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The Goddessess Beneath Me

Dan's distasteful behaviour illicits an unorthodox reprimand.

I watched Melina Salonika study her naked reflection, inspecting her so-called imperfections. Tall and statuesque, to my mind she was perfect. With brunette curls tumbling over her shoulders, soft golden brown skin, and a figure to die for, Melina exuded sex. And when she looked at you with those almond coloured eyes, she was irresistible.

She raised her hands above her head and twisted her body from side to side. Her beautiful breasts did the same, swaying left and right like an erotic pendulum. Watching Melina, my erection throbbed in response, and as if reading my thoughts, she slid her hands down her body gently caressing herself, the gesture simultaneously teasing, and pleasing.

Fascinated, I grabbed my engorged flesh. Seeing Melina's nipples tighten, while her hands continued their journey, I murmured “Keep going,” and hoped she would obey. Melina didn’t disappoint me, and her hands moved over her flat belly to the dark triangle of pubic hair above her enticing sex.

A wispy smile played on her lips, the reflection in the mirror both the beneficiary and instigator. I held my manhood tighter, imagining myself between her splayed thighs, my tongue and fingers making her scream. Compounding my obscene fantasy, Melina reached behind to cup her gorgeous buttocks, bouncing them up and down as if weighing them. She checked their tautness before momentarily spreading them apart, treating me to a fleeting glimpse of her secret entrance. Still not satisfied, she turned around, and immediately gazed over her shoulder at the full-length mirror, and repeated the weighing process.

Her reflection frowned. The corners of her mouth curled downwards, and she shook her head. I couldn’t help smiling. Like many women, Melina often complained her bum was too big. It wasn't. Whenever she walked away from me, I enthusiastically gazed upon her buttocks, each cheek rising and falling sensually, and thought dirty thoughts.

What can I say, the sight of Melina’s bum never ceased to arouse me.

Melina took another withering glance at her perfect rear end, and released her grip Facing the mirror again, she shrugged her shoulders, and with a resigned expression continued getting ready. She called out towards the bedroom and moments later, Adriana, her older sister came into view, wearing a bathrobe, and a turban shaped towel around her wet hair. She handed Melina a makeup purse. If having one gorgeous Goddess in your life is being blessed, then having two is even better.

One couldn't mistake the family bond when they were together, which considering Adriana always stayed at the apartment when she wasn’t traipsing around the country with her rep company, was often enough. Both were free spirits, and they shared a casual disregard of money, possessions, and social conventions about how young women should behave. Much to my viewing pleasure, there were lots of loose outfits, short dresses and mini skirts displaying ample amounts of flesh.

Although I’m biased, Melina’s body had the edge, but there wasn't much in it. And considering Adriana was a couple of years older that wasn't a surprise. Mind you, the last time I saw Adriana naked, also in front of the mirror Melina was using now, her behaviour left a lasting impression on me, and I gripped my cock even tighter.

Handing over the makeup and giving her sister's gorgeous ass a playful slap, Adriana unwittingly looked me in the eye, and then disappeared. Still watching the sexiest woman alive get ready for an evening on the town, I continued masturbating.

Then, while she was putting on some raunchy lingerie, Melina looked in the direction Adriana had disappeared to, and after nodding, resumed getting dressed. When she had fastened her bra, the woman of my dreams stood there for a moment, admiring herself in the mirror, before unexpectedly pressing a hand between her legs.

Watching Melina caress her clit, I witnessed how she unobtrusively pushed her underbelly against the nimble fingers. As she increased the pressure, her tongue slid across her sensual lips, and her eyes closed in private ecstasy. While she continued to play with herself, hardening nipples poked through the sexy bra. Why was Melina doing this? It couldn’t be for my benefit, could it? Or did she need a moment of sweet release? Honestly, I didn't care. Enjoying the show, my breathing grew laboured, and my arm moved faster.

In fact, I was so engrossed in what she was doing; I’d entirely forgotten where I was. Unable to stop myself, my hand moved in a blur, and I pumped my hips in a simulation of what I would like to do to Melina. When I felt my spunk boiling, I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. My stomach cramped, my balls tightened, and closing my eyes, I waited for the moment supreme.

“You fucking pervert, stop what you’re doing right now, or I’ll call the police,” a woman’s voice shrieked.

Hearing this, my bubble of happiness burst instantly, and my eyes flew open. In a cloud of shame and embarrassment, I whipped my head around to confront my assailant, and any hopes of ejaculating died immediately. The person looking at me was shocked, angry, and all too familiar. Accusing eyes stared at me, unwavering, even when I struggled, and failed, to stuff my throbbing erection back inside my jeans.  

“What the fuck are you doing here Dan,” Adriana yelled. “You’re a fucking peeping Tom.”


Okay, let me explain. I could try and say it was part of a kinky game Melina and I played, but the truth was very different. She lived in the apartment beneath me and was most definitely not my girlfriend. In fact, up until that moment, I’d never been with any girl, let alone Melina, and what I was doing was positively taboo.   

I had enrolled at Southampton University and needed accommodation. Being a straight ‘A’ brainiac, and not a streetwise hoodlum, my parents didn’t want me renting rooms like most normal students, so they purchased a small flat for me; one because they could afford it, and two, it gave them some piece of mind.

Okay, I can hear you thinking, ‘what a nerd’ and your assumption would be correct. More to the point, I was completely naive about women. Up until that moment, any sexual knowledge I’d accumulated was purely theoretical. Sure, I’d seen naked women, but only in the soft girly magazines that were available back then. Unfortunately, I’d never been able to turn theory into practice. Now, if you think I’ve been misleading you, I’m sorry, but before you judge me too harshly, please let me finish my story.  

The removal firm had finished unloading all the heavy, unwieldy items and now my mum, dad, and I were busy unloading the rest of my things from the car. Walking into the building with yet another heavy box of books, I was pleasantly distracted by the arrival of a heavenly apparition in the apartment lobby.

Wearing a loose summer blouse, and a short skirt, she introduced herself as Melina. Explaining she’d just seen the removal van drive away, and guessing we would be feeling parched, she invited us to join her for a cup of coffee.

What followed next, was an excruciating half hour, during which my parents embarrassed me more than I could ever remember. They told this gorgeous stranger, things about me that had me wishing for a hole in the ground to open up, so I could jump into it, and disappear altogether. When this ordeal was over, I was sure I would never be able to face her again.

However, I learnt a lot about Melina. She was five years older than me, a commercial artist, and she’d lived in this complex for three months. Named after her Greek grandmother, like her sister Adriana, whom I met a week later, Melina's skin had that exotic olive sheen. And there was a lot of it on display.

Unlike my father, I daren’t look at Melina. It was apparent she wasn’t wearing a bra, and every time I tried looking at her face, the competition protruding from within her blouse, two perfectly formed nipples, distracted my gaze from her disarming smile. No matter how hard I tried, I ended up staring at her chest, much to her and my parent’s amusement.

Despite my initial misgivings, Melina often invited me to join her for cups of coffee and a quick chat. We regularly shared slices of pizza, while watching bad movies, and it was the Salonika sisters who introduced me to the delights of rum, brandy and vodka. Unsure of their motives, it would be fair to say, they treated me like the younger brother they’d never had. They always teased me about my lack of girlfriends, made me blush by parading in revealing outfits, and generally helped to draw me out of my academic shell.

Although I knew she had a boyfriend, I developed a crush on Melina, but not wanting to jeopardise our precious friendship, I said nothing. Unwittingly, Melina compounded my infatuation, when she insisted I should attend her New Year’s Eve party. I had a lot of doubts, too numerous to name here, and I almost decided not to participate. However, the opportunity of spending a whole evening with Melina proved too much to resist.

Both Adriana and Melina danced with me, and although I lacked any real coordination, they didn’t seem to mind. When we weren’t “getting down to the groove,” they had me accompany them as they socialised, and it was then I learned Melina was single again. My heart soared.

When she kissed me on the stroke of midnight, something that lasted much longer than I expected, I thought it would burst. Admittedly, I wasn’t the only person she kissed, and although I received another sloppy one from Adriana, it was Melina’s sweet lips touching mine that I remembered, before eventually falling asleep.

However, 'faint heart never won fair lady,' and lacking the nerve to ask her out, I suffered silently. Whenever we were together, I tried to hide my feelings, but I couldn’t deny each flash of jealousy I felt when she introduced me to yet another new beau. The green-eyed monster grew, and as winter made way for spring, I had to face facts: I was in love with Melina but didn’t know how to make her mine.

So, how did I go from being a hopeless romantic to a creepy peeping tom?

To avoid the costs of employing a gardener,  I was cutting the grass late one Saturday afternoon. Having grown to love the simplicity of mowing the lawns, it was a welcome distraction from a week’s hard studying.

However, on that fateful day, I was running late. An evening’s drinking with the sisters had caused me to oversleep. As a result, I was playing catch up with all my weekend duties, and it was late afternoon before I fired up the lawnmower. Pushing the cumbersome machine around the large garden, built up a good sweat, and by the time I got to mow the secluded patch outside Melina’s kitchen, dusk had long since descended. Glad to be on the final straight, I passed the window and saw lights blazing in her hall and kitchen. Then Melina walked past the open doorway... naked.

I couldn’t believe it. Before I could react, Melina was there again... still nude, but now she stood in front of the mirror in her hallway.

When Melina entered the kitchen for a glass of water, my heart raced, and I quickly hid behind some nearby shrubs, inadvertently ducking when she stared straight at me. Expecting a scream, the lack of reaction was surprising. Then I realised Melina couldn’t see anything outside. With all the kitchen lights shining so brightly, the only thing visible in the window was her reflection.

I watched with bated breath until Melina returned to the hall. Then approaching the building like a thief in the night, I secretly spied on Melina, while she got ready for an evening out. Despite being confident she couldn't see me, I was still shitting myself. In fact, I barely breathed, for fear of giving myself away. However, as the minutes ticked by, I relaxed, and feeling the growing discomfort in my trousers, reached for my zipper.

And that brings us up nicely to the present.


“Please Adriana," I begged, "let me explain,” and wondered what on earth I could say.  

“Go on then.” The challenge was unmistakable. “I’m listening, what have you got to say for yourself?”

‘Good question.’

Things weren’t helped by the fact the bathrobe she was still wearing, was totally inappropriate for such a confrontation. Carelessly fastened, Adriana unwittingly treated me to an enticing view of her full breasts. Try as I might, I couldn’t stop staring.

“Jesus you’re fucking unbelievable,” Adriana exclaimed angrily, when she noticed where I was looking, but did not attempt to cover herself.

“Well, what do you expect,” I retorted indignantly. “You two tease and torment me every chance you get, and then act surprised when you catch me ogling you. You’re even doing it now, for God’s sake.”

“But this is definitely not the same thing Dan," she replied, trying to contain her anger. Then she gestured towards my partially hidden erection. "And for God's sake, put that thing away,"

Terrified about her threat to call the police, I confessed everything.

“But why, it's so fucked up?” Adriana almost exploded.

“Because I’m in love with your sister.” Her eyes took on saucer-like proportions. “I know Melina doesn’t know how I feel about her, but I can’t help myself,” I continued pitifully.

“But don’t you know how fucking perverted this is?” she asked, her anger slowly receding.

Of course I did. I was contemplating my reply when Adriana's eyebrows narrowed in concentration.

“How long have you been doing this?” she demanded.

“About a month I suppose,” I mumbled.

"And you do this every day?" Instinctively I knew what she was referring to, and shook my head.

"Once or twice a week," I admitted, almost certainly confirming what she already suspected. I waited for the shit storm to break.

“Have you spied on me as well?”

It was evident from her tone she hoped I would say no. However, remembering what I had seen, I wanted to lie, but couldn't. I nodded, lowering my gaze to the ground.  

“Oh.” She took the news well, considering. “And did you have a good old wank then?” she asked unexpectedly.

“What do you think,” I mumbled shamefacedly.

“I thought so,” she announced in exasperated disappointment. “And did you cum when you watched me? Look at me when I'm talking to you.”

Our eyes met, hers curious, mine ashamed. Adriana was an actress, used to performing for a crowd, but what I had witnessed was something private, unquestionably X-rated, and we both knew it. We stared at each other, the tension between us unbearable. I nodded.

“Show me,” she demanded unexpectedly.


“Show me how you tossed yourself off,” Adriana burst out in exasperation. “You’ve seen me fingering myself; now I want to see you bash your bishop.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“C'mon get on with it, Dan,” Adriana insisted, hands on her shapely hips. Despite the precariousness of the situation, I slowly exposed my semi. “Hmmmm, very nice. A bit soft, but it's a start. Now start tugging it," she ordered.

Although this was rapidly breaching my comfort zone, I didn't argue. With reluctance, I gripped my flesh and did as Adriana commanded. Watching, with her arms crossed, and a firm ‘get on with it’ expression, I got the impression she wasn't impressed.

As I’ve admitted, I’m a nerd, not an actor, and feeling very self-conscious, I continued to pull at my growing erection.

“Do you call that wanking, Dan? Jeeezusss, it’s no wonder you’re a frustrated peeping tom.”

Moving towards me and seeing my shocked expression, Adriana softened her demeanour. “Allow me," she ordered and spat into her palm. Then replacing my hand with her own, Adriana began tugging my throbbing flesh to its full hardness. “That's better,” she grinned, somewhat proudly.

Then Adriana pulled at the cord holding her bathrobe together, and the garment fell open. Her beautiful large breasts bobbed free, and I saw the dark hairy patch between her legs. She must have felt my cock jerk because she looked at me and giggled.

“I thought that might help," she said, with a knowing smile, and continued stroking my shaft. Because no one had ever done this to me before, the whole experience was so overwhelming; I don’t even think I lasted a minute.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Adriana grabbing my hand and placing it between her legs. “Can you feel how horny this makes me?”

She pressed my fingers into her welcoming slit, and slick juices flowed over my fingertips. A wanton moan escaped her lips, and that sent me over the edge.

Grunting as I spilled my seed, Adriana reacted immediately. She tightened her grip, causing me to buck my hips violently and planted her lips onto mine. Only after I stopped shuddering, did Adriana stop kissing me. Then she released my spunk in a controlled fashion; letting it ooze from my engorged helmet over her delicate fingers.

“Shooting your load all over the place is no good to anyone Dan," she informed me with another sexy giggle. “It’s too precious to waste,” she announced in mock solemnity. “Unless the woman you’re with wants you to cover her in spunk. Then it’s acceptable,” Adriana continued matter of factly, releasing her grip on my prick, and raising her sperm encrusted hand to her lush lips. I watched in awe as she lapped up the thick creamy liquid.

“Mmmm, delicious. I hope you’ve got some more.” Studying my shocked expression, Adriana cocked her head to one side and smiled hungrily. “It might be fun finding out. Come on, let's go and surprise Melina?” Without waiting for a reply, she grasped my erection and turned towards the garden pathway.


“Mel, where are you,” Adriana called as we entered the apartment. “I’ve got something for you.” Her voice trailed off, but I heard the amusement there.

“In the bedroom,” came a distant reply.

“Come on Pervy,” Adriana said softly, pulling me forward by my erection. Sure she wasn't being nasty, I still flinched when she called me that name. Mind you, for the previous ten minutes; I hadn’t been certain of anything.

“Melina, look at what I found in the garden,” Adriana called out again.

“I’m coming,” her sister replied irritatedly. “What’s so fucking important that it...” Appearing in the hallway, fastening her blouse, Melina stopped in her tracks when she saw me.

“Oh, hello Dan, what are you doing here?”

The surprised look on her face was probably nothing compared to mine, but then again, I wasn’t the one wearing the raunchiest, skimpiest lingerie I’d ever seen. Sheer black panties, matching the stockings and suspenders left nothing to the imagination. It was apparent Melina had purchased this outfit with one reason in mind and boy, did it deliver. My eyes almost popped out of my skull.

“Mmmm, Dan approves.” Adriana chuckled, drawing Melina’s gaze to her hand still wrapped around my erection.

“What's going on?” she enquired, an eyebrow cocked and a hand on her hip. “And why is Adriana holding your prick?"

“Do you want to do the honours Pervy?” Adriana butted in, her eyes twinkling mischievously, "or do you want me to explain?"

Before I could answer, Adriana continued speaking. “It's like this Mel, while you were getting ready, I thought I saw something outside the kitchen window. I didn’t say anything because I could have been mistaken, but when I went outside to investigate, I found our young pervert in the garden.”

“What was he doing out there? It’s almost dark?” The puzzled tone was almost comical.

Blushing as Adriana explained what I was doing outside the kitchen window, I watched Melina’s expression go from irritated confusion to angry dismay, and finally to surprised amusement, especially when Adriana described how she punished me.

“Oh and by the way, when we were alone outside, our young pervy declared his undying love for you,” added Adriana unnecessarily. “He’s head over heels about you. In fact; he worships the ground you walk upon.”

I daren’t face Melina, for fearing what I'd see and stared at the floor.

“Dan look at me,” she ordered, “and Adriana, let go of his cock. Let’s see what we’ve got to work with tonight.”

Hearing her words, I quickly raised my head. Melina's eyes sparkled, and her cheeks looked flushed. The blouse she’d been fastening, lay in a heap on the floor, and the half cup bra on view, matched the rest of her underwear, both in colour and amount of gorgeous flesh it revealed. Hard nipples pointed at me.  

“If you’re in love with me, like Adriana proclaims, then I’m assuming you’ll do anything I ask?”

I nodded.

“Soooo, if I told you to crawl over here and kiss my feet, you'd do it?”

Again I nodded.

“And if I ordered you to get naked, you’d comply.”

Unsure of myself, I looked at Adriana for support. Smiling encouragingly, she nodded vigorously, her eyes twinkling. Looking back at Melina, I gulped and agreed.

“Well, that’s all right then,” Melina announced happily. “Get undressed and when you’re ready, come into the living room.” Then she winked a finger at her sister. “Come on, Adriana."

Grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat, I tore off my clothes in record time. Making my way towards the lounge, I tried to shake off the feeling of disbelief ‘it’ was finally going to happen, and reaching the living room door, I took a deep breath and stepped into the unknown.


Two table lamps provided illumination and, thankfully, Melina had drawn the curtains. I didn’t want the outside world seeing this, and yes, I appreciate the irony.

Both women, Melina still in her lingerie, and Adriana naked sat on the couch. Seeing me approach, the woman of my dreams patted the space between them. Although I was still self-conscious, seeing both of them awaiting my entrance, certainly boosted my confidence, and when I saw them licking their lips at the sight of my erection...

“That looks good,” Melina announced.

Happily, ‘little Dan’ was raring to go, and as I wiggled between them, Melina took a firm grasp of my manhood.

“So, our peeping tom likes spying on naked women, watching them through kitchen windows.”

It wasn’t so much a question as a statement, and immediately I felt a wave of shame flood my cheeks. Then Melina kissed me. A soft, gentle peck, it bore lots of promise. “Lucky for you, I don’t mind when you watch me, in fact, Dan, I quite like the idea.” Her eyes twinkled. “But, I’m sure this will feel much better,” and our lips touched again. Melina was right.

This time she meant business. Apart from Adriana’s surprise kiss in the garden, it was the first time someone had kissed me so passionately, and when Melina’s tongue pushed between my lips, it surprised me. Recovering quickly, I decided what's good for the goose is also good for the gander, and copied her movements. She seemed to enjoy it.

While Melina was busy teaching me how to kiss properly, Adriana swatted her sister’s hand from my erection and leaned over my lap. Although I felt her warm breath on my thighs, I didn’t move because I was afraid of getting my hopes up for nothing. Having fantasised about something like this happening to me, for a very long time, I could hardly wait. It was definitely worth it.

Soft lips encompassed my engorged dome, clamping them around the spongy rim, before pressing the tip of her tongue into my hole. The sensation was indescribable, and involuntarily, I bucked my hips. Instead of getting angry, as I expected, Adriana accepted my movements as something natural and continued engulfing my cock, until her mouth couldn't go any further. Watching my reaction, Melina was generous enough to forgive me. “Seems like our pervert likes blowjobs,” she giggled saucily. “Let’s see if he like this?”

Immediately Melina slid from the couch and pushing my legs apart, crawled between them. Determined to show me a good time, the younger of the two sisters licked the insides of my thighs, before brushing her lips against my balls.

If Adriana's blowjob surprised me, Melina’s actions were flabbergasting. She clutched my testicles, ordering me to slide forward, not that I was going to resist until my ass was teetering on the edge of the couch. And then, boggle-eyed, I watched her pop my balls, one at a time, into her mouth to lick and roll them around, her deep brown eyes watching me the whole time.

If that wasn't enough to blow my mind that evening, she traced her tongue across my perineum towards my rear entrance. That really sent me into orbit. Together with Adriana devouring my cock, it was something I'd never experienced, never expected, and absolutly didn’t want to end.

It went on for a few moments until Melina said she wanted to swap positions. It amazed me how effortlessly this happened. No fuss, no dramatics, Adriana simply got off the couch and took her sister's place between my knees, while Melina leant over my lap and gorged herself on my rigid shaft.

As this was happening, I couldn’t help contemplating the paradox Melina and Adriana presented me. Since meeting them, I'd put them on a pedestal, something they hadn't asked for, and although Melina’s was significantly higher than Adriana’s, both had become an integral part of my life.

They were well brought up, their education was the best money could buy, and each was a success in their respective fields. To the outside world, they were the embodiment of society's idea of how respectable young ladies should behave, and discounting the last few weeks, and I’d behaved myself impeccably whenever I was in their presence. 

However. Let’s just say, I expected them to banish me from their lives after finding out about my perverted behaviour, not have them stick their tongues into my asshole. Despite enjoying this immensely, I had to face facts: appearances were undoubtedly deceiving. What they were doing had more to do with a backstreet hooker, than young successful upper-class women. That said, my recent conduct had been less than exemplary, so who was I to judge?

While I was still pondering this conundrum, Melina announced she wanted to see if I could use my tongue correctly. Then, slumping back on the couch, she spread her legs and ordered me to make her scream.

“Don’t worry pervy, I’ll teach you what to do,” Adriana said, slumping next to her sister.

I knelt, ready to dive in when Adriana tapped the back of my head. “Take it easy stud. Start by kissing and licking the insides of her thighs. Make Mel wait. Tease her so that when you finally get round to licking her cunt, she’ll be dying for it.”

It seemed like good advice.

I edged toward the sliver of fabric covering Melina’s sweet sex, gratified with the soft moans and whimpers I elicited while Adriana continued her steady coaching. 

“That’s a good little pervert. You’re a natural at this. Now, while you’re licking Melina's panties, breathe heavily over them, and she’ll be putty in your hands.”

I didn’t ask how Adriana knew this, but her younger sister suddenly seized my tousled hair and drew my head against her pussy. While telling me to pull the scented gusset aside, Adriana took one of my hands and placed it between her silken thighs, pressing it into her dripping wet cunt. Melina’s moans filled the room.

“You’re doing super Dan,” announced Adriana breathlessly, as Melina bucked her hips. “Keep going, and you’ll definitely make her cum.” She wasn’t wrong.


“Now, why don’t you show me what you’ve learned?” Adriana ordered five minutes later, nudging up next to her younger sister and spreading her legs. Remembering her tuition, it didn’t take me long to extract similar erotic cries from the actress.

Not prepared just to watch, Melina continued the constant flow of advice her sibling had started. However, Melina being Melina, she took things a stage further and ordered Adriana to hug her thighs against her chest, raising her hips, and lifting her bum from the couch. Melina’s lips brushed my ear while she reached for my cock. “Stick your tongue into her asshole. I want to see if you’re worth giving myself to,” she said, squeezing my throbbing erection.

I looked at her, doing my best to hide my reluctance. Then she kissed me again. “Do that baby, and you can have mine later on… if you still want me?"

Unable to refuse my goddess, I bent to my task. I ran my tongue along Adriana's dripping pussy, up to her clit and back down again. Immediately, she bucked against my face, and a hand grabbed my hair. I repeated my actions but this time continued downwards until the tip of my tongue entered her back passage. Her moans were encouraging, and I explored further.

“I’m proud of you, Darling,” Melina whispered into my ear. “In a minute, I want you to fuck me. First, make her cum. Stick a finger up her bum and bite her clit, and she’ll be creaming all over your face.”

One should always heed good advice, and sure enough, Adriana’s thighs clamped tightly around my head, and she screamed. The pride in Melina’s expression made me feel ten feet tall, especially when she took my hand and said, “Now it’s my turn,” and flopped back down next to her sister. “Take off my knickers and make me your woman Dan.”

I had the notion both women took it for granted, I knew what I was doing, but I didn’t have a clue. I racked my brains, trying to remember things out of the ‘Reader’s letters.’ and kept coming up blank. Then finally, something came to mind. I held my prick, aiming it toward Melina's welcoming pussy, and seeing her biting her bottom lip, I suddenly realised how much she wanted this. Her reaction made me more determined to do it right. She patted her pubic mound. “Make me scream Dan.”

I knelt in front of her, and pressed my swollen dome against Melina’s sodden gusset, before remembering she’d ordered me to remove her underwear. Pretending to tease her, I rested my cock in place, and dry humped her sex. It was apparent Melina’s patience ran out quicker than mine, because within seconds she pulled the drenched fabric aside, and my helmet slid between her pussy lips. I traced my swollen dome along the length of the juicy opening, watching her belly twitch when I came into contact with her clit, and drawing a snake-like hiss from her mouth.

“That’s it pervy,” giggled Adriana. Sprawled next to us, head resting on one hand, she fingered herself while watching me tease her younger sister. “Show Mel who’s the boss,” she continued, boosting my confidence.

Melina had her eyes closed, and the corners of her mouth curled downwards, as she desperately pressed her abdomen against mine. Deciding not to push my luck, I steered my prick into her dripping cunt and saw my virginity disappear. Finally, I was a man.

I drove deep, Melina's silken tunnel gripping me all the way until my pelvic bone crushed against her labia. While our pubic hair meshed, she grasped my hips and locked her legs behind my back. There was a dangerous glint in her eye, and I wondered, briefly, if I was at risk. I needn’t have worried.

“Come on you fucker," she moaned huskily.”

She tightened her grip, and having followed their instructions so far, I didn’t see why I should stop now.

Being inexperienced, I couldn’t make any real comparison, but there was a lot about sex that surprised me. The sounds and sights were an eye-opener. Apart from the breathless “fuck me” and “shag her harder” instructions, the guttural moans, accompanied by contorted expressions of pain and pleasure, which incidentally are very difficult to distinguish from each other, had me wondering if I was doing it right. And don’t get me started on the squelching and the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. Last but not least, there was the sound of heavy breathing, mostly mine, ringing in my ears.

Jesus, I didn’t know how hard it was to satisfy two demanding women. Feeling the strain somewhat, I knew I couldn’t stop now. Through clenched teeth, Melina announced she was close to cumming and ordered me to 'give it to her good.' Unfortunately, I could feel my seed boiling, and when I gasped I was also about to cum, Adriana reminded me about what she'd said outside the kitchen window. I nodded, trying to ignore the drops of sweat dripping from my nose.

“Here’s your chance, pervert. Cover her with spunk.”

Even as Adriana spoke, Melina tensed, and a muffled scream escaped her lips. Her stomach muscles, already taught, became more pronounced. Then her breathing came in short, sharp bursts, and her legs, still locked behind my back, shuddered uncontrollably. Cum swamped my manhood, and it was all too much for me.

Before pulling out of Melina’s sopping wet cunt, my first expulsion mingled with her cum. Despite her anguished cry, I withdrew my pulsating cock and for the first time watched my spunk splash onto the flesh of a real life, hot-blooded woman. Although Melina had wanted me to cum inside her, it didn’t stop her reaching for my greasy manhood, still wavering above her pubic mound.

The whole situation had started with Adriana wanking me, and now her younger sister was finishing it. Huge globs of spunk spurted from my cock and splattered onto her smooth, silky skin. Even before I’d stopped ejaculating, Adriana was scooping it up and holding her hand above Melina's mouth. Accepting her sister's offering, and then as if determined to outdo Adriana, Melina sat up and pulled my prick to her mouth. The last drops of spunk oozed from my tiny slit as her lips engulfed my throbbing helmet.


A lot changed that weekend. Not only did I became a real man, the Salonika sisters completed my sex education. We spent most of the weekend in bed, exploring each others bodies and desires. One thing is for sure: you can't judge a book by its cover. Melina and Adriana may have looked like goddesses, but they had more in commen with depraved succubuses. Nothing was taboo and everything went. By the time they kicked me out of their apartment, I was completely knackered, and even crawling up the stairs to my apartment, seemed like climbing Mount Everest.

However, that was a lifetime ago. Things and people change. I got married and raised three gorgeous children, one boy and two girls, who both took after their darling mother. I watched them all become respectable and caring adults.

I became a widower six months ago, and everyone dear to me, was there when I buried the love of my life. Since then, they’ve discovered cancer in me. It’s terminal and aggressive, and my time here is limited. For some, this would be a curse, but for me, without wanting to sound like a drama queen, I died inside when fate took away the only woman I’d ever loved.

Please, I'm not looking for sympathy. Why? Because when I pass away, I know in my heart my darling wife Melina and I will be reunited for eternity. 


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