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A Prom Night to Remember

It was the week before prom and the whole grade was pumped for the night to come. Everyone had their date, including me. My date was my crush and very best friend. She wasn't shocked when I asked her but it took me a lot to do so. We both had feelings for each other but never had the chance to act on them with her parents being tighter with her then I am with my wallet. So I was glad when she convinced them to let her go with me.

I am the typical high school male. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, 5'9", glasses, and is the schools biggest comic geek. My crush and date was a year younger and a lot like me. Brown hair, eyes to match, that I often lost myself in, though she was small chested and didn’t have the biggest ass, none of that mattered for I was too focused on her lovely face. Her obsession was anime. Like a match made in heaven.

In the days to come before prom we texted like crazy. And the topic of sex was brought up. We both being virgins always wondered what sex actually felt like. Being a guy I have seen sex on porn and all that and had cum many times to it but had never had the pleasure of having a girl naked beside me. She admitted to masturbating too, though not near as often as me. She was nervous to have sex, had many reservations about the act and all the possibilities of what could happen. She had morals too, like no premarital sex. Which I was ok with, but deep down I wanted to make her mine. But I would never force that on her for I loved her.

After talking about sex I changed the subject to what to do after the after party. She had to be home by 4 AM at the latest. One full hour after the party was over, so many thoughts filled my head. That is when I decided to buy condoms, and I did so, though had to hide them from my mom. My date never knew of my purchase.

Finally the night arrived. My group met up at a friend’s house to take some free photos. Absolutely none of the other girls compared to mine. Her knee length white dress with black lace on her chest, and me being the opposite in an all black tux. Just seeing her made me hard.

At prom we danced the night away, even the slow songs. Throughout the entire dance I had to resist the urge to kiss my date. It pained me inside, and I settled for kissing her head for now. What really gave me away is when a hip hop song came on and we grinded. Feeling her fine ass against my crotch had gotten my cock's attention. We grinded more and then she turned to me. I knew she had felt it, how could she not have. The look she gave me was part "really"/"did I do that"/" I like." I blushed from embarrassment; luckily the lights were low so it went unnoticed. For the rest of the night we grinded, I noticed she had changed the rhythm to a slower, sexier pace. When the formal dance was over my boxers were soaked. I was half hoping her panties were too, later to find out they were.

After changing into more casual clothes our limo headed to the after party. It was an ok after party but my mind was on my plans that were still to come. There was a magician there, an artist, music playing, and more food. Your typical after party. When that ended my date and I got in my car and drove around. It was only a little after three in the morning, so I had to act fast. I found a suiting spot and parked the car. My date didn’t catch the hint right away. She knew right away after I pulled her close to me and kissed her. When the kiss was broken she looked at me with those wonderful eyes. Kissing her was an art. Her lips so perfect and soft, what a feeling. We put our lips together again and this kiss got a little wilder.

Our tongues struggled for control of the kiss. The swapping and mixing of our tastes such a sensation. I could slowly feel my penis fill with blood from all the stimulation of the kisses. My erection became noticeable but neither of us cared. When we broke our very sexy kiss both of us were short of breath. I was glad she was my first kiss, as I sat there staring into her deep brown eyes tasting her on my tongue. I motioned with my head to the backseat, as I did so I saw the blood drain from her face. This told me what I already knew. I then showed her the condoms showing her that I would use protection to keep both of us safe from a kid.

She was still resistant. I kissed her deeply again and sucked on her lips as I broke the kiss, hearing the slightest moan. I told her that I loved her and she was shocked and confessed the same to me. I explained how I wanted her to be my first ever since my feelings for her had developed. Her response was the one I wanted, that she wanted me to be the one to take her cherry. And I planned on doing so.

So we both climbed into the backseat as she sat on my legs with a leg on either side of me. We kissed more powerfully then before letting each other’s tongues explore our mouths. She bit on my tongue and sucked just enough to make me moan. I did the same but sucked on her lips causing her to moan just like me. My cock had never been harder, it was throbbing wildly and could feel the pre cum on the inside of my boxers. I ran my hands up her body from her hips leaving my hands on her petite breasts. With one in each hand I rubbed and massaged them, squeezing ever so often. Soon I felt her nipples become erect from my hands on her breasts. I opened my eyes during our kiss to see that she had her hand down her pants teasing her clit. I was so turned on at that thought and the image it produced in my head.

I broke the kiss reluctantly and lifted off her shirt. I ran my hands over her sexy mid-section. Her skin as soft as silk. I scratched lightly and heard her moan sexily. She helped me unclasp her bra and took it off. There before me were the cutest tits I had ever seen. My first real pair. I took one of those beautiful breasts in my mouth as I felt her arch her back at the sensation and the pleasure that coursed through her body. I circled my tongue around her erect nipple, I even bit lightly on it. Her moans getting louder. I held her closer to me as I sucked long and hard on the breast of my love. I released her nipple from my mouth and I received the dirtiest look from her. It was the why-did-you -stop look.

I moved her to my side, for I wanted a peek of the pussy that she was rubbing away at. I put myself in the leg section of the backseat. Crouching I had perfect access to her most private of regions. She unzipped her pants and threw them aside with her bra and shirt. There was a noticeable wet patch on her cute black see through panties. I could see she was natural but trimmed which was sexy. The smell of her juices was intoxicating, I needed to have more. I was the one to pull off and remove the panties, she lifted for me to get them down and off her legs.

There she sat the love of my life in all her glory. She looked ten times better than any model I had ever viewed. She spread her legs to give me a better view, and damn was it. Her puffy, swollen lips were ripe with her juice, as I saw a trail of it run from her clit to the fabric of my car. I lowered my head between her legs and inhaled her scent before licking the length of her slit. This caused her to quiver and squirm. I did it again with the same result. I then cupped her ass in my hands and lifted her pelvis closer to my face. I started to eat her out, licking, biting, and sucking on her lips. I have to say it is one of the best tastes I have had. I took a bold step and slid my tongue up her hole and heard her moan so loud and long. I wiggled it around and seemed to have found her g-spot. I kept flicking past it driving her wild.

Her body was arching and contorting from the pleasure she was experiencing. I flicked past her g a few more times, as I could tell she was already close to her climax, until I felt her body stiffen as all her muscles contracted into producing the biggest orgasm of her life, She squirted into my mouth as I tried to contain all her juices in my mouth. I had to break off for it was too much. Even after all I had swallowed she still oozed her love juice for a while, leaving a puddle on the upholstery.

My cock now was a raging boner aching for some action. As I sat back in the seat she straddled me again and we exchanged a kiss once again, having her taste herself on my tongue. She broke the kiss to take my shirt off. Still horny as all hell I unbutton my jeans to reveal my tented boxers courtesy of my erection.
She pulled them down and off. There we were naked in each other’s company.

What caught me by surprise is when she flicked her tongue out and licked the precum off the head of my cock. After being hard so long I nearly came then but thank god I didn’t. She sucked my cock like no tomorrow. The feel of her lips around my cock was so fucking wonderful. Every time I went to make her go faster she hit my hands away. She was in control of my orgasm now. Every suck pulled me closer to the edge, I could hear myself moan with passion as she worked me closer. Her tongue was magic on my pole. Being swirled around, up and down my length was driving me closer and closer to blowing my load.

Fondling my balls while blowing me added a whole new field of pleasure to my mind and body. I had that tingle that I knew would mean the end of the fun. Trying to hold back as long as I could she kept going. She swallowed my entire cock and the feeling of my cock that far in her mouth sent me over the edge and I thrust deep into her mouth feeling her gag a little. She was a trooper though and kept her lips locked around my slowly softening cock to get all the cum she wanted. I was ecstatic when she swallowed since I wasn’t sure, after that she continued to suck to get every remaining drop out of my cock.

When she was done she placed herself beside me again as I recovered from my cum. I know she wanted more now, after all I did have the condoms. In order to get me hard again she rubbed her tits and fingered herself. Man was that one hot scene to see. Slowly my penis filled with blood again from watching her being all sexy and seductive. She took out a condom opened it and rolled it down my length.

Before we started going hot and heavy I warned her that the first time hurts for girls. But she countered that by saying that any pleasure will totally eliminate that pain. Especially if that pleasure was coming from my cock deep inside her hole. Since I was recovered and hard yet again we decided to go at it to quench our sexual appetites. She lifted her leg over my lap, seeing that wonderful pussy again made my new erection complete, she hovered above my protected cock, juices flowing.

I asked her once again if she was ready and she nodded. I held her hips and guided myself into her wet, dripping cunt. I hit the slight resistance of her hymen and pushed more until it burst. She let out a small scream that was soon replaced by a moan. I asked her if she was alright and nodded in agreement. She tried to take control but I didn’t let her. I held her hips as my cock was slowly buried into my girl. She took the full length in a matter of seconds after her hymen breaking it was incredible.

I lifted her up and down on my cock enjoying the best feeling that has yet come into my life, the feeling of losing my virginity to the girl I love. I slid her up and down faster making our bodies slap together, what a sexy sound. As I continued that I felt her juices roll down my shaft and onto my balls, such a fucking turn on. I pumped harder into my girl making her tilt her head back from the intense pleasure. Her sexy little moans with every pump into her.

I could feel my second cum building so soon but I didn’t want it yet I was enjoying the feeling of my girl’s hot, tight, and wet pussy walls around my cock. We both seemed to be nearing the end based on our shortened breaths that we took. With each thrust in her, her perky little tits bounced just a little. God Damn. She was a gift from God, perfect in every way imaginable. I played with her nipples while I thrust myself ever nearer to the end. I rubbed them with my thumbs and other fingers bringing them erect again and hearing those porn star moans escape her mouth. I couldn’t take much more but she pushed my limits.

She started kissing and biting my neck trying to give me a hickey, she licked the marks and I just wanted to blow then and there but not yet. She sucked long and hard on my neck while I kept up my pace. My pace quickly increased as my second climax was approaching rapidly. I was thrusting so hard that not only were we moving up and down but the car was too. I held on again as long as I could but to no avail my body tightened and contracted for a second time as I came hard, of stream after stream of hot sticky cum into my girl’s no longer virgin cunt. At the time I was cumming she climaxed a second time too.

Both of us exhausted from our marathon sex sessions I pulled out and removed the condom containing my seed, put on my boxers and grabbed a blanket that I kept in my car. Looking at my phone the hour was way past curfew, but I didn’t notice. So I cuddled up and spooned with my love beneath the blanket. As I heard her doze off and listened to her breathing, I thought to myself what a night, I then drifted off myself with my Beloved in my arms.

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