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A first touch of silk

That wonderful first time you touch her pussy
The day of skiing had been long and exhausting and I had returned to the lodge with the rest of the school group ready to relax and relive the tension of the day. Ten college girls and seven guys, including myself, were sharing the lodge together for this ski trip. After a quick dinner the couples slowly disappeared, leaving the "singles" group, including myself, watching a TV movie.

As the night went on the muffled sounds of the couples drifting from the bedrooms started to raise the sexual tension among the mixed group watching TV. We knew exactly what was going on in those bedrooms and were all a bit envious. Before that point, the thought of meeting and even making out with a girl on this ski trip hadn't occurred to me. However, as the sounds emerged from those closed bedrooms continued, I was envious and wished it was me feeling the touch of a college girl's naked body. I was young and a virgin. My sexual experience was, at that point, limited to looking and (frequent) masturbation.

It became apparent I was not the only one in the with these thoughts. Soon girls began sliding closer to guys and vise-versa. Each couple coming up with a seeming innocent pretense to sit close under a blanket. A girl named Erika slowly slid over and began talking to me.

"It's getting a bit chilly, can we share that blanket you have?"

"Sure, no problem," I replied a bit nervously.

I knew Erika from some past trips but we had never really talked or become friends. She was quite short with a compact build. She was a gymnast. As we both shuffled under the blanket and her soft body first came in contact with mine, I felt electrified. Her smell intoxicated and clouded my thoughts as she cuddled in close. My body responded to her instantly. My penis had already been aroused by the on again, off again, sounds emerging from the bedrooms, however, as Erika slid under the blanket with me it hardened almost painfully in my jeans. I began to feel a pressure and warmth throughout my groin region that had nothing to do with needing to urinate. As she snuggled into me, I had to carefully position myself so she wouldn't notice my embarrassing bulge.

"So have you seen this movie?" she said. Starting a long discussion about absolutely nothing except keeping our clothed bodies close under the blanket. The movie continued, and the remainder of the group, now just two other couples under blankets, got quieter and more focused on each other.

"Can I have a back rub, the skiing made my back sore," she asked.

"Sure," I replied. I was worried about giving away my bulge, so I began to twist so I could sit sideways next to her while I rubbed her back. But she was quicker, hopping up on my turned pelvis as I moved. She wanted to sit on my lap and have her back rubbed. I knew I was busted and that she would probably think I was a total pervert but I had no choice but to twist back and sit up letting her soft rear press into my bulging jeans. My penis reacted to the feel of her ass by further stiffening within my jeans. She paused for a second, but settled in on my lap as though nothing was awry. Breathing a sigh of relief, I gave her a long slow back rub which she reacted to by moving around ever so slightly. Much to the delight of my penis which felt every movement.

After a long back rub, she went to the bathroom and changed into shorts and a tee shirt. She returned and slid under the blanket with me but, much to my disappointment, didn't hop up on my lap again. Our non-conversation ensued again and continued until the movie ended. When the movie ended the TV got shut off and the other two couples left. We told them we'd quickly follow but to go ahead and turn off the lights as they left the room. They left. The lights went off.

Our lips were instantaneously together in the dark. My hands were on her soft body sliding up her loose tee shirt. I made the pleasant discovery that she had removed her bra. I soon was exploring her small, firm breasts. I felt them up from every angle and caressed them for what seemed like hours. Of particular interest to my virgin hands was enjoying the soft-firm feel of them and the striking harness of her erect nipples.

Soon my hands began to descend from her chest. She stopped me, wanting to set the ground rules for the evening without ruining the mood. Sitting up on my lap and casting off the blanket we had been under. She looked at me. She was beautiful in the soft moonlight trickling in from the windows.

"I need to keep my shorts on," she murmured softly, "but nothing else."

She reached down and slowly began pulling her tee shirt over her head. Exposing her chest, which I had just so enjoyed feeling up, to the moonlight. Her small erect nipples stood out like black buttons against the milky white of her skin. She arched her back giving me a long look at her beautiful breasts while she untangled her tee shirt from her arms and dropped it on the floor. Next she helped me strip down to my briefs. This was the first time I had been undressed by a girl and it was wonderful and intoxicating. As she took off my jeans she took a second to slowly cup my balls through my briefs and slowly stroke upward, over my covered penis, to my chest. Had she done this a second time, I'm sure I would have exploded in my briefs but she seemed concerned by my trembling and stopped. Through my tight briefs the outline of my penis was obvious. It had to cant off to the side to remain fully covered and the fabric was stretched to the point that even in the dim light the outline of its shaft was clear. Sitting along side me she simply looked down at my barely covered crotch for a moment and then leaned in and kissed my lips gently.

Soon, however, our kissing intensified and she crawled back on top of me. Our hands wandered over each others bodies again with renewed vigor. With her only wearing loose shorts and me only wearing briefs, I could feel her body on my skin. Her erect nipples digging into my chest. The feel of her legs sliding along mine. The warmth of her covered crotch grinding against mine.

My hand slid under her loose shorts and felt that she was not wearing panties. As with her breasts, I began a long and systematic exploration of her smooth ass. This caused her to moan between kisses. At this point I made an interesting discovery.

As I caressed her ass, I noticed that she was short enough for me to reach over her ass, between her thighs, and feel her rough pubic hair. After doing this a few times, and getting no complaints. I got to do something I had never done before in my life, explore a girl's vagina with my fingers.

It was astonishingly wet. So wet, that as I tried to feel around it my fingers slipped in. It felt warm and wonderful—like fine silk. Erika had given me my first touch of silk. As my finders slid in, she sucked in her breath. As with her breasts and ass, I began to explore in earnest. The silky inside of her vagina, the warm quivering lips of her inner and outer labia, her pubic hair. However, the effect on her was much more visible when I rubbed her clitoral hood and she soon became instant that my fingers not stray from her clitoral hood. Her breathing and moaning intensified until she grabbed my hand and held it tightly.

"What's wrong?" I asked, worried I had hurt her in some way.

"Nothing, I'll tell you later." She murmured softly in my ear.

She rolled off from being on top of me and sat astride. Once again giving me a moonlit view of her nearly naked body. I was thrilled to have finally touched a girl's pussy and thought she was going to leave. But she then she cupped the crotch of my briefs and shyly stroked up to my chest. My whole body shivered but her eyes never left my crotch.

She had set the rules about her shorts staying on, but not mine. By now, I was in utter agony and in need of release. If I had to, I'd use my own hand to finish myself off. I didn't care. I quickly slid down my briefs and kicked them off. She didn't move nor take her eyes from my crotch as my rigid penis came into view.

"Please, I can't take much more," I said.

She took in my erect penis with interest. Looking surprised, but not unhappy, by its sudden emergence into the moonlit room. For a moment, she just looked it over, then her hands moved slowly toward it. She started to caress my balls and then tried to slide her hand loosely up and down my shaft . This felt wonderful, but wasn't what I needed. I could tell she had no idea how to give my penis the attention it needed so I took her right hand in both of mine and wrapped it around the shaft of my penis at the base (squishing down my balls). I used my hands to show her how grip my shaft tightly. With a firm grip in place, I then guided her hand slowly up and down. She understood and I put my hands behind my head. Propping myself up so I could see this beautiful petite girl stroke my penis.

It was wonderful, She sat astride and I could see her breasts jiggle slightly with each up and down stroke. The womanly movement of her nipples was magical. Her expression was intent and focused on what she was doing as if practicing a new skill she wished to remember clearly. In the pale moonlight I drank in this vision for a few moments until the growing tension in my groin brought my attention back to the fact that it was my penis being stroked.

I should have cum in an instant, however, her stroke was too slow. "Faster," I moaned in agony. She furled her brow with concentration and speed up a little bit.

"Faster, squeeze it harder, you can't hurt it," I moaned again.

As if squeezing too hard had been what had been holding her back for fear of hurting me, she stopped and squeezed my shaft twice as hard. Waves of pleasure coursed through my body. She adjusted her grip on my shaft and then pumped as quickly as she could, again intent on her task. My back arched, and I lost control as my groin exploded in orgasm. A small drop of cum shot out of the tip of my penis and arched through the air over my head to land on the floor behind me.

"Wow!" she exclaimed, stopping her stroke completely.

In the throws of orgasm, her stopping was unacceptable, I arched my back and used my hips to pump my shaft within her still firm grip. A second wad of cum launched out of my penis, arching though the air to spatter on my chest.

She recovered from her surprise and began to pump again, but surprised me, even in my current state, by leaning over and putting just the head of my penis in her mouth. My third blast of cum shot into her mouth. She coughed slightly, then caught the remaining weak blasts as my orgasm subsided. My penis still pulsed for another 10 seconds vainly trying to ejaculate more cum into her mouth. During this time Erika slid my whole shaft into her mouth. A few seconds after it stopped pulsing, she released my softening penis out of her mouth with a slurp.

"Hm," she licked her lips, "salty." Then she swallowed.

I pulled my briefs back on and we snuggled together.

"I've never touched a penis or made a boy spurt before," she told me, "it was quite dramatic."

"What happens when girls cum?" I asked.

She giggled. "Well, I guess just what I did earlier with your fingers inside of me."

"Oh," I said, "I didn't realize sorry I've never, you know..."

"Don't apologize," she laughed, "I learned a new skill and you got your first touch of silk. Seems fair to me."

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