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A lesson she won't forget

I gave her a lesson neither of us forgot
Our senior school was a bit behind on the premise of sexual education lessons. In the three years I had been there we had only ever had one lesson, which never really explained much. Of course most of us at our age knew plenty, thanks to porn and cheap alcohol.

Some students however were a little behind on the knowledge, my friend Rose was one of them. She had done as much research as she could and even tried a few things, but she had confided in me she had only ever had sex once, and it never lasted long. (He was a five second wonder apparently) So seeing as she knew I could be trusted, she came to me for advice.

In the middle of our science lesson she joined up with me and pretended to be my lab partner, apparently she had other things on her mind however.

"Toni, I need to ask you something... It's a little embarrassing though, so promise to keep this between me and you please?" she said shyly, her eyes barely leaving the desk.

(Let me describe Rose to you, she is what I call a natural beauty, and very close definition to word 'Hottie'.

She has dark brownish hair, which flowed like a stream down to her ample firm 32D breasts. (I did tell you we were close.) She was in great shape, a firm flat stomach, and a nice tight juicy ass that got all the guys attention as she walked past.)

If she wasn't my best and closest friend, I would have tried getting into her pants years ago by now.

I looked at her closely, my eyes occasionally wandering down to her breasts which were clearly visible through her tight school shirt, her nipples pressing against the fabric of her bra and shirt.

"The thing is, you know I have only ever had sex once. Well, I think it might help if I knew more about what happens during sex, and all the stuff that leads up to it. You know, in case I ever get the chance to experience it for real, unlike my first time. Still can't believe it was over so quickly, the dickhead. So would you be able to perhaps, help me?" she asked.

As she looked up, she must have caught me glancing at her big firm breasts, as when I caught her eye she was smiling and blushing like a red light.

"Um, yeah course I would. How about after school? I’ll meet you outside the empty R.E classroom. No one ever goes there anymore," I said smiling at her.

So as we continued with the rest of the school lesson, finishing up quickly. Lucky for us, it was the last lesson of the day. Ten minutes after the lesson finished, we met up outside the R.E class and quickly popped in closing the door and pulling the blinds down so no one could see us.

I walked over to her as she sat at on the teacher’s desk, I couldn't help but watch her breasts move slowly up and down as she breathed in and out. It was as if I was suddenly looking at my best friend in a completely different and more sexual way. Now she wasn't just my closest friend. Soon our relationship would reach a higher level.

"If you want me to stop at any time, just tell me, OK Rosie?" I said lifting her chin up. As she nodded, I leaned in slowly before gently pushing my lips against hers.. My hands immediately grabbed her hips softly and pulled her to the edge of the desk as her legs were either side of me. One of my hands began to rub up and down her hip before sliding round her side and grabbing her tight firm little ass through her trousers.

My other hand worked its way up, expertly unclasping the buttons on her tight shirt, undoing it from the bottom up, revealing her flat toned stomach and then her firm black lace bra covered breasts. I released the kiss and then looked at her body as I slowly slid the shirt backwards to reveal her exposed flesh. I then leaned forward again and began to kiss her even more passionately, pulling her shirt the rest of the way off and quickly undoing her bra and taking that off too. One hand began to rub and squeeze her firm breasts as my other hand slid down the back of her trousers and feeling her firm ass.

"Oh god Toni, that feels amazing," she gasped, feeling me working my way down, kissing her neck and gently grazing her soft skin, as my hand continued to rub and squeeze her tits, softly pinching her nipples making them grow harder each time. I could feel her breathing became deeper as her chest moved up and down.

Without a single word, I wrapped my lips around one of her breasts taking in as much of it as I could, gently sucking more and more into my mouth as my teeth pinched her hard nipples.

Even as it was happening, it was difficult to believe what was going on in this empty classroom. I was sucking my friends breast, she was half naked, and I would soon be seeing her fully nude. The thought seemed to turn me on like never before. The excitement and adrenaline of the moment got my heart beating so fast it would outrun a fighter-jet.

Sliding my hand out of the back of her trousers and slowly pushed her down so she was lying on her back.

"Just relax Rosie, I am not going to rush anything, and I won't do anything you say not to. Just trust me," I said as my hands began to rub her firm stomach round in soft small circles, then undoing her trousers, and slowly inch by inch pulling them down her smooth thighs. To my delight I saw that she was not wearing any panties, and that she kept her tight innocent pussy cleanly shaven. My eyes were mesmerized by the sight of the smooth, waiting wet pussy lips. "Well, what a pleasant surprise," I smiled as I spread her legs, kissing my way up her thighs, closer and closer to her shaven haven.

The only noise coming from Rosie's red lips, were groans and pants of pleasure as she felt her body tingle, as her skin heated up with each touch from my lips, until she felt my lips wrap around her pussy lips and clit, as I began softly sucking.

Poking my tongue in and out like a dart, faster and faster, pushing deeper and deeper into her tight wet pussy, I could not get enough of her sweet scent and taste. As I sucked more and more, pushing my tongue deeper and faster, her hips instinctively pushed up and down against my face, covering my chin and mouth with her delicious juices. Her legs clamped around my head, as her hands ran through my hair.

"Oh God, Tony, That Feels Unbelievable, Please, Don't Stop!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Lucky for us I had locked the door, so even if someone had heard her, they couldn't get in or see who it was making all the noise.

As I continued my oral assault on her pussy and clit, I could tell she was getting closer to a huge climax. Her breathing became more shallow, and her body was shaking like crazy. It only took a few minutes before her legs clamped my head like a vice, and her body went nuts. Shaking and thrashing around as she groaned, she screamed and bit her lip hard, filling my wide open mouth with her addictive cum. Of course I made sure to suck and lick every last drop out of her, not wanting to waste any of it. As I did this, my thick hard cock was begging to be released before it tore through my jeans.

I unzipped and unleashed it, as I stood up, I looked at the view of hot naked beauty in front of me. I could not help but notice the slight orgasmic glow to her skin all over as she gasped for air, lifting her head up to look me in the eye.

"How the hell did you do that? I have never felt anything like that before, Ever!" she said, collapsing back onto the desk.

"Well, we are not done yet babe. You ready for the final part of the lesson?" I said, wrapping my hand around my thick hard cock, moving slowly closer and closer to her spread legs. I could still taste her pussy on my lips and tongue as I looked her hot naked glowing body.

'I can't believe it, I'm about to fuck Rosie, and I have just ate her cunt out for the first time. I HAVE to make sure this happens again.' I thought to myself.

'Oh my god, this has to be a dream. I just cum in Toni's face, and he's getting ready to fuck me, this can't be real,' was Rosie's only thought. Yet for some reason, something in her head told her this was right. Without even thinking, her head bobbed up and down as she bit her lip, grabbing onto the back of the desk behind her, ready for what she knew would be a wild ride.

Words were not needed now, I simply rubbed the tip of my thick hard cock against her tight sweet pussy lips, slowly pushing harder, until the tip of my cock pushed between her wet cum soaked pussy lips. The heat I could feel from her womanhood felt amazing against my cock, as I slowly pushed back and forth, each time slowly pushing deeper and deeper, allowing her pussy to adjust to my thick hard cock, invading it deeper and deeper. Both of us groaned with pleasure. Fully aware that what we were now doing, would change how we saw each other forever, not only had we seen each other naked, but we were now having full, unprotected sex, but to both of us it felt right.

"Fuck, you are amazing Rosie, your pussy feels so hot around my cock," I said as I leaned down and began to passionately and roughly kiss her, massaging her tongue with mine, our tongues danced around each other as if they were made for one another. With one final thrust using my lips to muffle her mans I buried my cock all the way into her tight waiting pussy, it felt so hot and tight it was like a sleeve around my dick.

"OOOOH! FUCK YES!" We both shouted simultaneously, then we looked at each other and laughed.

We continued to passionately kiss one another, as I moved back and forth, pushing and pulling my cock in and out, growing with speed and roughness as her pussy squeezed and relaxed around my cock, it felt amazing, like she was milking my cock trying to pull me even deeper.

Soon her hip thrusts were meeting mine, sending my cock so deep I could feel the tip of her cervix against the tip of my cock as she groaned and moaned. I was sure not to be too rough with her this time, as I wanted her to enjoy this as much as she could. I was enjoying having her to myself as well as naked was a plus.

Soon however she was about ready to cum again, as was I, after having her pussy squeeze down around my cock like a velvet soft vice grip.

"Are you on the pill Rosie? If not then I’ll pull out, don't want you getting pregnant," I said. However she seemed to hate that idea as her legs wrapped around my waist, holding me inside of her as her nails dug into my shoulders, followed by her head leaning up and burying into my neck.

"Don't stop, please Toni don't stop. Cum in me if you have to, just don't you dare fucking stop." She said as her hips began to pound up and down harder and faster, causing both of our climaxes to build closer and faster, until eventually, and for the first time for the both of us, EVER, we climaxed and cum at the same time. I grabbed her firm ass and rammed all the way into her pushing the tip of my cock right against her womb, as her hips pushed up, being aided by her feet, pushing her body up against the base of the desk. Load after hot thick load shot from my balls into her fertile waiting pussy, as she covered my shaft with her delicious cum.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, kissing occasionally between gasps for breath, both fully pleased and happy with what had just happened.

We then stood up, and before she got dressed I spanked her firm ass and she giggled, standing on her toes and kissing my nose as I wrapped my arms round her.

"We should have done this years ago," I said as I held her close, enjoying the feeling of having her naked, and also at having my best friend now become my lover. The fact I had pleased her like no other man also made me feel happier than ever.

We of course then get dressed, and before walking out I looked around, making sure the halls were empty, and that any security cameras were not facing us. We quickly ran out and down the hall, rushing out the front door of the school.

Needless to say, Rosie and I then began to date, EACH OTHER. And I always made sure to give her plenty of pleasurable 'lessons'.

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