A Beautiful Relationship Ch. 02

By Secretlit777

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Conclusion of Ch. 01 story line and our first date
After some mutual oral stimulation in the big back seat of my truck Ashlyn lay on top of me with my cock aimed at her perfect, tight and hairless entrance. 

Right before I pushed I asked her, "Do you still have a hymen?"

"No," she replied, "at cheerleading camp someone would always bring a dildo for us to pop our cherries with."

Sounded good to me. I inserted my virgin cock into the big boobed blonde's virgin pussy. It felt like my dick was wrapped in a piece of warm, moist, soft silk. I continued to slowly insert it letting her get used to the intrusion while I was already trying to hold back an orgasm. 

"Ashlyn, I'm about to cum but I will bounce back quick okay?" 

"Uhhh," she replied.

After a few more thrusts I emptied my seed into Ashlyn. For the first time ever I came in a woman. It felt so good knowing the risk that accompanied filling a woman with your cum. I then sat straight up at which point Ashlyn wrapped her legs around me and after some fidgeting I laid her on her back without ever disconnecting my cock from her pussy.

Thanks to being a horny teen I was already hard again and I resumed making love to this beautiful woman. The truck was rocking and, the windows were fogging but I continued my thrusts then I leaned down and began to kiss her while I fondled her breasts. This feeling was amazing and I just kept pounding away at her pussy. My balls slapping against her ass. 

Suddenly, Ashlyn's pussy started to tighten up and she screamed, "Jim, fuck my pussy, you're making me cuuuummm." And with that her voice trailed off as she all but passed out. 

At this point I didn't know what to do, she was almost passed out, so I thrust a few more times and she started to come back. 

The first thing she said was, "Jim, that was great." 

I replied, "It's not over yet. Bend over the console!"

She put her body over the console her ass sticking towards the back of the truck. I aligned my self with her pussy and pushed in once again. In this position it was a whole new experience. I felt different parts of her pussy, and different parts of my cock were being stimulated. 

Now as I thrust, my balls were slapping against her pussy. Then my balls began to tighten. 

"Ashlyn, I'm cumming," I said. 

She replied by saying, "Jim, cum in my pussy... Uhhhh, I'm cumming too." 

And with that we both came at almost the same time. Her pussy tightening caused extreme pleasure on my part and then I coated her insides with my hot cum. 

"That was great, Jim, Thank you."

"No thanks necessary. I enjoy being WITH you. Not just being inside you."

We got dressed and Ashlyn finally put on her clean shirt. A pink low cut v-neck that really showed off her braless cleavage. 

Back on the road we were holding hands and talking. Possibly about doing something together this weekend. Maybe going on a date since we have already fucked. 

Then I thought about a question I needed to ask her. "Hey, Ashlyn. Why weren't you wearing a bra or panties earlier?"

"Well, I was wearing some at the gas station, then after you offered me a ride and I took them off hoping to just tease you. But I am glad it turned into something more," she said squeezing my hand at the end. 


Before I knew it we were back at her house in our hometown. 

I kissed her on the cheek and said, "I will see you tomorrow." 

She replied, "Can't wait," giving my cock a squeeze before she walked away. 

I watched as her perfect ass walked towards her house. When I say she could be a playboy model I mean it. She is absolutely hot in every sense. And she is mine. 


We texted from the second I dropped her off that night until the second I picked her up for our date the next night. I pulled into her driveway and walked to the door. And her dad answered. 

"You must be Jim," he said. 

"Yes, sir. I am here to pick up, Ashlyn." 

"Of course, and thanks for giving her a ride yesterday."

"It was no problem I was coming back anywa..."

I couldn't even finish my sentence as Ashlyn came down the stairs wearing a little black dress and black high heels. Her hair was tied back and she was only wearing slight make-up, if any (I told you how perfect she was just naturally). 

"Hey, Dad, hi, Jim. I see you two have met," Ashlyn stated with an unmistakeable cheer in her voice. 

Her dad said, "Yes we did. You look beautiful honey. Y'all have fun. And, Jim, have her home by midnight."

"Yes, sir."

With that we headed to my truck. I helped her in and shut the door then walked to my side and climbed in myself. 

"Hey, Ashlyn," I said leaning over and kissing her on the cheek. 

"Jim, I have been so horny."

"Me too, Ashlyn. So does your dad always let you stay out until 12 on a first date?"

"Nope, I just told them how much I enjoyed being with you and how much different you are than all the other guys. Like you said that you like to be WITH me. Not just in me. You would be just fine being with me and you don't just want me for sex."

"I do like the sex though."

"Haha, me too, Jim."


We talked as I drove. She had no idea where we were going. I just told her to dress nice. Her in her black dress that hugged her massive chest, small stomach, and well proportioned ass, and I was wearing some black slacks with a blue collared shirt. She definitely looked better than me. 

After about 45 minutes we arrived at our destination, one of the nicest places to eat around where we live. I reserved us a candle light dinner on a private balcony. We sat down and ordered some drinks. 

Ashlyn said, "So are there any plans for after dinner?"

"I've got a couple of ideas. What do you want to do?"

"Nothing in particular. Just spend time alone with you. Looking up at the sky would be fine as long as I was with you."

"I feel the same way. It's a date then."


After dinner we headed back home, or so Ashlyn thought, but in reality we were heading out to a spot where the lights of the city were off in the distance and the night stars stood out in the navy night sky. I pulled into a field off the road a few minutes and parked the truck. 

We got out and started looking at the stars. So I dropped down the tailgate and sat on it. Then Ashlyn promptly sat on my lap facing me and we embraced in a passionate french kiss. 

"Ashlyn, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Not just your ass, pussy or boobs. They are great of course, but your face, and the curves of your hips, and the color of your skin, and the smell of your body, and the feel of your skin. You are absolutely perfect." 

 "Jim, I need your cock now. Stuff my tight pussy with your big cock."

I then picked her up and laid her in the bed of my truck. I went in the backseat and pulled out some jackets. Placed them under her for at least a little padding, and unzipped her dress. 

As I unzipped from the back I said, "Ashlyn, you aren't wearing a bra again?"

She replied, "Just wait until you see the bottom half of me," as she winked at me. 

I wasn't going to wait to see the bottom of her, so I kept unzipping the dress and eventually got it off revealing her bare freshly shaved pussy glistening from the reflection of the moon on her soft pink folds. And chills started covering her entire body as the crisp night air settled on her skin.

I placed her on her back again. I then dropped my pants as well and unbuttoned my shirt, thus joining my girlfriend nude in the bed of my truck. I was already completely rigid and her juices had begun to flow from her pink pussy. So I spit on my cock, rubbed it around her slit and inserted my cock into her pussy. Then I pulled it out, and inserted it again. Pulled out and inserted it again. I was going to make her beg for this. 

After about a minute of that Ashlyn yelled, "Quit teasing me and fuck me."

I started thrusting regularly now and as I was making love to Ashlyn I focused on breathing in hopes of lasting longer than our fuck in my backseat the day prior. 

As my long cock rammed her tight pink cunt I adjusted myself and started making out with my girlfriend. In this position I had myself propped up on my elbows above Ashlyn and our bodies were touching without putting my weight on her. The feeling of complete skin contact like this in the cool night air put me on the edge of orgasm. 

She was constantly moaning and begging for more. "Harder Jim, fuck me harder, and faster Jim. Uhhh, fuck me harder."

And I did. Thrusting into her tight cunt as fast as I could. She was playing with her clit as I sucked and fondled her hard nipples. 

The sex, of course, was great and the thrill of doing it in the bed of my truck with the crisp night air rolling across our skin took me to a whole other level of ecstasy, and the risk of being caught as Ashlyn was yelling out obscenities into the night made me extra hard. 

Ashlyn cried out, "I'm cumming. Uhhhhh I'm gonna cum on your big cock."

And did she ever. I felt her juices spilling out around my cock as I continued pounding her. Her pussy tightened up so it was almost trapping me inside of her. But I never stopped pumping. In an out in and out. Flicking her nipples and kissing her on the face. 

She came down from her climax for mere seconds before my throbbing dick threw her into another equally explosive orgasm. 

This time, as her silky smooth pussy wrapped around my cock, it was over for me as well. "Ashlyn I'm cumming. Where do you want it?"

"In my pussy. Uhhh cum in my pussy. Dump your seed deep in my cunt."

That sent me over the edge, and I did empty my seed in her pussy and I collapsed on top of her as we both tried to recover from earth shattering orgasms. 

We got dressed and headed to her house. 


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