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A bunch of First

My first sexual/bisexual experience was with a m/f couple

            It was the spring of 83 and I was in my Junior year of High school. I had a job at a beach just off of Long Island and would usually spend the whole weekend there because it was just too far to commute to from home. Being the oldest son of 6 kids my parents were very trusting and let us pretty much run free, as long as we kept our grades up and the cops from the front door.


            I remember on this Friday, leaving school after half a day and heading to the beach. Not having a car my thumb was my main mode of transportation. It wasn’t long before this guy in a station wagon stopped and offered me a lift. He said his name was Chris and asked where I was headed, I told him my name and said that I was off to my job at the beach. His reply was that he wasnå’t going quite that far but would take me as far as he could. After some chitchat he asked if I wanted a beer…. being 16 (almost 17), of course I said sure! He said great but that we’d just have to stop by his house and then he’d take me back out to the highway. Chris was probably about in his late 30’s early 40’s.


            It wasn’t that far out of our way to his house, and before I knew it we were there. He said to come in so I followed. When we walked into the house his wife was sitting in the living room in the middle of the couch watching TV. Chris introduced me to his wife, Sharon and told her we were just stopping in for a beer. Sharon said to grab one for her as well and invited me to sit with her while Chris went for the beers.


            We sat and talked for a while, they wanted to know about my job and I told them that it was a pretty flexible position, because I usually spent my weekends there they would pay me for 40 hrs and give me vacation time as well. We talked about other things as well…. Chris got up to get everyone another round and Sharon asked if I liked porn flixs? To be honest I really didn’t have a clue as to what she meant so I said…. SURE. So she got up and stuck in a movie.


            Well my eyes were glued to the TV, it was probably only the second time I’d ever seen a porn flick, sure I had a huge stash of fuck books but this was live action…. After a while I noticed something going on out of the corner of my eye, Sharon had her left had massaging her right breast through her top and her right hand was massaging Chris’ cock which was sticking out over the top of his shorts. Sharon noticed my glance and said, “Isn’t watching this better then watching some old movie?”, I gulped and managed out a meek Yes. Sharon said she liked me watching and Chris agreed.


            Now to be honest, I was a 17 year old virgin and horny all the time, I enjoyed masturbating whenever I could and would fantasize what it must be like. So when Sharon asked if I’d like to fuck her…. I stammered YES…SURE. Well she said she’d like that too but that first she would need my help with Chris…I really didn’t know what this meant and out of pure excitement, said OK anyway. She got up and knelt down in front of Chris and pulled off his shorts while he removed his shirt. She grabbed his cock and began stroking him up and down. She smiled at me and said, “I’m sure this is something you know how to do…” My answer to this was to just turn bright red. She giggled at my embarrassment and then told me to come kneel down next to her.

            Once down on my knees she continued to stroke his cock with her left hand but put her right arm around me and began kissing me passionately, I truly thought she was going to suck my tongue right out of my mouth. She then took hold of my right hand and brought it up to Chris’ cock and told me just to hold it the same way she was. She then kept her hand on mine and helped me to stroke his hard cock, up and down. She would ask Chris how it felt and if I was doing a good job…his reply was a muffled mmmhhhhmm.


            As I continued to stroke his cock Sharon leaned over and began to lick his cock and my fingers. She then took my left hand and had me softly caress his balls and then rub his thighs. Sharon began to slide her mouth over the top of his shaft brushing her lips against my hand as I slid further down his cock. Chris leaned forward and pushed both Sharon and my face towards one another and we kissed deeply again. After a few seconds we parted and he asked me if I could taste his cock on her lips?, I said yes. Chris said nice isn’t it? And again I replied yes.


            Sharon then told me to just lean forward and just lick Chris’ hard cock…like this she said as she showed me. So together we began licking his cock, wow, it was fantastic, I would almost tremble each time our tongues would meet. After a while of this Sharon then said it would make her hot if I would suck on his cock the way she did Chris said “Oh yeah, that would be good” So Sharon again showed me how she would slide her mouth over the tip of his penis and then back off and flick her tongue around his shaft then lick again up and down once more and then back down around his shaft with her lips. Then she said it was my turn. We did this back and forth for a while until she finally said “I think your getting the hang of it..” She told me to keep doing this while she got comfortable; she stood and slid off her shorts then whipped off her top. I remember her body looking like one from one of those 1960’s era porn magazines, not too thin yet not really overweight either.


            Sharon sat on the couch next to Chris…both of them looking and watching me then turning to kiss each other. They would stop and say how good I was doing and how I was going to soon get to fuck Sharon. The two of them began to play with each other’s nipples and Chris began to stroke Sharon’s inner thigh. Finally Sharon got up and told me to stand, so I did. The two of them then began to remove my clothing; before I knew it there I was before them, naked with my hard cock sticking straight ahead. The two of them began to run there hands all over my body, across my chest, down my back, caressing my ass and inner thighs, playing tenderly with my balls and cock.


I was led back onto the couch; they then turned their attention to each other. Chris knelt on the floor in front of Sharon and began giving her little nips on her belly as his hands massaged her nice round ass. I watched as Chris slowly worked his way down her front and into her bushy patch. Sharon let out a soft moan and had to steady herself she grabbed the back of the couch and placed one foot up on the cushion for support, this also gave Chris much better access. I watched as Chris worked his way around and began to kiss and lick her from behind. Sharon’s eyes were closed; she had one hand playing with a nipple and the other gently rubbing her pussy. Every now and then she would bite her lower lip and open her eyes to look in my direction. Well I was enjoying this show, I had scrunched down on the couch and was just gently stroking my cock back and forth with one hand and letting the other rub my inner thigh and around my ass. Watching these two was truly amazing, the sounds and scents that filled the air was making me lightheaded.


When they finally broke apart Sharon leaned over and gave me another sensual kiss, then again she took me by the hand and led me back to the middle of the floor and she said to just lay down. Once down on my back Sharon came down on all fours with her breast just hanging down upon my face…she murmured for me to just gently suck and kiss them, this I eagerly did. Chris got down on the floor behind Sharon and began to lick. I could her Sharon saying how much she licked feeling his tongue darting in and out of her ass, I could also see that his hand was working her wet pussy as well. It wasn’t long before Chris was kneeling behind her slamming her with his cock. This made Sharon move forward a bit until suddenly I was watching his cock slide in and out of her pussy. Her mouth found my erection and suddenly I couldn’t help myself and began to lick both of them, Chris’ balls bouncing off of my face and nothing but the sweet smell of sex. Soon his thrusting became frantic and both there bodies suddenly tensed as the both climaxed and moaned.


            They both collapsed on top of me and we all just stayed still for a moment. Chris finally pulled out of Sharon and let the cum from his deflated cock drip onto my chest. Sharon, still on top of me said, “OK Ed, if your ready to please me, all I want you to do is clean off Chris’ cock. With this Chris knelt by the side of my face and offered his wet dripping cock to my mouth. I could feel Sharon’s mouth back on my cock, I guess being so wrapped up in the moment I didn’t think twice before eagerly licking and sucking the cum from his soft penis. Finally Chris moved away, back to the couch and told me to know lick her pussy clean. I can still remember how wonderfully soft and warm her pussy was, all wet with both of their juices.


            When I had finished, Chris joined Sharon and together they knelt over me, licking and sucking my cock. This was IT, I couldn’t control myself anymore and just exploded. The two of them began eagerly licking and sucking all the cum from my cock. It was so exciting, the two of them were giggling and playing with my ass as they licked and slurped all my cum. Sharon, at last got up and came back to me with a kiss that was full of my own cum.


            The three of us just laid on the floor curled up together. After a while Chris got up and said he’d grab us all another cold one. After he left us Sharon snuggled up against me spooning and told me not to forget that she still wanted to have me inside her.


            As the two of us lay there, Chris came back in and announced that we were out of beer so he was going to make a beer and pizza run and quickly threw his clothes on and ran out the door. As we both still laid on the floor, from behind me, Sharon spoke directly into my ear and said that we should both jump in the shower, with this she playfully bit my ear, stood and yanked me up and dragged me off to the bathroom.


            Once together in the shower, Sharon handed me the shampoo and turned her back to me so I squirted some into my hand and began to massage the soap into her hair, I was amazed at how this was actually getting me turned on again…soon my cock was sticking straight out again. Sharon rinsed then told me to wash her bush, I remember working the lather up, she was obviously enjoying this as well as she had to use the walls for support and tilted her head back. I allowed my fingers to straddle her pussy as I stroked down between her legs. Suddenly she gave a little shudder and giggled and told me to stop….for now.


            We got out of the shower and Sharon toweled off then dried me as well. I started to head towards the living room and my clothes when Sharon stopped me and said she thought those were going to need a washing and for me to follow her, she grabbed a hold of a finger on my left hand and led me into the bedroom. She let go of my hand and headed to her dresser. Sharon then handed me a pair of panties and said, “Try these on”, I laughed and said that purple wasn’t really my color. She smiled and said she wanted to see what I would look like in them, so I slid them on. I remember how great the soft, silky panties felt against my cock, instant hard on. She told me to turn around and as I did she smacked my ass and said, “I like what I’m seeing”, then went to her closet and removed a silk robe for me to put on as well. Sharon quickly dressed herself the same as I was and we headed back out towards the kitchen.


            As we entered the kitchen Chris returned from his beer and pizza run, he took one look at us and laughed, “Hey look sisters”. I remember being so embarrassed all of a sudden that I just wanted to leave.



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