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A Summer That Three Best Friends Won't Forget

A summer where three best friends lose the viginity with one another.
It was the summer of 1999 a year that changed the lives of three close friends. It would be a summer like none ever before. Erin and her two male friends Eric and Anthony had just graduated from high school. They lived close to one another and the three of them had been close friends ever since their grade school days. They each were very different in many ways and had come from different back rounds.

Erin was the tom boy type who loved doing whatever the boys were doing. She loved hunting and climbing trees along with playing sports and was never intimidated by the boys. Eric wasn’t so much into sports as he was more of a loaner. He did love one thing though and that was skateboarding. He could do tricks on his skateboard that no one at his school could ever imagine doing. Anthony on the other hand was what you called a nerd. He played in the high school band along with being at the top of his class rank. He loved doing science experiments along with math equations.

The three of them, even though very different, spent numerous hours together. They were an odd bunch but loved each other’s company and knew this would probably be there last summer hanging out together. The three of them were heading off to college in the fall and they wanted to make this one last summer the best of all time.

The three of them had been hanging out one night at Eric’s house. His parents were gone for the night and the three of them had the house to themselves. It was around ten when Erin said, “Man, I am bored. Let’s do something fun.”

“What about a game?” Eric said a few seconds later.

“Game? I know a game we can play? What about spin the bottle?” Erin piped out.

“Spin the bottle? I guess it sounds all right to me. What do you think Anthony?” Eric said.

“Sure, why not!” Anthony responded back.

The three of them sat up in Eric’s bedroom with the door locked. Eric had grabbed an old soda bottle as they all sat on the floor across from one another.

“What are the rules?” Eric asked.

“It is very easy. If the bottle lands on you then you must take one article of clothing off. No exceptions! I hope you guys don’t chicken out?” Erin laughed out.

“We won’t!” the two of them replied back.

They began to play as the bottle landed on Eric first. They started with shoes and socks on so it took a few spins of the bottle before the game got interesting. Eric still had on his shorts and underwear while Anthony still had on several pieces of clothing. Erin was down to just her bra and panties as she nervously waited for the bottle to come to a stop. Seconds later the bottle stop right on her once again.

“Wow! I can’t believe it landed on me yet again. Can we spin it again?” Erin asked out.

“Erin, didn’t you say no exceptions.”

“Yeah I did. I guess I got no choice.”

Erin then suddenly unclasped the back of her bra as she slowly tugged it away from her firm but average size breasts. Eric and Anthony sat there dumbfounded as they saw their friends boobs for the very first time.

“Come on spin the bottle again! Let’s keep playing.” Erin shouted out as Eric gave the bottle a hard spin.

It spun around and around until it stopped several seconds later. It had landed on Eric this time as Erin got a reprieve. He stood up with an embarrassed face as he lowered his shorts down to the floor. His cock was already fully erect as it pushed hard out against his underwear briefs.

“Wow Eric! Are you a little excited,” Erin laughed out along with Anthony.

He sat back down again as Erin spun the bottle around once again. It slowly came to a stop right as Erin’s eyes lit up with confusion. Erin now had no choice as it stopped right at her. She slowly stood up in front of Eric and Anthony and began to wiggle herself out of her panties. Her small but firm frame was on display for her two male friends to see. Eric’s cock was now bursting against his briefs as Anthony sat there with his mouth wide open in awe.

“I bet this is the first time you two have seen a girl naked? Isn’t it?” Erin asked as she sat back down.

Eric and Anthony sat there stunned as they had never even dated before, more less seen a girl naked. It seemed like the game might be over with now before Erin shouted out, “Spin the bottle again! If it lands on me again I will let both of you touch my breasts.”

This time Erin spun the bottle. She gave it a good hard twirl as the three of them watched with great anticipation. When it finally had stopped it had landed right on Erin once again. It just wasn’t her night as she leaned over toward Eric. She reached down and grabbed each of Eric’s hands. She placed them firmly on each of her breasts as Eric gave each one of them a squeeze. She then did the same thing with Anthony as he got his first taste on what it felt like to touch a girls breasts.

Erin then sat back down and said, “Well, if I lose again I will let you both feel my butt. Does that sound good?”

The two of them nodded with their approval as they once again gave the bottle another try. This time it landed on Anthony but he still had on to many clothes to make a difference. It had been a few seconds later though when the bottle once again landed on Erin.

“Wow!” Erin blurted out as she got up and walked over in front of Eric.

“Go ahead and touch my butt. Get it over with.”

Eric ran his hands over his friends butt for the next minute or so. Eric’s cock was throbbing now as pre-cum oozed from the head of it. Anthony then was given his chance as he did the same thing for the next minute or so.

“Erin, are you sure you want to keep playing? There is nothing else you can really offer?” Eric said to her.

“Yes, I want to keep playing. I tell you what if it lands on me one more time I will let you Eric touch my pussy. Is that ok with you?”

“Sure! If you say so,"Eric responded back.

Of course you know what happened next. The bottle once again landed squarely on Erin. She now had to honor her bet as she stood up in front of Eric. Eric stood up in front of her with a severe hard on as he slid his hand down in between Erin’s legs. His finger began to probe Erin’s wet pussy as Erin began lose control quickly.

A few seconds later Erin began to cry out, “Oh god Eric! Oh man that feels so good!”

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

Erin was on the verge of a powerful orgasm as she reached down and pulled Eric’s cock from his briefs. She ran her hand up and down the shaft of his cock as she pulled her body right up against his. A few minutes later Erin’s body began to buck hard. She couldn’t take it any longer as she felt Eric’s finger penetrate deeply into her swollen pussy. She began to cry out loudly as she had the most intense orgasm of her young life. She continued to stroke hard on Eric’s cock for the next few seconds as he began to cum hard all over her stomach. The three of them began to laugh out as Eric’s cum dribbled down Erin’s stomach and onto the floor.

‘Wow Eric! That was intense!” Erin said to him.

Several days later the three of them were hanging out in front of Eric’s house. Eric was doing a few skateboard tricks when Erin said, “Why don’t we go out to the tree house? We hadn’t been up inside it in a couple of years.”

Eric’s dad had built the tree house for Eric when he was younger. It sat behind their house in the woods as the three of them set off for it. A few minutes later they climbed up several feet until they had reached the wood panel floors and walls. It had felt the exact same as it did years ago.

“Wow! We had so much fun up here.” Erin said as the three of them rememenice about all the fun memories they had using it as there big playhouse.

A few minutes later Erin said, “Why don’t we make some new memories. How would you guys like it if I got each of you off?”

Eric and Anthony eyes lit up as they were all for making new memories. Erin then removed her shirt and bra and stood topless if front of the two of them. She slowly got down in front of Eric first as she slowly slid his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. His cock was already fully erected as Erin wrapped her hand around it.

She then ran her hand gently up and down the shaft of his cock as his eyes began to roll back into his head. A few minutes later she guided his cock into her warm mouth and began to suck gingerly on it as Eric’s body began to tense up.

“Oh god Erin! Oh my god!” Eric shouted out as he felt Erin’s lips tighten up around the circumference of his cock.

A few minutes later Eric could no longer hold on. Erin quickly removed his cock from her mouth and pointed down toward her breasts. She began to stroke hard on his cock and a few seconds later it began to erupt. He shot several warm streams of cum all over Erin’s tits as he covered them in cum.

“Did you like that Eric?” Erin asked as she looked up at him.

“Oh god yes!”

“Are you game Anthony?” Erin asked.

“Oh Yes!” Anthony immediately responded as Erin turned her attention toward him.

She grabbed Anthony’s shorts and pulled them down to the wooden floor.

“You got a pretty big cock, Anthony!” Erin said to him as she began to stroke on his cock with her hand.

It had been only a few minutes later when Anthony was on the brink of cumming. He shouted out, “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

Erin gave his cock a few more hard strokes when it suddenly began to go off. He shot his cum halfway across the tree house as Erin milked his cock with her hand for a good thirty seconds. When he was finally done cumming the three of them laughed out loudly as they acted like it was all in good fun.

It had been a few weeks later when the three of them got together once again. It was a warm late June day as they wanted to cool down as the three of them jumped into Eric’s parent’s pool. They began frolicking with one another as they each tried to remove each other’s swimsuit while underwater.

A short while later they began to get tired and bored. They sat off the edge of the pool with their feet dangling in the water and that was when an excited Erin said, “Why don’t we go back out to the tree house and have some fun?”

The three of them quickly scurried off into the woods with their towels wrapped around them. Once up in the tree house Erin looked over toward Eric and said, “How would you like to have sex?”

Eric was stunned at first by Erin’s notion but quickly gave his approval. Erin then began to remove her bikini top. She lay her towel down onto the wooden grain floor as she quickly discarded her bikini bottoms. She said to Eric, “Are you going to get undressed? Don’t forget to pull out when you are about to cum.”

Eric removed his swim shorts as his wet cock was already hard. He stared down at a naked Erin as she began to open up her legs. Eric then crawled down over top of her as Erin pulled his body tightly up against hers. She guided his cock into her tight pussy as she let out a loud crying moan.

“Oh god Eric, it feels so good!”

Eric slowly moved his cock in and out of Erin’s wet pussy. It only took Erin a few minutes before she began to scream out into a very intense orgasm. Her body shook hard underneath Eric’s body as her eye’s rolled back into her head. A few minutes later Eric began to moan out. He also was on the verge of cumming when Erin shouted out, “Oh god Eric! Pull out! Pull out!”

Erin began to push Eric off her in just a nick of time as Eric’s cock began to explode all over her stomach. The two of them lay there for a good few minutes as it was the first time either one of them had sex before.

Anthony stood off to the side now waiting patiently for his turn. Erin had Anthony lay down onto her towel as she climbed on top of his hard cock. She began to move herself slowly up and down on the shaft of his cock as she got acclimated with the size of it. She rode hard on his cock for several minutes as Erin once again had an explosive orgasm. It was shortly after that when Anthony began to moan out. Erin quickly slipped off his throbbing cock and reached back behind her. She began to stroke hard on Anthony’s cock as it began to erupt just seconds later. His cum shot high into the air landing all over Erin’s back along with her butt.

The three of them vowed to keep this between themselves. They were not to tell anyone what they had done that day. Over the next month or so each of them had vacations and college visits to attend. It had made it nearly impossible for them to get together again. The summer was going by fast and before they knew it there time together was coming to an end.

They still had one special night left though. Erin’s parents were gone for the evening as Eric and Anthony went over to her house to hang out. The three of them were quite excited as Erin said, “Why don’t we all get undress and run through the house naked.”

They each removed all of their clothes and began to go through Erin’s house naked. They even ran in front of open windows where anyone could had seen them. They were having the time of their life as each them began to get aroused.

Erin then said to her two male friends, “Let’s go up to my room?”

The three of them went into Erin’s room as she climbed up onto her bed. She said, “Who would like to fuck me first?”

Eric quickly pounced on the idea as he climbed on top of her and pushed his cock deep inside her aroused pussy. Erin screamed out just minutes later into a powerful orgasm as her fingernails dug deeply into Eric’s back. She then rolled Eric over onto his back as she went down on him for the next few minutes. She sucked hard on his cock before Eric finally blew his load all over himself. Anthony now stood off to the side waiting patiently for his turn as Erin got onto all fours on the center of the bed.

“Anthony you want to fuck me doggie style?”

“Heck yeah!” Anthony said as he climbed up behind her firm ass and pushed his cock deep inside her.

Erin began to instantly cry out as she felt Anthony’s bigger cock penetrate deeply into her swollen pussy. He fucked her hard from behind for several minutes as Erin screamed out into multiple orgasms. He then pulled his cock from her wet pussy a short time later as he began to cum extremely hard all over Erin’s back and ass.

The three of them lay there exhausted as they began to talk about all the fun they had that summer. They made a vow to stay in touch with one another. A few days later Erin left for college leaving her two best friends behind. Anthony left a short time after that leaving just Eric behind. Eric had decided to go to junior college instead of going away to school. As the months past though the three of them began to lose contact with one another.

It had been almost fifteen years later and the three of them went into totally different directions. Erin had met a guy in college and got married shortly after graduating. She now was a mom to three and lives across state. Anthony got an engineering degree and got a job out of state. He married a few years back but had no children. Nobody ever knew what happened to Eric. He had dropped out of college after one year and move away to another state with his parents.

When Erin’s comes back to town for special occasions she still goes by Eric’s old house. The remnants of the old tree house are still visible as she reminisces about the summer of 1999. It still goes down as the best summer of her life.

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