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I Always Considered Myself Straight

Roger lives out a dream

I always considered myself straight. I only ever had sex with girls. I loved girls of all shapes and sizes and never ever fantasised about guys. That was until the day I had a very erotic dream, a dream that I simply couldn't get out of my mind. A dream that I simply had to act out. 

Let me explain how it unfolded. One July weekend I decided to ignore the calls and texts from my friends and stay home alone. A break from partying and chasing girls was needed. My plan was to chill out on Friday, lie in on Saturday, then do a long run on Saturday afternoon. I would then cap the day off by getting some takeaway, getting stoned and watching some movies.

Everything went as planned. Friday was nothing more than a few beers and a mini Netflix marathon and I completely missed out on Saturday morning. While eating brunch I messaged a friend, Brad and ordered some green, telling him I'd be back from my run at about three o'clock. 

My run was awesome. It completely cleared my mind, worked up a hunger and rid me of any guilt from my planned sit-in for the night ahead. 

When I arrived home from my run there was a car in my driveway. I  noticed that there was a black guy in the car that seemed to be waiting for me. As I approached he stepped out of the car and told me that he was a friend of Brad and that he would fix me up. I invited him in, we made the transaction and he swiftly turned to leave. I followed him to the front door and he handed me a card. 

"If you need anything during the weekend just give me a call," he said. Continuing, "Any time of day or night, don't be shy." He gave me a look and left. I looked at the card, smiling when I saw the name 'Dr Green.'

The rest of my evening went as planned. I settled in, smoked my weed, watched my movie and ate an awesome takeaway. Just before I went to bed I decided to watch some porn. Weed always makes me extremely horny so I needed some porn to help give the night a happy ending. I picked up my computer and just browsed the porn tube for nothing other than 'trending clips'. Browsing through, I caught sight of a beautiful blond sucking a big black cock. Clicking the video, I was soon hard as a rock and loving the sight of a beautiful bimbo sucking what seemed like a thirteen-inch black cock. I immediately got to work on my own cock and then got the surprise of my life when the camera panned out. It was Dr Green! 

Surprised as I was, I continued to stroke my cock and finished what I had started before calling it a night and going to bed. Sleep was sound and completely undisturbed until I was awoken in the morning be an incredibly vivid dream. The dream was an exact mirror of the porn clip I watched the previous night, the clip with Dr Green and the beautiful blond in it. My dream, however, had no blond in it. That part was played by me. In my dream, I was the one worshipping the cock. In my dream, I was the one being fucked. And in my dream, I was the one with a cum-covered face when Dr Green was finished. Looking down at my cock I noticed that in real life my cock was hard as iron and I was so turned on. 

I lay on the bed wondering what happened. Never in my life had I thought about a man as being a sexual being and I now found myself in bed with an aching cock and an unquenchable desire for cock. I considered my options. I considered my life. Had I been repressing these thoughts all my life or had I simply not been in a triggering situation before? I knew I needed to explore this further and immediately got to thinking. 

The phrases "If you need anything during the weekend just give me a call" and "Any time of day or night, don't be shy" now took on an entirely new meaning. I wondered if I was fantasising or if I had just now understood the context. I searched my mind for memories of Dr Green's every word and gesture while we briefly spent time together. 

I thought I remembered him touching his cock when he said, "If you need anything during the weekend just give me a call." I wondered if this was a real memory or just wishful thinking. I then continued to spin the narrative to only strengthen my case, remembering falsely or not, that he looked straight into my eyes when he said, "Don't be shy." 

This was an absolutely crazy morning. Woken by a gay dream, after a quick sanity check and a re-run of the previous evening's events I was scrambling for the card and soon messaging my new sex fantasy. Never had I acted so decisively and rarely had I had such sexual desire. 

I needed to compose a message that would both suggest my real desires and also provide me with a cover if my memories of Dr Green's sexual cues turned out to be false.

The message I finally decided upon was: 'Mr Green. Brad's friend Roger from last night. If you have more I need more. You told me not to be shy.' I decided that this had plausible deniability yet would get the message across if I was reading the signals correctly. 

While I waited I smoked another bowl which only made me hornier. I was now pacing the room, having a minor panic attack, with an erection that simply refused to subside. Soon I heard a car parking in the driveway. Then the footsteps and finally a ring of my doorbell. I attempted to remain calm as I opened the door.

Dr Green stood before me with a bright smile on his face and asked if he could come in. I stepped aside and he walked in and immediately made himself comfortable on the sofa. "So Roger. You enjoy my stuff last night?" he asked.

"I did," was the only reply I could manage as I cast my eyes over him. I was consumed by a desire for this beautiful man who was sitting in front of me. He had a beautiful smile, broad muscular shoulders with a V-taper, a slim waist and athletic legs. I noticed the bulge in his shorts that all but confirmed that he was certainly the guy from the porn clip the previous night. It looked like he was hiding a kid's baseball bat in his shorts. 

When he asked me what he could do for me I hesitated for a moment before telling him that I wasn't sure what he had on offer today. I asked him if he had anything special that he could offer me or if, in fact, there was anything I could offer him. I was visibly perspiring as I did this, and finally, he broke the tension. 

"Why don't you come over here and see what I have for you, Roger?" he said. 

I walked over and sat beside him on the sofa. He smiled as I did so and immediately pulled down his shorts to reveal his enormous cock. He put his hand on the back of my head and gently guided my face towards his cock. As I got slowly closer and closer the size of the cock seemed to grow and grow. The film hadn't prepared me for the sheer mass of the cock that was just about to touch my lips. 

I took hold of the cock with both hands and marvelled at the sight of it. It was almost thirteen inches from base to tip, almost perfectly straight, of uniform thickness all the way up until the bulbous head. I figured if I could get the head in my mouth then the shaft would be okay. The next thing to do was to start pleasuring this amazing cock. 

I first kissed the head of the cock. Holding both hands at the base I kissed and licked the head of the cock until it was soaking wet. I was encouraged by the moans from Dr Green and the feeling of his hands caressing the back of my head. I started to circle my tongue around the head and after each full circle, I'd then take the head into my mouth. It was so big that my jaw ached each time I took the head of his cock into my now drooling wet mouth. 

After a few short penetrations, I decided it was time to try to take the cock deep into my mouth. I stroked Dr Green's balls with one hand, stroked the base of his shaft with the other and pushed my face straight at his cock. The feeling of fullness as the cock slid against the back of my throat was amazing and the sight of half his thick shaft in front of my eyes was driving me crazy. I held the cock as deep as I could for as long as I could before I retracted it for air before trying to bury that cock into my throat once again. I repeated this several times until Dr Green, groaning with pleasure, told me that my mouth was ready for a fucking. 

He got me on my knees with my hands behind my back. He stood in front of me, held my head in both his hands and started to fuck my mouth with his cock. I was wild with excitement. I groaned with pleasure as I had my mouth fucked by the enormous cock. The sounds of Dr Green's pleasure were only outdone by the sounds of my pleasure. I was surprised as I started to convulse and shoot what seemed like a gallon of cum from my still-erect cock. I came everywhere. Some landed Dr Green's legs. Some landed on the shaft of his cock. Pools of it landed on the floor. All the while I was cumming, I was still being face fucked. 

Finally, I felt the head of the cock expand in my mouth. The pace of the fucking slowed. With one final deep thrust, Dr Green unleashed a torrent of cum in the back of my throat. He slowly and gently fucked my mouth as he continued to spill blast after blast of cum into every cavity of my mouth. I grabbed the cock with my hands and took control of the situation. I licked the cum as it dripped down the shaft of the cock, greedily chasing, licking and swallowing each drop as it oozed from this amazing cock. 

When I was done, I sat back on the sofa and was joined by Dr Green. 

"I had a feeling about you, Roger," he said. Continuing, "You better smoke a joint now. You're going to need to be able to relax that asshole of yours soon."


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