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A Sexual Awakening- Part II

A Sexual Awakening- Part II

Bobby experiences the Virgin Gracie...
A Sexual Awakening, Part Two.

By Stephanie

(I’d humbly ask readers to read the First part of this story before investigating this 2nd episode as the characters are introduced in Part 1… Thank You!)

I laid back upon my single bed as a naked Grace Nolan moved down my body and straddled my thighs with hers while softly stroking my growing cock… The first hard cock she had ever seen.

With my eyes closed I concentrated upon the sensations created by her delicate touch. Inhaling deeply as she moved her hand upon me I tasted a thick, tangy, sweet scent upon the air in the room. It was the scent of her. The real Her, the private Her, the hidden Her.

I loved it. I, Bobby Cohen, had dreamed of this moment.

This was better than the dream.

As she continued her tentative exploration of my now iron-hard cock I pulled a pillow underneath my head so as I could watch her. She was leaning downwards in an attitude of rapt concentration as she gently stroked my shaft. Her hair had fallen over her hidden face but I watched her pert tits bob softly as she explored me with both hands while gently grinding her still wet pussy against my leg. Helplessly I pushed my hips upwards to offer more of myself to her.

She looked up at me with glistening wide eyes, (did making her come make her eyes shine???) and shook her hair off her shoulders.

“Show me how you do it,” she said. “Teach me how to do it…”

With my left hand I brushed her hair from her glowing face as my right hand grasped my cock over her fist. I held her fingers firmly and closed them tighter around my iron hard erection as I began to move her hand up and down my straining shaft. Faster and more firmly now…

“Ooooh,” said Grace. “Doesn’t it hurt?”

I shook my head. I couldn’t trust myself to speak.

“Can I do it by myself?” she said. And I removed my own hand as she did it by herself.

Her head fell forward as she began to tightly and speedily stroke my shaft from balls to cock-head with her small tight fist. Her other hand now began to gently fondle my balls and I felt a tightness in my stomach as my come approached like an express train that had no intention of stopping at this station.

She was panting wildly, her pussy greasing my soaked thigh as she rocked herself upon me. Opening my eyes to watch her I saw her hair fly, her hard-nippled tits bob and her hand move furiously upon me as her delicious bottom continued to grind, harder now into my leg.

And then I came like a firework rocket.

Like NEVER before….

I pulsed and shot maybe six or seven times. Spurts and spurts of hot come cannonaded from my pulsing cock as I cried out loudly in my passion, bucking my ass off the bed.

After a moment I opened my eyes.

Grace was still clamping my wet thigh tightly between hers and still stroking my now deflating rod.

Her face, hair and hand were anointed by streams of sticky white creamy come that dripped from her hair and forehead onto my belly as I watched. She was unconscious of her ruined appearance and was looking at my face. Her blue eyes were wide as dinner plates and her perfect mouth had formed a perfect ‘O’ of amazement…

To this day I have never seen a more beautiful sight.

“Fucking Jesus Holy Christ,” she gasped, staring at me like someone who had just seen a REAL magic trick . “Is it always like That??? ‘Cos that was fucking AMAZING!!!”

In the pursuit of honesty I’ll tell you that I smiled at her and pulled her toward me at that moment and hugged her so tight against me that it made her groan. And I did that because I didn’t want her to see that my eyes were brimming with tears.

And I felt her sticky, come dampened hair against my face and I held her like I’d never let her go…

After a thousand years of us holding each other like that she raised herself from me.

“Can I do the other thing now, Bobby?” She asked, her beautiful and innocent cum-spattered face looking deep into my eyes.

I had regained a sense of control now.

“What thing, Baby?” I asked, gradually feeling my soul sink back into the person I used to be as I watched this immaculate girl gaze at me in adoration.

She dropped her head onto my chest and mumbled, shy, embarrassed…

“I want to do the thing that you did with your mouth…”

"That's good," I said.

She began to crawl down my torso, her breasts brushing my chest but I stopped her just as her hand gripped my again sticky and stiffening cock.

“Turn around,” I asked.

Obediently the girl sat her bottom upon my belly and bent her body over and began to play with my hardening tool and balls..

“Not like that,” I said as I gripped her hips and pulled her backwards so that she was on all fours with her glistening pussy directly in front of my face.

She moaned in protest and brought a hand backward to shield her centre from me but I grasped her fingers and forced them forward. I placed her hand on my shaft and with my other hand I gently guided her head towards my now rock-hard cock.

I felt a gentle lick upon my cock head. She drew back. Another gentle lick lasted longer this time. Her tongue circled my come-crusted cock-head and I groaned.

Now noticing that Grace’s hand had begun to grip and stroke me as she had previously done I planted my face deep within her cleft and began to explore her soft wetness with my tongue and lips. I nibbled at her pussy lips and she murmured muffled moans from her cock-filled-mouth. I moved down to take her little pearl in my mouth and she growled and ground her pussy hard against my face as she enveloped my cock deep into her hungry throat.

As I flicked her button with my teeth and tongue she began to suck hard upon my cock like a girl possessed. All the while she moved her lips upon me her right hand stroked my cock violently as her left hand fondled my balls.

My own hands were separating the cleft of her centre, my fingers gently massaging her open ass. When my thumb brushed against her little dark rosebud she froze momentarily but then pushed herself against my hand, moaning wildly around the cock in her mouth.

I moved upward to lick her there, my exploring tongue poking into her forbidden ass, I felt the beginning of another mind-blowing come…

And as I poked her ass with the tip of my tongue Grace screamed and panted and shook and tore her mouth from my pulsing cock. And she came again, collapsing between my legs in a tearful, sobbing, heaving state of uncaring bliss…

We lay there for a while, I gently caressing her gorgeous ass and lowered my hands to fondle her heaving perfect breasts.

“Are you Okay?” I asked, after a while….

She raised herself and looked at me over her shoulder.

“You licked my asshole….” She whispered…

“It made you come, though,” I observed with a wry smile….

(How quickly I was learning how to play this game…)

She turned her face away. Her hand again fastened itself around my hard cock as once again she lowered her head. She began to bob furiously up and down my rigid shaft and I felt her tongue flick quickly across my cock-head as I watched her stroke her pussy rapidly with her free hand. I closed my eyes. It was now. I came within seconds.

I spurted again and again into her mouth.

I felt her gulp and splutter as she swallowed my copious offering. She didn’t stop. Greedily she tugged and licked my empty cock even as I began to soften within her mouth…. When she was finished she crawled up to hug me and wiped her mouth before she kissed me…

“We’re fucking really good at fucking,” she said.

I was softening now though she still held me in her hands.... She kissed me for a time before dipping down again between my legs to play with my now flaccid but still dripping tool. Caressing my balls in her hands she licked me delicately and kissed my cock softly as she played with me.

Like a little girl with a new toy....

After a time she looked over her shoulder and threw a wide-eyed grin at my glowing face.

"It's really fucking cool, isn't it?" she asked, pinching my cock between her curious fingers.

And I knew what she meant.

It was really cool.

I have had a thousand other women since. I remember Grace as it if were yesterday…


Afterwards we cuddled….

And after a while she said she had to go to pee. I smiled as she gathered the Duvet around her as she covered herself up as she walked to the bathroom... Still shy and covering herself....

Dainty Girl.... (Her shyness made me love her more...)

When she came back she said, “There’s something I need to tell you…”

I thought, “Well it was too good to be true…”

“What, Baby Gracie,” I asked… ( I NEVER called her ‘Gracie’… She was always Grace to me…)

“I saw Dr. Kurtz on Tuesday…. I’m on the Pill…. I want you to fuck me. But it takes a week… Next week. I want to do it in my bed… Mom and Dad are going to a dinner on Wednesday and you can come over…. Is that okay?”

I pulled her to me and hugged her like I’d never let her go.

And in the second before I had her clasped against my chest I noticed her beautiful blue eyes were brimming with happy tears… I held her tight so she wouldn’t notice my own moist eyes….

You do have to be a man about it after all….

Of course I didn’t know that then….

(To Be Continued...)

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