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24 hours with Jake

"Have you got all your stuff"? My Mom asked."Cause If you do I can drop you over to Jessica's house on my way to Dawns". 

I was going on a sleepover to my best friend’s house, Jessica I couldn't wait it was going to be awesome. I had not seen her for nearly three years. Well I had on day drips and weekend but it wasn't the same as having her back in the same town going to the same school.

And tonight we'd catch up and have a good old chin wag, but before that I'd be going to dinner with her family. Which was just her Mum, Dad and older brother Jake. I have to admit that I had, and still had a crush on Jake. 

He was like 6"4', with a bronze tan and jet black hair that fell to his shoulders. He always kept it like that. I asked him why that was when I was fourteen to make conversation, he said it was to go with his rock and roll image (he's in a band) and that it was a chick magnet. I'd smiled nervously he'd looked at me with a glint in his eyes laughed and walked away.

If I'd asked that question now I wouldn't be so shy and silly, I’d say. "Really, you’re on to a winner you look sexy as Fuck". I must having been smiling to myself because my mom looked over at me and asked me if I was really that pumped to stay with Jess. I just nodded and let her think of me thinking that.

A few minutes later my mom pulled up in front of Jess's drive and nudged me out of my day dream, where things had gotten pretty steamy with Jake. My body was tingling like it always did when I was in my horny mood. Dame why did I have to go off into a day dream like that when I could do nothing about it.

"Have a great time honey, send Anna and Tom my love and the kids: ring me if there are any problems". With that said she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek while opening my door, did she want to get rid of me that badly, what was so great at Dawns?

"Bye mom, and I doubt I'll have any problems, see you Monday evening". I forgot I wasn't staying for one night but the whole weekend and being dropped at school Monday morning. 

I got out the car locked the door and stood on the curb waving at her as she pulled away. 

I turned around and picked up my bag and made my way to the front door, before I could knock the door swung open and there stood a topless Jake, I would have wiped my eyes but my bags filled them.

"Wow, kiddo is that really you? Gimme those bags". He said scanning me from head to toe, whilst reaching for my bags. Now may be the best time to describe what I look like:

Middle honey brown skin complexion with red and yellow highlights, hazel eyes and curly hair, 5'5" in height, slender shape that didn't go with my 32 DD, but I made it work. And I had a fine pear shaped ass. At seventeen everything was firm and tight.

I handed my bags over and walked into the house. "Ha-ha, yeah it’s really me, I'm filled out I can really be called sexy Lexy with people meaning it." Most off the times he'd seen me I'd been pretty scrawny and skinny.

"Where is Jess, and your parents". I finally asked after a while, the house just felt too quiet. But when I turned around I was talking to thin air. He must have gone up stairs to drop off my bags, with that in mind I went and sat down on the couch. 

"Oh Lex, your mom must have not got the message, I was a little surprised to see you; long story short you were supposed to come tomorrow cause everyone else is out of town". He said nonchalantly leaning against the banister staring at me. 

"Um, well I could call my mom to pick me up again". I said, hoping he'd just say no lets hang out, but I doubt he would. 

"That’s a good idea, but there’s no point really just stay your perfectly safe with me". He said then started to chuckle to himself.

"Make yourself at home, I'm going for a dip, wanna join me". I wanted to say yes, but we were alone and I was a bit too horny plus I didn't have a costume.

I bit a lip chewing on it before answering. "I don't have a swim suite and Jess's won’t fit". I said looking down at my chest to back up my last comment. 

He smiled at that and just said. "You can just go skinny dipping then". He laughed and winked at me. I must have sat staring at him like a gaping fish he just kept smiling and walked away.

When he was gone I flipped through the channels, getting bored and hot. The temperature today was boiling, I couldn't swim but I could shower.

I went upstairs and quickly undressed, going into the en-suite bath room that connected Jess and Jakes' room. 

I turned on the shower and stepped in, it was pure heaven to have the cool crystal drops of water splashing against my hot skin. I grabbed some shower gel and began to lather up; the aroma of apples filling the steam-less air. First up my arm, the liquid so satiny and smooth it began to foam, next my breast and mid-drift; my hands skimming my sensitive nipples caused me to release a soft moan. So I kept on playing with them, watching them get harder and harder, pointing out puckering for a kiss a lick and a suck.

Hands and water running down mid-drift, finally stopping at the apex of my thigh that led to my hot core. My slim fingers (that were all knowing) began to explore: my nail flicked my clit, this sent a sharp burst of pleasure shooting through my body, it was a fleeting sensation so I had to do it over and over again. 

To tease myself I would stop, pinch my clit then rub my nipples, but when I could feel myself getting close to the edge: I sat down on the rim of the bath tub reached up and unhooked the shower, not before setting on high pressure cold. 

Bought it down to me, guiding it straight to my crotch; the sensation at first was a shivering cold racing through my body, but then it turned to pleasure the high speed of water beating against my cunt in rhythmic laps didn't take me long to get off. With no fingers inside me my hole tightened up my body contracted and my juices squirted out, mingling with the cold water. I put down the shower head and went limp on the side. 

While I was sitting on the side I heard the distinct creek of an old wooden door, my head whipped round, my hair covered my, so that by the time I looked the door was closed. I didn't imagine it thou, someone was looking at me while I was masturbating and it could only be Jake.

Back in the bed room...

I didn't know whether to be turned on that he was watching me or freaked out. I couldn't stand around naked all day pondering my feeling so I quickly dried off: I put on red polka dot undies bra and knickers; white shorts a blue tank top and flip flops, and made my way downstairs.

When in the living room I called out his name but got no reply. So I made my way to the back garden. I expected to see him doing laps or floating on his back but he was face down in water body rigid. Fucking hell! Was he drowning

"Jake, Jake"? I got no reply not even a flinch from his body, not stopping to react I jumped into the pool put his head on my shoulder and tread water till I got to the shallow mouth and pulled him out. 

And began to do CPR, my first sign that he was alive was when he spat out water, but his eyes remained closed. So I went in for the kiss of life but it wasn't mean as a kiss but breathing, but as soon as my lips found his, his clung to mine his tongue invading my mouth, his mouth hard. He tasted of chlorine.

His limp hands of before were nor a strong hold around my waist. At first I joined in but as my sense returned I tried to push him away, had he planned this?

But he was too hard and strong my pushing did nothing but excite him, the kissing got rougher. His hand left my waist and began trailing up my wet top pulling it up. He stopped kissing me and got up. What the heck was he playing at?

"Take your top, bra and short off". He stood above me with a stupid menacing smirk on his face. I looked at him in disbelief, he kept looking so I complied. My fresh top from a moment ago was now soggy clinging fabric that I wanted to be rid of, my bra strap sprang back and I took it of my shoulder and placed it on top of my top. 

I got up, un-buttoned my shorts and tried to sexily shimmy out of them. This must have amused him because he smiled. I was happy pleasing him but I was worried about what he'd make me do. 

I sat back down in Japanese style legs folded under me waiting for him to tell me what to do next. 
He didn't say anything to me just kept looking down at me, so hands shaking and in a rush for things to happen I pulled down his board swimming trunks; his manhood released into the cooling afternoon air.

I slowly reached for him my hands tentatively shaking my small hand wrapped around him, it was so warm and firm pulsing with heat, and ridges where veins poked out. 

I rubbed down and up, when I got more brave I went on my knees and tasted him with the tip off my tongue, first poking it at the nob end then circling it around. He tasted of chlorine and salty flesh. After my timid exploration that could seem like teasing, I went down on him fully his girth forcing my cheeks wide apart. He was so big to get him all in he went to the back of my throat straight away. Gaging me, he seemed to enjoy the sound of it, when I tried to pull away to put his hand to the back of my head.

I tried to pull back some more, so he grabbed my hair and started to grind himself into my face, thus face fucking me, while he was doing this one of my free hand went to wet pussy the other back and forth between his balls and my nipples.

I could tell when he was about to come, his body tensed the grinding slowed down then he stopped completely, His load shot straight down my throat I had no choice but to swallow. I gulped feeling the warmth of his come sliding down my throat. He finally let me up for air, I grabbed his dick and licked at the remaining come so I could get to taste it, it was bitter and salty, it reminded me of drinking margarita. 

Smiled down at me and said. "Enjoy that, well I did, and I have plenty more to do with you in the 24 hours till everyone’s back".

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