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Girl comes upon cabin, finds man, gets to know him, and they have sex, and so do others too.
It was about 1890 or 1891 approximately but I’m not sure to be exact. I was holed up in this shack when she came by and out of nowhere too. My leg was “damaged” somewhat and seeing as I was by myself I had to find a way to fix it up as best as I could but what I’d done wasn’t all that good.

She was about as naïve as they came, except in mending people’s injuries I’d say because she fixed me up swell as she tore off parts of her underlining’s, her underwear that is, and used it for bandages on my leg.

Her name was Ophelia. She was around 19, I believe. Mine is Hosta and at that time I was 31. She was a pretty young and little thing I thought and even though she wore a dress which covered her all up, I did happen to get a few “glimpses” of her without hardly any clothing on. When that happened, my eyes grew like a bird, or something like that.

“I don’t know where you came from,” I told her at first, “but girl, I have to say this. You have a nice young lady’s figure.”

She wasn’t sure how to respond but I think she smiled however she gave me another impression that she was initially put out by my remark. It didn’t matter. She would always stand her ground when she didn’t like something. She never wanted to be anyone’s whipping girl, so to speak. She may have been a naïve young thing and she may not have had a woman’s figure per se but this girl had wits and she knew how to use them when she had to. I’d never seen anyone like her in my entire life for her age.

Later after a few days of being holed up in that shack she came to me. She must have become a little more comfortable with us living under the same roof. “May I ask you something?” she happened to ask that time.

Seeing as the snow had moved in and we didn’t have any horses to ride out on I figured we’d be there for a while. We’d grown comfortable with one another and I’d done most of the hunting and seeing as we’d grown more and more comfortable over the course of time

I told her to ask away so this young lady did. “What does a man’s privates look like?”

Now that question surprised me to no end. I was dumbfounded to put it mildly. This young girl at her age, and although she really wasn’t all that young any more seeing as many girls by her age are already married, had asked me what a man’s penis looked like.

“How’d you like me to answer that one?” I said even though I was still surprised as ever.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I do have a pencil and some paper. You could draw what it looks like, if you wanted to, so I could know,” she went on to tell me.

“Well how about I do something else,” I told her and she asked what. “I could show you.”

“Show me?” she declared. The girl was shocked by what I’d told her and then said, “Like as in pull down your britches and show me your privates?”

I said yes while wearing a straight face but then I no, “Unless I get to see your umm, you know, your boobies.”

That shocked the living devil out of her. “My what?” she stated and stopped right there. She was wearing this look on her face as she then went on to say, “You want to see my bosoms, my breasts?” She looked right at me as she shook her sweet young head. “I don’t know mister. I mean, I don’t know you at all.” She didn’t know what to think or say.

Regardless, without any provocation, I began undoing my britches. Her eyes didn’t hesitate. She looked right down at that area as I dropped the britches to the dirt floor. Once down, she turned a bright shade of red. She looked and she looked long and hard at my privates. Her eyes widened once she saw it. Ophelia did not move as she stared at it. She continued staring at my privates but I was becoming colder and colder due to the inclement weather outside which was upon us. Winter was on its way and sooner then we wanted it to be and I felt it down inside my legs.

“Want to come over here and you know feel it down here,” I asked the young lady.

At first she said, “Oh no,” as she shook her head but she did not stop looking at it even as I pulled up my britches. She stuttered but eventually said “I never could do that, sir,” she told me even though I wasn’t some old man like she was making me out to be.

“Hey, first off I ain’t no old man so don’t be calling me sir. Got that?” I said to her.

“Uh yes sir. So what do I call you?” she asked.

“Anything you like,” I told her as I offered up a smile.

That night while we slept in our beds (there were two of them) hers broke apart for some odd reason. We didn’t have tools. There was hardly any light either so that I could fix her bed so I told her to come and sleep in my bed, with me. It wasn’t as if I had any intention of doing anything, but things can and do happen.

“Oh I am so sorry,” I had told her later on. “I never meant for that to happen.”

What happened was my arms were around her before the morning sun arose. I found myself snuggled closely against her body. She did feel really nice to be honest and when I say it that way, I mean that too. I had felt them sometime during the night too. She does have breasts, although maybe smaller then I would have liked but they were nice sized smallish boobs and big enough for a man, like myself, to hold on to, and enjoy.

“Oh that’s okay,” she had said. “I guess,” and she stopped. “I guess I didn’t mind you uh doing that. Uhhh those uhhh kinds of things can happen.”

I came back with, and I think I patronized her too, but I wore a smile which she didn’t pick up on as I said, “Yes it does but you’re sure I didn’t disturb you at all?” She said no.

“I was a little warmer to be honest,” she went on to say.

“So you want me to hold your body again tonight?” I asked facetiously. She surprisingly said yes because it kept her warm, and I think she liked the feel of my bigger frame up against hers. However, before the day got into full cycle, I laid back down and pulled her back down beside me. She let me as I put my arms back around her and then out of nowhere I heard this “moan” kind of.

“How’d you sleep?” I asked her later in the morning.

“Ohhhhhh beautifully,” she said with a voice full of energy. “To be honest, it did feel nice with your arms around my body.”

We did the same thing the following two nights. Winter had come to stay and seeing as we didn’t have much else we could do, other then fix up her bed and the cabin itself, we decided “living” with one another was turning out to be a really nice adventure for the both of us.

Her bed was now fixed up. We found a way to fix it up and so she was to sleep in her own bed but that night, I felt something odd. I shouted and jumped out of my bed. “What was that?” I called out. As I jumped up, her hand pulled away from me. She found her way to my crotch. She had planted one of her hands in it and she pushed her hand down against my crotch and Ophelia had decided to rub it too.

“I am so sorry Hosta,” she said. “I just,” and she shut up as her cute eyes stared at me. “I just wanted to see what it really felt like,” she told me.

“Here you want to feel it?” I told her. I undid my britches for her again. “Here little girl. Reach around and feel it now. Now, stroke it,” I told her. “Stroke it real softly too. As you do it,” I went on to say, “it will make me feel uhhh real glorious and you’ll understand why I say that as you umm stroke it, lightly.” So she began lightly rubbing or stroking my penis and it felt really good to me as she did it too. Then while she continued to do that I added, “You know, there are many things men and women do and uhhh how should I put this? Well there are many things a man and a woman can do uhhh intimately together.”

“What does intimately mean?” she asked.

“Well I suppose you could say it means personally or in a warm and uhhh affectionate way. It’s kind of like doing stuff romantically,” I told her.

“Really, like what Hosta?”

She had stopped stroking my private part right there. At that point, she wasn’t sure at to what to do. She did know she’d like to try those affectionate things with a man she liked but she didn’t know me all that well, yet. Plus I was a lot older then her too. That much she was sure of. I waited, with my britches down, to see what she’d say.

“Like what?” she said.

“Here, want me to show you a couple things?” I told her.

Unsure what she wanted, she said yes. I positioned her so that we faced one another and we sat up as my penis lay limp between my legs. She looked at it. “Here, give me your hand,” I said and she did. “Now you hold this, cup it like this,” and she hesitantly did as I directed her to. She took hold of my penis. Oh wow, it felt really nice.

She appeared to be a natural at it as her hand without any other remark began stroking it. As she did, she saw how it naturally became harder and longer and more erect then ever.

“Wow! Oh gosh wow,” I called out. “Yeah Ophelia oh yeah,” I found myself saying.

“You really like that?” she said.

“Oh wow,” I exclaimed. “You have know idea how much.” I arched my back. My eyes closed too. I wanted her so badly and was ready to tell her too. “God, I need it,” I said.

“You need what?” she asked.

“You girl,” I exclaimed. “You and your privates!”

“Mine?” she said in a surprised tone of voice and she looked down at her own vagina. “This?” she said as she pointed to it. I nodded. “You want me to become naked, for you?”

“I’m uh aroused,” I said. “You see the excitement don’t you?” She nodded. “It goes down inside that there,” I told her, pointing to her lap.

“This hole, where I pee?” she asked me and I nodded. “Oh my gosh, really?”

Was she really that dumb?” I wondered. Didn’t her mama teach her anything? I don’t know but this was my chance, my opportunity to have the most fun of my life.

“Yeah take off all your clothes. Let me show you what and how, okay?” I said.

She obeyed me as if she was under my command and started taking off all her clothing. It was cold as ever although we did have a fire going and seeing as we were under the covers and I really couldn’t see much of her naked body, I showed her anyway.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she screamed as my hardness went up inside her tight inexperienced hole. “Ohhhhhh wow Hosta, it hurts. It hurts,” Ophelia cried out, “but do not stop. Don’t stop,” she told me and I didn’t.

She cried out with pleasure beyond words as my hard cock fucked her tight and skinny pussy out. She had never experienced anything so darn thrilling in her life or so she said and as I fucked her, continuously, her hands, and more to the point, her fingers dug into my back as I slammed into her young more frail like physique. I wanted her boobs too and as I fucked this young lady, I’d lean in and lay my lips down on each one, sucking away at them freely.

Ophelia loved it all. She had never had an orgasm in her life. No, she had never cum ever before in her life. Life was spectacular that morning for us and once we finished having sex, I told her she was wonderful and amazing and I’d be more then willing to have sex with her any time she wanted.

Ophelia smiled all day long. But she knew she had to do something. She felt dirty and so did I and there was only one way to clean up, thoroughly. Go down to the river, even though it was winter, and become completely naked and take a dip.

“Okay,” I said, “but I’m going down there with you.”

“But you’ll see me naked,” she told me.

“Haven’t I kind of already seen you that way already?” I said.

“Well not completely,” the young woman told me.

She gave in. She headed over to the river. I stood up in my perch with my rifle and watched this glorious looking figure of a woman get undressed. Shoulders, her slimming back, her pretty looking hips, and then her ass and legs. She again had me thinking. I soon became horny again. I wanted sex again that same day. Where were we going anyway I asked myself? Nowhere actually and so, when she got back, we could do it all over again. She dried off, kind of, and with that I undressed in front of her. She caught me doing it too. She loved seeing my penis as it slowly showed her what was inside her earlier.

“Want this again?” I shouted out and she smiled. “Well would you?”

Shortly after I asked and as I undressed in the frigid cold I saw her smiling, but she also nodded and told me yes.

“Okay but I have to clean up a little,” I went on to say and she stood there watching me from start to finish as my naked body jumped into the frigid cold creek to clean up. We hustled back to our cabin. “Man I need your body, badly.”

“And I need yours too,” she said

So before we knew it, we were naked, and under the covers fucking to stay warm and to have fun as well. Ophelia was enjoying the presence of my cock in her pussy again. Her body screamed out for me as she pulled at me while we fucked and fucked madly.

I had never heard as many words out of a person’s mouth as I had from Ophelia’s but she was great. She held me, she clawed me, and she was fucking me as if a knowing pro by the time winter broke and spring began entering the picture. Almost every day we had sex and almost each time it was incredibly awesome for the two of us.

“Ohhhhhhh wow Hosta, I am so going to miss having you around,” she told me the day we had decided to leave. “But getting this horse the way we did was great too,” and it was.

The weather had broken. We found this horse wandering around and we cleaned the cabin out seeing as we weren’t going to be using it any more. We mounted it and went on our way but I had noticed we were being followed here and there by Indians during our journey. Now, I did not have any ammunition for my weapons and hoped the Indians didn’t know that either but soon enough some started to come near us. They wanted things and I knew their language and asked what they wanted.

“The girl for one,” one had said in his native tongue. I said no. He said yes. I asked why. He said, “For sex.” Of course in his native tongue and again I told him no and with that I felt her hands and arms press against me.

“I will do them,” Ophelia whispered. “If that is all they want,” she said.

“Are you sure? Indians can be rough,” I said.

“How rough?” she asked.

“I don’t know but they can be,” I said to her.

“Regardless, I will have sex with them,” she said and so I agreed.

The next morning she came back. She smiled and said it was a good time. It was different but she said she still enjoyed the “adventure” nonetheless. I asked her if she would ever do something like that again.

“I think so. Indians can be romantic,” she told me. “Much like you were Hosta.”

She then kissed me and then we traveled on. We found a spot in which to settle for the night and snuggled there. Our hands found there way into one another’s clothing and we each found that fun and entertaining. I found she loved being fingered, a lot in fact, and she found her way inside my britches too. We played half the night but never ended up having sex at all. Too bad I told myself.

Sex out in the open, under the stars would have been a lot of fun, and an adventure I would have always remembered happily. “It is warmer now,” she said. “Can we do it now?” she asked meaning have sex at this point. “I miss your privates in me,” she said.

“Oh I think we should head on out,” I told her and she whined but understood,

We rode all day long and as we did, she tried hard to snuggle up against the back of my body, which I didn’t mind one bit at all. Still she asked, repeatedly, “Can we do it tonight?”

“Maybe, we’ll see,” I said.

“Awwww come on Hosta, please?” she must have said more then ten times or so.

“Okay, I promise,” I told her.

We found a place. Before I could blink, she was stripping down completely. Wow, what a freaking nice figure I found myself saying. She did have the sweetest looking tits. She had curves upon curves, which I suppose I already knew about already, but seeing as we were out in the open, under the stars like we were, it was a rare treat to have sex with this young lady like I was being offered.

Before I knew it, I was “fucking” her tits. She loved it. Her hands were scratching and pulling at the ground as I fucked her in several different ways. Before we knew it, I was down on her and pushing myself up into that wonderful tight pussy of hers and Ophelia, as usual, was screaming and crying out, and probably waking up all the animals and Indians who were nearby for that matter.

She pushed and she shoved and her body showed me she never wanted it to stop. She thrust her body, endlessly, up into mine, and I did the same to her young energetic physique as it all seemed to go on for “hours.” Ophelia cried out in levels I’d never heard before in my life but as she did she awakened me to the beauty within her soul.

We both came and we both came hard. I came inside her and when I did, I gushed madly. She felt it and loved how it felt as I came in her. Her arms and hands had pulled me down against her as I fucked her lovely slim figure hard. I loved how it felt to be wanted like that and told her so too.

“Really, you love that?” she said.

“Oh god yeah,” I said. “I love doing all of this with you to be honest.”

“Me too Hosta, me too,” she said and out of nowhere a kiss happened to be planted on my lips. “I could do this with you forever.”

We dressed and snuggled up seeing as it became colder and colder but she wrapped herself around me, tightly as we fell asleep watching the stars and the moon. We heard sounds out in the cold wild I’d never even heard before but as we did I felt her holding on to me more tightly then ever.

“Oh my lord, Hosta,” I heard her say. “I want so much more from you.”

I didn’t respond. Another two days and we’d be in a town with a real hotel room and a real bed too. “One or two,” the lady at the counter asked and Ophelia and I smiled as we looked at one another.

“One will do us fine,” I said.

We got to our room and barely came out for two whole days. Having sex, with each other, while enjoying the comforts of a real bed can do wonders for your sex life if you can believe that. I did. She was better then ever as we fucked and we fucked and we fucked even more and harder then we did all winter long at that cabin, but Ophelia was truly dedicated to me and I was to her. Life was good. She was too. And so was the ongoing sex as well.

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