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15 Minutes is NOT Enough!

15 Minutes is NOT Enough!

Teased to breaking point John succumbs; more than one dream is fulfilled!
In 1968 Andy Warhol posited "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." Of course neither he nor Marshall McLuhan had ever heard of twitter or Paris Hilton and the sex-tape Kardashian family. As all great geniuses they were simply imagining the post-industrial, post-propaganda world where a simple hand-held digital device would completely democratize media. They imagined a world just like today in which virtually anyone (even those undeserving of legitimate celebrity) can become famous for a brief period of time.

Well the sexy, smart and talented seventeen-year-old Kelly wanted not only her allotted 15 minutes, she wanted it all!


Two decades ago Karen the gorgeous head cheerleader had teased John all through high school. Almost two years ago (after she turned sixteen) Karen’s aspiring “actress” daughter Kelly had taken up where her mother had left off. Sexy young Kelly was willing to “do anything” for her big break. How much sexual teasing and taunting can a man take?

John arched his back and thrust his hips up. Sexy young Kelly sucked even harder on his rock hard flesh-popsicle with its bulbous purplish-red engorged head. He groaned more loudly than he’d expected feeling his cock near its bursting point. The gorgeous young blond seventeen-year-old giggled at his reaction the way teenage girls do reveling in her control over this handsome older man. John’s head swirled as his teenage temptress ran her tongue rapidly on the underside of his sensitive cockhead, flicking it like a hummingbird’s wing, making him dizzy with desire, desperate to release.

“Oh fuck Kelly I can’t take anymore!”

The fingers of his right hand gripped at the 800-thread cotton sheets as he struggled to last just a few seconds longer. Her teasing over the last few weeks, the buildup, it was all coming to an end in a few seconds. He could feel his balls pull up into his body. He was so close. He wished she would touch his nipples. If only….???

He reached his limit and couldn’t hold on any longer. John’s jaw dropped slack and his body went rigid. His brain was awash in every variety of male sexual frustration, a veritable rainbow of unmet needs. He repeated again and again in his brain, “If only…..?? If only…..???”


A deep guttural groan ripped from John’s throat as his cock turned into a burning rod and a stream of hot thick cream burst forth. His eyes were clamped tightly shut as the orgasm shook his body. The searing sensations slowly easing he cracked his eyes open to see if Kelly was going to swallow it all. In the dim half-light of his bedroom John could see his own left hand wrapping a small white towel around his long thick hard cock. Instead of impaling a luscious cherry-lipped pouting teenage mouth his cock was actually wrapped in simple white terry-cloth cotton towel. The towel had a growing dark wet spot where it was absorbing his huge load of cum.

John sighed a sigh of resignation realizing that sexy young “Kelly” was still next-door in her bedroom. He was, once again, masturbating to her very vivid mental image. John’s mind reflected on the past. He realized he was masturbating to gorgeous young Kelly’s image the same way he had all those years ago also masturbated to her mother’s image when they had been in high school together. The whole scene he had just played out in his mind was merely a mirage, the same mirage from years ago, like a record that kept skipping back to the same song. John realized that his sexual fantasy of fucking the hot teenage girl next door was not dissimilar to the many celluloid fantasies played out in the film roles he helped arrange for his famous clients.

“If only it were real. If only……” He muttered to him self.

John’s body relaxed after its release from its pent-up frustrations. After a bit he rose from his bed and rubbed the last drips of sticky cum out of his now sagging cock. His mouth felt dry and he threw the small white cotton towel with its dark wet spot into his laundry basket. He needed a drink. John headed to the kitchen to find something cold to drink. He padded along the smooth timber floor in his bare feet, his now flaccid cock hanging pathetically between his legs and swinging like an elephant’s trunk from side to side.

John knew his huge house by heart so he felt no need to turn on any lights to find his way. In the kitchen he opened the Sub Zero and the fridge’s bluish-white light illuminated his naked body. John opened the low-cal fruit juice and gulped it down. He looked down at his pathetic sagging cock drained by his own hand instead of by a young sexy vixen and his spirits fell even further. Looking a little higher up the defined ridges of his nicely toned abs raised his spirits just a smidgen. His mind began to reflect on his life and all the changes that had taken place in the last twenty years.

When John had gone to high school the kids had been clearly divided along class lines. Half the kids came from well-off or semi-rich families, what you might call upper middle-class. Some were even pretty rich. The other half were from what is commonly known as “the wrong side of the tracks”. That’s the half John was from. His father had been in and out of work and they had lived pretty much on the edge of devastation his entire childhood. Perhaps that’s why John competed so hard and why, even today, he couldn’t stop competing. It was in his genes, part of his genetic makeup. His drive to succeed was in his DNA.

On the other hand Karen, his next-door neighbor, had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She had private music lessons, ballet lessons, acting lessons, summer cheerleading camp in Florida, math tutors when she was close to failing, summer holidays in Europe, etc. From the time she was sixteen Karen had always shown up at high school in the latest fashions, the most expensive outfits and with her hair and nails perfectly done. Basically Karen had the candy-coated Photoshop version of life every sixteen-year-old girl would dream of. In addition to this at sixteen Karen was pretty. No, not just “pretty” in the conventional sense of being pretty, but really and truly “stunning”. I mean the “could have been a Sports Illustrated model” kind of stunning. People remarked that “the camera loved Karen” and it was true. No matter how or when she had her photograph taken she managed to look stunning.

All the girls in high school had envied Karen and all the guys had “wanted” her in that incredibly horny “wet-dream” teenage boy kind of way. Karen had loved being the center of attention and her dream had been to become an actress or singer. The truth was that she was actually very talented. In her junior and senior years Karen had played the female lead in the drama productions and when they had done the musical numbers she had always sung a lead role.

Karen’s dream had been to study acting after high school and to try to have a career of her own. She wanted nothing more than to be on stage or in front of the camera, to be the center of attention and to get her fifteen minutes of fame. Everyone assumed with her fairytale-gilded life that Karen would actually do it.

What had Karen looked like in high school? At five-foot seven with lush wavy light brunette hair and a perfectly toned body, firm 34C breasts, nicely curved hips and a rock-hard ass Karen was truly every sixteen-year old boy’s wet dream. Young John had woken up more than once with a “wet spot” near his tingling engorged cock and misty visions of his classmate Karen dancing in his sixteen-year-old very horny head. How many times had the image of Karen in her short pleated cheerleader mini skirt driven him to an explosive orgasm? Oh if only, if only? John couldn’t help regretting what had never happened in high school.

Actually the fact was they had been attracted to each other in high school. That was without doubt. John had been the smartest in the class, the hardest working and he ran track and had a pretty good outside shot on the basketball team. Karen knew John was ambitious and she felt her body stir when he was close to her. It was just? Well the truth was that John was a big risk. He came from the wrong side of the town and he was starting life with nothing except himself to rely on. To the sexy and “hot” young Karen who was riding on a wave of peer group adoration and upper-middle class prosperity, hooking up with John seemed like a huge gamble.

Billy on the other hand was the “sure thing”. When Billy got a new blue Ford Mustang for his sixteenth birthday John was still riding his used bike to school. Billy’s dad had money, he had a business and Billy was going to be rich. True, Billy had a small cock and suffered from pre-mature ejaculation, but he had other virtues. Billy lived in a big expensive house with a swimming pool in the back yard. John lived in a small rundown townhouse that his father rented. Billy went to football camp and was the school’s quarterback and was adored by all the sexy girls. John was? Well John was really a non-entity back then.

John had known his relative status (or lack thereof) in high school and had never asked Karen out. He knew the outcome of such a move was a foregone conclusion. Even though being close to John made her pussy cream, Karen had never dared tell any of her friends she had a “crush” on John so they could secretly let him know. In fact Karen had only one photo of herself and John together. It was a candid snap from senior year English class. Karen kept it secretly in a shoebox that Billy and her daughter didn’t know about. She knew all her friends in high school would have laughed at her for going after the “poor boy” when everyone knew Billy wanted her. Billy was the quarterback. Billy was going to take-over his dad’s car dealership. Billy was rich. And so Karen accepted her lot in life and dated Billy.

Billy was not the smartest tool in the shed, so he attended community college after high school. His father donated some money to make sure he would at least graduate from something. He was also pretty insecure having grown up with a chip on his shoulder. It was tough being the only son of a self-made man like his father. As a consequence Billy knew he had lucked out with gorgeous Karen. When Karen started taking acting classes and preparing to appear in a local production Billy took one look at the other confident men in the play and he almost shit his pants.

Later when Karen shot a commercial for dish soap Billy could see how she glowed under the camera, how she lit up the room and how all the men in the crew couldn’t take their eyes off of her. He knew he needed to lock Karen down quick or he’d lose her for sure. Billy saw how people were attracted to Karen, how they wanted to be close to her, wanted to take her picture. He was skating on thin ice and he knew it.

Billy wasn’t totally incompetent. He pretty quickly got Karen pregnant when she was still only nineteen. The consequential “shot gun” wedding was just what he had planned to prevent losing Karen once she realized what a puffball he really was inside. True, he had been the quarterback, but in reality the coach had sent in all the plays. Nine months later when Karen was still only twenty their daughter Kelly had been born.

Meanwhile John had been accepted at a leading Ivy League college on full scholarship and excelled. Outstanding grades in college led to law school at an even more prestigious university. One thing led to another and he kept working his ass off and driving for more. John was going places.

A firm that specialized in representing athletes and entertainers accepted John as a junior lawyer. His big break came when he negotiated an incredible option renewal clause for an NFL player. The word had got around and pretty soon he had clients beating a path to his door. The clients led to bonuses and that led to being made the youngest voting partner in the firm’s history. John now virtually ran the Bay Area office and he was also going to the LA office almost every week as his entertainment practice kept expanding.

In the past two years John’s entertainment practice had taken on more and more young “hot commodity” actresses. He was now known in “the biz” as the “go to guy” for young aspiring actresses who wanted to get breakout roles. John had rules to keep his success on track. Clients could compromise themselves, but he never would. Be low-key and let the client have all the limelight. Take a fair fee, but don’t gouge. Work your ass off, but always appear to be gliding. Also, never, I mean NEVER, fuck the client.

John had never completely gotten over the feeling of being from the wrong side of the tracks. When he had received a very large bonus after one deal he saw that two houses next to Karen’s house were both up for sale. He quietly bought both houses. He then applied to the city and joined the two plots together into one huge lot. When both houses began to be demolished Karen had been standing at her hedge watching the wrecking ball when she had spied John next to his black convertible sports car. In tight white shorts and a sports top Karen even years later still looked like the “wet-dream” girl John remembered.

Karen was shocked to learn that the boy she had been having a secret crush over in high school was now her neighbor. Not only was he her neighbor, but also he would be building a house much larger and more luxurious than the one Billy had bought for her. Karen began to realize what a mistake she had made. Sometimes she realized the “sure thing” was not what you should go for in life if you want to be happy. Billy asked his architect to measure how big Karen’s pool was on the city plans. He instructed his architect to make sure his pool would be at least ten feet longer and five feet wider. Boys and their toys; women please stop giggling.

When John first built his huge house next to Karen’s house their relationship had been somewhat strained and tense. There was an underlying tension from the past that they both felt; things left unsaid, loose ends. Neither one of them could articulate these feelings from the past openly. So they struggled with hidden yearnings submerged, sublimated, but still lurking. The “if only” of life haunted them.

Yet Karen’s young daughter Kelly was a joy to watch grow up. It was the effusive and playful Kelly who caused the two neighbors to relax and spend more time together. Eventually they were even having barbeques together. Karen bought a Nikon when her daughter was born and took up photography as a hobby. She soon realized that her beautiful daughter loved having her picture taken. The amazing thing was that, like her mother, she was incredibly photogenic. It was impossible to take a picture of Kelly where she didn’t look cute.

As John became closer to Karen again he began to almost feel sorry for her. She lived a wealthy life, but she had an over-weight pot-bellied husband who spent little time with her. She had a big house, but she had never followed her dreams. Now he could see that while she was still in incredible shape, she had little passion in her life. She went to the gym, she went to yoga and spinning classes, she did photography as a hobby and she took care of her daughter. What was her passion? If anything Karen’s passion was that she wanted her daughter’s dreams to come true. The soon to turn eighteen-year-old Kelly was everything to her mother and her mother’s dreams of stardom, of shining in front of a camera, had been transferred onto her daughter.

While John was at his fridge young Kelly was up in her room looking out of her window. Next door she saw her neighbor John standing naked by his fridge, his sexy toned body colored a bluish white from the eerie glow of the refrigerator light. She watched as he gulped down a drink and giggled at his drooping limp cock. Her hand traced her right nipple and she rolled it gently feeling the pleasure as she looked at John. Youthful hopes and dreams, dreams of bright lights, dreams of web-site headlines, roiled her young feverish brain; more than anything she wanted to be a movie star and seeing John her scheming brain began to churn.

Kelly looked down at John with her eyes inflamed with desire and ambition. He was the key to her future, to unlocking her dreams and she would do anything she had to do to make her dreams come true. Her mother had fucked up, but young Kelly was not about to make the same mistake. Not a single high school boy had as much gotten a finger inside her tight sweet pussy. She was a virgin and when she lost it Kelly was going to make it count, big time! If only John would look up, see her in her window and realize it was his destiny to help her. If only?

At five-foot eight Kelly was even taller than her mother. Her shoulder length blond hair glowed almost golden. Hints of gorgeous emerald-green sparkled amongst the strange sea of piercing teal-blue in her huge round eyes. Her body? Well if you took her gorgeous sexy Sports Illustrated model mother and combined her with the young “All-American” blond version of her father, made a perfect genetic combination that removed every minor flaw, then you would end up with Kelly. Her body was beyond stunning and people often just would stop and stare when they first met her.

Kelly had high, firm and wonderfully pert breasts, a naturally trim waist, flat stomach and flared hips. Her firm rounded ass and feminine hips were attached to long, sexy toned “dancer legs”. Do you start to get the picture? Her face had a natural healthy glow and easy casual beauty that was quintessential “girl next door” perfect. Her voice was clear and feminine and her flirtatious feminine laugh could make heads turn. Kelly’s teeth were a perfect row of white pearls that sparkled lighting up a room.

Kelly’s personality was fun and playful and she could flirt and tease and lead a conversation with a confidence and poise none of her peers could pull off. An inner core of innate intelligence provided a strong backbone for her more obvious physical perfection. Kelly’s focused drive and her as-yet unharnessed ambition was her backbone; her inner strength augmented her stunning outer beauty and yet was unseen, under the surface, but ever-present. If you took this young beauty only at face value then you would surely underestimate her.

Unable to stop thinking about her handsome older neighbor Kelly picked up her pink silicone covered vibrator and lay down on her cool white cotton quilt. Kelly clicked the small hand-held remote and turned on the video camera she had positioned on a tripod pointed at the bed. Kelly began to think of John, picturing his hard male naked body in her mind.

Kelly relaxed and allowed her face to take on its elastic quality, to present a vision to the camera of lust, of desire, of a young virgin being taken by an older experienced man. She imagined herself under John’s toned male body; his hard thick cock filling her, stretching her, entering her tight wet virgin pussy for the first time. What would it be like? Kelly needed to convey that exact feeling, that moment, perfectly to the camera. She slowly inserted the vibrator and began to play the part.

Slowly Kelly built herself up with the vibrator. She gently slid it in and out of her now tingling pussy, letting it get slick with her juices. As her heart rate increased she thrust it faster and closed her eyes while biting for dramatic effect on her lower lip. She increased the intensity of the vibrations and let her moans and cries rise and become more animated. She played to the camera and made sure she stayed in the frame. Always in her brain (relying on her many acting classes) the vibrator was not silicone, but it had become the real “John”. Kelly was a “method actress” and for her pink silicone was John’s flesh.

Dreams of stardom mingled with throbbing waves of sexual lust as Kelly transported herself to a new place. The silicone was “John” and he was taking her, taking her virginity. He couldn’t help himself as she had led him on, had teased him, had seduced him. Kelly imagined every emotion, every sensation and played to the camera. The camera silently observed as her body writhed and twisted on the white quilt. She groaned and whined thrusting her hips up against the hardness. She playfully imagined how coquettish she would be, how she would feign to be scared, how his big cock would make her nervous. And then? Of course her young horny desires would take over, she would become lustful, she would surrender to her needs as a woman, she would be transported, she would?


Kelly’s young body shook, her thighs trembling with tremors, as the fantasy playing out in her mind took her to the edge and then over into sexual oblivion. Her body was rocked by wave after wave of lust as John’s pink silicone cock won her virginity.

“Oh yes John, fuck me! Take me!! I’ve wanted you for so long. I want to become a woman in your bed.”

As her orgasm began to subside Kelly wondered if that dialogue was appropriate? Did it sound authentic? Is that what she would really say if she was under John with his huge cock inside her for the first time? She needed to dig deep, to find her method-acting premise. What had her drama coach said? Oh yes, “Dig to your core, to your soul. Become that person completely.”

Kelly knew she needed to become the “real” “authentic” young American virgin being taken by an older man. She needed to find that place and convey that exact moment to the camera. Kelly took a moment to catch her breath, the orgasm having drained her young body of oxygen. Then she bounced out of her bed throwing the slick wet pink vibrator to the side. Kelly grabbed the video camera. She flipped the screen and selected “replay”. She replayed the scene she had just acted out on her bed.

Watching her video in replay Kelly critiqued her own performance. She found flaws with several facial expressions and realized she needed to exaggerate the movements with the vibrator to make them show-up better on screen. Each perceived flaw caused her face to frown. She had so much to learn.

“Good thing it’s only a dress rehearsal.” Kelly giggled to her self.

Kelly promised her self that when the “real thing” happened (which she had no doubt would be soon) she would deliver a much better performance. Kelly looked out her window and realized John was gone. Kelly lay on her bed thinking about her life, about her plans, about becoming a star, about making her life spectacular.

As she lay on her bed Kelly’s plan was still not fully formulated, but she knew she needed to control her own destiny. Most of us have this innate sense that life should be “fairer” than it really is. We imagine our lives as a coin rolling on its edge. Statistically we feel the coin should fall equally to either heads or tails if you roll it several times, right? Isn’t that how life should be we imagine. “Heads” would mean a glorious life of wonder and happiness; “Tails” would mean the bums rush and a life of monotonous and tedious blah, blah, blah. We all feel we should have an equal chance at a glorious incredible life, a life filled with interesting people, interesting things and incredible adventures. In fact, deep inside, we feel that if we work hard, if we’re honest, if we try more than others, we should be able to skew the odds in our favor. We should have a better than even chance at a great life. What’s the reality? The reality is that for most humans we have a ninety-nine point “something” percent chance of having either a mundane life, or even worse, a life of strife and despair. Hundreds of millions are born into barely tolerable conditions that for most get worse the longer the person lives.

Kelly knew her life was a silver dollar coin rolling precariously on its thin edge destined to topple one way or the other. Her destiny was in her own hands, and she had no intention of leaving matters up to “fate” or “serendipity”. She fully appreciated how lucky she had been to be born in the USA, to be born to fairly wealthy parents, to be born beautiful, to be born with the best body in her school, to be born smart; she knew all of that and she did sometimes giggle and say “Jackpot!” to her self. However Kelly also knew that the rest was up to her and she fully intended to make sure that her coin tilted and landed on “heads”. Whatever the odds against her, Kelly was determined to succeed, that’s the American dream.

Kelly didn’t want to end up like her mother with a “hobby” and a fat husband named “Billy”. She would make sure she ended up famous, rich, adored and completely immersed in a life of luxury and splendor where she was satisfied and fulfilled in every way. There was no fucking way her life was going to land on tails. Kelly was not willing to accept the shitty tiny life everyone else had to endure. With vivid visions of her glittering future dancing in her teenage head, Kelly hopped back under her quilt and drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile in his house John set his glass down and walked out of the kitchen and over to his home office. His mind was unsettled and he could not sleep. He picked up the script for “High School Days.” This was the hottest script in LA at the moment. A “coming of age” film filed with drugs, sex, bikinis and beaches, it had several key roles for “up and coming” young actresses. The script had been sent to John for one of his clients. And yet?

Something niggled at his brain. The sexy, almost “slutty” part, for the character “Melody” seemed perfect for Karen’s daughter. The character was a “good girl” and yet had the edginess of “a bad girl”. The first time John read the script he knew if the right actress got that part she could become famous overnight. Should he bring it up with Karen he wondered? John went back to bed still thinking about the script and young sexy Kelly next-door. He had a gut feeling.

It just so happens Karen called John on Friday. It seemed Serendipity wanted to play a role and John to a certain extent felt swept along. Karen said her daughter had bought some new bikinis and they wanted to shoot some pictures for Kelly’s modeling portfolio. Karen wondered if John would mind if they used his pool to take some of the pictures on the weekend since it was larger and more scenic than theirs.

“Actually Karen there is something I wanted to talk to you and Kelly about. Why don’t you come over and do the shots and then we can have a little chat.”

John was a little nervous. He knew how ambitious young Kelly was and he didn’t want to get her hopes up and then to have them dashed on the cruel jagged rocks of the Hollywood machine. Casting directors were strange animals and if they had any feelings of empathy for actors John had never seen it demonstrated. It was a long shot for sure. Kelly was a complete unknown with no credits of any substance to her name. Yes a few commercials, a few magazine ads, two roles in music videos in the background, but nothing to justify the leap in level that this film called for. Yet John felt in his gut she was right for the part.

Karen and Kelly came over on Sunday afternoon along with the photographer and his crew. The photographer was a wild young Turkish guy in camouflage pants with unkempt hair tied in a tattered ponytail. He had on a German army under-shirt and a body festooned with weird tattoos. John was well used to the “artistic” type. In the media industry John knew even photographers had to play a role if they wanted to be taken seriously, thus the “costume”.

John and Karen sat to the side of the pool at one of his patio tables while Kelly worked with the photographer. John couldn’t help his eyes being drawn to her young bikini-clad body and he hoped Karen didn’t notice his eyes stray. In fact Karen herself was in a lemon colored summer top that showed off her firm tits to spectacular effect. The top was paired with tight jean cut-off shorts. Karen retained her young and sexy looks and John had to admit he still had a secret desire to bed her. If he had a desire to bed Karen then he hoped she didn’t realize he had an even stronger desire to bed her young daughter.

John explained to Karen the situation with the movie and the potential role. He could tell Karen was getting excited and she leaned forward touching John’s arm.

“Oh my god John, this is Kelly’s dream. She’ll do anything for this role. I’m sure she’ll want to say yes.”

John looked at Karen.

“Are you sure Karen? It will change her life immensely. It will change your life immensely and Billy’s too. The spotlight and the scrutiny; it’s not for everyone. The things I will have to do to get her publicity…..”

John paused letting Karen take in the import of what he was saying.

“It’s not all pleasant. You may find it tasteless and crass. It’s a wild fucked-up Hollywood game Karen. It’s not for the faint of heart. Are you absolutely sure?”

John’s eyes were distracted as sexy young Kelly pranced around his pool in a turquoise almost-not-there bikini. He couldn’t help feeling how stunning she looked and how perfect she was for the role. Karen grabbed his attention back.

“You see, even you look at her. She loves the camera John and the camera loves her. When she is behind the camera she has this glow; it’s almost like she’s a different person.”

Karen paused and then turned more serious.

“John look at my life. I was born for this too. Remember what I was like when we were in high school. You know I was born for something different.”

John looked away unable to deal with the obvious pain in Karen’s eyes.

“Look at me John. Don’t turn away. You know I blew it when I married Billy. I blew my chance. I don’t want my daughter to make the same mistake I made.”

John looked back at Karen very seriously.

“Okay let’s call Kelly over to discuss it.”

Karen’s face burst into a smile and the faint wrinkles around her eyes softened. Happiness erased all the years, all the pain, wiping away frustration and regrets. For a fleeting instant of happiness Karen was that young girl again, the high school girl John had pined for. She was the Karen with the glowing face singing the lead in Annie in front of the whole school. John almost wanted to reach out and take her hand and kiss her on her lips. But he restrained himself. He had missed his chance and in life you can never go back again. Karen was taken and John slept alone.

John watched as Kelly changed from one stunning bikini to another. His cock was throbbing in his pants and he knew he would be masturbating to images of Karen and Kelly later that night. The image of Kelly in the turquoise bikini stuck in his mind. Fuck his life was so fucked-up. Here he was a successful agent with everything a man could want in terms of business success and he still fantasized about two women he could never possess. To make matters worse they lived next door and he was proposing to become Kelly’s agent. That meant they would need to spend a lot of time together. John knew his cock and his feelings of regret would only live to rue this day.

When Kelly finished her photos and came and joined John and her mother at the patio table she had put on a big loose white T-shirt over her final classic black bikini. She sat in the chair next to John and her bare leg touched John’s leg below his shorts. To say she was “excited” at the news of the possible movie role would be a gross under-statement. Kelly was ecstatic. She jumped from her chair into John’s lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. Kelly began to shower him with hugs and kisses in her excitement. John was terrified Kelly would feel his pulsing cock in his shorts and he tried to shift his hips to hide it.

“Really? You’re not lying to me? Oh my god we heard about that movie. Me? You think I could audition? Oh my god……”

She paused to catch her breath as her chest was pounding as her heart raced at the unexpected news.

“John get the script right now. I want to start learning my lines. I’ll do anything for this part. John I want this more than anything. This is my dream.”

John chuckled at Kelly’s enthusiasm and gently pushed her back onto her chair. He used his hand to shift his cock to the side to hide his bulge as he rose and went into his house to get the script. He came out and handed the script to Kelly.

“The part is ‘Melody’. When I read it…….” John paused. “Well I think it could be a break out role for you.”

Karen beamed at her young daughter. When a parent sees their child’s dreams start to come true there is no deeper satisfaction in life. Karen beamed at John with a tinge of sadness behind her smile. What a mistake she had made. Look at how handsome he is. Look at how confident and successful he is. Look at what a wonderful gift he has given to my daughter. If only…..? If only……? Karen could only think of the regrets and the sparkle in her eyes dimmed. Then Kelly grabbed her mother and hugged her and kissed her.

“Oh my god mummy can you believe it? Can you believe it? My dream! My dream!”

Kelly hugged her mother and showered her mother with kisses like she had with John. As Karen felt her daughter almost strangle her with her intense hugging she looked over at John and silently mouthed the words, “Thank You.” John nodded and smiled.

Everything happened pretty fast after that. John called Dan the casting director and set up the audition. He also got his staff to completely re-work Kelly’s portfolio and to brief her on how to handle the casting interview and what to expect at the audition. Actually Kelly was already ready. If there was one think Kelly had an ability to do it was to wrap men around her finger and play to a camera.

Within a few days of the audition Dan’s office called and set up a meeting with John. He waited nervously for the casting director to arrive. He wasn’t nervous for him self as he’d been through this routine a million times before. But he knew if Kelly was rejected she would be shattered and for some reason John felt close to Kelly and he didn’t want that to happen. Another hot young actress was also after the role and John knew Kelly’s chances were slim to none.

Dan swept into John’s office like an out of control tornedo. He ignored the large brightly colored Kandinsky on the far wall over the black leather couch.


He let John’s name hang in the air with menace. John knew the routine and paused before responding.

“Yes Dan?”

Dan glared, his eyes boring into John’s head like a Black & Decker drill.

“I’m not going to fuck around. You know me. Straight fucking shooter, right?”

John did not reply. He didn’t have any cards to play and he knew it. Kelly was a complete unknown. Dan was the king of implied-porn teen angst movies and there was no point trying to bullshit him.

“Her tits are TOO FUCKING SMALL!”

This wasn’t starting out very well and John’s hopes fell. He’d had a gut feeling that Kelly was perfect for this role, but then even gut feelings didn’t work out sometimes. Then Dan’s face changed to a grin. His face was plastered with a big devilish grin.

“We want her to see the Chinaman. He’s a fucking artist with tits. Mona Lisa of fucking tits if you ask me. Your choice of course; if she prefers she can see the what’s-his-fucking-name-Stein guy. Up to you.”

John did not say anything. Now was the time to hold your cards close to your vest. Dan got more excited and hopped around John’s office like an out of control kangaroo. He dropped to his knees laughing, his arms flying to the side, gesticulating madly.

“How did you fucking know John? You’re a fucking genius. The camera LOVES this fucking chick. She’s beyond hot.”

John stayed calm.

“The director ran the takes. He fucking fell in love with her. Fucking made him horny. Fucking made us all horny.”

John was smiling inside but kept a stone face.

“And the fucking money-bags Russian fucking producer you ask? You think he liked her John?”

Dan bounced off the floor and bounded over to the window.

“What do you think John?”

John knew enough not to interrupt Dan in full flight. He answered with raised eyebrows. Dan ran over to John’s desk and raised his right arm high and slammed it down on John’s desk. BAM!

“Fucking right he loved her!! We ran the fucking lesbo scene where she kisses the other chick on the beach. Fucking PRE-CUM John, PRE-CUM!!”

Dan looked at John his eyes blazing and glassy.

“The fucking Russian’s pants almost exploded.”

Dan calmed himself, seeming to collect his thoughts and looked at John sideways.

“And don’t even fucking mention money John. She’s a fucking ZERO. She’s a nobody! And we need her tits for the un-cut R version on DVD. Agreed? Full tits right? The movie requires full-implied; no actual fucking mind you, just full implied. Comprendo?”

Dan paused letting his tirade sink in.

“It won’t be scale John. That would be insulting, especially when we are making her get her tits done. But it will be low 5 figures. Low John. And don’t fucking open your mouth.”

Dan looked at John for confirmation. Their eyes linked and the deal was done. It was a handshake with their eyes. Then Dan laid down the final condition.

“It’s all conditional on one thing John. Our demographic. Fifteen to twenty five John; she tracks “zero” on recognition factor in fifteen to twenty-five. We need a “twenty” with a green arrow up before we start shooting principal photography. Do you understand? Deliver me a twenty with a green arrow and the deal goes unconditional. You have two months.”

Dan glared at John like an angry pit-bull. Then his face softened and he grinned like a Cirque de Soleil clown. He slammed his fist down on John’s desk again. BAM!

“You’re a fucking genius John. Get me a twenty and I’ll give you tongue. You can fuck my ass with no gel. This girl is PERFECT for this role. A “slut-angel” combination; you’re a fucking genius. Get your publicist on it. Get her on some web sites. Get her fucking some boy band singer and get slutty photos on the web. Get her into some clubs and load up the paps to take her photo. You know the fucking game John.”

Dan paused catching his breath.

“Just get it done John. You know what you have to do. I don’t want to be running around finding a replacement for this girl.”

John chuckled to ease his friend’s mind.

“I have my assistant Danielle send over the paperwork tomorrow.”

Dan turned and looked at John with a faux look of shock. He reached out his hand and the two men shook hands. As they were shaking Dan looked John in the eyes.

“You know I don’t do contracts John. You have my word and my word is stronger than oak.”

John laughed.

“Don’t fucking try to ‘Gerry Maguire’ an agent. That Cushman routine isn’t getting you anywhere Dan. Danielle is sending over the contract.”

Dan smiled and laughed.

“You have the most gorgeous fucking assistant I’ve ever seen John. What an ass. Do you fuck her? Send Danielle with the contract personally and I’ll show her why she would be much better off working for me.”

Dan was out the door and gone and the energy level in John’s office sank back to normal. The deal was done, now he needed to tell Kelly and her mom. He laughed to himself, “Low five figures?” To be honest he would have taken scale. This was a breakout role for Kelly.

That evening he couldn’t wait. Karen and Kelly had been sending him endless texts to find out what the casting director had said. He asked them to come over to his house. Karen said Kelly wasn’t home yet, but she’d come over right away. As Karen arrived and sat in his living room John sat and got serious. This was business after all.

“There are two conditions Karen. They want her to get a breast augmentation. I might be able to talk them out of it if we can raise her profile enough, but right now they want her to get her breasts done. Top guy, but still……”

John paused, but Karen didn’t seem to flinch at the suggested surgery for her not-yet eighteen-year-old young daughter.

“And they want a demographic recognition value of over twenty.”

They talked more and John explained what a “recognition value” was and how Kelly was going to need to get a lot of media exposure in the next two months. Kelly soon arrived and it was more excitement and jumping up and down and John got more kisses. As Kelly pressed her firm young body up against him John had to suppress his desire to pull her more tightly into his body. He couldn’t imagine how badly he wanted this young woman, but he knew it was wrong. She was now a client. Kelly looked at her mom and then at John.

“I don’t care. I’ll get a breast augmentation if I have to. I don’t care. I’ll do anything. This part is amazing. I’ll do anything John, ANYTHING!”

John looked at Kelly more seriously.

“Your whole life is going to change. Cameras will follow you everywhere; your life won’t be private anymore. You’ll be on the Internet, your friends may get jealous, are you sure?”

John let it hang in the air and tried his best to get Kelly to consider the change in her life. He was a professional and this was his job. He could see she was only focused on the fame. John made one final try.

“Getting a twenty recognition rating won’t be easy in two months. I really don’t know….”

Uncertainty clouded John’s voice and he wanted to make sure he warned her they might fail. Kelly looked back at him with a steely-eyed determination John had seen in only a few clients.

“Oh John, don’t worry. I have complete faith in you. With you and me together we’ll make twenty. In fact I bet we make thirty.”

John laughed looking at the two gorgeous women, mother and daughter, looking at him expectantly from the couch.

“It’s not so easy young lady. Thirty? Aren’t you ambitious.”

“Yes I am John. I’m very ambitious. Don’t worry when this is over we’ll both be famous.”

Kelly giggled and winked seductively at John. John shook his head silently amazed at the grit and determination such a beautiful young girl could possess. John looked back.

“Okay, well we have a lot of work to do then.”

John didn’t have long to raise Kelly’s media profile so he had to act fast. Kelly was bundled from here to there. In the morning the publicist, afternoon the stylist, lunch with a dialogue coach, etc. etc., it was exhausting but Kelly was thrilled by every second of it. Every experience was new to her and she was not jaded by life yet. Kelly was drinking it in and reveling in the moment. This was her dream and she was living it.

Kelly almost floated on air as Jennifer the stylist led her down Rodeo drive into Chanel. Tory Burch would not cut it for the red carpet event John had lined up. Then she had her hair cut and styled by Dominique, the top gay hair stylist in Hollywood. A hot young male actor led her down the red carpet; stories were fed to the media that they were an item and she had been fucking him for a couple of weeks. Suddenly she was on industry web sites and her name was getting buzz.

John got her a fake ID and had his street people get her into some of the hot clubs. Always she was in the company of rising hot singers and actors and actresses. More media attention and two mentions on TV shows covering Hollywood. John flew with her down to LA to do a photo shoot for a small feature in a “men’s magazine”. Always it seemed to John that when they were together Kelly flirted with him. It must be my imagination he decided. She has this effect on everyone and I’m just imagining things. How could she be attracted to me? I went to school with her mother. John was getting confused and horny from being so close to Kelly.

That night Kelly was bundled out of a hot LA club holding hands with an actress with a “troubled past”. The cameras flashed and she beamed her smile. When John saw the blogs and web sites light up with her photo he smiled to himself. The plan was working, but was it enough? She was still only tracking under a ten. That night he heard a soft knock on is hotel door. John opened his door a crack and then smiled. Kelly was back from the club.

“John can I come in?”

John opened the door and let her in.

“How did it go?”

Kelly explained what a wonderful time she had at the club and all the famous people she had met. Her eyes were wide and John could tell she was still buzzed by the excitement. She looked up at him with a strange look.

“When I left John the cameras kept flashing. It was…..”

She couldn’t finish her sentence, seemingly lost in thought. John took her hand and held it, concerned.

“Yes, Kelly, are you okay?”

She looked up into his eyes. Her eyes were a deep blue pool and he felt as a man like you could fall into them and get lost. His desire for her was so strong he almost wavered. He wanted to pull her in, to kiss her, to carry her to his bed. As he looked at her face he could see the Karen of long ago and then it would be Kelly and then it would get foggy and he would see Karen again. It was as if the two women were both teasing him. Kelly squeezed his hand and moved close.

“John it was……well……I was so happy. It’s my dream you know. It always has been. I just wanted…..”

Kelly’s voice was so soft, almost a whisper, words and breath co-mingled. So John moved closer to her, her golden hair tingling his nose, her rich perfume wafting and beguiling his brain, the touch of her hand in his giving him a hard-on.

“You wanted what Kelly?”

John asked equally softly, not wanting to break the magical mood.

“I wanted…….to……thank you. When all those cameras flashed and took my picture? Well it was just like in my dream John.”

Slowly Kelly moved her arms around his neck and by sliding her face sideways she put her lips delicately on his, their noses touching. She began a soft kiss. John was petrified by her unexpected move and couldn’t move even had his brain willed it. Kelly soon pulled herself into his body more tightly and her kiss became more passionate, with “soft” turning into “sexy”. Not the chaste “thank you” kiss he might have expected, but much more. John’s brain was swirling in turmoil and he was grasping for an explanation, a way out. Kelly sensed his uncertainty and withdrew, pirouetting on her heel and giggling as she retreated towards her own room.

“John you’re the best!”

John stood dumbfounded and staring at Kelly’s sexy pert ass in its black Chanel mini-dress. Her hips were wiggling and with her heels and her embroidered clutch bag he couldn’t help seeing she looked much older than seventeen. He had missed his chance and as she opened her door his throbbing cock bulging in his pants made him realize he would partly regret letting her go. Kelly turned coyly and waved her hand as she disappeared.

“Goodnight John.”

John dejectedly retreated into his room to look for a small towel so he could masturbate to the vision of Kelly in that short black dress. Fuck she had looked hot. He didn’t even care what her recognition rating was. He just needed to relieve this throbbing raging hard-on and aching balls.

The appearances and teasing of the public went on for four more weeks. As Kelly teased the public she also, increasingly, seemed to be teasing John. She would touch his arm, hold his hand, lean in close; this girl was an expert at flirting and she used every weapon she knew to build John up. All of this combined with all the sexy outfits the stylist was putting her in was driving John wild.

John’s phone rang. Kelly put on her “girl in distress” act and asked John to pick her up. He got in his black sports car and went as fast as he could. He had a bad feeling tonight, another one of those gut feelings. Only two weeks to go and he didn’t think there was anything they could do to raise Kelly’s recognition factor any further. He’d tried every trick he knew.

When he got to the well-known restaurant John was surprised. There were a lot of paparazzi outside. He grimaced, as he didn’t like being in the spotlight himself; that was his client’s role. As soon as he pulled up Kelly came out on cue. She looked stunning in her tight white mini-dress, holding a short white sweater with a cream Chanel bag and nude shade heels. The way she held herself and the way the cameras all swiveled in her direction took his breath away. If anyone deserved to become a star it was Kelly.

Two paparazzi stood beside his driver’s side and began flashing pictures of the two of them. Kelly beamed as the flashes went off and she paused by the car door. She struck a pose and turned so all the paparazzi could get lots of pictures. Irritated John leaned across the car and opened the door for her.

“Kelly get in! Let’s get out of here.”

As his car roared off John got even more irritated when Kelly played with his stereo system and started blasting Taylor Swift’s “RED” out of the sound system. With the top down cruising through Hollywood Kelly started singing the words at the top of her lungs. Her blond locks were flying in the breeze and she was smiling and laughing. John wondered why she was so happy? He looked across at her and almost yelled to be heard.

“What are you so happy about? We aren’t anywhere close to twenty and we only have a few days left.”

Kelly turned and looked at him. His breath was almost taken away she was so young and beautiful.

“You worry too much John. I have everything under control.”

John laughed and was amazed at her confidence. Even in the face of her dream collapsing this woman was still laughing and confident. As he heard her voice belt out the song and her hair fly wildly in the wind he thought what a gorgeous chaos she could create in his life. She could tease him and make him desire her more than any woman he had ever met, even more than her mother. She could flirt and wrap him around her little finger like no woman he had ever encountered. Still, it looked like her dream of stardom would at least be delayed. Dan would surely cancel the contract.

When they arrived at his house Kelly bounced out. She grabbed John by the hand.

“Come over I want to read the scene with Jason with you.”

John was confused.

“Kelly the contract is most likely going to be cancelled.”

“Don’t be so negative. My parents are away at that auto dealer’s convention. I want you to read the scene with me. I think I’m pretty good now.”

Kelly pulled John along reluctantly as she took him by the hand and led him to her house and then up to her room.

“See I even have a camera to practice.”

Kelly pointed towards the video camera on the tripod in the corner. She had put another small camera above the bed. John looked at beautiful Kelly in her tight white mini-dress; her long sexy legs and he realized he was in trouble. He shouldn’t be in this room. How many times had he masturbated to the image of this young woman? He couldn’t be this close to her alone in her bedroom. This was too much temptation.

Kelly picked up the script and handed it to John.

“You’re part is Jason. You’re the ‘bad boy’ who’s going to take my virginity.”

Kelly walked towards John turning on a switch and miraculously becoming her character. She became Melody. More than that she became the role she had been practicing secretly for months. The role of the “virgin with an older man.” She began to read her lines.

“So Jason you don’t seem interested in me? Why?”

Kelly walked close to John and began to unknot his tie, a flirtatious playfulness in her eyes. She looked deep into John’s dark hazel eyes and she knew she had him. John couldn’t help himself grinning as he held the script to read his lines. What was this girl up to he wondered.

“You know I’ve always liked you Melody. But you’re a rich girl and I’m……”

“You’re what Jason?”

The script called for Melody to be very flirtatious so Kelly ran her hand on John’s chest teasing him with her nails. John played his lines the best he could.

“Well….I’m…..” He stammered. “And anyways Patty said….”

Kelly threw John’s tie to the side and continued patiently unbuttoning his shirt. John could barely read his lines he was so distracted by her eyes and her fingers working methodically on his shirt buttons.

“Patty is a slut. She wants you Jason, you know that.”

John smiled at the authenticity of Kelly’s delivery. Her dialogue was spot on; too bad she’d not get the role, she was born for it.

“Patty said you’re going out with Craig. She said you’re sleeping…..”

“SLEEPING!!” Kelly took on Melody’s anger.

“Young Jason Jasper, do you believe all the high school gossip you hear? I’ll have you know I’m a virgin. That little slut Patty…..I……..”

Kelly pulled John’s shirt open and ran her fingernails over his chest. John’s cock was filling and beginning to become engorged. His mind was swirling. What exact role was he playing here? He was confused and Kelly was smiling seductively. What was she up to? John got back to his lines.

“Well…….it’s not like that Melody. I really like you….but….”

Kelly tilted her head back and locked her eyes with John’s.

“John do you mind if I film this? I’d like to see how it looks later.”

John was in a daze and had no idea really what he was agreeing to. She wanted to do a kind of audition with him playing the Jason role? He couldn’t really see any harm and he wanted her to keep touching him so he just nodded in a dazed consent. Kelly reached out and clicked the video camera remote. Silently it began to record the two of them as they played their parts. Kelly fell back into character.

“Jason if you like me like you say then you’d kiss me. High school is almost over and we’ve never even kissed. Do you want to live your life with regrets?”

Kelly moved in closer and John had no idea what to do. Were they going to play the whole scene? Kelly’s lips found John’s and they started to kiss. John almost jumped out of his skin when he felt Kelly’s tongue trace his lips. He was too stunned to think before she poked her soft wet tongue between his lips and their tongues were dancing.

“Oh Jason……you feel so strong. My room is so hot, take off your shirt.”

Kelly pulled on John’s shirt and slid it off his shoulder. John wanted to resist, but he lacked the willpower. He was under some sort of sexual trance as Kelly cast her spell. She was a consummate actress and John had no idea what was real and what was being “acted”. John shifted the script from one hand to the other as his shirt fell to the floor in a rumpled pile of cotton.

“Jason I want to feel your skin. I want to feel next to you, close to you. Help me……”

Kelly motioned to her white mini dress and was waiting for John to lift it by the hem and pull it over her head. The script called for Melody to go into lingerie in the scene and for implied sex to take place. Frustrated waiting for John to act Kelly grabbed the dress her self and pulled it over her head. John was flabbergasted; the young Kelly he had watched grow up was now a young woman almost naked in front of him. His pupils widened as his eyes took in the beauty of her sculpted young body.

Script Cue: “Melody and Jason make out on the bed.”

Kelly took John by the hand and led him to the bed. She played with him with her eyes, with her dazzling smile. She saw the reaction her body created and she knew she had him under her control. She slowly pulled at his belt-buckle and he stood unresisting as his slacks also fell to the floor in a heap. She teasingly ran her hand over his huge bulge.

“John I see you like what you see.”

John failed to realize Kelly had gone off the script and was playing a new scene, a scene she had written by herself. She was the writer, the producer, the director and the lead actress. All John was required to do was show up and play his part. As Kelly felt his huge hard cock throb beneath her hand she realized this would be easier than she had ever planned.

Kelly hooked her fingers on each side of John’s hips and pulled his white cotton briefs over his engorged cock. His cock bounced out once released and almost hit her in the face as it sprung off his body. She giggled and John blushed. As John’s briefs fell to his ankles she used a small delicate hand to stroke and feel his male hardness. Her eyes went wide as she saw how big it was and how thick and bulbous the purple-red head was. She wondered how she would ever fit something so large inside her tight virgin pussy. She turned slightly to give an appropriate “OH MY GOD look how big his cock is” look into the camera.

John mumbled words of confused reluctance that even he did not comprehend. He was in a daze and while some tiny part of his brain might still be contemplating resisting the rest of his body had long ago capitulated. Kelly had her dream of stardom and John for so many years had also had his own fantasy. His fantasy was now coming true. Kelly’s dream of being in a movie might be in tatters, but somehow John’s dream was coming true. He looked down at her golden hair, her sparkling and youthful blue eyes and there was no will in his body he could summon to stop her.

Kelly leaned forward and put her glossy cherry lips on his cockhead and she began to suck him into her sweet young mouth. John groaned and closed his eyes. His words were all jumbled as he mumbled.

“Kelly….I mean Melody….Kel……what?…..OH god that feels good!…..What?……Aaghhh……What…..this is wrong……we…..Oh god that feels good…….we shouldn’t……your mother……”

John’s fingers were gripping her shoulders as she slowly moved her mouth deeper and deeper onto his cock. Her head slowly began to move up and down and his eyes were clenched shut. Kelly turned to get a good profile of her mouth sucking on his cock into the frame. She put her pink painted nails onto his muscular hips and pulled his hips forward as she sucked down. John just groaned and whimpered as she had him completely under her control now.

Having got the necessary “blow job” shot Kelly pulled her cherry lips off John’s cock-popsicle with a loud “slurping” sound. She hoped the camera microphone could pick up the sound? She lay back on the bed in her white lace lingerie and beckoned to John to join her on the bed. Slowly he got to his knees and moved forward. She took his head in her hands and led his face to her lace panties.

John looked up into Kelly’s eyes. He couldn’t believe this was happening and he was waiting for the dream to end. He was looking for her consent. Her eyes met John’s and he saw her desire and her consent; her eyes told him what she wanted, what she needed. He saw in her eyes a young girl who wanted him, wanted to lose her virginity. Her hands pushed on his head and he moved and closer to her panties and her pussy his mouth now watering in anticipation.

His nostrils caught the sweet rich feminine scent of her pussy and his cock thumped. The smell of her pussy and its rich juices ignited a primordial desire and John moved his mouth to lap at the soft lace. He could taste her rich peachy juices, acidic but sweet, through the thin fabric. Kelly threw her head back and made feline sounds as her nails dug into John’s scalp. His hands went to her hips and roughly pulled away her lace panties as he wanted to taste her, to stick his tongue deep inside her and to flick her clit and feel it turn into a hard button.

Kelly cried out in weak whimpers as John’s tongue sliced up her slick slit and flicked rapidly across her clit. She gasped, her body shaken, as she felt John’s tongue part her delicate pink lips and probe for her delicate pleasure button. Like the little red button on a ThinkPad John knew this tiny flesh nub controlled all. Her nails dug in to his scalp and John smiled. He knew she would orgasm quickly.

As John flicked and played with Kelly’s clit her body began to writhe on the bed. He inserted a finger to twist and flick and tease her some more. Her hips thrust up into his face as she sought her feminine release against his mouth and his talented older experienced tongue. He felt her clitoris engorge and rise like a hard little knob. He flicked and played with it hearing her gasp in ecstasy and feeling her pussy contract involuntarily as she got closer to release.

John pulled his mouth away to delay her climax, enjoying the perfection of her youth, her perfect body, the intensity of her arousal.

“No John…..please.” She whimpered, her need obvious.

John kissed softly around her sensitive inner thighs before returning to her waiting pulsing pussy. This time he built her up slowly and methodically with a gentle cadence of his tongue. He flicked his finger up behind her clitoris and made gentle circles in sympathy with his tongue strokes.


Kelly cried out as her body shuddered in a massive spasm and John felt her thighs tremor as her pussy convulsed in spasmodic release, rhythmically grasping onto his finger. Kelly’s body arched off the bed and John struggled to keep his mouth on her pussy as her hips swiveled from side to side and her nails ripped at his scalp drawing blood in her desperation. Her young body was not used to such intensity and she was taken by surprise.

John was delirious with need him self now and he crawled up across Kelly’s prone body. Sated and drained by her orgasm she simply laid there below him, her legs splayed wide to receive his manhood. She reached up and placed her hand behind his head drawing his lips to hers. There was no discussion as his male hardness slowly pushed open her tight lips and entered her incredibly tight vagina. He worked his huge cock in slowly, greasing it with her juices. Kelly enjoyed the feeling of being filled, of the warmth of his body and she relished feeling like a woman. This was no silicone cock; this was a real man.

Soon enough Kelly had recovered and she rolled John on his back. She wanted her face and her perfect tits visible on camera. She rode John’s cock with a ferocity he had not expected from a virgin. Kelly took his hands and brought them to her tits, encouraging him to play with her nipples. She began to whimper and cry out and John knew it would not be long. He also was building up. Looking up to see this perfect teenage vixen riding him was almost too much.

“Oh god John, you’ve taken my virginity!!” She cried out.

John thrust his hips up and felt her tightness. He was close to coming and could only grunt in reply. Kelly ripped her nails across his chest.

“Oh fuck John you’ve made me a woman!!”

This was too much. John had thought he would be teaching her, but she was a tigress. She was not making love to him, she was truly “fucking” him like a young slut. John felt his balls contract and he tried to think of sheep, anything to delay the inevitable. No luck.

“Kelly I can’t hold on.” He cried out.

“Yes John, come baby. Come inside me!!”

Kelly’s hips thrashed down onto his hard cock and he felt her pussy begin to grab onto his rod. At the same time his cum shot upwards and his hands grabbed onto Kelly’s ass driving his cock as deeply into her as he could. Kelly cried out at the same time, coming in a huge orgasm, her body convulsed by wave after wave of ecstasy. Kelly collapsed onto John’s sweaty heaving chest, her own heart pounding against her smaller feminine ribcage.

Later John got up to get Kelly a hot wet towel to clean up. His cum had dribbled down her leg. When he was gone Kelly clicked the remote to stop the camera and smiled a big smile. Later John tried to apologize and make up excuses, but Kelly would have none of it. She made it quite clear she wanted to keep fucking John. He was bemused, but he kissed her on the nose and told her that making love to her had “made his dream come true”. Kelly giggled and looked back at John.

“Well it made my dream come true too.”

John looked confused. He couldn’t imagine that sex with him had been her teenage dream? Oh well, his ego inflated anyways. They kissed and with the female efficiency of a woman of many more years Kelly bundled John out the door and back to his own house. He kept asking her “if she was okay” and she kept giggling and assuring him she was fine. Eventually he left. Kelly got down to work.

John awoke to a ringing phone. He worried it might be Kelly upset over what they had done. She was so young; he realized he never should have left her alone. Instead it was Dan.

“You fucking dog. I never expected…..”

John was still groggy.

“Dan what are you talking about?”

Dan laughed.

“Sure buddy. Hey I’m sending over the contract. It’s unconditional. Excellent fucking work! And hey, no breast job required. The way she looks on the video is tracking beautifully with young women.”

John was more confused than ever.

“Dan what the fuck are you talking about?”

“The sex tape you posted. You and Kelly; it’s fucking exploded all over the Internet. I signed the contract before you could re-negotiate the price.”

Dan had a ringtone in his ear. John was at his computer checking the top movie site. Shit! Fuck!! Double shit. There it was. The headline was brutal!

“Rising Actress in Sex Tape: Leading Talent Agent John Langham appears behind the camera to take client’s virginity!”

John was pissed but he had to admire his Kelly’s focus. When she’d asked his consent to tape their session he had been thinking with his small head while she had always been thinking were her big head. He chuckled to him self. Now he realized why Kelly had said her dream had come true as well. He had fucked the girl of his dreams and she was going to be in a movie. This was what they called in the industry a “win-win” situation.

The End

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