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A Night Out

A Night Out

This is my first attempt at writing a story of any kind, erotic or otherwise. It is a bit long in the beginning and I apologize ahead of time. Any and all feedback shall be accepted and well received.

The night was filled with copious amounts liquor and laughter that led to the events of this evening. Ed was playing the third wheel this evening while out with his close friend Larry and his longtime girlfriend Robin. The three friends were all out having a little fun before going to see a comedy show later that evening at one of their favorite establishments, The Flying Saucer. (The Flying Saucer has a menu that consists of four pages of beer from around the world and only a single page of food options.) As they were out the beer and spirits flowed inhibitions were loosened. Ed had always been a shy introverted guy; however alcohol and peer pressure have a strange way of working its magic.

Ed had always been an admirer of healthy country girls as well as the way they carried themselves. As the night wore on he had become quite infatuated with a tall 5'10" brunette that was wearing jeans so tight she looked like she had jumped off a balcony to get into them. She was wearing a black blouse that did little to hid the amble C cups she was flaunting.

After catching a hounding from Larry and Robin Ed took his chance. He went over introduced himself and surprising they hit it off. As the evening wore on Ed stepped away to empty the tank to make room for more liquid courage. As fate would have it, no more would be needed.

As Ed was washing his hands he was startled to feel hands on his shoulders. He was just about to lay some queer out to turn around and see the gorgeous green eyes of his new lady friend, Tammi.

He said, "What the...?" as her finger found his lips to tell him to hush.

In a hushed voice Tammi says, "How can a man your age go to a comedy show with all of that built up tension?"

"What tension?"

"The tension of being your age and still being a virgin."

"What the hell gave you that idea?"

"I had a short discussion with Larry and Robin."

"What the....."

"Don't be mad at them daring. You are the first real person that has approached me in a long time. Your honesty is enough of an aphrodisiac for me."

Ed was speechless at that point. He watched as Tammi stepped back and locked the door. Ed started to stammer and Tammi put an end to that with a kiss. Tammi was definitely in charge of the situation. Their kissing became quite passionate and soon they were grinding against each other.

Suddenly something just flipped in Ed's confidence. His primal instincts took over. He grabbed Tammi by the ass and lifted her up and placed her on the vanity. Tammi was interested in one thing and one thing only. Ed's unused member. Ed had never been so stimulated in his life and his libido went into overdrive. To this point their kissing had kept them both quiet.

"Tammi this ass feels better than it looks, but your twins are looking mighty tasty."

"Well don't just talk about it get in there, they feel lonely."

For some reason in all his excitement and instincts, Ed was quite delicate in removing Tammi blouse so she would not have the embarrassment of having to try and continue the night essentially topless, something that didn't go unnoticed by Tammi.

Ed moved down and started to worship Tammi's ample breast by taking her left nipple in his mouth. She was writhing in ecstasy and begged him to not stop. Ed not wanting to be rude moved his assault onto the right nipple. He stopped his assault on her nipples to step back and take in the fruits of his labor. Tammi's nipples had become so engorged that they had become the size of small thimbles on top of a ruby red areola the size of a Kennedy half dollar.

"Darlin' if your tongue is that good on my tits I can't wait till you get these pants off."

Ed was a new man, confident and cocky. "Is that a challenge?"

"Well if that is the way you take it."

Ed without hesitation started to unfasten Tammi's jeans. At this point his inexperience showed, he was unable to get them off with Tammi seated on the vanity. The jeans hugged her legs, hips, and ass like a second skin in that position. Tammi stopped his fumbling and stood and backed Ed over onto the love seat in the corner. As she wiggled out of her jeans Ed hung her blouse on a coat hook to turn around to be speechless at what was now before him. Tammi was just standing back up after bending over to finish taking off her jeans and shoes. What he saw before him was Tammi's well sculpted assets in a pair of neon green boy cut panties. As she stood she turned her upper torso to give him and evil looking grin and a slight ass wiggle. She saw that he was mesmerized and thought that this was her chance to be in control again.

"Like what you see?"

"It is more beautiful than the ocean sunset."

With that she just melted. She had never been with someone so thoughtful and honest. At that moment before they were even finished with their encounter she knew she was in love. Tammi straddled Ed on the sofa and began to kiss him like she had never kissed anyone before. She was unaware she had begun to grind against Ed. She soon became acutely aware of what she was doing to him. Ed had resumed his assault on her nipples and now one of his hands had worked its way from her ass to her inner thigh. Ed was amazed at the heat emanating from her. As his hand went higher and higher Tammi's breathing became erratic. He continued to nibble, suck, and lick her nipples as he moved his hand to her vagina. He began to rub her through her panties and was amazed at how wet she had become. In between licks he looked to see what he was doing and she had become so aroused that the wetness of her panties showed off every detail of her puffy lips to the indescribable love button at the top.

"Touch me, please. Rub my clit so I can cum."

His every attempt to stay away from her clit became a game to some sorts. She just started grinding against his hand with unabated passion. Her orgasm was building and she grabbed her left nipple in one hand and feircely pinched it, while grabbing a clump of hair on the back of Ed's neck to pull him in for another kiss to try and mask her orgasmic bliss. It was a futile effort. Tammi erupted in an orgasm that seemed to never end.

Once down from her mountain Tammi looked into Ed's face and realized that she had been entirely too selfish.

"Its your turn now. Now lets see let the beast out of your pants."

"Well I wouldn't exactly call it a beast."

"After what it just did to me while it was still caged? Its a beast."

Tammi proceeded to unbuckle his belt and pants and slowly pull his zipper down. She pulled his pants to his ankles and slowly pealed down his boxers. She found before her an unimpressive 5.5" throbbing penis and two well manicured testicles. However she was completely enthralled with what was now before her.

"What do you think I should do with this?"

"Whatever you deem necessary."

Tammi gently grabbed his shaft and begin to lick from the base of his testicles up to the tip, and Ed's worst nightmare came to realization. Ed was helpless and crushed.

"Ed, don't worry about it. We will have plenty of time to fix this situation."

"I know it's my first time but it's not that. It's that."

Tammi turned around to see two of the beer wenches from the Saucer standing there laughing at Ed's early occurrence. They told Tammi and Ed to get dressed.

All comments and advice accepted. If it is well received more shall come.
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