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24 Hours With Jake Pt 2

Part two, to what you've been waiting for...
 He smiled down at me and said. "Enjoy that, well Idid, and I have plenty more to do with you in the 24 hours till everyone’s back".

He wrapped his hand around my hair again; and forcefully pulled me up to my feet. Standing I just about reached under his shoulders, so I had to tilt my head up to look at him. When I finally looked up at him his eyes were looking into mine already. 

His gaze was unreadable, I gave a nervous smile and looked away. His head tilted my face back to his. “Why are you looking away from me?" His voice even more penetrating than his eyes. 

"Your eyes, there unreadable I don't know what you’re thinking; that scares me. We’re here alone and we've already just done what we did, and you want more. I don't know how to do more..." I stumbled out nervously, all the while he was staring at me, so hard and cold. 

"So this all comes down to you being scared, what are you some kind of Virgin?" He asked in a disbelieving manor. 

'Yes! If you must know." I yelled at him, I did not like him inferring that I was not. 

"Well I'll be damned, you sure don't suck cock, or play with that pretty little pussy of yours like one". How crude can you get I thought. At least I knew for sure it was him watching me in the shower. 

"Om, Well... I guess I'm a natural". I muttered. 

He smiled at me in such a patronising way.

But then his smile evaporated like water on an extremely hot day. "It doesn't matter if you’re a virgin or not, I'm still going fuck you brains out, and you know what... I know you’re going love it". He leaned in close to say to me. "Now get your ass upstairs". He whispered in my ear, sending chills through my body. He spun me around and smacked my ass, the shock forced out a slight gasp.

In Jakes Bedroom ...

I was standing at the door way apprehensive to go into his bedroom, because I knew what waited for me in there. Sensations of the flesh I'd never had before, that I wanted but was too scared to experience before. 

I could feel him standing behind me, breathing down my neck, his breath on my neck sent sensational shivers down my spine and through my body. Despite his strong talk down stairs I doubted he'd be rough with me, yet alone force me to do it, if I didn't want. That’s why I was standing at the door with him behind me; once I crossed the threshold that would be me giving up all control. His for the taking. 

On adrenalin filled legs I stepped across the bedroom threshold. As I did he stepped behind me and whispered. "Good girl". 

I started walking over to the bed but he stopped me. "Go sit in that chair". He pointed over to black deep set leather computer spinning chair, located by his computer, the screen was switched off. 

I took a quick glance of the room: the walls were painted dark navy blue, verging on the point of black; His bed was located near to the door of the joint bathroom and the PC and chair just across from it. A few posters of topless chicks, his guitar laying by his bed and a built in wardrobe. A window with white curtains that let in a gentle breeze. 

"Spread your legs". I did as ordered. He walked over to me leaned down as if to kiss my lips, but he just keep going down, trailing kisses down my neck, my collar bone until he reached my aroused nipples.

Oh my the boy could suck, with each suck and flick of his mouth and tongue my body just got more wound up; from my sensitive nipples to my soaking wet pussy. 

My hands were in his damp silky hair, but they wanted to be toying with me, however when I tried he would just pin my hands to the side of the chair or above my head.

What really drove me over the edge was his little nipping bites on my nipple. He had me whimpering in my chair from just doing that! If I ever had control over this situation it was gone, and to be honest I really didn't give a fuck. I just really wanted one.

He stopped kissing, sucking, and biting my nipples just to continue an onslaught onto my taught mid drift, the feathery kisses creating a tingling sensation in me, the sensation would increase the closer he got to my pussy, the tease; now I knew why some guys got so pissed with their girlfriends. 

"Jake, stop, sto-op." Was all I could coherently breathe out. 

“Stop, stop what; touching you, kissing you. Do you really want me to stop?" He lifted his head from my mid drift and said, a devilish smile glinting in his eyes, he knew what he was doing. And from that point on wards he stopped touching me completely. 

He literally left me squirming in my own juices. 

"If you don't say what you want from me I afraid I won’t be able to do anything to you, and you’re not allowed to touch yourself". Oh the sadist 

"I want you to touch me down there". How stupid and shy, so un-like what I was feeling, but that’s how things came out of my mouth. 

He lifted his left hand and laid it flat against my hot mound, I instantly started throbbing from the contact. But he never moved his hand, just kept it there flat against me. 

"You didn't think I was going to let you get away with that so easily, did you? Now I'll make myself clear; what do you want me to do to you, I want it in graphic detail." 

"I want you to play with my pussy." I blurted out.

"That’s better, but I said clear, which means precise to me, how do you want me to do it."

"Fine okay, I want you to gently spread my pussy lips, take one finger and teasingly rub it up and down my slit, then when I'm whimpering like a bitch, shove it into my tight little cunt, try two (that’s the most I could ever fit in), while you do that lick and suck my little clit; is that what you wanted me to say, is that precise enough for you?" 

He didn't even say anything to me, just smiled that wicked smile and began working on me as I had described. Except with a higher tempo and valour, which quickly bought me to climax, my juices squirting in his face. He sucked up every drop the orgasm was so intense, I was left limp and drained in the chair. But he wasn't done with me…


He lifted my limp body and laid me on the bed (no pun intended). 
My energy restoring I pulled him down to me for a deep kiss, his tongue swirling in my mouth transferring my taste to me; and his to him. 

He leaned away and pulled off his board shorts and flung them away, he did the same with my undies after I tilted my pelvis up to his hands.

Since I was still very much horny and wet and he was hard as hard could get no more foreplay was needed and my body was ready for him. 

He used his hands to guide himself into me, even thou I was wet there was still resistance to get into my tight virgin hole, but he slowly pushed on breaking down my reassurance. There was a quick searing pain then nothing, he didn't move.

So I did, I gently started to thrust my pelvis up creating a delicate rhythm that caused foreign but very pleasurable never before sensations in me. Instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist, bringing him deeper inside me, his groin grinding into my clit and groin.

That’s when he took over, pounding into like no tomorrow, it didn't help that I kept screaming. "Fuck me, harder, please Jake."
With each slick thrust I could feel him losing control, but while his body held out I enjoyed the feel on skin on skin. It was like getting fucked by hard silk (if that makes any sense).

It was getting wilder and wilder with every thrust, him biting and sucking my nipples; me doing the same to his flat marble hard male ones. 
He tipped me over the edge twice before he came; I knew when he was coming, he withdrew nearly fully just the tip of him still inside me, then with a deep moan felt grunt he slammed back inside of me tensed and shot his load deep into me.

I didn't have time to take note of this new feeling of come filling my insides, for just as he was stroking my hair and kissing me the door burst open. 

“What the fuck Jake! Why Lex? You just have to fuck up everything I love don't you, Jake You Utter Fuck." Jessica screamed from the door way.

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