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A little excitement

      Katherine felt thet her life was boring. All she did was work and go home day in and day out. She hardly had a social life except for an occasional after work cocktail at happy hour. Not to mention that her sex life was almost nonexistant. One Friday after work she had to find another route homedue to construction. As frustrated as she was, she stopped at an unfamiliar bar for a drink. Nervously she went inside and ordered a cocktail, as usual. She became more comfortable as she listened to the music and talked to the bartender. She had another drink, danced a little and then she went home.

      The next morning while doing her laundry she found a card in her pocket. It was a metalic black card with the word EXCITEMENT written in metalic silver on it along with a phone number in one corner and 715 in the other. She knew that she didn't hook up with anyone and wondered how that card got into her pocket. She decided to call the number and a woman answered so she quickly hung up the phone. She thought back to the bar to remember who she danced with and thought it probably was a wife or girlfriend of one of the guys she danced with. Curiously she called back and the woman answered the phone. Katherine took a deep breath and began explaining how she got that number, then she was interupted by the woman. In a cool and calm voice the woman asked two questions "what does the card say and what is the pass word"? Katherine stutterd as she told the woman what was on the card. Their was a bteif moment of silence,then the womansaid in a cool and calm voice "on Thursday evening, go back to the bar, give the card to the bartender and wait for instructions". Then she hung up the phone. Katherine tried to call back and all she got was the operator.

       All week Katherine had butterflies in her stomach, thinking about the woman with that cool and calm voice. It's Thursday and her nerves are jumping as her work day comes to an end. Her car seemed to steer its self to the bar. She drove around the block to build up courage to go inside. She orders her drink, this time a double. She looks around to see if anyone is watching, then folds her money around the card and gives it to the bartender. She takes a big sip and exhales deeply to calm her nerves. An hour passes, she begins to think that she's on a wild goose chase, until another drink is placed in front of her. The bartender points and tells her to follow that hat. Someone wearing a black brim was shaking hands with the people in the the back of the bar. She followed that hat to a red velvet rope and a bouncer. He asked her for the time, which is 715, then he opend the rope to let her pass. When she passed a door closed behind her. Her heart began to pound, then a track light led the way down a dark corridor. A red light went on above a room at the end of the corridor. She walked into the room, it had chains hanging from the walls and ceiling, a mirror and strange bed in the middle of the floor. Katherine didn't notice that some one had come into the room with her. She was grabbed from behind and pressed against the glass, then some one whispered in her ear "don't be affraid, I'm not going to hurt you"! Her first instinct was to panic until the stranger began rubbing her breasts and whispered "I am Excitment, put your hands on the glass and spread your legs". She became aroused as she followed  instructions. The stranger ripped open her shirt, firmly squeezed her breasts and kissed the back of her neck. Then those hands slid down her waist slowly to open her pants and dropped them to the floor. When she tried to resist she found herself blind folded and hand cuffed to the strange bed. She moaned as she felt the strangers hands wandering over her body. When she felt a hand slide down into her craddle of life she moaned louder and those fingers diving in and out of the cavern releasing her juices made her gasp. She moaned and wimpered at the kisses upon her hard nipples ans around her navel working their way down to quinch a thirst. Katherine lost control when she felt the strangers tongue searching for the treasure. Her body became electrified as she screamed in extacy and exploded into the strangers mouth.





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