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A Teen On The Beach: Part 2

Tags: oral, teen, suprise
Ellie meets back with David and is awakened to something she never knew was within her.
After her day on the beach with David, Ellie returned home and ran straight to her room, locking her door. She plopped down on her bed, her head ruminating over what had taken place earlier.

“I just used my own sexuality to seduce a man...a much older man,” Ellie thought.

Ellie was suddenly overcome with a confusing combination of mild guilt paired with a buzz of newly-found sexual liberation. It was as if the proverbial “good girl” and “slut” were arguing in her head and trying to tell her who she was and who the ought to be. In reality, Ellie knew she was beyond such petty labels. She was simply Ellie, a sixteen year old girl with a healthy sexual curiosity.

That night, Ellie lay in bed, placing her left hand under her pajama t-shirt, she ran her hand over her stomach and breasts. She hadn't showered since her trip to the beach that day and there was still a residual stickiness of David's cum on her skin. For some weird reason, she didn't really want to wash it off, as if it were a reminder of a poor soul she had coaxed to orgasm like a Siren.

Placing her other hand down her pajama shorts, she began to gradually move her middle finger in tight, quick circles on her clit. Her left hand ran up and down her sticky torso as she fantasized about David seeing her naked body and desperately fighting off the urge not to release his warm cum all over it. It was self indulgence at its sexiest.

Ellie began to bite her bottom lip and breathe more heavily when her fantasy was abruptly cut short by the loud buzz of her cell phone. Ellie swung her hand over to her night stand and grabbed around clumsily to find her phone on the dark room. Upon reading it, she saw it was a text from David that read:

see u at Daddio's tomorrow @ 9 for breakfast??

Daddio's was a small Bohemian beach dive that were famous for their breakfast and seafood and became a somewhat hip bar at night time. Ellie was honestly surprised to see that David was interested enough to meet her outside their usual beach rendez-vous. Ellie immediately sent back a message of confirmation. School was starting back in two days and she figured it would be the last time she'd be able to meet David for breakfast in a while.

The following morning, Ellie woke up and took her usual shower. Sitting on her bed with a towel around her, Ellie wondered if she should follow through or flake out on her date with David. What would she and such an older guy talk about? Ellie was sure David wouldn't want to hear her puerile stories of high school drama and, most importantly, Ellie didn't actually want a romantic relationship with David, after all, who could she tell about it? Ellie dreaded she was just using David for her own sexual affirmation but moreover, she dreaded that she didn't know what she wanted at all.

Ellie took a deep breath and opened her underwear drawer, dropping her towel on her bed. She picked out a clean pair of panties and a bra, put them on and then walked over to her closet and deliberated over what to wear to meet David. She finally decided on a floral-blue dress she had recently bought at Forever 21 and some flats.

When Ellie got to Daddio's she spotted David in the corner of the restaurant. He was drinking a coffee and reading a biography of the artist Egon Schiele. David's face lit up and Ellie took a seat at his small cafe table.

“Oh wow, you clean up nice, Ellie. You look gorgeous!” exclaimed David.

Ellie smiled while glancing down at David's book cover.

The corner window cast a golden morning sunlight through Ellie's hair and in the soft lighting, the cute, sun kissed freckles across across her nose and her full, rosy lips looked exceptionally irresistible. David noticed Ellie's kind, hazel eyes looked almost a deep emerald at this time of the day. Ellie had a sort of natural girl beauty that didn't rely on too much makeup.

Suddenly, a waitress stepped up to the table, “Heya David, will you be having the usual?”

David nodded, “yes'um.”

“I'll just have the Belgian waffles and and some fruit,” said Ellie.

Ellie began describing how she was starting her Junior year in two days and that she was going to be taking several advanced placement courses and was somewhat stressed about the workload. She began talking in the sort of rapid-fire verbiage of someone trying desperately not to come off as boring or trite. David nodded periodically, sinking into Ellie's dreamy eyes and said,

“I would love to draw you. You have the sort of classic beauty of a William Bouguereau muse.”

Ellie nodded and smiled, pretending to know what David was talking about.

“Would you seriously consider it? I could pay you for your time and I happen to have some free time after breakfast if you do.”

“Uh..well, if you think I'm worth drawing then...sure!”

David smiled and the waitress brough out Ellie's waffles and what appeared to be a plate of shrimp omelettes to David.

For the remainder of the breakfast Ellie pushed around her waffles, too striken with apprehension to eat much. She was flattered that David found her attractive enough to be an art model and she couldn't help but wonder if he had wanted to draw her nude. Sercretely, she hoped he had.

Ellie followed David's car to his appartment a few blocks away. David let Ellie in the front door and Ellie glanced around. The walls were covered in artwork, mostly seascapes and figure drawings. David lead Ellie out a screen door onto a patio which faced an open coutyard.

“Do you mind getting nude, Ellie?”

“No..that's fine,” Ellie replied in the quick-spoken, rehearsed tone as if she'd been nervously expecting the question.

“Great! You can get undressed here and I'll get my art supplies. I think I will use oil pastels, so I can capture the beautiful color of your eyes.”

Ellie smiled and David walked back into his apartment.

Ellie looked off the balcony onto the lush courtyard and noticed more than one apartment patio facing it. Ellie thought, if she were to be nude on David's patio could just anyone from the complex see her? Ellie had been nude on a designated beach before but the danger of being naked in a semi-public place like this sent a wave of excitement and nervousness through her.

With a deep breath, Ellie pulled her dress off over her head and folded it on a patio table. She then unhooked her bra and pulled down her panties, stepping out of them and placing them on her dress. For several minutes, Ellie stood there in her birthday suit on the open patio, awkwardly not knowing what to do with her hands. In an act of subconscious modesty, Ellie held her hands betwen her legs and looked off the patio, planning to dive under a table if anyone were to suddenly walk out.

David, from inside, had collected all his supplies and opened the screen, greeted with the view of Ellie's naked bum and back side scoping over the patio railing. Ellie span around and smiled at David in anticipation.

David's eyes briefly scanned up and down Ellie's body and said,

“Well you looked gorgeous in your dress...but naked, you are just exquisite!”

Ellie smiled confidently and asked, “where do you want me to pose?”

“How about you lay down on that folding beach chair with your feet closest to me and pose with one arm over your head?”

Ellie worked out her positioning in a clumsy, self-aware manner, like a calf stumbling to walk and David couldn't help but smile. When she finaly relaxed, It was the same same way David had seen her on the beach the day before when he was driven to orgasm. He thought, he must capture this image of beauty, lest he ever forget it.

David walked out into the open courtyard and picked a small clump of pink hydrangea flowers and placed them behind Ellie's ear. He backed up and his heart almost sank. It was painfully beautiful. With her flowers in hair, dreamy eyes and exposed body in the morning sun, Ellie looked like a teenage nymph, waiting to be taken for the first time.

David quickly began drawing, outlining the curves of Ellie's body, filling in with various skin tones of peach and tan, trying to capture the beautiful vibrancy of her young skin. Ellie's saw David pensively studying up and down her body and she was overcome with a feeling of sexiness as she figured how David must be studying her every inch.

David was finishing off the drawing and smudging and blending in the details. He kept going back to her jewel green eyes, which he found to be the most beautiful part of her body. He hoped he could do justice to her and in a moment of apprehension, turned his portrait around, showing it to Ellie.

“Oh, I love it!” Ellie exclaimed

“I'm so glad, I was worried about what you'd think. In reality, you are even more beautiful but I think this is the best I could humanly do.”

“I think it's perfect,” Ellie added.

David smiled at Ellie and he began packing up his pastel set. Ellie, still overcome with a buzz of sexiness remained reclined in the beach chair, feeling the sun on her skin, she casually lifted her right leg and relaxed it open, against the chair's arm rest, fully exposing herself to David just in front of her.

David looked up, obviously taken aback, and asked,

“Are you reenacting the painting Origin of the World?”

Ellie smiled subtly and nodded, still not knowing exactly what David was referring to.

David looked at Ellie, with a flower blossom in her hair and the delicate lips of her teenage pussy open to his gaze like a budding, pink carnation. He was overtaken with both awe and lust and slowly walked over to Ellie, placing his hand on Ellie's propped up knee.

“My God, every inch of your body is...stunning,” David said as his eyes scanned over Ellie's thighs and between her parted legs.

David was rubbing Ellie's knee and then lifted his hand to notice a faint, white scar on it,

“What happened there?”

“Oh, when I was a little girl, I was running down a gravel road and tripped and busted my knee on a rock,” Ellie said.

“Oh, you poor thing!” David said and he bent down to kiss Ellie's knee.

Ellie laughed a subdued laugh and then looked into David's eyes.

David looked back at Ellie and placed his head back down, kissing her scar again. He looked up briefly and then kissed the inside of her leg, just beside her knee. David began to slowly peck light kisses up Ellie's inner thigh and Ellie breathed a noticebly deep breath. As David began to kiss the upper portion of Ellie's inner leg, a sudden shudder went through Ellie's body.

“Are you okay, Ellie? I can stop if you wish me to.”

“No, no...... I want you to,” Ellie said in a quiet voice of assurance.

David, almost overcome with Ellie's apparent desire, moved further up Ellie's thigh until he got to the juncture of her leg. David teased her by moving his tongue lightly around it, ever so close. Ellie let out a very quiet moan that sounded like a sweet sigh.

With a deep breath of anticipation, David moved his head over, facing Ellie's budding womanhood, face on. Ellie's heart raced as she could feel David's breath on her intimate body. David lightly kissed Ellie's outter lips several times and traced his lips up and down them. David noticed Ellie audibly breathing as she arched her back and further spread apart her legs, making herself more available to David.

With David's face, just inches before her naked womanhood, he took his thumbs and slowly spread Ellie's outter lips open to reveal the beautifully pink opening of her body. David's heart was now racing. He lustfully burried his tongue and nose deep into her wet crevice and breathed in the sweet smell of her teenage essence. David plunged his tongue deep into Ellie's awaiting hole and began to fuck her with his tongue while his thumb rubbed her clit in circles.

Ellie struggled to stifle moans that squeaked out of her as she was still fully aware of being visible to a public courtyard. Ellie was filled with feelings of nervousness and excitement at the idea of being pleasured by a man for the first time and the possibilty of some stranger seeing it.

David then began to flick his tongue over Ellie's clit, causing her to grab the back of David's hair and and moan as rolls of ectasy washed through her body like an encroahing tide. David heard Ellie's soft, sweet moans but wanted more. He wanted to make this perfect angel scream for him, to feel pleasure she'd never dreamed imaginable.

David recalled an instruction column he'd read on female ejaculation. Looking down at a now flushed faced Ellie, flowers still in her hair, he imagined there could be no more beautiful sight on earth than to witness this little teenage beauty squirt her passion as she felt intense pleasure for the first time.

He assertively pushed three fingers into Ellie's tight pussy and began to vigorously move his fingers up and down. Ellie immediately let out a very loud gasp and moved her hands to the side of the beach chair to grasp it, as if her body would fly off if she didn't restrain herself.

Suddenly Ellie was completely unaware that she was in a semi-public area. She felt like she was nowehere. All that existed was her and a now growing tidal wave of unknowable pleasure that was ripping through her body like a torrent.

Ellie's pelvis began to convulse, lifting herself slightly off the beach chair and back down, it was as if something else was possessing her body. Within seconds, Ellie let out a fully vocalized, womanly moan followed by loud scream of release. David quickly pulled his fingers out and saw the inside of Ellie's hole spastically contracting and dilating as if the dam to her tidal wave was about to break.

In a final gasp, a large gush of fluid projected from between Ellie's legs. Ellie's pelvis lifted again and another stream of her liquid excaped her, followed by another, uncontrollably squirting out of Ellie's writhing teenage body.

When it was over, Ellie just laid there for several moments. Her whole body was flush from what she had just experienced and her head was spinning like a centerfuge. Ellie slowly looked up and saw David, his face and shirt covered in her fluid and a small puddle on the patio floor.

Turning red, Ellie exclaimed, “Oh my God, I'm so...sorry!”

“No need sweetie, it's completely natural,” David replied.

David pulled Ellie's labia apart and instructively pointed to her urethra saying, “you see, that wasn't pee but rather you, you just ejaculated. It's completely normal and healthy and, quite frankly, I found it to be beautiful!”

Ellie looked down at herself, interested to learn something new about her body but still somewhat embarrassed.

“Besides Ellie, I figured since I embarrassed myself so much by accidentally cumming on you yesterday, I could trick you into accidentally cumming on me! It's only fair.”

Ellie looked up, repressing a smile and said, “well that wasn't very nice......but it sure felt nice.”

Ellie took a shower at David's place to wash up and soon got dressed. David informed Ellie that he had work in an hour and had to get ready but would love to see Ellie as soon as he got off work and placed two one-hundred dollar bills in Ellie's hand for the modelling job. Before leaving, Ellie agreed that she wished to meet up with David later that night and would have her phone close at hand. be continued

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