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3 Guys 1 Virgin (part 1)

A diary entry of a true story of how I lost my virginity to three guys in one night
My first story, please give me feedback.

September 23rd 2010

Dear diary,

I lost my virginity yesterday to a guy I meet last year named Brandon. We had met through a mutual friend last year and he has been trying to fuck me ever since then. After a little hesitation and persuasion, I finally decided to meet him at his place( it was technically his aunt's place but she was gone on vacation).

When I got there, there were 2 other guys sitting on the couch who he called his "play brothers". Not paying much attention to them he led me to a room in the back of the apartment. It was basically empty except for a dresser, a wall mirror, and a bed without any sheets. After speaking to his "play brothers" for a second, he came back in the room and closed the door.

He pushed me down to the bed then lifted up my shirt and bra, he displayed a half smile as he rubbed my 36D cups. Most of my friends told me that they were nervous before they lost their virginity so I thought I was surprisingly calm or it may have been because of the way he started sucking my tits. I've had guys suck on my tits before but not like this. He circled his wet tongue around my nipples and sucked them all while trying to make deep eye contact with me but I couldn't stare into his beautiful light brown eyes long enough because the sensation felt too good. After a while he pulled me up then pulled off his pants and boxers in one motion and pulled out his abnormally huge caramel colored cock.

Before that day I've never seen a cock that big, he was at least ten inches long with a seven inch circumference. I grabbed it and wondered "How in the hell am I going to fit this thing in my mouth let along in my tight virgin pussy." So I attempted to slide it in my mouth, opening it as wide as I could but my teeth slightly grazed his cock but he told me it was okay. After adjusting my mouth to comfortably suck him off he pulled my head back so he could lay on the bed.

"Go ahead." He said as he with that half of a smile that never left his face.

I have a small mouth so I was only able to suck a little pass the head and then lick my way around and down his shaft to his balls which were lightly covered with a patch of hair. I wasn't very experienced in sucking cocks but he seemed to enjoy it. I sucked him long enough to get him rock hard then he laid me back down and pull my pants and panties off and fingered my pussy to get me wetter but he didn't do it long enough because I wasn't wet enough, but when he put his huge dick in my pussy I felt like I was going to split in half but it from the pain but I also felt a little pleasure as he roughly fucked my virgin pussy.

Wow, he was fucking me and we made deep eye contact. I usually don't make long eye contact with anyone because it feels really awkward. But during that moment, I looked him deep in his light brown eyes and he whispered something under his breath but I couldn't understand what he said but then he started getting louder.

"Damn yo shit wet!" He yelled out.

But what I didn't notice was that one of his brothers was standing on the side of the bed and had came in the room to watch us fuck. I'm not sure how long he was watching us but I was surprisingly comfortable with his voyeurism.

I started to softly push Brandon away even though I didn't really want him to stop. But then he asked me did I want him to stop and since he wasn't wearing a condom I said yea and he pulled his cock out just before he came in me and squirted out a little bit of cum onto the bed. In the corner of my eye, I saw his brother pull his pants down then looked up at me and he was just as big as Brandon....

To be continued
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