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A Lunch Hour to Remember

A 16 year old intern gets a bit freaky in her lunch hour.
At 16 years old, I had completed high school and was now ready to set foot on my journey into the adult world. I chose not to attend college as I knew people from school who I hated would be there, so I decided just to try finding some work.

I applied at local businesses and shops, even a café or two. I was certain that I would get a job in the café as they were run by two middle aged women who weren’t really eye candy, for the regulars. They were only oldish men who went in, and we all know how they are around young women. They try to hide the fact that they are a bit excited about it, but we all know they check the woman out when her back is turned. I wasn’t really into old men, I just thought I might be able to spice the place up a bit.

The phone rang on the Saturday, I was sure I would hear the warm, jolly voice of one of the women from the café’s. Instead I heard a very stern, manly voice telling me that I had got the job at a local newspaper. I put in for that as a bit of a joke, as I thought just leaving school would make them laugh. Journalism had always been one of my interests and I was pretty excited that I would begin my life as an adult working in the field. I couldn’t say thank you enough to the man before he hung up the phone.

Immediately I jumped off my bed, getting a face full of my blonde hair, and ran downstairs to break the good news to my parents. They just looked up and said well done, like the miserable old farts they were, before going back to what they were doing beforehand.

I enjoyed the weekend with my friends then began to prepare myself for my first day of work on Monday. I wasn’t that well paid been an intern after all, but my pay was satisfactory been higher than part time work at a grocery store. Monday just didn’t want to come fast enough though. Days seemed to take years to roll by, but finally it was Monday morning. I was literally more excited about work than I was when my parents told me we were going to Disney World when I was younger.

I walked to the office block as it was a nice summer morning with a nice refreshing breeze. When I had reached what now would be my work place for a couple of weeks, wearing a nice flowery summer dress and a pair of leggings, I was nervous about every little thing. Is my dress a bit too much, but this was just normal clothing to me, I didn’t really have any office wear other than my school uniform which had the school crest sewed on. I quickly reassured myself that everything will be fine, put on a brave face and walked in.

As I walked into the office, I seemed to get mixed vibes from the staff. The women scowled at me as though to say “Why is a slut like you interested in working here?” but then again the men seemed to be far more welcoming with their facial expressions. Fortunately the tension was cut by Mr. Rogers, the boss, greeting me. He explained my duties and roles at the company, which weren’t that exciting, just helping the people in the office with their work loads, like photocopying.

I thought this task would be a piece of cake, but I had never used the machine before. I started helping the men, as the women were far more intimidating and rude. I guess they didn’t like the thought of a pretty, young, blonde girl walking around the office, been eye candy for the men. I tried not to let this throw me off, but it was difficult as I’m one of those people who wants everyone to like them. Their scowls seemed to get far more intimidating as I helped the men, like I was proving their theory right. I was helping men because I secretly wanted their cock, which wasn’t the case at all, they were just friendlier.

It was a tense couple of hours, but it had finally reached lunch. I just wanted to get out of there to cool off. I walked to the Subway which was my favourite fast food joint, primarily because it was a lot healthier than the greasy burgers they sold at burger bars.

I managed to beat the massive swarm of college students into the place, and ordered my usual of a Spicy Italian on Honey Oat bread before making my way back to the office, sandwich in hand. As I walked in I saw James still sat at his desk.

He just looked at me, then the sandwich and chuckled. “Pretty big sandwich don’t you think?”

“I usually eat half then leave the rest for later,” I responded. I sat down and began to unwrap the sandwich to eat. I was about halfway through it when he asked me to help him with something on his computer.

I dropped the sandwich and shuffled over to him, as I did he sharply said, “Nevermind.” A bit frustrated by this I shuffled back to where I was sitting, again he bothered me, “Georgia, do you know how to work the photocopier? You looked to be struggling this morning.” Knowing that I did have a problem working the machine, I just nodded to him.

“Ok, let me show you, youngun,” he said confidently. (Youngun is Yorkshire slang, pretty much just means Young One.)

We marched over to the machine. He was behind me every step of the way. I began to photocopy his work, without looking at it as I felt it was a bit nosey. As I was, he was telling me all this other stuff about the machines. I didn’t really have to know half the stuff he was telling me.

The machine stopped, I picked up this huge pile of work to carry it over to his desk. As I placed it down, my attention was set to his computer screen. I read what was on the screen, “Do you like my cock?” My jaw hit the floor. I then heard him clear his throat. As I looked over to him, I saw his spiked up black hair, then his emerald green eyes, his designer stubble and right there between his legs, stood his now hardening cock.

My eyes mesmerised by the sight of this, I began to tremble. This was the first erect penis I had ever seen. He slowly approached me, and began brushing my hair with his hand.

“Don’t be afraid, Georgia, the others won’t be back for a good twenty minutes yet.” He comforted me, in a gentle voice. I knew that I was getting horny at the sight of this, but I wasn’t sure if it was right to do this in the office. He seemed to see the cogs turning in my head and began to make a move kissing my soft lips, then moving down kissing my neck and collar bone. I couldn’t hold in my attraction much longer.

He started to slide my dress down to show off my pert little tits, held in place by a little pink and purple polka dot bra. He started to kiss and lick my cleavage as my hand moved to his now rock hard cock. I began to tug on it pretty hard, making him groan and gasp, feeling my young hand on his meat. He unclipped my bra, letting my tits free. Squeezing one of my pretty pink nipples, he took the other into his mouth and began sucking on the other, as I squirmed at this new sensation.

I started tugging harder on his cock as his hand slid down my body and to my leggings. He pulled my leggings away from my skin and slipped his hand under. I moaned as he began to rub my clit through my matching panties, whilst continuing to suck on my tits. As I got wetter and wetter from the rubbing, he pulled my panties to one side and began to slide his finger into me. I pushed his hand further so that he could get deeper into me as I played with his cock once more.

Due to my inexperience I began to cum very quickly, letting my juices cover his finger. He pulled his finger out of my now soaked pussy and placed them to my mouth and asked me to suck the juices off. I obeyed him immediately, tasting my sweet cum on his finger.

When I had finished sucking my juice off of him, he began to push my shoulders down until his cock was in my face. His dick kept rubbing against my lips before I grasped the idea that he wanted me to suck it. I opened my mouth and began to wrap it around his shaft, sucking it exactly like I would suck a lollypop. I finally saw why many songs about blowjobs referred to lollypops as I began bobbing my head up and down on his throbbing cock. He held my long blonde hair back to keep it off my face and out of my mouth as I sucked him off.

“Stop!” he commanded.

Pulling my mouth off of his cock, he began to move me over to his desk, bending me over it. He pulled my leggings and panties down slightly, just so he had room to place his cock within them. He warned me that it might hurt me a tad, but it didn’t stop him from pushing it into my tight, virgin pussy. Luckily I had already broken my hymen from riding horses as a kid, so bleeding wouldn’t be an issue.

He continued to push until he reached the very limit that he could, stretching each and every inch of my hole. Pulling out, I let out a gasp, before he pushed back in. Now beginning to feel the benefits from having a hard cock inside of me, I began to moan softly as he pounded my pussy. He pulled the bottom of my dress up a little bit, so that he could have a look at my tight, little ass as he fucked me.

I could feel him pulling and spreading my ass as he penetrated me, but that only made it more pleasurable. To my shock, the man who looked and acted like a pornstar, could only last a couple of minutes before he began to squirt his seed into me. All I could think of is how lucky I started taking birth control a couple of months ago, as he continued to cum inside of my young pussy.

With minutes to spare before the others showed up from their lunch hour, we pulled our clothes back into position as though nothing had ever happened. We made out once more before I returned back to my sandwich, that I had forgotten about totally. We licked our lips at one another.

“Wait until tomorrow,” I said seductively to him as the others started to flood into the office.

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