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a softer thing

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The begging ceased and in time also the flood stopped except for a small escape of cum from her beau
He walked in and saw the girls lying on the bed talking. The mood in the room was quiet and sexual and surprising. But there they were and waiting on him it seemed.

Carefully he entered and walked around the bed and sat with her. Looking in her eyes, he searched for a reason for this movement in the relationship and wondered if it was really going on.

He had had two women before. She had not been with a woman.

She touched his face and smiled a nervous smile.

"I chose this one," looking towards the girl, "to be with. I guess it's our luck, good or bad, to have her here with us now."

The girl was pretty. She watched the two talk amongst themselves and wondered if she'd done the right thing showing up at all. Watching the nervousness in the couple, she sat quietly.

He said, "Have you been with her already?"

The woman bowed her head and shook it slowly as she said no. He heard the sound of her swallowing the wet that formed in her mouth. He knew that sound and knew she was turned-on. He asked, "Are you sure about this?"

"I'm sure I want her. Not sure I can take your pleasure in it."

Knowing how possessive she was, he knew her concerns but his nature had to ask, "What do you mean?"

She looked away from him and towards the girl. Reaching for her, she laid the pretty one in her lap and found a tit. It shocked him. Not much did that these days. She studied the sweet one's face and played with the tit for what seemed like a long time. Not taking her eyes from the girl she asked, "Can I have her - and you too?"

His dick was already hard and she knew it because she had her hand around his throb.

He thought and weighed, Hell, she could like this mess way to much and then of course, she would have a fit if I enjoyed it. WTF. The shit we get ourselves into?

All together, the thoughts made his dick fail a little. He loved his woman and didn't want to lose her for a night of strange.

He didn't have a chance to answer her questions. Her hand left him to unbutton the girls blouse and exposed the pretty dark nipples. A start of a conversation from the one she had chosen for them changed her mood. Her tone when she spoke to the girl was something new. "Don't speak again."

Goosebumps appeared in the heat and the hardness in the girl's nipples hurt. Thinking on the command to be quiet, she let out a "Hah." The hand on the tit moved and covered her mouth and squeezed gently.

Thinking this might be better, he took it all in quietly.

He put his hands on her shoulders and then her tits. She released her grip on the girl and he asked again, "Are you sure about this?"

A nod was her reply.

He pushed her down and sucked a tit and then the other. The woman moved to reach the girl. He followed along until she found her. She wanted it and nursed it and then turned to the other tit. The words thank you ran through her head until she heard them escape from her lips.

She took her clothes off first, and then took his and then the girl's. "Come, let him taste your titties too."

The girl bent over the man and put each tit in his mouth. He touched her roundness and buried his face in her tenderness.

Turning the girl on her back, he took the other and put them together.

Going down on the woman the girl sucked the wetness from her. He touched the girl and stroked her. The woman watched and touched too. The girl's presents had her cumming and whispering to the girl, "Bite me. Make it tender. It will not hurt. I promise."

He reached between them sweetly roughing his nails and fingertips across the woman's clit. It swelled and dripped wet. Pushing the girl's face on the cunt, he came around above them and behind the girl and lifted her sweet puss to his cock and knew he could cum in a stroke.

Her pussy was what he wanted. Tight and small he got close. His largeness went through her and bumped her into the wet mess in her face. She was happy to be there.

It's about time, she thought.

Pulling himself from the girl he rubbed his dribbling dickhead along her backside and found the woman's face resting on the headboard. She watched him take her chin and push hard into her mouth. Drool already there dripped from her mouth to her chest while she waited for him.

He twisted backwards finding the girl's hands and put them on his woman's tits. She responded to his gift and helped twist him back to get the dick in her mouth. His balls smacked her face and he fucked.

Shaking herself back she opened her eyes and splashed the girl's face between her legs. Reaching for the face she felt the wet warm blush on it. Looking through the torso that shoved in her face, her mind found the girl there between her legs. She wanted to see the blush.

The other knew and moved from her belly upright opening the woman's legs. Moving to a place beside them, he wiped the sweat that poured from his body and watched.

She pulled the girl to her body and kissed her. Her hands found their way along the outer layer. Moving lips along with her hands she turned 69 and found the girl's fucked sweetness.

His fingers traced along the two in 69. He found the pussy his woman ate and watched her face breath in the girl. She jacked the girl's legs further apart and asked him to fuck her with his hand.

"I want to watch you."

As he began she kissed his hand and found the girl's mound with her lips. The woman jagged herself as she sucked on the girl. Finding the flood zone he wanted it. The stroking began and the girl tried to close her legs but could not. The woman was stronger. He flooded her.

She begged for the two to stop. Leaving him in control of the legs, she left the wet mess and spoke to the girl as she placed her own in the girl's mouth.

"This will help you. Don't think about what he's doing. Suck on me. Let him have what he wants."

The begging ceased and in time also the flood stopped except for a small escape of cum from the beautifully opened flower.

His hand left the girl. She lay in a whimper soaked and paralyzed. The woman found the flood and tasted it from the pussy.

Lifting the woman's face from the girl, he kissed the sweetness and loved this woman.

Wanting more of the girl he went down on her. The other found his cock and swallowed. The girl moaned at his soft lick on her tender swell. The woman worked on a wet loose stroke that turned into a wild choke down her throat. Stopping the motion, he removed himself and stuck fingers he had had in the girl's ass down the throat.

"Come and suck his cock for me."

He laid down, and the girl went down him. The woman held tight but entered the ass carefully. She found herself playing with the sight and movement of the girl. Fucking the girl's mouth, he watched the woman use her spit to lube the ass. The girl fit between them.

She was opened more than she'd ever been. Her pussy was swollen and felt good in the woman's hand. She squeezed and pumped the mound and opened the ass.

Fingers slid easily in and out of her. She liked the fuck. But how she was to be fucked this night she might not know. This thought made the woman's cunt react.

Reaching further into the girl's ass, she sucked the ridge around the opening. The girl pushed back and the man followed keeping his dick in her mouth. Stroking herself she shared and gave it to the other reaching further in the ass. She jagged some more before she inched her way into the tight cunt. He muffled the girl's sounds with his cock and held her in place for the woman.

He had shown her how to find the place in the ass. She found it. Another fist pressed into the girl and brought her off the cock. She tried to climb up his body but he knew this move and held her on his cock. It ached. It wanted some of the girl's ass too.

Taking his cock from the girl's mouth, he got up and laid the woman on her back feet on the floor and stood the girl facing her between the legs. At the bed stand he found and returned with an object. Lifting the girl and her knees over the woman's hips he placed each end of the object in the pussies and held the girl's ass while he worked the thing into them. He looked at his woman and she at him. She answered his silent question out loud. "Don't stop."

He pushed the girl on top of the woman. She kissed and held waiting for him to go for the ass.

He entered from behind and shoved the girl and then the thing hard into the women. The girl scurried. Holding the girl but barely, she wondered if he might have to hold them both there. He continued to fuck them and moaned. She knew there was a chance he wouldn't be able to stop and didn't want him to. His straight hard fuck slammed the girl into her. She whispered, "Relax and take it," and then continued, "good boy -good girl."

His bump had the girl's tits in her mouth. More flood.

She wanted his dick in her mouth.

He told the woman to let the girl fuck her ass with the object. She obeyed and presumed the position but then shook her head at the object when the girl reached for it. Getting to her knees she bent over and said, "Fuck me like I showed you."

She obeyed and tossed the hard object in her hand but really, she had had enough for now and wanted to lye down.

They weren't done.

He pushed her shoulders down and raised her ass to his cock. The woman turned onto her back and placed the girl's face between her legs allowing a gentle suck while he fucked her ass. A new orgasm started and closed around his dick. He pulled her up and sat her down on his rod and kept her still so he wouldn't spill it.

Taking her off his dick he told the girl to keep busy with the woman. She found her fingers and hand hot in the pussy. She didn't know how to double fuck the woman so he reached in and showed her what to do with the other hand. She began to fuck the ass and then the cunt easily with her hands. Deeper and smoother she went in and felt the heat almost burn her skin. They listened to wet sounds accompany those that escaped the woman.

Lifting the woman's mouth to his manhood, the taste of the girl on him made her cum instantly. He choked her with his cock and the girl had no choice but to eat what was flowing from the woman. She held her face and fed it to her.

He shoved down her throat a last time and she smiled at the taste.

She felt the waves of their breath in the room and wondered at what they had done.

Afterword - I want this story to show my fantasies for the female sex. He is love and love is everything.
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