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A first time experience

A romanticized version of the first time we have sex
It was dark, so dark. I could describe it to you like it was day though. I remember lying on the couch watching TV. A friend was on the other couch, falling asleep. I wasn’t paying attention to them though. My mind was on the person next to me, her warmth seeping into me. I had one arm draped across her, holding her close to me. There was nowhere else in the world that I could possibly have wanted to be at that exact point in time. Our friend was completely asleep now. She looked up at me; let me fall into her eyes, her deep blue eyes that reminded me of tide pools. Her hand came up and held the side of my face. I leaned forward and slowly kissed her, her mouth gingerly touching mine. I pulled back and looked down into her face once more. She smiled at me, inviting me in for a second kiss. I crept forward and claimed my kiss. This time it was more involved, we began to connect, on a much deeper level now. We were coming in synch with each other, a magic trick were two becomes one, her, I, us.

I let my hands go, began to rub her side in time with the kisses. Slowly making my way down and back up again. She rolled under me now, allowing me a better look at her. Her perfect body, I could feel her under me, pushing into me, pulling me closer to her, merging with me. I had one hand in her shirt now, feeling her breast, as her nipples got hard. I raised her shirt just enough and began to play with one, and then the other, with my mouth, smiling as she let out her soft laughter. I let the other hand continue down her belly and went back to kissing her. She hesitated only momentarily as one finger slid slowly into her. As I began to withdraw that one finger, her back leapt up trying to prolong the experience. This continued for some time, kissing, feeling and sliding, still becoming one. A second finger was needed at this point. The other couch stirred, we paused. “Let’s go into a different room.” I held her hand and led her into the bedroom. We shut the door and locked it.

We began kissing once again. Slowly removing our unnecessary clothing. We laid down, just below the window, a spot that the moon had picked out for us. Her pale skin was a beautiful white in the moonlight. She was completely naked now, myself with only my jeans on. She reached forward and started on the button. “Are you sure that this is what you want?” I asked her, still unsure myself.

“Is it what you want?” She paused, looked at me with those eyes. I nodded slowly and felt the tightness around my waist go as the button and zipper were undone. Nothing could have prepared me. Nothing could have forewarned me, told me of the ramifications. Nothing could have made me believe the wonders I was about to face. Her hand came up slowly and pulled me towards her, into her. I felt a shiver go up my spine as I realized that I was now within her. We were now one, something that could not simply be undone. We were perfectly aligned, in tune with one another. For the first time, I understood the meaning of ‘our hearts beat as one.’ The mind-blowing experience after that still has me at a loss for words. During this time, I remember her telling me to slow down, savor the moment. I could feel it coming, feel the heat rush through my body, feel myself began to stiffen. I pulled out. I pulled out and sat straight up.

I sat there for what seemed forever. Alone. I had just done something that I had only dreamed about. I was so scared, what had I just done? What had we just done? She was still there, lying on the floor. She sat up now. She sat up and scooted over to me. She hugged me. She wrapped her arms around me and put her head on my shoulder. Her legs wrapped around my back, mine around hers. I held her then. Sitting there in the moonlight. It was dark, but I remember that moment, her hair, her hands, her body so close to mine, both of us shaking, comforting each other. “I love you.”

“I love you too…”
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