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A Great Day Out

Tags: tits, fuck, shag, strip, sex
I wasn't expecting this when reacquainting myself with an old friend...
I haven't seen Emily in ages. She has been away on an Easter break, and I have been dying to see her. Well, she is my best friend after all.

Now, you may think, that what with me being a boy and her being a girl, I must have an attraction towards her, right? Wrong. We are just too close. She has always helped me with my family troubles, I have always helped her with her depression, you get the idea. She's never had a boyfriend, and I've never had a girlfriend.

Anyway, it's Easter Monday, and I haven't seen her for four weeks. You may think that's bearable, but to me it feels like an eternity. I have been counting down the days until she comes back, and it is finally here, not a moment too soon.

I go upstairs to get ready, and find some stuff to wear. I see a pair of tight underwear and some chinos in the corner of the room, and slip them on. I grab any old pair of socks and pull them onto my feet, and then put on my trainers over the top. I then retrieve my aftershave from the bathroom, and use a generous helping around my body. I might as well smell nice. It's quite cold out, so I'll need a vest - unfortunately the only clean one I have is the one that I wear to the gym, which is very tight and shows all my bumps and curves. I pick out a T-shirt and my favourite hoody, so now I'm prepared to leave.

As I catch the train into town, I wonder what we will do. We'll probably visit the cinema, grab something to eat, all the usual stuff. Oh and then of course we will go back to her place, like we always do.

Before I know it, the train has reached my stop and it's time to get off. Just a short walk into town and I'll be able to see her again. I've missed her so much. I briskly walk the ten minute journey into the town centre and sit on a public bench, eagerly anticipating her arrival. I took the early train, so I expect to have to wait.

Five or ten minutes later, a pair of soft hands wrap themselves over my eyes, and I hear, "Guess who?"

"The Easter Bunny?" I ask jokingly.
Emily begins to laugh and hops down onto the bench enthusiastically.

My jaw drops. She. Looks. Amazing. She's wearing a plain white tank top, nothing fancy, but it shows her figure perfectly. I glance down at her breasts. I'm sure they must be bigger than last time! I look closer and realise that she isn't wearing a bra. I shift uncomfortably in my seat as I feel my cock shift slightly underneath my jeans. But that's not all. She's wearing an incredibly short denim mini-skirt, showing off her sexy legs to everyone around us. In fact, the skirt is so short that it nearly wouldn't make a difference at all not being there. I look to her face and see that she has really made an effort. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, the whole lot. Even her hair is perfect.

"You - you look - nice," I stutter, "in fact, you look beautiful."

"Awww thank you!" she replies, blushing slightly and fluttering her eyelashes at me.

Anyway, I eventually get over how much I want to fuck her there and then, and we go into a cheap seafood restaurant to grab something to eat. Emily decides on oysters, and I go for the scallops. The waitress who comes over to serve us clearly thinks we are a couple, as she lights a candle at the table and brings a rose in a vase to make it seem romantic.

But I don't want romance, not when Emily looks like this. I want her body. I want to be able to touch her perfectly sized tits, I want to kiss her into submission, I want to be the one to take her virginity...

I lose focus on the topic of conversation at the table, and notice my tight jeans pressing down on my throbbing boner. Looks like I made the wrong choice of clothes today.

We both decide in the end that the food is disgusting, so leave our money on the table and make our way to the cinema. I don't really focus on the film we watch, I'm more busy looking at the lead actress, if you get what I mean. Unfortunately, it's a romance, so there are lots of sensual scenes in which I have to resist the urge to throw myself at Emily in the seat next to me.

The film finishes, and Emily looks rather pleased with herself as she raves about how good the film was on the way to her car. It's a nice little car really for the price, a cute red convertible, with a little nodding dog on the dashboard.

As she drives us back to her place, I can't help but notice her amazing tits bouncing up and down with the soft suspension of the car. I try not to be caught looking, I don't want her thinking I am a pervert or a creep.

As she pulls up outside her house, I sit in the car for a few seconds, watching her perfect arse as she climbs the step to unlock the door. Oh how I wanted that arse.

As I followed her in, I noticed that it was much cleaner than usual. I spotted her open suitcase in the corner, that'd be why; she hasn't packed yet.

"Hey can you come through here?" she asks sweetly, beckoning me into her bedroom.

My 7-inch cock pulses violently; I am so horny and will soon need sustenance. I follow her in to see what she has to show me.

It's the most luxurious king-sized bed you will ever see in your life. Silk duvets, velvet pillows, it looks amazing.

"It's great isn't it?" Emily says, raising one eyebrow. "Come on, sit down and feel how bouncy it is."

I sit down and bounce up and down gently. Just right for fucking, I think to myself.

"Go on, go and get under the covers!" Emily says excitedly. "Isn't it so comfy!"

The next thing I know, Emily is lying there next to me.

"Someone looks excited," she says, looking down at my bulge in my jeans.

She edges closer. Her face is inches from mine now, and her voice is down to a whisper.

"How about we give this new bed a test drive?" she mutters erotically into my ear.

I hesitate for a split-second, then slowly nod my head. This is what I have been wanting all day, and now I have it.

Emily edges so close that her body is right up against mine, and slowly kisses me on the lips. Goosebumps erupt on my neck as I begin to kiss back. She opens her mouth ever so slightly, giving my tongue a passage between her lips. As I take advantage, she moans a little, running her hands through my hair, kissing me harder. Her tongue enters my mouth too now, immediately making it much more sensual and erotic.

I can't believe it; I could never have pictured myself doing this with her.

Her hand wanders down my chest to the bottom of my shirt, and she starts to pull it over my head. Our lips part for a fraction of a second, but then stick back together like glue. I have no shirt on now, as she rubs her hands all over my chest. She plays with my nipples as we make out. It's not difficult to tell that she is enjoying herself.

My hand then creeps down to her top, and I remember - she isn't wearing a bra. Once I get this off I can play with her tits as much as I like. But first, I am going to tease her a little. We're still kissing, but I start massaging her boobs through her sexy top, and her mouth briefly breaks away from mine to let out a high pitched sigh. I can feel her nipples harden as she gets more turned on, and I stop kissing her to slowly raise the top over her head and off her body.


Those tits are to die for. I slowly stretch out my arm to start feeling them. They're so soft and smooth all over. Except for her nipples. We both know what we want.

I reach out and begin to play with her boobs, caressing them gently. I rub slow circles around her nipples. They are so hard on her perky tits. I slowly move my head toward her beautiful breasts, and have a quick lick of my lips before swooping in. They taste amazing. She squeals with delight as I become more and more aggressive, until she eventually orders me to stop. We're both panting rather heavily as we prepare to move on to the next stage.

I sneak my hand slowly up the inside of her leg until I am inches away from her mini-skirt. She feels damp.

Don't tell me she isn't wearing any underwear at all?

She isn't. I reach her vagina and she shivers. I'm going to play with her, but first I need to get this skirt out of the way. As I start to unzip her from the inside, I feel a soft hand brush my crotch area. My cock tenses briefly as it gets a split-second of sustenance.

Before I know it, my jeans are gone, as is her skirt. Now it's just her totally naked, and me in my boxers. Her fanny is clean-shaven, and so tight and vulnerable. I can't wait. Fuck first, play later.

I slowly slip off my underwear, and realise how exposed we both are. Lying there naked. Suddenly, without warning, she throws herself on top of me; she has ran out of patience.

"Take me," she says.

She turns the other way to present her juicy cunt, and I slowly slot in my penis. She moans my name. Oh my god this is amazing. I slowly thrust my hips in and out, because I know it will hurt at first. I slowly pick up the pace until the pain appears to have gone.

I'm going full pace now as she screams my name. We're both going to cum any second. She grabs my hair and pulls as her vagina tightens around my massive cock. Almost instantaneously, I have the greatest orgasm of my life, as my jizz floods into her. We keep going until all our energy is spent, and just flop on the bed.

She goes to take a shower, but will soon be back for round two. This is going to be a LONG night.

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