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A Chance Encounter

They looked familiar to each other
Steve was wandering aimlessly through the aisles of the store, not looking for anything in particular. As he was walking down the snack aisle, eyeing a box of Oreos someone else turned the corner. Steve looked up and saw a nice looking girl, who somehow looked familiar. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something about her face was ringing a bell.

She didn't really notice that anyone was in the aisle and was busy filling her shopping cart. She had to get snacks for the kid’s lunches and was looking at the cheap cookies. As Steve stared he couldn't help but notice her amazing boobs. They weren't necessarily on display as she was wearing a fairly modest shirt, but they were so big and beautiful that he couldn't help but stare. Besides that she was wearing a pair of jeans that showed off her figure nicely. Still though, he couldn't figure out why she looked familiar.

Steve didn't want to be caught staring so he turned his attention back to the cookies. She continued with her shopping and moved to the other end of the aisle. Finally grabbing a box of Oreos Steve looked up to see that she was gone. He was slightly disappointed, but more annoyed that he couldn't quite place her.

He wandered around for a few more minutes then decided to head out. As he was waiting in line all of a sudden the same girl got into line right behind him. She started to load her items onto the conveyer. As she did she looked up, making eye contact with Steve.

All of a sudden it hit him, and they both said out loud, "Oh my god."

It was clear that she also recognized him, and now he knew where from. They had met on an adult social website and had chatted a few times. Steve had mentioned that he enjoyed reading erotic stories and that he had written a few that he was thinking about publishing. He shared some of what he had written and she had given some good feedback. They did send each other face pics and described themselves to each other, but that was about the extent of their relationship.

They both blushed and smiled very awkwardly, then Steve held out his hand, "Hi, I'm Steve, nice to meet you.”

She shook his hand and started laughing. "I'm Cathy," she replied, “But I guess you already figured that out.”

They both stood there for a second in silence until Steve broke it by saying, "Well, this is kind of weird."

They both agreed that it was, but after that the ice was broken so to speak. As they stood in line they began talking to each other. They always had a good rapport when chatting online and in person maintained that connection. It was nothing deep or meaningful, mostly just small talk, and telling themselves about on another.

After Steve had checked out he stayed in the store talking to Cathy as her items were scanned. When she was done he offered to help her with her groceries and they walked out to her car. As they filled her trunk with groceries they continued talking and were both enjoying themselves. Once everything was loaded up they stayed and chatted.

After a while Steve finally had to say, "Cathy, can I just tell you that the picture you sent doesn't do you justice, you're much prettier in person."

Cathy blushed and said "Thank you."

Then Steve continued, "And you were right in how you described yourself."

"What do you mean," she asked.

"Um, well, your..." and he looked down towards her boobs.

Cathy began laughing and said, "Thank you, so you like them?"

"They look fantastic," Steve replied.

"Well, you should see them when they're not hidden behind this frumpy shirt," Cathy said mischievously

"Don't tease," Steve said laughing.

"Who says I’m teasing," Cathy responded, with a sly little grin on her face.

She then did something that surprised even her. She bent over, so he could see down the front of her shirt. Then, looking around to see that nobody was watching she lifted her hand and pulled her shirt down further giving him a great view.

Steve's eyes buldged and his cock twitched. He could see right down her shirt. Hanging there, covered by a purple bra were two of the most amazing breasts that he had ever seen. He just stood there staring unabashedly. He had peeked down women’s shirts plenty of times, but never so openly. He didn’t even care that his cock was beginning to poke straight out. In fact, he had to hold back to not reach right out and take them in his hands. When she finally stood up he couldn’t hide his disappointment.

After standing up she looked at Steve and said, "It looks like you enjoyed the view," motioning down to his crotch.

Not believing how bold he felt he stepped in close to her, so his cock was pressed into her thigh and he could feel her boobs against his chest.

“Is it that obvious,” he said, then, without thinking he leaned in and kissed her.

He put his arms around her back and pressed his cock even harder into her as they made out like a couple of horny teenagers for a couple of minutes. Finally they broke their kiss, but Steve kept his arms around her.

"I'm so sorry, I don't know what got into me, you just looked so amazing," he said sheepishly.

Cathy just whispered into his ear, "Get in your car and follow me," before reaching down and giving his hard cock a nice squeeze through his pants.

Steve rushed to his car. He was so flustered that he couldn’t find his keys, and once he did fumbled them a few times before being able to open the door. He started his car then pulled over to hers. She pulled out and drove slowly as he followed her.

After a few minutes and turns she pulled into a secluded parking lot. She drove around the closed building and was in the lot behind them. Finally she pulled to a spot that didn't have a street light close by and stopped. Steve pulled up behind her and sat in his car for a minute.

When she didn't get out of her car he figured he needed to make the next move. He got out and walked to her door. As he approached it flung open and he gasped in amazement. Apparently as they were driving she had managed to take off her shirt and was sitting there at the open door with her boobs freely hanging. As he got to the door she turned and let her legs fall out of the car.

Steve wasted no time and dropped to his knees. He took them both into his hands and began to kiss them while gently squeezing. He made sure not to touch her nipples just yet as he cupped them in his hands. His lips fell all over onto her soft, smooth skin. He kissed up further to her neck, then back down in between them. The whole time he was cupping them in his hands, squeezing and feeling their weight.

As he kissed in between them he moved his hands up very slowly. Soon he could feel the bumpy skin of her areolae under his thumb. Finally he found her nipples with the tips of his fingers. He let them gently brush over the tops of her hardened nubs and she let out a soft moan.

After doing this a few more times she was beginning to shudder with each touch. Finally, as his fingers made their way over again he stopped. He took her nipples in between his thumb and forefinger and pinched softly.

This caused Cathy to moan even more and he began to pinch and tug softly at them. While doing this he kissed his way over to her right boob and soon was licking her nipple around his fingers. Finally he let go and immediately locked his lips around her nipple. He opened wide, taking in as much as he could and then began to flick at her nub with his tongue.

Cathy was loving every minute of it. She had never done anything like this, but was so turned on that she didn't care. Each time he pinched and pulled on her nipple it was a little bit harder and his tongue was doing wonders to the other one.

Suddenly she felt him pull away from the boob he was sucking on. She was momentarily disappointed, but forgot all about it when his lips locked down hard on her other nipple. He wasn't as gentle with this one and bit down hard on it with his lips. Then he began to suck on it while again pinching and twisting the other one, which was wet and cool with his saliva.

As much as Cathy loved what he was doing to her boobs, Steve loved playing with them just as much. They were so big and so soft and she obviously enjoyed the attention he was giving them. Taking both of her nipples in his hands now he pinched and pulled on them a little. He then started to lash his tongue over the pulled nubs, moving from one boob to the other. The whole time he was still squeezing them with his hands.

After a few minutes of this Cathy was moaning and writhing in pleasure. Steve started to pull a little harder, pulling both of her tits away from her body. He continued to tug and leaned back to look up at her. Her eyes were clenched tight and she was biting her lip. When they were fully pulled away from her body and her nipples were pulled taught he pinched and tugged a little harder.

At this Cathy gasped and bit down harder on her lip and then they slipped from his finger tips, bouncing back into place. As soon as that happened he had his mouth over one of her nipples again, sucking hard. For the next few minutes Steve alternated between sucking hard on each nipple and pinching and tugging the other one.

Cathy's mind was in a blissful haze as he continued to work her amazing tits. Each time he pinched, squeezed, sucked, licked, or bit shivers shot down her spine and were making themselves manifest in her pussy. She had dropped one of her hands and was busy rubbing her pussy through her jeans.

She always loved having her boobs played with, but she had never felt like this before. As her hand slid up and down her denim clad pussy she realized that she might cum from her bobs. She began to breath deeper and was soon panting. Steve sucked hard on her nipple, to the point that it hurt, but in such an amazingly wonderful way. His other hand grasped at her entire boob is, squeezing with what had to be all his might.

Cathy moaned out loud and as he bit even harder on her nipple said softly, “Oh fuck, that feels amazing.”

Steve pulled her nipple completely into his open mouth and suckled hard. He was breathing deeply through his nose and his hand was gripping tighter and tighter on her other boob. Her hard, swollen nipple was poking out between his fingers and as his hand clenched the side of his finger made contact with it.

It wasn’t much, and seemed like such a simple thing, but that inconsequential touch sent her over the edge. Her hand pressed into her crotch and she moaned and panted as she had her first orgasm from primarily playing with her boobs. It wasn’t as strong as a regular orgasm, but it was deeply satisfying. Through it all Steve continued to suck on her sensitive nipple.

When she was done she put her hand under Steve’s chin and started to lift his head up.

He hung onto one of her nipples for as long as he could, but eventually it hesitantly slipped from between his lips. Her whole chest and neck were red with flush and soon she had lifted him to her face. Tugging on her nipples he pulled her in close and they began to kiss.

For the next 5 minutes they made out again like they had in the parking lot. Only this time Cathy's shirt was off and Steve didn't stop fondling her boobs the entire time. They were more sensitive then they had ever been and each pinch and tug kept her right on edge.

They took turns driving their tongues into each other’s mouths, then sucking on their lips. Steve kissed across her cheek and nibbled on her ear as he pinched her sensitive nipples. He buried his face into her neck and began to bite gently at her skin as she clawed his back.

Eventually Cathy reached down and began to rub his straining cock through his jeans.

As she did this she whispered out, "Stand up."

Steve reluctantly let go of her boobs and stood up. His cock was pressing hard against the leg of his jeans. She hadn’t seen a picture of his penis, but from what she could see it looked nice. As it was hard it filled out his pants and a very definite ridge showed where his head began. Even in the dark there was a very noticeable wet spot at the tip.

Cathy rubbed down the shaft then tapped her finger on the wet spot, "Looks like somebody is foaming at the mouth to come out and play," they both laughed.

As Steve stood there Cathy began to undo his pants. She started with his belt and undid the loops, pulling it away. Then she slowly unbuttoned his fly opened up the front of his jeans. With one hand she slid down his zipper.

Instead of pulling his pants down she instead snaked her hand into his pants. She slipped it through the opening in his boxers and quickly found his bare skin. She rubbed his trimmed pubes before sliding her hand down to the base of his shaft.

With her hand in his pants she looked up and asked, "I showed you my boobs, do I get to see what you have in here?" and let her hand grasp his shaft.

"Of course you do," Steve answered as she playfully squeezed his cock.

With that Cathy pulled out her hands and placed them at the top of his pants. She then slowly started to lower them. His pubic hair came into view, then a little lower and the base of his shaft was showing. At this point Cathy leaned in and kissed the smooth skin of his cock. She stuck out her tongue and Steve shivered as he felt the wet, smooth streak it left as she licked up all the way to his belly button.

Pulling away Cathy continued to pull his pants down. She got low enough that just the head of his dick was being contained, then with one final tug it sprang out, sticking straight out in front of him. She slowly lifter her hand and took hold of it. She gave it a soft squeeze, causing his head to turn a bright purple and a large, clear drop of pre-cum to drip from the opening.

Cathy continued squeezing and began to stroke it very slowly. Her hand moved up and down the shaft. She got his head in her palm and squeezed gently before stroking back down. Soon her hand was generously lubed with his pre-cum.

Looking up at Steve she said, "It’s very nice," then leaned in and kissed the top of his shiny, bulbous head.

This caused him to flex his dick and a very large amount of pre-cum came out, dripping down his cock and onto her fingers. She lowered her tongue down to that point, and licked up, all the way to the tip. She swirled her tongue around his head, making it wet with a combination of cum and saliva. Then, holding it up against his body she started to lick down the underside.

When she got down to his balls she began to run her tongue all around them. She was pleased to discover that he shaved his sac and enjoyed the softness of the skin on her tongue. When she had covered the entire area she pulled away. Taking them in her hand, she fondled each testicle in turn as she lovingly held his cock up against his stomach.

With one hand cupping his balls and the other wrapped around the base of his shaft she looked up and asked, "What is it you want me to do with it?"

"Whatever you want," he replied.

"You need to be more specific than that," she scolded him.

"I want you to suck it," he said.

At that Cathy smiled. She leaned in and opened her mouth, guiding the head of his cock between her lips. Once his head was in she locked her lips around it and began to suck.

Immediately a stream of the clear liquid began to pour into her mouth and Steve moaned.

Cathy began to stroke his shaft a little faster as she sucked on the pulsing head of his cock. While it was in her mouth she traced her tongue around the sensitive rim of his head and he shuddered. Her tongue found his opening where pre-cum was pouring out and she flicked there are few times. Keeping this up for a minute finally she was full on stroking his cock. She couldn't believe how much pre-cum kept pouring out of his head.

Suddenly she felt a pair of hands rest gently on her head. Then came the unmistakable sensation of Steve pushing her head even further onto his cock. He wasn't being overly aggressive, just giving her a little nudge on what he wanted next. Cathy was more than happy to oblige and allowed him to push her head further onto his cock.

When she had about half of it in her mouth she decided to take control again. She pulled back slowly then took it in again, stroking his cock with her lips. This caused Steve to moan, and he left his hand on her head but allowed her to be in control. As she slid her mouth down she let her tongue slide up and down the side. She made an o-ring with her hand and continued to stroke the base of his cock in sync with the rhythm of her mouth.

The whole time she continued to play with his balls, fondling each one separately. Finally she changed her pace and moved up and down his shaft very slowly. After a few times she let his cock pop out of her mouth and began to stroke it hard and fast. While she was doing this she felt Steve reach down and take her tits in his hands. He squeezed them together and Cathy knew what he was getting at.

She lifted her body a little so her boobs were level with his cock. He let go of them, and she took them in her hands, squeezing them together. Steve leaned in and slid his wet cock in between them. He wasted no time and began to titty fuck her hard and fast.

"So you really do like my tits then," she asked as his cock thrust through, hitting her on the chin.

"Oh fuck yeah, they are amazing," he grunted.

As he pulled back his cock completely disappeared into the soft flesh of her breasts. Then thrusting forward his head would appear at the top, almost hitting her in the chin. His balls were resting just below her boobs with every thrust. Continuing at this pace for a couple of minutes Cathy didn't imagine that he could go on for much longer.

Cathy leaned her head forward and stuck out her tongue. With every thrust Steve’s cock reappeared out of the top of her cleavage. As it did so her tongue flicked vigorously at his head, before it retreated in between her fleshy mounds.

Steve continued his pace hard and fast. He was fucking Cathy’s chest, and she was loving it. She always knew she had a nice rack, but to have a stranger pumping his hard cock between them was something else. In a way Cathy was flattered that he was enjoying them so much.

Finally Steve slowed just a little, but continued sliding his member through her cleavage. He reached down and as she felt his hands she moved hers aside. He took hold of her boobs and with her nipple pinched between his fingers he squeezed them together around himself.

With her hands now free Cathy reached around and grabbed his ass as he thrust and her other hand snaked between their bodies and found his balls again. His thrusting caused her hand to tug at them and his butt was flexing with each move. She looked up at Steve and he was staring at her face.

They looked intently into each other’s eyes as the titty fucking continued. Steve was managing to fondle her boobs while he kept them pinched tight around his cock and his head was leaving pre-cum all over her chin and lower lip.

He thrust through and held his cock. Breaking her gaze Cathy bowed her head down and started to suck on his head as Steve moaned out “Oh fuuuuuuck.”

He pulled his cock back between her breasts and fucked them for a few minutes, then pushed his cock through again. Cathy again sucked hard on his head, before he pulled away. They went through the same routine a few more times, each time she sucked his head a little longer and each time more of the clear fluid came pouring out.

Finally it was too much for Steve. Holding her big boobs tight he picked up speed again. He didn’t stop at the top anymore and let her suck on his cock, but instead slid it up and down between them. She still flicked at his head with her tongue, but he was going so fast now that she was lucky to land one lick.

Her hand was being crushed so she let go of his balls and reached around, taking his other butt cheek in her hand. As she squeezed both of them his balls began to slap loudly at her chest just below her boobs.

Steve was panting now and Cathy knew it couldn’t be long. She looked up and Steve was still staring at her. They looked at each other for a minute, but then Steve’s eyes clenched closed tight. His mouth opened up and his tongue hooked around the side of his open lips.

The next thing Cathy noticed was a warm, slippery mess between her boobs. As Steve came he continued to pump up and down. His first shot was enveloped between them, but his second was as he pulled down and cum began to pour down her belly. He came some more in-between them, then as his cock emerged out the top it continued to shoot, covering her chin and lips.

His cum spilled out the top of her cleavage and started to trickle down the soft flesh, covering her nipples and his hands. She had no idea how many times he shot his load, but as he finally slowed it felt like she was covered with cum from her chin down to the top of her pants.

He pushed his cock up and through them, so it was pressing into her chin and looked down at her, smiling.

“Good lord, I’ve had a pearl necklace,” she said, laughing, “But that was more like a cum shirt.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, looking sheepish.

“Oh, don’t be,” she replied, before bowing forward and sucking his head in.

After she cleaned him off she looked back up, “I’m flattered that you like them so much.”

“They’re perfect,” he said, giving them a little squeeze, before stepping away.

As he backed up he could assess the scene a little better. She was right, he had completely covered her in cum. He couldn’t ever remember cumming so much, but then again he couldn’t remember ever being so turned on either.

"That was amazing," he replied, admiring her cum coated chin and tits.

She reached out and brought his cock to her. It was now a little deflated, but she again l licked at his head. She then took the head in her mouth and Steve's knees buckled a little because it was still so sensitive. When she had cleaned every last bit of cum from it she finally stopped sucking.

Almost as soon as his dick pulled from Cathy's lips and she let go Steve knelt down and began to kiss Cathy again. He could taste the saltiness of his cum her lips and chin as his tongue darted into her mouth.

They kissed for a minute, then Steve said, "I think I owe you"

Cathy bit her lip a little and smiled as she gave him an enthusiastic nod. Steve slowly began to lower himself. He kissed down to Cathy's neck. He lowered down to her cum covered tits and continued kissing. As he got to one of her nipples he stopped. There was a drip of cum that was hanging precariously from her nipple. Just before it dropped he leaned in, caught it on his tongue and took her nipple in his mouth in one continuous motion.

Cathy gasped as he locked his lips around her sensitive nub and smeared cum and saliva all around it. Then, locking his lips tighter he slurped at her nipple until it fell from his mouth. He continued kissing down, over her soft belly. When he got to her belly button he playfully kissed it and poked it with his tongue.

Finally he made it down to the top of her jeans. They were wet now as the cum had dripped all the way down and began to pool at the hem of her pants. As he kissed just above he began to unbutton them. As soon as they were undone he unzipped them and opened them up. As they opened a pair of purple cotton panties that matched Cathy's bra came into view. Steve leaned in and began to kiss the soft material that hid her waiting pussy.

As he kissed her covered mound he took hold of the top of her pants and panties and began to pull down. Soon they were low enough that the trimmed patch of Cathy's pussy was in view. Steve leaned in and began kissing the exposed area while continuing to pull her pants down.

As he pulled Cathy lifted her bum off the car seat, which allowed Steve to completely remove her pants. He continued pulling slowly, kissing down her stomach and then her pubic area as they lowered. Soon they were off and her vagina was exposed to him. He rolled the pants down her legs and then held them as she pulled her feet out.

Cathy was now completely naked. She sat in her car seat in the back of a dark, public parking lot. Everything about the situation seemed so wrong, and so dirty, but the only thing Cathy could think about was having Steve's mouth start working her over.

When her pants and underwear were off Steve slowly moved his hands up her legs. They were very smooth and Cathy started to get goose bumps. His hands moved up past her knees and then to her inner thighs. As he slid his hands up he applied enough pressure so that her legs began to separate. Soon Cathy's legs were spread completely apart and her waiting pussy was on full display to him.

It was dark, but Steve was close enough to make out the sight before him. Cathy had a patch of trimmed hair at the top of her pussy, and below that her lips hung out. It appeared that she shaved around her opening as her lips were clearly visible and he could see a hint of glistening in between them.

He leaned in and began to kiss Cathy's leg, just above her knee. His hands moved further up her thigh and soon he was caressing the crease where her legs met her pussy. He worked his way up her leg, alternating between kissing it and sliding his tongue up and down. His hands moved to the tops of her thighs as his face got closer and closer. Soon he was kissing the same crease and his nose brushed and bumped against her pubic area.

He kissed along her smooth outer lips, taking special care to not make contact with her pussy. He moved up and across the patch of hair, just above where her clit was pounding, then worked his way down the other side, again being careful with where he was kissing. His hands had moved around so they were grabbing the top of her bare bum and he was gently kneading the fleshy mounds.

When he was done kissing all around the perimeter of her opening Cathy felt like her cunt was on fire. She could feel the warmth of his breath each time he exhaled. Conversely, Steve caught a distinct smell of her wet pussy every time he inhaled.

Cathy wanted and needed to feel his tongue on her. She leaned back and tried to push her pussy forward. She lifted her legs and placed the right one on the car door, the left one pushed against the frame of the car. She was on full display and Steve thoroughly enjoyed the view as he backed away momentarily. He could tell that she was writhing in anticipation. He wanted to taste her as much as she wanted him he leaned back in.

Sticking out his tongue he made the slightest contact with the bottom of her protruding lips. As soon as she felt the contact she gave out a small squeal. His tongue flickered there for a minute as he worked it in between her folds. When he was between them he put his tongue in a little further. He could feel and taste the moistness that had been gathering.

When he got that taste he needed more. Slowly he began to drag his tongue up between her lips. He was savoring the feel and flavor of Cathy's amazing pussy and she was savoring the feel of his tongue separating her cunt. Taking his sweet time Steve finally reached the top and as his tongue traveled across her waiting clit Cathy moaned.

Steve pulled away long enough to lower his head, then repeated the process, this time pushing his tongue in even further. With each pass Cathy dove further and further into ecstasy. She wanted his tongue inside as far as he could get it, and each time he licked across her clit her whole body shuddered. She could feel herself opening up more and more as his tongue invaded her delicate hole.

On about the fifth pass Steve again lowered his head. This time he started to push his tongue deep inside her. Finally he had it in as far as he could. His nose was pressed against her lips just above his tongue and he started back up. This time his tongue strained as he tried to get it further and further inside Cathy's cunt. When he finally got to the top, instead of licking over her clit he stopped. He locked his lips to her and found the small nub with his tongue.

"Fuck yeah, that feels so good," Cathy groaned as his tongue worked over her clit.

Not wanting to overdo it with this sensitive area he started to lower himself again, this time however he kept his tongue buried deep into her snatch. This motion continued for a few minutes. Steve's tongue would travel up and down the inside of her pussy, then stop and play with her clit. Cathy's whole body was responding to the action and her moans and groans were constant.

As Steve lowered down once again he pushed even harder. His tongue worked inside a little further and he pulled it out. He locked his lips against hers and began to forcefully shove his tongue in and out of her gnash. He was now fucking Cathy's pussy with his tongue. While he wasn't paying direct attention to her clit, each time he drove his tongue in his nose pressed hard against her button, sending shivers all through her body.

As he tongue fucked her he locked his lips around hers. He pushed his tongue as deep into her sweet pussy as he could, then pulled completely out. He moved his hands to the back of her legs and pressed them back even further, opening her up even more to him. Lowering his face he again began licking her from top to bottom. This time he was going all the way down below her pussy up to the top, each time diddling her clit with his tongue.

He kept going lower and lower until Cathy could feel his tongue starting to poke at her asshole. He rimmed her hole for a second, then dragged it all the way back up, swirling his tongue around her clit. For about five minutes he kept this up, moving his tongue between her clit and asshole, making sure to keep it buried inside her.

Cathy couldn't take much more. She needed to cum and she wanted to do it all over Steve's tongue. She lowered her arms and put her hands on the back of his head. Now it was her turn to use him to get off. When his tongue was positioned at her opening she shoved his face into her cunt. His tongue strained to get in as far as it could go.

She didn't release the pressure on his head and he began to push his tongue in and out. He couldn't breathe at all as his nose was mashed against her clit, but he didn't care. The only thing on his mind was pleasing this beautiful woman. When she finally let go of his head Steve had to pull out and take a deep breath. As he did this he heard something quietly escape Cathy's mouth.

"My clit," she whispered a few times.

That was all Steve needed to hear. He immediately moved up to the top of her pussy and locked his lips down. His tongue found her hard clit and he began to lick while sucking with his mouth. Cathy began to pant loudly and her legs were starting to lock around Steve's head. While he still had a chance he let go of her leg with one hand, slid it in between them and shoved two fingers into her cunt.

"FUCK!!!" Cathy yelled out, loud enough that anyone around would hear. As her fingered her slit Steve continued with the constant pressure on her clit. Her legs locked tight around his head and she again pushed on him. This time her hips thrust forward and she started talking fast.

"Oh yes, right there, of fuck that feels good, of my god I'm going to cum."

Steve shoved his fingers in as far as he could. As he curled them up towards the front wall of her pussy and found her spot he clamped his lips down on her clit. Within seconds Cathy's whole body started to tense up. With one last lick everything started to spasm. Her legs shot out and she let go of his head. Her hips kept thrusting up and down, as if she had no control over them and she was letting out some very high pitched squeals.

Steve held on as tight as he could and continued with the pressure throughout her entire orgasm. As she came he savored a distinct increase in the wetness around his fingers and chin. Her hands gripped at anything they could find and her body continued to flinch uncontrollably. Her legs were locked around Steve’s head hard, but he just kept on dutifully tonguing her hole.

Finally her whole body relaxed and she collapsed into the seat. Steve tried to keep his mouth on her, but he was pushed away as she was far too sensitive. He sat back on his knees and looked up at Cathy. Her eyes were closed and her breasts were heaving up and down. The skin all around her neck and chest was bright red with flush and she was softly moaning to herself.

Finally she lifted her head and looked back down at him. His face was locked on hers with a smile. She couldn't help but laugh as his face was completely covered in her cum.

"Well, how was that?" he asked playfully.

"Mmm, it was amazing," she responded.

"I could spend hours buried in your pussy," he said with a goofy smile on his face that made Cathy laugh.

Steve leaned his head on her knee and kneeled on the pavement. His hand gently caressed her thigh while they both sat there for a few minutes regaining their composure.

Finally Cathy said, "Well, I should get going."

"Oh, uh yeah, me to," Steve said, being snapped back into reality. He turned around to get Cathy's pants for her, then stood up and turned around to help her out of the car.

"Holy shit, you really do like going down, I think this is harder than it was before," Cathy said as she reached out and grabbed Steve's cock.

"I really do," he responded, "especially a pussy as amazing as yours."

Cathy stood up and got in close to Steve, so her boobs pressed against him. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him in, kissing him passionately. She locked her legs around his cock so that it pressed against her pussy. Steve’s hands went down to her butt and he grabbed both of her cheeks, squeezing and pulling her in closer.

Finally she let go and said, "I really do need to get going.”

Steve was clearly disappointed, but his demeanor changed when she turned around and said, “But it would be a shame to let this go to waste," while reaching behind her and grabbing his cock.

He put his arms around her and began to fondle her boobs again as his rock hard cock pressed into her ass. With her arm reached behind her she began to stroke his hard dick.

After a second she bent over and rested her hands on the seat in front of her. Reaching in between her legs she took Steve's cock and pulled it into her. Steve grabbed Cathy's ass and spread her cheeks so he could watch as his cock pushed into her cunt from behind.

As soon as it got in Cathy began to slam her ass back into Steve. He kept a hold of it and watched as her butt rocked back and forth. He could see his glistening cock enter into her just below her puckered little asshole. Holding tight to her he began to meet her thrusts with his own.

Soon they were fucking very hard and fast. There was a loud slapping every time her ass hit him and each time his balls swung up to hit her clit. Letting go of her ass Steve leaned forward to feel for her tits. They were swinging fast back and forth and he wasn't quite able to grab them and keep up the same motion.

Cathy moaned, “Oh fuck yes, please don’t stop.”

Steve stopped trying to grab her boobs and stood back up, re-focusing on fucking her. His hips began to thrust again. He was soon at the same pace as before and his body bucked over and over into hers. Her soft ass jiggled and shook with each thrust and soon Steve had her cheeks in his hands again.

Steve’s cock was penetrating deep into her cunt, but she needed it deeper. As he fucked her she leaned forward all the way so that her face was on the seat. This caused his cock to pull out of her momentarily. She took the opportunity to kneel onto the front seat and lean all the way forward.

Her ass was now pointing straight up in the air and her swollen, slightly parted pussy lips invited Steve’s cock just below her puckered little asshole. Steve didn’t need any more of an invitation and taking a step closer shoved himself deep inside her.

That was just what Cathy wanted as she felt his cock press the front of her pussy. He was big enough that it almost hurt at the apex of his thrust, but just as it got to that point he pulled back out. The pressure on her pussy was intense and with one final minor adjustment she had him centered on her g-spot.

As his cock thrust into it she started to gasp. She felt his hands spread her ass open even further and soon he had his thumb rubbing against her asshole. He squeezed her ass, pressing his thumb in just a little as he thrust hard into her.

The speed and intensity increased and each time he pounded her spot her mind went blank. Her pussy was still sensitive from before and she knew she couldn’t hold out much longer. His thumb probed her bottom a little more and she reached between her legs, finding his balls.

As he pushed into her she moaned, "Oh fuck Steve, I'm going to cum again," as she squeezed his balls.

Steve was happy to hear that because he was about to cum again also.

With a squeeze of her butt he almost screamed out, “Me too.”

A few thrusts later Cathy gave his balls a little tug as he bottomed out inside her. He realized that she was ready and wanted him inside her. He pressed into her with all his might and squeezed hard on her butt. His thumb slipped even further inside her and with a final squeeze of his balls he erupted against the front of her pussy.

As soon as Cathy felt his cum start to shoot into her she lost it. Her pussy clamped tight around his cock and her asshole clenched tight around his thumb. Wave after wave of delight swept over her body with each load of cum that Steve shot into her.

She felt a pressure in her pussy that she had never felt and soon felt a trickle running down her thighs and knees. Her mind was in another world and as she laid her head on the seat a light whimper escaped her lips.

Steve couldn’t believe how much he came for the second time. As he began to shoot it just kept coming. He felt her pussy clench on him and soon felt as her juices rushed past his member and leaked out onto his balls and the front of his thighs. He wiggled his finger in her bum a few times as she made noises that to him sounded almost like weeping.

After what seemed an eternity it was over. Cathy’s mind came back to the car where she was bent over with her ass in the air. She had to momentarily think about who had his cock in her pussy and his finger in her butt, but soon a satisfied glow filled her soul.

“That was amazing,” she heard Steve say, maintaining his current position.

Cathy just moaned out, “Uh huh.”

She felt as he began to slide from her. Her pussy opened as he pulled out and a mixture of fluid began to run down her leg. He slowly began to slide his thumb from her bottom, which instinctively clenched down. He held it there for a second, but soon pulled out completely and her little hole winked closed.

Cathy remained in that position as Steve backed away.

He asked, “We made a bit of a mess, do you have any napkins?”

“Uh, uh,” was all Cathy could say.

He looked around, then saw her pile of pants and panties on the ground. He peeled the panties from the pants. Taking the purple boyshorts he kneeled down to Cathy who was still on her knees. He began to wipe the mixture of cum from the bottom of her legs. He tenderly moved up her inner thighs and soon was wiping at her sopping pussy.

Her body flinched as he made contract because it was still so sensitive. Just as he was about done cleaning her up and she was ready to sit up she felt him lean in and put his face into her behind. He licked lightly at her hole before kissing it.

Just as he began to rim her she said, “No, I really need to get going.”

He ignored her and continued. As tempting as it was she finally reached back and pushed him away.

“Not tonight, I need to get home and get dinner going.”

He pressed his tongue into her a little then pulled away.

“Okay,” he said, with an air of disappointment in his voice.

Cathy turned around and sat up before standing up out of the car. Steve also stood. Despite what she said she pulled him in and again they made out. This time she was completely naked and he had his pants off.

Again, realizing the time she pushed him away. Reaching down she pulled on her jeans, the he watched as she put her bra on and pulled on her shirt. As she finished he held out her soaking panties to her.

"I don't want those," she laughed slapping his hand away. He held them, not quite sure how to react. "Don't guys like keeping a trophy?" she asked playfully, "That’s my gift to you."

As Steve once again stepped in to kiss her she quickly got into the car and shut the door. As she started the car she rolled down the window. Steve leaned in for one last kiss, but as he did she stepped on the gas.

As she was driving off she yelled out, “Thanks, that was fun."

As she drove off Steve stood there watching, naked from the waist down with her panties in his hand. Finally the car was out of sight. He looked down at the panties in his hand, then shaking his head in disbelief put his pants on, got into his car and drove away in the opposite direction.

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