one, and then she moaned, “Okay, take me from behind until you’re ready, then you can start.”

I entered her easily, and as I relaxed inside her I kept my fingers working. In a few minutes, I decided I was ready and pulled out and lubed up. She looked back and said, “I’m ready.” I pushed against her slowly and felt her opening a little more with each second. Soon my whole head was inside her and she pushed back slightly and said, “Mmm, good.” I reached around with my right hand and ran my fingers inside her while cupping her mount, and she moaned, “Yes, that’s very good,” as I gripped her tightly.

“You stay still and let me do the work,” she said, and in the next five minutes she slowly sped up and hardened her thrusts until I was buried to the hilt inside her and my fingers were sore. She went stock still as her orgasm hit her and I allowed myself to hold her hip as I thrust into her fast and hard. “Yes,” she groaned, “don’t stop,” and with a groan, I pounded hard into her and came.

Afterwards, she lay under me. “Let’s wash,” she said. I washed at the sink while she crouched in the tub, and after we were clean, she straightened the bed a little and put the lube back in the drawer; we lay down and she said, “You have just been everywhere in one day that it took Rex three years to get into.”

I laughed and said, “God’s getting an earful Sunday.”

She giggled and curled up next to me, “You can’t ever mention to Rex that we did that. He shouldn’t have done it, but I suppose I shouldn’t have either. So we have a secret now. I’m trusting you to keep it.”

“I promise.”

She looked into my eyes a long time and said, “Good. I guess it’s time for The Talk.”

I nodded and she said, “You’re special, but I’m Rex’s and he’s mine. He comes first. I hope we last a while, but I will end it like that [she snapped her fingers] if anything threatens me and Rex. I’ve done it before. I set the schedule, I say yes or no, I have complete veto rights. You’re a bit different since we’re sharing you, but the principle’s the same.”

“I agree.”

She smiled and curled up next to me and hummed something, then sang a little in Spanish. After a couple of minutes, she asked, “Are you up for once more?”

“Of course.”

She went down on me until I was hard and then mounted me. She rode me for twenty minutes to three leisurely climaxes, and then lay on me watching me possessively as she tightened on my cock and helped me reach a short, satisfying last climax inside her. She reached over to turn out the light and pulled the covers over us and we soon fell asleep.


The next morning I woke up about nine as Rex was on the other side of Pilar, kissing her in preparation for a morning bout of lovemaking. She looked over at me and smiled, and Rex asked, “Have a good night?”

“Incredible,” I said happily. I started becoming erect as I saw his throbbing cock prepare to plunge into Pilar, and I rolled onto my side to watch them. He quickly thrust home, and she responded readily, saying sweet obscenities in Spanish that Rex echoed and elaborated on. She stiffened in a sudden climax, and as Rex began working for his own she suddenly flared into anger and held him motionless with her thighs and arms.

Her anger was especially fearsome in Spanish; Rex blushed and finally said, “.” She became even angrier and lectured him at length, and he lay on top of her silent for a minute as she glared at him. Finally, he said, “De accuerdo.” She looked over at me and said, “There’s a tube in the drawer of the nightstand. Rex does not sell me, so he has to pay you back. Have all the fun you want, lover.”

Fully erect, I took the lube and prepared us as Rex remained buried inside Pilar. Remembering his care when taking me, I worked myself slowly into him, and when I was buried to the full, Pilar said, “I always wished I could fuck you like you do me that way. At least I can watch it now.”

I moved inside him back and forth, feeling him responding around me, and soon he fucked back against me and into Pilar, soon coming in a massive rush. I was still taking my time and simply continued my rhythm, and Pilar whispered for both of us, “I love seeing you being taken, Rex. It sets me on fire watching you take what I love you to give me so much. Do you like it as much as I do?”

“It’s good,” was all he replied.

“I think it’s pretty fucking fantastic,” I said, and we all laughed.

Pilar grinned, “It must be pretty good for you to already be hard again.” I sped up and felt Rex responding again. Pilar climaxed and said, “Try for three.” I thrust into Rex, who transmitted my thrusts to Pilar as she watched us greedily. As my face reddened and my climax approached, she squealed and came again; Rex let go and fucked hard into her, soon draining into her at the same time I pinned him into her and emptied myself into him.

I lifted myself clear so Rex could get up, and Pilar said, “Wash up. We’re not done yet. I have an idea.”

Rex grinned, “When you get ideas, I get horny.”

“And then off,” she replied.

“Repeatedly,” he retorted.

We washed up and Rex and I fell into a sixty-nine for her viewing pleasure until we were both fairly close. She lay me on my back and mounted me and then said, “You know what to do, mi amor.” He slowly lubed her up as she rested on my hips, looking down at me pinned to the bed, and winked at me. He soon pushed into her and she leaned down to lie on me as he thrust into her. As he thrust, he groaned and gasped, and soon we all came in a fevered rush under the stimulation of his heated orgasm. As he held her hips he said, “I hope you liked the view, Terry. If she hasn’t told you, this is my territory and mine alone. And damn, did it feel good! Better than you did, that’s for sure. She’s very well trained. —Isn’t that right, Pilar? It’s all mine, isn’t it?”

She had smiled in complete contentment when we climaxed simultaneously, clearly pleased at the success of her project, but as his words went on her face flushed again with anger and disgust, and to his question, she bit her lip and said, “Yes, mi amor.” He spanked her ass and said, “Damn straight,” at which she smiled, mouthed the word “No,” and winked at me. When he rose to wash up she leaned over and whispered in my ear so quietly I almost couldn’t hear, “Not anymore. It’s yours too. I give it freely; it doesn’t belong to him.”

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