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A New Beginning with my Step-Brother, David… Chapter 1

Contributing Authors: literot 

Journey in which we all traveled from teens to adulthood…

Hi, my name’s Pamela and I’m now 25 years old. My step-brother, David, is 26 but only eight months older than me.

While growing up in our parent’s home, we were both involved in many schools as well as social activities together, having a lot of the same friends throughout our elementary, middle, and high school years. As we started getting older, however, we each became much more involved in different social circles. He would play baseball exclusively all year-round, while I was heavily involved in the theater league as its vice-president.

Naturally, we grew a bit further apart due to our changing social lives and also because of our developing bodies and hormones. I remember when I was in ninth grade, David was in tenth, when my friend Carolyn came to me to say that she was extremely jealous of my having such a super hot and sexy brother. That was really the first of many times that I would hear something along those lines, as we grew older. I was surprised by her words, but I then started to pay much closer attention to David.

After my best friend Lynn also hinted at David being sexy, she then told me a story about spying on her older sister and boyfriend, and this introduced me to the concept of masturbation. She told me about a time when she watched them, but instead of them having sex, they were just masturbating each other. Shortly after Lynn's story, I got on the internet to feed my curiosity about mutual masturbation and learned a lot about how both boys and girls did it. I masturbated that evening for the first time and although I didn't have an orgasm, it did feel pretty darn good nonetheless. I didn't masturbate very often, but enough to keep me happy.

Nothing of any consequence happened until much later. It was during our time while on Christmas break from school in my second year of high school when I was sixteen. By this time, both he and I were fully into puberty. In our house, we had three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. Our parent’s bedroom and ensuite bathroom were downstairs. David and I shared the one upstairs bathrooms across from our separate bedrooms. The older we both got, the more times we both spent getting ready, which started a few fights on occasion. Even though I was well aware by this time that boys and girls were different and both would masturbate for pleasure, it never really crossed my mind that David was into doing that sort of thing as well.

Anyway, David and I were both home from school during Christmas break, and our parents still had to work until Christmas Eve. I had a terrible case of stomach flu that kept me running to the bathroom puking for almost four days. I was just totally miserable and exhausted. I was lying on my bed trying hard to take a nap that afternoon; knowing I was going to be sick again. I jumped up and hurried to the bathroom, and shoving open the bathroom door I found David leaning up against the wall opposite the wall mirror, stark naked, cock in hand, and stroking himself.

I was in shock, but I was still just worried about getting to the toilet even faster. I dashed past him and vaguely heard him scrambling around to grab his things, and then leaving to go back to his room.

After a minute or two, what I had just witnessed was just starting to sink in. I replayed the whole thing in my mind. David had been completely naked, his hand stroking up-n-down the full length of his hard cock. He honestly was very good looking with that athletic body of his. While I hadn't taken any time to really check him out in the past, I had seen enough this time so that I could tell he had a nice size cock and he was taking good care of it from what I could see.

After I went back into my room, I was able to lie down and take a nap. When I woke up, the thought of what I had witnessed earlier popped back into my mind again. Wow! I started getting worried about seeing him. I really felt bad for even thinking all these thoughts of my own stepbrother in such a way.

Nevertheless, I just couldn't get that picture or thought of seeing him naked and his nice hard cock being stroked by his hand, out of my mind. I really wanted to see him doing it again, just for me. I couldn’t decide whether to bring it up with him, or not.

What would I do if he brought it up? I didn't want to be the one embarrassing him or making him feel bad about my catching him, so I decided I'd just wait and see until the next time, and then just apologize for busting in and seeing him and watch his reaction.

Our parents got home from work while I was still in my room not feeling well. Obviously, neither of us said anything to either of them about what had happened earlier that day. That night, when David came back upstairs to go to bed, I called out to him and asked him into my room.

He stopped in the doorway and asked, “What's up?”

“Well, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for earlier; I didn't realize you were in the bathroom and I obviously needed to get to the toilet quickly.”

He looked away and I noticed him blushing. “Oh, I thought you just needed me to get you something or do something for you,” he mumbled in an embarrassing reply.

No, that was all,” I said and smiled in the hope of letting him know that it was okay that he'd been masturbating.

“Alright, well thanks … I guess,” he said and hurried away to his room.

Over the next couple of days, I recovered just in time for all of us to enjoy our Christmas together. We stayed occupied with big family gatherings and some places to go on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. David and I both acted as if nothing had happened between us, but no matter what, I could not stop thinking about how I could catch him at it again.

Well to my amazement the opportunity presented itself to me again. A couple of days after Christmas, I was lying in bed reading. It was around midnight, but as we were home on break, I was up later than usual.

As I lay in bed with my book, I could hear faint noises coming from David's room. I put down my book and made my way over to the wall separating our rooms and pressed my ear against it. I could then hear, clear as day, the faint moans, and movements of his bed and again occasionally softer moan or grunts. I was already feeling horny, so I reached down inside my pajama pants and started to rub my clit.

I then decided that I’d try to see if I could just look around his door-frame or through the keyhole. I quietly opened my door and tiptoed out into the hallway just outside his door. Apparently closed, I pressed my ear up against the door to get another listen. However, much to my dismay and embarrassment, his door hadn’t latched fully, so when I leaned against it, the door flung open and I fell into David's room onto the floor. Startled, he jumped off his bed and covered himself with his comforter.

“Jesus Christ! What the fuck are you doing, Pam!?” He half-yelled in a loud whisper. He was now blushing bright red again. Nevertheless, I'm sure I was the deepest shade of red too.

“I - I - um.” How could I ever even begin explaining this to him?

But before I could say anything else, he gasped and lurched forward, so I knew he had just cum. My eyes locked on him. I couldn't see his body but his face said it all. After what seemed like an eternity, his body finally relaxed as he collapsed back onto his bed, still covered with the comforter. He was truly upset with me and really embarrassed.

“Get the hell out of here,” he said, sounding as if he wanted to cry.

“I'm sorry, David,” I said, as I got up from off the floor, “I can explain.” Shoot! Why in the world did I say that?

“Well then, please do!” He was really pissed at me, I could tell.

“Well.” I couldn't look at him. “I just wanted. Yes, I really just wanted to. You know. Um.”

Now I was the one that wanted to cry.

It was now or never. So I sighed and said, “Well you know, I just wanted to see you jacking off again,” not looking at him but instead at the floor. “I'm sorry.”

“What did you say?” He choked.

“I just, you know, wanted to see you doing it again,” I admitted.

We were both speechless and just stared at each other in silence for quite some time. Then, without warning, David stood up from his bed, dropped his comforter to the floor and exposed his fantastic naked body to me. He stood there, bare as the day he was born, still with a mighty hard-on and I could see some cum on his stomach and his comforter.

I shut his door behind me. Neither of us spoke; not a single word.

I stood very still and leaned back against his door as he grabbed his cock in his hand and started to stroke it once again for me. I was staring at his cock, my eyes fixed on just his large cock. It was the first one I had ever seen in real life and it was impressive. His pubes were dark but trimmed.

Reluctantly, I moved my eyes away from his erection and took time to admire all the other parts of his body; his athletic abs; his toned Pecs and arms. My pussy was getting very wet, it ached and throbbed for attention, begging me to reach in and touch it, but I was too busy fixated on David’s big cock to move. I have no idea how long it really took, but it felt like ages standing there, my knees getting very weak.

I'm shaking, taking it all in, until he let out a moan, threw his head back and said he was Cumming for the second time that night. This time, however, there really wasn't much coming out. It was just dripping mostly and he only had three or four little spurts which ran down over his cock and hand. This was still exciting for me as I was watching all this for the first time.

“Thank you,” I whispered, blowing him a kiss, and I slipped out of his room.

When I got back to my room, I closed my door, stripped out of my pajamas and got completely naked. I lay down on my bed and began to finger myself to an amazing orgasm, another first for me that night. My mind was blown. I got myself off three more times that night, keeping as quiet as possible, but I honestly wasn't worried about anyone hearing me at this point. When I finally went to sleep, I hoped that this would be the start of something special between David and me.

As things worked out, it was indeed only a beginning for the two of us and I hope that you will encourage me to write what happened next.



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