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Miriam's Grandma

An unusual date

Odd things sometimes go on behind closed doors in families.

Way back in my college years, when I was not quite twenty, I was dating a girl from the year below me. Her family seemed protective of her, I thought. They did not like her out late, although they were okay with me bringing her home and then hanging out with her in the house. There was a back room which was relatively private, but we were still chaperoned by the girl's grandmother. I thought this a bit strange but consistent with her parents being over-protective.

Although a bit odd, this all made the girl, Miriam, even more, interesting to me and I guessed that she was probably a virgin. I was interested in popping her cherry - apart from introducing her to the wonders of her first cock, she would also be my first virgin.
Of course, having the grandmother in the room meant that I didn't expect much to happen, but she was over one side of the room, not paying much attention, and I was on the sofa with Miriam snuggling up against me, and we were soon kissing.

I had an eye on her grandmother, trying to weigh up whether she thought this was okay - I was a bit worried about going too far, but granny was not interested, it seemed. I thought perhaps she was asleep, or possibly her eyesight and hearing were not so good.
I took my lead from Miriam and reasoned that if she was okay with it, then I shouldn't worry about grandma, but I tried to keep quiet so that she would not take too much notice - or wake up if she was actually asleep.

So the kissing got more serious with tongues involved and my hand slipped inside her clothes to fondle her young breasts. When my fingers tweaked a nipple, she moaned a bit, but nothing from her grandma - so I just shut grandma out of my mind and concentrated on Miriam. My hands got more active, but Miriam responded as I would hope she would; keen eager and gasping when my finger slipped over her quite moist clitty.

Her hands had been at work too and, with a little help from myself, she had freed my cock from my trousers and had gotten it to a fine state of erection. I had completely forgotten about her grandmother and was concentrating on licking and sucking Miriam's nipples, encouraged by her hand around my cock.

I became strangely aware that Miriam's hand had started feeling very different around my cock, and I looked down. Imagine my surprise to see her old grandmother kneeling in front of us taking my cock into her mouth as far as it would go. Her grandmother stopped, realising that I knew she was there.

"His cock's lovely," she said, "you two carry on!" and she resumed giving me a blowjob. I have to confess that it felt good, so I continued with my attention to Miriam, pausing only when I felt my teenage cock pumping the contents of my balls down her grandma's throat. She swallowed it all and, apparently quite satisfied, went back to her chair across the room.

That all kind of threw me, but I brought Miriam off with my fingers quite successfully and although I hadn't fucked her, her grandmother sucking me off like that had quite blown my young mind. Miriam seemed to take it all as a matter of course and I simply found it difficult to talk with her about it. I was not as experienced as I thought I was and realized that I was completely out of my depth.

The relationship progressed, but I still got regularly sucked off by her grandma, who evidently enjoyed having a young cock in her mouth - although it stopped me from actually fucking Miriam, we did lots of other stuff - and grandma did suck good. I did finally get to fuck Miriam, one week when her grandmother was sick with flu and her parents were obviously more relaxed with us being alone together and I got to have her several more times after that.

Bizarrely, it all ended one day when I was visiting and I got shown into the backroom waiting for Miriam to finish her bath and come down to meet me. Her grandmother was there and I was so used to her attention that I got out my cock and had her suck it while I was waiting. She had no problems with that at all, but it all hit the fan when Miriam came into the room and found her grandma with my cock already down her throat. I didn't understand her sudden anger at finding us both like this - it wasn't as if she didn't know her grandma had been sucking me off regularly, but I do know that I often just do not understand women.




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