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The Farmer's Widow - Willow

She seduced her cousin

This is the last story in "The Farmer's Widow" series.

I woke up in a crummy mood. My dream about Willow walking down the aisle didn't help. Why I would dream about my cousin was beyond my comprehension. Maybe it had something to do with her always being on my case about me fucking the widow Cece.

Being called another man's name just as I unloaded in Cece's pussy didn't help either. What Cece does is Cece's business. Just don't call me someone else's name while I'm fucking you. She is a hot MILF and that's what I'm in it for, a hot piece of ass—nothing more.

What I really needed now was something to eat. A nice hot cup of coffee, and a lot of time to think about my future.

I walked into the kitchen, Willow was sitting at the table sipping her coffee. I poured myself a cup of hot coffee and popped a bagel in the toaster. Willow looked at me like she knew what had happened last night.

“Didn't my big bad cousin get laid last night? Didn't the poor old widow fuck his brains out?

"I'll bet she told you she hasn't been fucked since you left for college. Well, I'm pretty sure that she has. She even had a guy living in her house until the cops took him away.”

“Shut up Willow, you don't know what you're talking about. Yeah, I was fucked last night by the widow, and I was fucked good. She's a hot piece of ass. Now, are you satisfied?”

I looked out the screen door and saw my parents, along with my aunt and uncle, driving away in Uncle's car. The little bitch and I were alone. I took my coffee and bagel and moved out onto the porch. Willow appeared a few minutes later in a new change of clothes. She was wearing a short skirt, see-through blouse, no bra, and I guessed, no panties.

I ignored her until she leaned back on the porch railing directly opposite me. Her legs were spread enough for me to see I was right, no panties. I was in no mood to put up with her bullshit this morning. Last night with Cece was enough disappointment for me for the next couple of months.

“Go put some decent clothes on, and don't forget underwear and a bra.” I spoke in a sarcastic tone, hoping she would catch on that I didn't like what she was doing.

“I'll dress the way I want and when I want,” she retorted. “And there is no reason for you to be so nasty to me.”

She made no move to go in and change her clothes. What she did do was to hike her skirt up more and unbutton her blouse. She stared at me, waiting to see if I looked closer at her exposed body parts. I didn't, so she got off the railing, drug a lounge chair across from me and sat down, then laid back. I couldn't help but see her tits, they were totally exposed. I had to admit that they looked pretty damn good. Perky hard dark nipples set on a nice brown areola's, I would guess a tight 'B' cup, maybe a loose 'C'. My dick jerked a bit.

“Do you think I have a nice tan on my legs?” she said, as she moved her legs apart, moving her knees up totally exposing her shaved genitals. I could see that her vulva was slick with her juices. My cock jumped in my pants. I know it was morally wrong, but having my pretty eighteen-year-old cousin's wet pussy shoved in my face was taking its toll on me and my mind.

“Can I tell you something and you won't get mad at me?” she asked.

I knew she would tell me anyhow so I said, “Okay, go.”

“I'm a virgin. I'm waiting for the perfect guy to take my cherry and that guy is you.”

“No I'm not,” I replied. “You need to find yourself a nice man your age and let him take your virginity.”

“The men my age are stupid when it comes to women. Most have never been fucked., if they were, it was once. Most of the time they just blast their balls and climb off, leaving the girl unsatisfied. My girlfriends, who have been laid, tipped me off that I should have an older experienced man fuck me first. You are going to be my first, maybe you don't know it yet, but you will.

"I know you have been fucking that widow since you were in high school. I overheard Mom and Dad talk about it years ago. I'll bet she taught you a lot. I'll bet you're a good piece of ass also.”

Willow was pretty damn sure of herself. Maybe I'm not as strong-willed as I thought. She is pretty, has a great figure, nice tits and a very nice ass. My cock and its brain were telling me I might be in a losing battle. I needed to get away her.

“I'm going for a walk around the farm. Maybe I'll see you when I get back, maybe I won't. Cool down, I'm not going to fuck you. I don't want to be your first fuck. Do you hear me?”

“Yes you will, and you will be my first, I know it. It's legal in this state, we cannot get married, but we can legally fuck each other's brains out.”

“How do you know this? Answer me, why are you looking this shit up?”

“Cause you are going to fuck me, and I don't want you to get in trouble.”

“What about your mom and dad? They won't be pleased. Don't you think about them?”

Willow took her blouse off. Her perky nipples pointed right at my eyes.

“They won't find out from me. You would be the only other one to know. Besides that, my mom already knows that I have a crush on you.”

I walked down the porch stairs and walked toward the empty old barn. Willow remained on the porch, she didn't follow me.

The old barn was empty, dairy cows long gone. I stood in the barn's driveway, remembering how many times I had shoveled the gutters clean. I didn't miss that. Now there were layers of dust collecting on the old steel stanchions. I looked in the old milk house. A huge stainless steel milk tank there, sitting under a tarp. The stainless steel piping still attached.

I smiled as I remembered milking the cows twice a day. I loved working my summers with Uncle Bill. I walked outside and on a gravel road that led to the fields. I heard Willow walking, she was right behind me.

“You following me?” I asked.

“Maybe. I have memories too. I want to see your cock, take it out. I want to see what you stick in that old widow bitch.”

“Please stop with the Cece bashing, it doesn't become you. Tell me, why are you so fascinated with my cock?”

“Because you're going to fuck me, that's why. My pussy is waiting for it, no, my pussy is begging for it. Because it's going to break my cherry. It's going to make me a woman in every sense, that's why.”

Willow's determination was strong. I now had the distinct feeling I would be fucking her before the day was over. She was starting to have that effect on me. I felt my cock stiffen, she was probably right, I would be fucking her. Damn, I didn't want to, but I wanted to. She was hot. Her blouse was off and her skirt was rolled up to her waist, her female slit showing. And such a sweet ass, dammit. My resolve was vanishing fast.

“You think so, huh?”

“I know so. Do you want to go back to the house now? I do.”

She took my hand and pulled me towards the house.

“I don't want you to fuck me out here the first time. Maybe some other time it might be fun. Under the stars maybe, or on a picnic, or whenever I'm horny. You guys have no control over when a girl wants to be fucked. I want to be fucked, I want to lose my cherry to you. No matter how hard you try not to, I'm going to have you.

Just so you know, I'm on the pill, have been for years. You don't have to wear a condom. I want to feel your naked cock inside me. All my friends like it deep inside them. You will be deep inside me and that's a promise.”

I was lost, she had me, now I wanted to fuck her and fuck her hard. My cock was making a bulge in my jeans. The bulge wasn't lost on Willow.

“Looks like I hit the jackpot.”

“What makes you think that?”

“I've been told that a nice thick cock is best.”

We didn't talk anymore until we were in the house.

“I'm so fuckin' hot now. My pussy is leaking like a sieve.”

I knew what she meant, I was leaking a lot of pre-cum myself. Willow went up the stairs ahead of me. I watched her fabulous naked ass as she climbed the stairs. I was convinced she did that on purpose, knowing how hot her ass looked.

At the top of the stairs, she turned and waited until I was done climbing. Her hands went behind my head as she pulled me into a kiss. Her lips were soft and sensuous. Her mouth opened as my tongue slid past her front teeth. Willow's tongue wrapped around mine as we held each other close.

She pulled back as she broke the kiss. “It's better than I ever imagined it would be. Your lips are so soft and tender. Kiss me more.”

I picked her up, her bare breasts within inches of my mouth. Her nipples were hard and I was surprised at how large they were. Perfect dime sized nipples to suck and nibble on. I walked us into her room and sat her down on her bed. Her face was turned up and I kissed those soft lips again. I was hooked, I was going to fuck my cousin, I was going to destroy her hymen. She had been right all along; I just didn't realize it until now.

I lifted her up and unrolled her skirt. I had to, the zipper pull was rolled up. I pulled the zipper down and her skirt dropped to the floor. Willow stood before me in all her glorious nakedness. My cock was straining for release. I adjusted it to relieve the pain.

“Can I undress you?” she asked me.

“Don't take all night, Honey,” I whispered.

Willow's hands flew, the buttons of my shirt were undone in seconds. Her hands stripped it from my body and tossed it away. She rubbed my chest with the palms of her hands as she slowly sank to her knees. Her fingers unbuttoned my jeans, I heard my zipper zing. Willow pulled my jeans and boxers down together. I gingerly stepped out of them, then kicked them aside. Willow leaned back and looked at me from head to toe, her eyes stopped at my cock.

Willow's warm fingers took hold of my stiff dick. She examined my phallus like a seasoned cocksucker. She explored the tip, running her fingernails around the crown. She tentatively licked the end. Her tongue picked up a gush of pre-cum, which she tasted. Her eyes sparkled as her mouth opened and she took my cockhead in. Willow gently sucked as she moved her mouth back and forth. For a virgin, she was an excellent cocksucker.

Soon she was moving down on my cock. The tip hitting the back of her throat. Willow gagged and drew back fast, her saliva coating my cock and her hand. Then it was right back at it, she was determined to deep throat me. Her gagging stopped as she worked my cock deeper into her throat. Willow's nose was soon nestled in my pubic hair. She drew back, gulped air down and forced her throat over my cock again. She repeated this a few more times, the last time I was deep in her as she looked up at me. I almost came right then, she looked so gorgeous with my cock buried in her mouth. She stayed that way for a few seconds before she pulled back. Her fingers held my cock as it exited her mouth.

“My god Mike, that's some cock,” she panted. “I'm sure you can tell that I've sucked cock before, but never one like yours. How did you grow that monster?”

I answered her by picking her up off her knees and sitting her on the bed. It was my turn now. I kissed her, then gently pushed her onto her back. Her legs were hanging over the side of the bed until I lifted them up, placing her feet on the mattress edge. Her virgin pussy was exposed, wet with her fluids. Her swollen vulva tinted red, filled with her lustful blood.

My tongue found its mark, slowly sliding up and down her precious slit. Willow was breathing hard and moaning softly as I ate her out. My tongue tip lifted her hood, her clit exposed to my lips. My mouth was filled with saliva which I lubricated her clit with. My tongue tip tickled her nub as I lightly sucked. Willow was moving her butt back and forth. Her fingers tangled in my hair as her orgasm rushed through her body. Her feet slipped over my shoulders as she stretched her legs in ecstasy. It took some time for her to regain her composure.

“My god Mike, that was the best. I've never had such a fantastic orgasm in my life. I'm going to want that tongue in my pussy every day.”

As much as I knew I shouldn't be fucking my cousin, I was past stopping myself. She was hot and begging to be taken by me. My resistance had left long ago, it was time for me to bust her cherry.

“Lock your fingers behind my neck, I'm going to pick you up.”

I slid my arms under Willow's thighs and lifted her up. I carried her into the bathroom, her wet pussy bouncing against my stiff cock. I sat her down on the vanity counter. Her pussy was now somewhat at the same level as my cock.

“Are you going to fuck me on the counter?”

“Where would you prefer?”

“Anywhere, just fuck me and make me your woman.”

Willow's pussy was well lubricated with her juices and my saliva. She watched intently as my cock drew closer to her entrance. The tip of my cock touched her labia, a light gasp slipped past her lips.

“You can still stop me,” I said.

“Not a chance. I've been waiting for this for a long long time. Now stick it in and fuck me.”

My hand on my cock, I pressed forward. Her outer labia slid over my cock's very tip. Her pussy was intensely hot and wet. I pressed forward feeling a restriction, her hymen was stopping me. Willow let out a slight moan. It was then that I rammed forward, tearing her hymen to shreds and entering her. My cock slipped a good three inches inside her pussy.

“Ow... ow... oh, fuck... you're filling me up inside, I'm so full of your cock,” she exclaimed.

“I'm just getting started,” I replied as I waited for her vagina to stretch to my thickness. Once she relaxed, my hips rotated, I was fucking her. Slowly I worked my cock deeper inside her slippery pussy. Soon I was at a place where nothing had ever been. Willow was looking down at her crotch, her eyes followed my cock as I worked it in and out of her. When all of my cock was in her, I stopped fucking and let her feel how full she was.

“How do you feel? Stuffed? Does it hurt?”

“It feels so good, and I'm full, stuffed, whatever you want to call it. I can't say that I hurt, there is a lot of pressure inside me though.”

With my cock still inside her, I picked her up and walked back into her bedroom. I stopped in front of her full-length mirror so she could see us. She twisted her body so she could see my cock jammed up in her pretty pussy.

“How long are you? You're right up against my cervix.”

“I hope my size matters. Together we are a perfect fit.”

I started to fuck her in this position. She was fascinated as she watched my cock slide in and out of her very wet pussy.

“Damn, that is so hot. I love seeing your cock going inside me, fucking me.”

I started to fuck her faster. My pubic bone rubbing her swollen clitoris.

“Oh gawd... Oh fuck... I'm going to come,” she wailed.

Now I really slammed my cock hard and deep in her. Willow had tears in her eyes as she squeezed herself tightly to my chest, only her ass and pussy were moving as her orgasm consumed her. I held still, Willow's no longer virgin pussy filled with my cock. Her vagina muscles milking my hard shaft.

“Damn, Mike, never have I had an orgasm that hot. Rubbing one off could never feel as good as your cock inside me. Fuck me more, I want to come again.”

I was really liking the vibes I was getting from Willow. Not only was she going to be a great piece of ass, she liked fucking me. I walked us over to the bed and laid her down on it. She scooted to the middle and I laid down beside her. She rolled onto her side, her leg over mine.

“So, you like being fucked by your cousin?” It was more of a statement than a question. “Does it give you some kind of thrill?” I asked.

“Mike, I've wanted you to take my virginity for as long as I can remember. Am I thrilled that are my cousin? Yes I am. I love you and I trust you. Now please fuck me again and this time I want you to come inside me.”

Willow spread her legs and I mounted her in the missionary position. My cock slid deep into her wet pussy. I stared deep into her eyes, her lustful eyes stared back as my cock moved in and out. Her hands were on my rib cage, her legs over mine. They were her anchors to my body as she fucked me back. Willow was building for another orgasm. Her legs were now entwined with mine. She was rubbing her clit against my pubic bone when she climaxed this time. Willow's legs stiffened, which made a couple inches of my cock withdraw. She quickly relaxed her legs. her hands pulling me back into her. I held my cock deep until she returned to normal.

“Damn your cock is good. Three orgasms so far and I want more.”

“Maybe we better quit while we're ahead, our parents might be home soon. The last thing I want is for them to find us together.”

“I'm not worried about our parents,” Willow replied. “Mom and I had a long talk a couple years ago. I told her how I felt about you. Mom, Dad and I talked it out shortly thereafter. It wasn't long after that that they talked to your parents. The end result: everyone knows and they are okay. We have no living relatives other than our parents. That means there will be no family reunions or embarrassing get-together that we would have to worry about. It's all good.”

I was at a loss for words. The little imp had it all figured out and covered, without me knowing a thing. No wonder my mom was so uptight about me and the widow Cece. She was thinking about Willow and me.


“What do you think our children are doing right now?” Barb asked Kate. “Sometimes I wonder about those two. Willow has had this crush on Michael for such a long time. I know she wants to carry this to another level, but Michael, either he doesn't or is afraid to. We will just have to let them iron out their relationship.”

Barb and Bill, plus Michael's parents, Kate and Jack were sitting in a booth at a restaurant, having a cocktail. They ceased talking when their waiter appeared and they placed their dinner orders.

As soon as the waiter left, Bill continued, “Whatever they decide, we are there for them. It's not like it will be a surprise to us if the two of them become romantically involved.”

“Michael has always talked about how much he liked Willow and how sweet she is,” Kate interjected. “I just wish they would make up their minds. Jack, you haven't said a word, what are your thoughts?”

“When I first found out about Willow's intentions, I was having somewhat of an internal battle. I know they are first cousins and the Bible is moot about that relationship. Now after thinking about it, I'm 100% behind our children. They are mature enough and smart enough to figure this out for themselves.”

The wait staff approached their table with trays of food. After serving them the conversation changed to a discussion of the movie matinee they had just seen. The couples spent more than two hours eating their meals and gabbing. When they were finished, they decided to go to a lounge that catered to a more mature crowd. Jack paid the tab and met the other three in the parking lot.

The lounge was almost empty when they got there. After picking a table, they spent their time dancing and drinking. A large number of couples started filling the lounge and by ten o'clock the place was rocking.

Jack was slow dancing with his sister-in-law Barb, when she quipped, “I'll bet you a C-note that Willow isn't a virgin when we get home tonight. She's a chip off the old block, kind of like I was when I secretly wanted my brother to take my virginity.”

I was taken aback by my sister-in-law's frank talk. She had never talked like this before. It must have been those crazy Margaritas she had belted down.

“If I'd put as much effort into seducing him as Willow has with Mike, he would have. He was the only guy I trusted enough to give it up too. Too bad it didn't happen, we could have fucked each others brains out. And by the way, I was a virgin when your brother Bill and I were married.”

“That makes it better that it didn't happen,” I replied. “I'm sure he was happy to take a virgin for his wife.”

Barb just shrugged her shoulders. “I'll never know now; how it could have been between my brother and me.”

We met Kate and Bill heading for the dance floor, as we returned to our table. After Barb and I sat down, I took a slug of my drink. Barb's and my eyes locked for a second or two.

My cock said, “You wouldn't mind fucking your sister-in-law. My brain retorted, “Shut the hell up, dick.”

Barb smiled as if she knew what was going on in my brain. We sat in silence until Kate and Bill returned. When they returned, our conversations picked up again. A few more drinks and dances with our spouses and we were ready to call it a night.

Because we were somewhat intoxicated, I decided to call Michael to come get us and take us home. Of course Willow had to come too, to drive her father's car home.


“Are you hungry? I'm starved. C'mon, I'll make us something to eat.”

Willow was always trying to stuff food in my face.

“I have a feeling having sex next time will be even better and I need to build my strength. I'm going to poop you out Michael Wilson.”

“I don't know about that,” I replied. “Do you think you can do that? I don't think you can.”

I dropped the challenge on her just to motivate her to give me her best. I knew she could outlast me, women can do that. I was looking forward to the next time we made love. Gone were any inhibitions about having sex with my cousin. My cock started to harden as I thought about fucking her juicy pussy again.

My parents had departed for home two days ago. Uncle Bill and Aunt Barb were now living in their loft apartment. That left Willow and me at the farm house. Willow and I didn't have sex since the day I took her virginity. She didn't give me any indication that she wanted to and I didn't press the subject. All in due time I thought.

Uncle Bill asked Willow and me to go motor-home shopping. I knew squat about motor-homes, but I knew a lot about the chassis that it would be sitting on. We looked at motor-homes from a hundred thousand to a million dollars. The variety was mind-boggling.

“Unc, why don't you purchase a used one. Just try it out and after a year or so, buy the big ticket item. Then make a decision whether to purchase a new one that fits your needs. You may not like living in one or at least you will know what you want based on experience.”

Aunt Barb piped up, “That's a sound idea, thanks Michael.”

And that's what they did. Uncle Bill headed back to the farm with Aunt Barb riding shotgun. Willow and I were alone.

“Let's be silly. Let's go park someplace that's quiet and fuck.”

What the fuck? Right out of nowhere, Willow wants to fuck in the car.

“I don't like having sex in a car. Much less your Dad's car,” I said. “Can't you wait until we get home?”

“Sure are picky, aren't you, turning down a juicy piece of ass because it's her Daddy's car?”

That's when she leaned over the center console and unzipped my pants. She reached inside and pulled my soft cock out. As soon as she started squeezing, with her fingers, “Little Mikey” stood tall. Willow engulfed my cock and gave me a fantastic blowjob. God damn, Willow can sure suck a cock. We were maybe a mile from home when I blasted her mouth full of cum. Willow looked at me, her eyes sparkling as she swallowed it all at once.

“That's just a warm-up for later. You're going to be one pooped out guy when I'm done with you. Just you wait and see.”

I was starting to believe her. I drove up the driveway to my farmhouse and parked before the garage. The motor-home came rolling in a few minutes later. Uncle Bill parked it out in the back. Willow took my hand and we went into the house.

“Want something to drink?” She asked me.

Can you fix me a Rum and Coke?

Willow mixed two drinks and we sat down at the kitchen table. No words were exchanged, but I knew what to expect next.

“As soon as Mom and Dad leave after supper, I going to fuck your brains out. I'm going to poop you out, my love.”

“I doubt it,” I replied. “I've got a lot of stamina, more than you've seen.”

I think she was playing me as much as I was playing her.

Willow and Aunt Barb fixed a nice meal for the four of us. Ribeye steaks, roasted potatoes, along with lemon garlic green beans. After dinner the women cleared the dishes and Uncle Bill served ice cream. While the ladies stayed in the kitchen, Uncle Bill and I went outside and sat on the porch.

“I want to bounce something off of you,” he said. “I'm thinking about buying that old church in town. It's been for sale now ever since they built the new church. It would convert easily to loft apartments or condos. It's been on the market now for three years and no one has made an offer. I think I could get it cheap. It's such a grand old building. I would hate to see it fall further into disrepair. Along with the parsonage, there is a commercial building/residential building. The commercial building is rented out and the apartments above are currently vacant. Being vacant makes for easy remodeling. What I like is there is parking for about sixty cars. What do you think of my idea? I ain't got nothing to do now, so I got plenty of time.”

“Unc, are you sure you want to take on a project of this size? It would take a year to pull all the permits and the architect will take at least that long also.”

“I know, remember, I built out the lofts where your Aunt and I now live. I have some experience. I just want the architect to get started while I drive around the country for a few months. I'll call the real estate agent and see if we can take a look around in a couple days. Will you meet me there for that?”

“Sure Unc, call me and let me know where and when.”

Uncle Bill talked for a while longer about his ideas. I listened because I knew my uncle would want my future input. Aunt Barb was yawning, Uncle Bill took the hint and they said their goodbyes. I watched as their car left the driveway and pulled onto the country road. I turned and went back into the house.

Willow and I were alone and from the look on her face, tonight could turn out to be fun. I was still a little apprehensive about fucking my cousin. My head brain was still saying No, but my dick brain was screaming Yes; and my dick brain was winning.

I went into the family room and turned on the TV. I like watching cop shows and how they work to catch criminals. I laid down on the couch and stretched out. Willow was still in the kitchen doing god knows what. I heard her cutting up something, maybe a snack of some type of veggie. She came into the room carrying a tray of celery stuffed with cream cheese. My favorite if sprinkled with seasoned salt.

“Set up lazy man,” she giggled. “Give me some room here.”

I sat up while she placed the tray on the cocktail table. The celery and cheese were topped with seasoned salt. I grabbed a piece and gobbled it down. It was crisp and delicious. I took another piece and sat back to watch TV. Willow scooting nearer to me.

“Can I ask you a question?” she asked.

“Sure, shoot,” I replied, not knowing what she wanted.

“Since that night we made love, you haven't made any moves towards me like you would want to do it again. Was that just a one-time thing?”

“I've been having thoughts that what we did was wrong, but then again I want to make love to you. I'm just scared of what might happen if you get pregnant or we fall in love.”

“If it helps, I am on the pill, so no worry there. And for the second, I've been in love with you since forever. I hope I can be enough woman to you and you will fall in love with me. That would make me the happiest person on this planet.”

Willow snuggled in under my arm, her arm over my chest, her hand on my shoulder. She looked up at me and I couldn't resist, I kissed her. It only took a few seconds and she was on my lap, our lips locked together. I lightly pushed my tongue against her teeth, her mouth opened and accepted my tongue. As our tongues danced together, my mind was recalling the images of me taking her virginity. How receptive her pussy was to my cock, how wet and lubricated both of us were as her hymen was shattered. My body shook, I needed relief and Willow's hot little ass was squirming on my hardening dick. Again my dick won, I was going to fuck my cousin.

Willow jumped off my lap. “Go to your bedroom and wait for me; I'll be there in a few minutes.”

I was hopeless, I needed to make love to her. I answered her by getting up and heading for my bedroom. Likewise, she was heading for hers.


As Michael headed to his bedroom, Willow quickly entered hers. It would take her a few minutes to prepare herself for what she hoped would be a beautiful night of lovemaking. She didn't need to do much, just a freshen up of her lipstick. Then she remembered how much Michael liked her perfume, so she spritzed some on her naked body. Her closet held a special robe that she had been saving for just this moment. She retrieved it, after putting it on she looked in her mirror. She adjusted it so her leg would show through the side slit. Her thought being, “That should get his blood flowing”.

When she was ready, she tiptoed out of her room and headed towards Michael's bedroom. In the hallway darkness, she saw a dim glow under his closed door. When she opened it, she saw Michael standing there utterly naked, his body visible by the bright moonlight coming through his window. After closing the door, she leaned back against it, staring at her cousin, facing the fact that they were about to make love. She was going to fuck her cousin Mike, her pussy was utterly drenched.

She untied her robe and dropped it on the floor, revealing to her cousin that she was naked underneath. Michael stared at her. Even though he had stared at her naked body before, this was different. He had already been hard from thinking about her. Now his cock was twitching as his eyes drank in her sexual beauty. She walked to him, her arms hugging him as they pressed together. The feeling of his cock against her naked belly, so close to her breasts, was amazing.

She whispered, "Kiss me."

Willow pulled away and looked up at him, he leaned down for a kiss, a long, very hot, and very wet kiss. Willow felt his hand on her breast and she trembled. As his hand closed around the flesh of her left breast, she sucked his tongue into her mouth, squeezing it hard with her lips. Gently he pushed her against the door, placing his free hand on her belly before slowly sliding it down towards her slit.

As Willow felt his fingers slide down, she broke the kiss and moaned against his mouth. When his middle finger finally slid over her clit, her body shuddered. Michael stopped.

"Keep going... Please keep going," she breathlessly intoned.

Soon his index and ring fingers touched her labia, pressing harder against her flesh and forcing her clit from under its hood. Willow couldn't believe that her cousin had such nimble fingers and that he knew exactly what to do with them. Willow hadn't thought that it was possible to feel so good, so fast, and only from his fingers.

Just as Michael curled his fingers harder against her flesh and pushed his middle finger into her vagina, he kissed her again, pinning her against the door with his other hand. Willow felt her knees going weak and began breathing faster and faster as his finger pushed as deep as it could go. When his palm was pressed against her clit with his finger fully inside her, she moaned into his mouth again, wanting more.

She finally pushed him away and whispered, "Kiss my other lips now..." Willow was pleased to see his eyes opening wide for a moment as he contemplated the idea. She reclined on the bed, placed her ass on the edge of the mattress and opened her thighs wide. Michael was smiling as he knelt between her legs, his head buried between her thighs. Willow then took a sharp and deep breath as he placed his open mouth on her pussy.

Willow was thrilled beyond words. Most of the time her head rolling left and right as she was reveling in the intense pleasure. At first she hadn't liked his tongue deep inside her, now she was asking him to do it, pulling his head against her sex with both her hands. Oh dear gods in heaven. What had already been really pleasurable became impossibly powerful in a matter of seconds. The rush of pleasure grew and swelled until she knew her orgasm was imminent. Letting go of his hand, she bit her own forearm as her climax shook her body to the core. As her orgasm rolled through her, she clamped her thighs around her cousin's head and pulled his free hand to her breasts.

The surge of pleasure that took her almost scared her. Eventually her body began trembling and the pleasure crested, leaving her in a state of barely conscious joy. When she released her grip on her cousin she stared at him, panting and smiling at his disheveled hair and wet face.

He was grinning and as she was beginning to gather herself, she saw him motioning for her to get on all fours. Grinning herself, she assumed the doggy position on the bed. Looking back at her cousin, Willow could see him staring at her ass. She pushed backward, arching her lower back for him.

She had a vision that Michael might try anal, but he wouldn't go for that first. Then again, she was very aware that she wouldn't turn him down if he did... so naughty. He had one hand on her ass and the other holding his cock. Shit, it looked so big. Willow realized that she was going to be fucked doggy style. She had only dreamed of Michael taking her in this position, now it was about to happen.

When she felt the tip of his cock touching her drenched lips, she shivered in anticipation. Michael pressed his cockhead against her lips, sliding it up and down, spreading her juices all over it. He then caressed her clit this way a couple more times before he pulled back up. His cockhead now positioned at her entrance. Slowly, gently despite the lust that must be coursing through his veins, Willow felt Michael push his cock inside her. She felt her outer lips part easily for him, then her inner lips, drenched as they were, simply molded themselves around the crown of his cock.

With both his hands on her hips now, Michael just kept on pushing slowly and Willow felt his cock gliding smoothly inside her, opening her vagina inch after inch. Willow was reeling with pleasure. She felt like she was losing her mind as his cock sunk deeper and deeper inside of her.

Her eyes closed, her mind blown by the sensations of his thick cock inside her clasping pussy, Willow blindly reached behind her and grabbed his hip, pulling him tight to her. Once he was fully inside her, Willow gasped and held him firmly against her. She didn't want him to move, she wanted him to remain there until the world ended. His cock felt disproportionately big, stretching her very wet, but almost virgin pussy.

When she felt him grab her hand and place it on her lower back, she knew he couldn't wait anymore. Holding on to her forearm with one hand and her hip with the other, Michael pulled back until only the very tip of his cock was inside her. And then he sheathed himself in her pussy, again and again. Her pussy was being plowed like a virgin field in spring. Willow felt like she was being opened up to a new world. When she saw him place one of his feet on the bed and the hand on her hip moving to her shoulder, she just closed her eyes and abandoned her body to him.

The intensity she felt; astonished her. Michael was taking her roughly, letting his instincts guide his movements, and she was loving every moment of it. She always dreamed of Michael being her prince and herself as the princess, but the sheer physicality of Michael's energy blew that away forever. She wasn't a princess, she was his lover, and he was giving her more pleasure than she could have imagined possible. Her entire body was being overtaken with pleasure. She could see her hair whipping around and feel her breasts swinging and jerking beneath her. It was intense, it was rough and carnal, and she absolutely loved it.

His cock felt like a machine inside her, pushing and pulling, filling her with an ever-growing amount of sexual pleasure. She knew she was already on the verge of a second climax and could barely believe it. She had lost all sense of time, but couldn't believe that she was so close again. It wasn't possible. But here it was. As she was reaching her plateau, moments from her second climax, she heard Michael grunt behind her.

He then released her hand and shoulder, moved his foot back onto the floor and took her even faster. He didn't moan or cry out, but she knew without a doubt that he was climaxing. As she felt his semen fill her pussy, her own orgasm triggered. At the same time, she felt him stiffen and pause with his cock as deep as it would go inside her. If she hadn't already been sprawled on the bed, Willow would have fallen. He was pressing very hard against her soft buttocks, pressing his cock even deeper than before, squirting his cum right against her cervix. While she was still overpowered with this second barrage of pleasure, she felt Michael beginning to move again after this long pause of deepest penetration. Slower than before, he fucked her pussy again. Willow opened her eyes wide when Michael pulled his cock from her pussy. Her opening closed slowly as she rolled onto her back. Michael flopped forward, plunging his face into his pillow. They were satisfied for the time being, but no doubt there would be more fucking. Both Michael and Willow were sure of that.


There isn't a day that goes by now that we don't have sex. Maybe we skip a day or two when she is having her period. The sex is great and getting better every day. The geneticist had some good news and some bad news for us. The good news... we can have as many kids as we want. The bad news... Uncle Bill, my father's brother, is not Willow's father, we are not biologically related. Willow and I had a conversation with my mom about Willow's circumstances. She related to us the following story.

Uncle Bill and Aunt Barb were separated around the time Willow was conceived. The had been broken up for almost a year. Both of them had friends with benefits. It seems that Willow was conceived during the time Aunt Barb and Uncle Bill were in the process of reconciling. Aunt Barb was fucking Uncle Bill and her boyfriend during that process. Willow and I came to the conclusion that we would keep her heritage secret until her father passed. Willow's love for her father and mother never changed and my love for them remains strong to this day.

Cece fell for a rich guy from Chicago. Apparently, he owns his own law firm in the loop. She approached me, giving me first option on purchasing her farm. Willow and I discussed how and if we could afford it. We came to a joint conclusion to not buy. It was tempting though.

Our wedding was very nice. Thank you Florida. We decided on just our parents being there. No kiddies yet, we are too busy working the farm. Someday, maybe when Willow is more into her twenties.

Please forgive me for leaving you, Willow is calling from our bedroom.

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