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A Friends Discovery

A Friends Discovery

History of Debbie and her best friend Sheri, part of A Mothers Discovery
Sheri and I have been best friends since we were kids, and have always been really close, as we are still today. Our senior year of high school, we had both dumped our idiot boyfriends and were sick of boys, so we decided to just wait until college to date older guys. Sheri and I were always very close; wherever one of us was, you could count on the other being right there as well. Sometimes when we were out, people questioned if we were a couple because we were so close with each other. We never hide anything from each other, including our bodies.

Sheri was about 5’6", with a slightly toned body. Her long legs came together with a tight shape that all the guys loved. Her long dark hair accentuated her beautiful golden-brown skin. She always had small boobs, but going into our senior year they grew into a nice set of perky C-cups, which helped balance out her hourglass frame. To me, what made her even hotter was that she had a “Demi Moore” type voice. Everyone was drawn to her out-going and fun personality, and she made everyone feel good. You could never find her in a bad mood, which is why she was my best friend.

One night after a party, we went back to my place. We got in the hot tub and continued drinking. My parents were out of town, so we had the place to ourselves. My parents didn’t care if we drank anyway, as long as we stayed home. As we were changing in to our bikinis, we joked about the guys we had teased - how we got them so excited from the two of us kissing a few times. We didn’t make out or anything, but just enough to make them think we were going to. Every so often we would reenact what we had done, laughing as we made fun of the boys. We got such a kick out of it.

I have to admit that I really thought Sheri was extremely beautiful and sexy. I had never really thought of girls before that night. I was raised in a very open minded family; my mom was kind of a hippie. She often ran around the house almost completely naked. Being raised that way, I never thought of girls in a sexual way, but I did appreciate a women’s body. Something changed that night.

As we put our bikinis on, I noticed how great Sheri’s body looked. We had been working out a lot, wanting to look good for summer. As Sheri took off her jeans, standing before me in her panties and bra, I froze. I don’t know why; we have seen each other naked thousands of times. She looked at me a smiled, and said, “Don’t we look great, Deb? Our workouts are really working.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I noticed my ass is really filling out more, and my stomach is flatter.”

While still staring at Sheri, she walked over and grabbed my ass and smiled. ”Yeah it is! And it’s very firm. I’m a little jealous.”

“Thanks, Babe. It’s from all the running and squats.” I said.

I went into my closet to grab my bikini, but walked back out naked. Sheri turned around and saw me. Dropping her bikini, she exclaimed, “WOW!” a huge smile spreading across her face.

I looked at her with a look of confusion. “What? It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before,” then put on my bikini.

“I know, but you trimmed your pubic hair. It’s just a little strip,” she remarked, laughing.

“Yeah I did, what do you think?” I asked, as I tied one side of my bikini bottoms.

“It looks hot, what gave you that idea?” she asked smiling, staring at my new neatly trimmed pubic hair.

“I saw a girl in one of my dad’s porno magazines and thought it looked cool,” I explained laughing.

“Well it is very hot!” Sheri remarked.

I went out to the hot tub to get it ready, while Sheri went into the kitchen to grab us a few beers. I got into the hot tub, just as Sheri was walking out. I was fixated on her; she looked so sexy. She walked over and handed me a beer as she got into the hot tub.

“What is it, Deb? Are you okay?” Sheri asked, as she took a drink from her beer.

It took me a second to respond. "Yeah, everything’s cool. I was just thinking of how excited we made the guys tonight,” I lied.

“Oh, that was so much fun. I could see Joey’s boner through his shorts,” she laughed.

“Oh my God, I know. And I saw Brandon trying to adjust himself. It was so hot!” I said, as I took a swig of my beer.

We sat around laughing and joking about the guys and how excited we had gotten them. After we finished our drinks, Sheri went back inside to get a couple more. The whole time I was starting to really look at Sheri differently, struggling to understand what I was feeling. It was kind of like when I thought of a guy, but why?

“She’s my best friend. I’ve seen her naked all the time! What is going on?” I asked myself out loud.

“Hey looked what I found?” Sheri asked, holding a cooler in one hand and a magazine in the other.

“What’s that?” I asked. As turned around from setting my empty beer bottle down, I noticed Sheri’s top was undone a little, allowing her tits to swing freely.

“I found some whiskey,” she paused, “more beers,” an even longer pause, “AND your Dad’s porno mag!” she shrieked, loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

Still standing outside the tub, she handed me the whiskey. I took a big swig before handing it back to her. As she took a drink, she leaned back, her back arched and her bikini popped upward, freeing her beautiful breasts from their confines. I sat there gawking at her hard nipples, my pussy tingling the same way it does when a guy turns me on.

“It took you long enough. I was beginning to wonder if you had gotten lost,” I said, taking off my top. I figured if she was going topless, then what the hell.

Sheri laughed, grabbing my dad’s porno mag.”These girls are FUCKING HOT!”

“You think so?” I asked.

“Oh God Yes! And so do you, or else you wouldn’t have trimmed your little bush,” Sheri said laughing, flipping through the pages of the magazine.

I started to laugh, giving her a mischievous smile,”Yeah, your right, they are hot.”

Sheri slid into the tub next to me and we began looking through the magazine together. I felt her right legs move over my left one as she scooted closer. My pussy started to tingle again, and I was getting even more turned on as we looked through my dad’s porno magazine. It didn’t help seeing Sheri’s reaction to some of the photos.

“You really like this magazine, huh Sheri?” I asked, sliding my hand along her thigh and leaned in for a better look at the centerfold. I couldn’t believe it; she looked just like Sheri. The next two pictures of this “Sheri” look alike were of her licking another girl’s pussy and the second with them in a 69 position. I felt Sheri squirm around a little, and then she grabbed the magazine with her one hand while she slid her other hand down to her pussy. She just slightly rubbed herself next to me.

That was it! Between feeling her legs entwined with mine, her tits and hard nipples pressed into my arm and shoulder, and now her rubbing herself beside me, I couldn’t take anymore. She didn’t just push me over the edge; she put me in a cannon and blasted me over it. I was now fully turned on, lusting over my best friend. I wanted her badly, more than anything. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t been with a guy in a while, maybe it was the booze, but I knew I need something. My pussy was on fire!

Sheri leaned over and looked at me with a very seductive smile. I couldn’t believe the words that came out of her mouth next. “Ever thought about messing around with another girl before?”

I looked back at her with an innocent smile, as I rubbed my hand on her thigh and said, “Yes, I have as of late. What about you?”

Sheri squeezed my leg with hers. I felt her body, her tits press against mine. Leaning in, she whispered, “Yes, Debbie. I have been a lot lately as well.”

We turned, facing each other, our nipples poking into each other’s breast. As I ran my hand over her shoulders, I looked into her lust-filled eyes. “Mmm, is that so?”

We both just sat there looking at each other, our hands roaming slowly running down each other’s sides. It seemed like hours without a word, just smiles and moans. We finally both stopped and looked at each other. I just nodded, and we began to slowly make out, reveling in each other’s caresses. Gradually, our kisses became more passionate. My hands worked up over her breast and over her hard nipples, then up to her face. I held it with both hands, as I softly nibbled on her lower lip, pulling on it as we broke our kiss.

“Mmm, SHERI, that was hot!”

As I slid my hands through her hair, Sheri moved hers down to my waist. “Debbie I have wanting to do that all night, ever since I saw your new sex style down below.”

As those delicious words coursed through my ears, she untied my bikini bottoms. I stood up, letting it fall free. Sheri looked up at me with a very naughty smile, as she ran her hands up my legs, sending goosebumps and a shivers over my entire body. As she ran her hands up my legs, her face inched closer to my sex. Her hands slid behind me, grabbing my ass, and pulling my dripping pussy to her waiting tongue.

As I felt her tongue on my pussy for the first, I let out a soft moan and my body squirmed a little. Sheri held on to me tightly, and as she darted her tongue deeply into me, my body shook violently. I struggled to get a hold of myself, biting my lower lip to try to pull me back out of my lustful stupor.

“Mmm, fuck, Sheri, that feels so amazing!”

Sheri continued to tongue fuck me, simultaneously rubbing my swollen clit. I slid to the edge of the hot tub and rested my legs on her shoulder. Locking my heels in the small of her back, I pulled her into me, my fingers pulling her hair to provide the extra incentive. Gradually, my hisses and moans transformed to yelps and screams, as my hips bucked my sex into Sheri’s face. Between my own grunts and moans, I could hear the slurping sounds as she sucked me, like little old men eating soup, only sexy. I knew from the sounds alone that my juices had covered her face. I could feel my entire body tensing up, starting in my legs, coursing up my spine and through my neck. Then the tingles, the little shock-waves followed, starting in my toes and shooting up my body, causing every hair to stand on end, marking the onset of the most intense orgasm of my life. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I owed it all to my best friend.

“Oohhh, fuck Sheri, DON’T STOP!”

My hips and ass lifted off the edge of the hot tub, and then I heard Sheri gag a little as I felt something strange work its way out of me. I had just squirted. My eyes were shut tight, as my body shook for a minute. I had never squirted before, and the sensation was quite bizarre. I could feel the fluid come out, spraying on my legs, my stomach, even clear up to my breast, but I wasn’t quite sure where it came from. To be honest, I thought I had just pissed in my best friend’s face, and it halted my orgasm rather abruptly. When the vision returned to my eyes, I saw Sheri’s face and hair, soaking wet, and she just sat there smiling up at me with a look that echoed my own confusion.

“Mmm! Oh my fucking God,” was all that Sheri could say, as she starred at me. My leg was still twitching a little, and I struggled to catch my breath. With a combination of love and gratitude, I bent down and kissed her. I could taste my sweet juices on her lips, relieved to know it wasn’t urine.

“No, not God, but I just found out what heaven must feel like. And now it’s your turn.”

We switched spots and I slowly kissed my way up Sheri’s inner thighs to her wet pussy. As I got closed, I could smell her musky scent. It was so amazing to feel her pussy on my tongue for the first time. Her thighs muffled her moans as I worked my tongue and fingers in and out of her. I pushed her legs up against her body, allowing me to really get my tongue deep into her pussy, her pussy lips spreading out over my mouth. I felt her body tense up, as I slid my finger over her asshole, something I always took pleasure in doing when I masturbated. I took a couple of nice long licks up and down, from her pussy down to her asshole, causing her to moan louder and buck her hips harder into me.

“Ooh fuck, oooh fuck, oooh fuck!” she wailed, as I slid a finger up her asshole. She wasn’t ready for that. She squirmed and squealed feeling her tight asshole squeeze my finger, as my tongue delved deeper into her now dripping wet pussy, I felt her sphincter gripping my finger, seemingly pulling it further inside, beckoning it, begging for more.

“FUUCK!” Sheri cried as she came, her juices pouring out.

“Oh my God, Debbie,” Sheri whimpered, as she looked down on me totally spent, the jerks and spasms that signaled her orgasm, gradually waning.

We kissed passionately, sharing each other’s juices. Hand in hand, we walked back in to the house and straight to my room. There we continued our night of experimentation, kissing and caressing each other until we fell asleep in each other’s arms, our still naked bodies intertwined. To this day it remains one of the most magical nights of my life.

Sheri and I continued to get together whenever we had the chance. That summer, we fooled around almost every weekend. Even after we started dating college guys, we found time to be together, including several threesomes and even a few swingers’ parties. After college, we both got married and moved back home. Between work, our husbands, and kids, our relationship took a backseat. Now that our kids are grown and mostly out of the house, we have picked up our relationship again, and are once again being just as naughty as we were a back in college, which helped us both through our divorces.

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