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A fuck in close quarters... In school

My first and favourite sexual encounter, was while I was still in school...
I was gazing longingly at the girl sitting next to me, Georgia was her name. She had large tits, which she left in the D-cups of her black, lacy push-up bra. It was a hot summers day so she had all the buttons on her T-shirt down and her boobs were clearly visible, almost popping out. She also had a lovely ass, the kind that is perfectly round, while also very large and firm. Not only that but the pleated school skirt she wore was so short that any time the wind blew, I could see her red G-string.

I think she must have noticed my hard because she was blushing and looked away quickly when our gaze met. She sighed and started to write on a small piece of paper, shaking. She must have been very nervous or exited. she passed the slip to me quickly and got on with her work. It read:

Please meet me in the Unisex toilets after school,

The first cubicle on your right,

For a Good Time,

G xxx

I gasped. This girl, the most sexy, popular girl in school wanted me? I was so exited I could have Jizzed myself right there, I could not wait till after school!

I was so nervous and horny approaching the unisex toilets after school, but when I got there, I took a deep breath, and stepped in. The first cubicle... I opened the door and there she was, standing nervously. I stepped in, shut the door and locked it. I approached her moving closer, she went to say something, but I placed my finger across her lips, signalling not to make a sound. Then I lifted her shirt off her shoulders so she was standing just in her bra, and god it made me horny, her breasts popping out while I could see her nipples standing to attention through her bra. I lifted the strap of her bra from her shoulder and slipped my hand under her breast, it was so soft, and I could not stop feeling it. She quickly undid the bra at the back and I was instantly upon her, licking and sucker her erect, pink nipples. Slowly while I was sucking one of her nipples I slipped a hand down her skirt and into her panties. Her pussy was already soaking and when I stroked her pussy lips and eased open her vagina to stroke her protruding clitoris, she moaned in pleasure... She was so horny that She ripped off her skirt and G-string right there and beckoned me to lick her slit. I licked and sucked her pussy, drinking her juices and eating her insides until she climaxed, and when she did, she sprayed love juices all over my face...

I told her "Now its your turn" and she, with a quick nod god down on her knees while I sat on the toilet, and watched her undo my zipper, slowly remove my boxers and pick up my huge, throbbing cock. She seemed impressed with the size as she started licking the head of my cock, around the glands and finally full on suck. The pleasure was so intense. Then, just as she started to deepthroat, feeling the warm, wet insides of her mouth, surrounding my shaft and squeezing my head, I blew my load right down her throat...

But she wasn't done yet, I told her to use her tits (my on personal male fantasy) and she wrapped her soft tits around my boiling cock and rubbed it. And god it felt good. Then to make it even more satisfying she started to lick the head as I felt her hard nipples rub against my manhood and the soft flesh of her tit around it. It was so good, and when I came, cum landed all over her tits and face...

"And now for the main course..." She said with a wink, as she stood up and walked in front of me and lowered her pussy on to my cock, facing my body, so she was sitting on me, who was sitting up. God she was tight! It was hard to get it in first as I was just too big, but when I did the pleasure was so amazing, inside her hot, wet, moving, soft, body, clutching unbelievable tight, and when I started to pump I could feel the rim of my bell-end rubbing into her. She moaned in pleasure as I pumped faster and faster into her, as I blew my load into her she also climaxed, sending a mixture of cum and pussy-juice out from her pussy. Then we changed positions to doggy-style, with her kneeling on the toilet-seat, her face up against the wall. I started to slowly insert my meat into her ass which was incredibly difficult as she moaned in pain as well as pleasure. "I heard you are a bad girl" I said, " Bad girls need to be punished" as I rammed my cock right into her ass she screamed with joy and pain, but whispered "Do me more" and I obliged and fucked her ass until we both came.

Since that day, when ever I see and Georgia, she smiles, winks and tells me the time and date of our next "Appointment"

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