A Happy Coincidence part two

By Zeebud

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...he put his hand on my clit making my hips push up against his touch and as he did he pushed the head of his cock inside of me until he met the resistance of my hymen his fingers on my clit again rubbing fervently,  my wet pussy making me want him  deep inside of me, tears where in my eyes I'd never had anything bigger than a tampon inserted into me and now this full thick cock was about to push the walls of vagina to the max, I started to get a surge starting deep inside my tummy, I told him to do it, to push and he did hard...I screamed at the pain, I needed to get used to it but he kept pushing until a new sensation started. He started squeezing my breast with one hand and rubbing my clit really hard with the other whilst he pushed in and out of me, my hips caught onto his rhythm and soon I'd forgotten about the pain and just wanted more of him, I was going to cum I knew it, there was juice running down my leg but before I knew it Tom withdrew, I didn't know what was going on and it was the first time that I'd even thought about a condom, it had all happened so quickly but instead of what I expected to hear he told me to turn over and get on all fours so that he could have a good look at me before he came deep inside of me.
All inhibition lost I turned over and felt Tom's hands hold onto my hips my already pounded pussy open for him to do with as he wished he moved his hand round and started rubbing my clit again, telling me how good I looked, how he'd always wanted to be the first inside me, his fingers inside my slit again opening it wide, so wide I moaned a little then all of a sudden he plunged into me again without warning, he hands were squeezing my breasts now and almost instantly my legs were shaking and I was cumming hard, the juice running down my legs, then his body stiffened on top of me and I felt him cumming, it was like nothing I could have ever imagined the semen already leaking running down my legs as he pushed deeper still...and well you'll just have to wait to find out what happened next, but it's worth it...believe me :)