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A Night to Remember

A virgin is prepared to give away herself to the man she loves.
When is he going to be here?

That was the very thought that entered my head as I waited for my boyfriend’s return. I was sitting on his bed, shivering nervously. The alluring smell of candles and incense was strong in his bedroom. I smiled weakly at the thought of him setting the mood for tonight. He must’ve worked hard on it.

I heard heavy footsteps on the creaking stairs. I knew it was him, coming up for me. I bit my lip and started to play with my dark red hair. Do I look alright for tonight? Am I even dressed right? I glanced down at my slender form. I was just wearing a silky black baby doll nightgown and black stockings that went up to my knees to match. I hoped he would like it. I wanted him to get hard at the sight of me. Maybe I should just strip naked, I mused, but then decided against it. It was better to take this nice and slow, rather than rush into it.

Now the door was opening. God, I could feel my heart beating so fast. I glanced in his direction and sighed softly at the sight of him.

He looked so handsome in just his boxers and t-shirt. He had piercing blue eyes that could melt your heart, and a well kept chinstrap running along his chin line. I wanted to feel his facial hair. In fact, I wanted to feel his chest hair, and the hair along his arms and legs. I deeply wanted that skin to skin contact, yet I was still very nervous.

“H-Hello,” I greeted softly, and nervously. I slowly stood from my spot on the bed and watched him carefully as he walked over to me.

He said nothing, but observed me. It was almost as if he can see right through my baby doll and stockings.

I gulped and started to rub my shoulder. What was I suppose to do? How should I go about initiating it, or should he do the initiating?

He answered that question with a kiss. It was soft at first, but then it blossomed into something passionate. He opened his mouth and licked my soft lips with his warm tongue. I responded eagerly to this and opened my own mouth. Our tongues collided with each other, twirling around like two dancers. I moaned into his mouth.

So far, I enjoyed this. I was not old to the act of kissing. I had grown very used to the act. Still, I knew there was more that was about to come tonight.

The kissing seemed like it went on for ages, that is, until his mouth left mine and went to explore my neck. I gasped lightly as his tongue swirled around the sensitive parts of my neck. “Mmm, yes,” I murmured. Do…more.” He obeyed, and started to nip lightly. I sighed with pleasure. I could feel a wetness between my legs. I also felt a faint tingling sensation. My god, it felt good. His mouth on my neck felt wonderful. I wanted more though. “Give me…more,” I whispered.

He stopped focusing on my neck and stared at me in the eyes. “Hmm, take off your baby doll,” he requested.

My eyes grew wide at the request. I looked away from his stare. My hands were playing with the hem of the nightgown. “I-I don’t know…” God, why did I have to be so nervous. “M-my body…what if?”

He chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Fuck, you’re beautiful to me. Your body is not going to bother me.” He cupped my chin and raised it gently so that I was staring into his eyes once again. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

God, that question was so simple. “Yes,” I breathed. “I-I do..” Damn, I did want to fuck him. I was ready to fuck him. I was just so nervous about it. I heard how much it hurt other virgins the first time. I did not want that same kind of pain.

“Don’t you worry about a damn thing then. Show me how much you want me,” he whispered into my ear seductively.

Shit, I could feel myself getting wetter by those words. He knew how to get me hot. He knew how to make me want him. I did not want to go on with the phone or cyber sex anymore. I wanted the real thing and I was going to get it…right?

I took off my baby doll in one swift motion, but tried to cover my small, perky breasts and looked down once again.

“No,” he sternly said. “Don’t hide those from me. I want to see them and suck them. Baby, you know how bad I want to do things to you.”

I blushed and put my hands to my side. I twirled around slowly for him and shyly smiled in his direction as he scanned my body over. I could see the hunger in his eyes. I thought darkly of what he wanted to do with me. Mmm, suck my nipples, feel my breasts, stick your cock...gently in my wet hole.

Suddenly, he pounced on me, taking me by surprise and knocking me backward against the soft down bed. He started to kiss me hungrily, eagerly, desperately. My hands immediately went to the hem of his t-shirt. I took it off and threw it to the floor without a care in the world. Fuck, I could feel his hairy chest against my bare body. It felt so right!

“Go, lower,” I gasped lightly. I wanted him on my breasts now. I needed my nipples to be played with. God, his mouth was quickly kissing down toward my breasts. “Yes, yes, there,” I encouraged. My heartbeats were getting faster.

He started to play with my perky little breasts. He groped them, sucked on each nipple, and made sure to gently twist them between his fingers. My nipples were hard. I marveled at the sight of seeing him enjoying my body for a minute before letting out a moan. I arched my back in response to his breast play. “Mmm, fuck yes,” I cooed.

“You like that, don’t you,” he hissed and kissed my left breast. “Damn, my dick feels so hard for you, baby. I need to cum inside you.”

“Not…yet,” I breathed. I wanted him to feel pleasure too. I knew what I wanted to do. “Lay on your back. It’s my turn.” I was nervous, but determined to get this right.

He eagerly laid on his back and waited to see what I had up my sleeve.

I smirked and took off his boxers with one quick motion to reveal his lovely, throbbing cock. I licked my lips nervously and kissed him gently on the mouth before venturing down toward his hard manhood.

I always imagined sticking him in my mouth and sucking him off, but never actually tried the act itself. I even told him how much I wanted to try it. I hope all that researching and reading about giving good blowjobs pays off for me, I thought and slowly put my mouth over his dick without a second thought.

I started off slow, licking and teasing the tip. I made sure to have my wet tongue swirling around it. I could hear him let out a soft gasp, and smirked. I would start slow and steady at first, then get faster.

His dick felt lovely in my mouth. I enjoyed every minute of sucking and pleasuring him. I put more of him in my mouth. I wanted to suck his whole length. I wanted his cock as deep inside my mouth as possible.

As I was working on his member, my hands were gently playing with his balls, making sure to gently massage them. I wanted to feel his hot, salty white cum in my mouth. I needed it like a human needed water in the desert. I worked faster, sucked harder, and went deeper. I could hear his cries of pleasure as I mouth fucked his dick. Fuck, he was close! Any minute he was going to burst his baby juice into my dirty mouth. Come on baby, I thought.

He groaned and shot his sticky cum into my wet mouth. I eagerly swallowed it, as well as lick his cock clean of traces of semen. God, that felt good. It was like a sudden rush in my mouth. “Mmm, baby your cum tastes so good,” I said with a bright smile plastered on my face. I licked my lips and kissed him hard on the mouth.

“Oh fuck,” he grunted and flipped me over. He smirked widely at me and wasted no time going between my legs. He ripped the stockings off, as well as my knickers and stuck his tongue deep inside my pussy.

Oh fuck, it swirled around inside me. It teased and tortured me with swift licks. “God yes,” I said and grasped the covers of the bed with my fingers. “D-Don’t stop!” Damn, he wanted me to cum. I wanted to cum. He continued with his teasing and sucking and slurping. It felt as though my pussy was getting wetter by the minute!

“Damn baby, your juices taste so good,” he rasped between licks. “Fuck, and you smell delicious. I want to fuck you right now. I want to make you fuckin’ scream my name out, baby.”

“Oh hell yes,” I panted as he worked on my wet pussy. “Please fuck me. I don’t want to wait anymore. Stick your dick in my wet cunt!”

Suddenly, he stopped for a minute and gazed at me. I gazed back at him, pleading with him. I wanted it so bad. I was tingling so much. My pussy needed to be filled with his dick. “Baby, are you ready? Do you want this dick inside you now?”

“O-Oh yes I do,” I eagerly panted. “Please, stick it inside me now.”

Without another word, he gently eased his cock into my tight pussy, and kissed me hard on the mouth as he did so. Fuck, it did hurt, and I squirmed and wanted to cry out in pain, but his kissing was distracting. He slowly started to move in and out inside of me, trying not to hurt me. I almost dug my nails into his back and moaned slightly. He felt so full inside of me. It hurt a little, but felt so fucking good as well. “Mmm” was all I could say as his mouth continued to massage my own.

I could feel his dick throbbing inside of my pussy. I could feel him slowly thrusting in and out, fucking me. I tried to move my hips, wanting them to meet his thrusts. I did not want to be like a lying duck.

He stopped kissing me and gazed down into my eyes. I gasped lightly with each thrust in. I wanted him to go a little faster. “More,” I whispered.

He was eagerly going faster without question. It felt better. My pussy felt slick with cum. His cock was pulsing inside of me, and I arched my back and sighed in pleasure. He grunted and groaned and went to kiss me once again.

This time, he kissed all over my face and neck, sometimes lightly nipping me. I wiggled and squirmed as he did this and started to pant. The kissing, the fucking, the smell of his sweat, the smell of my sweat. Oh Jesus, I wanted to cum so bad. I could feel myself getting red in the cheeks. My body was so hot. I was panting harder. I wanted to shout his name. Fuck, I had to cum! I had to fucking cum RIGHT NOW!

I felt a rush of his hot juices inside of me. I felt very slick and wet between my legs. I panted very hard and glanced up at him. Shit, he looked tired but handsome as always. He gently laid on top of my and I buried my head in his shoulder. I kissed his shoulder. He kissed me on the mouth, gently this time. “Oh baby,” he panted. “Fuck, you felt so good.”

“G-g-god you too,” I tried to say. I was tired out, but elated. I did not know that sex could be so exciting. “I want more.”

He chuckled at my words before rolling off of me. He stroked my wet strands of hair and kissed me on the forehead. “Maybe tomorrow if you’re a good girl,” he murmured.

I giggled and kissed him on the mouth. “I love you.”

He smiled warmly and kissed me back. “I love you too."

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