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A Time in a Life (Part One)

I guess I've always been sexually aware.   From my earliest childhood the need to touch and be touched has always been paramount and I learned at a very early age how to touch that sacred little orifice between my legs and give myself the ultimate pleasure.   At the age of seven I was regularly giving myself multiple orgasms at night in bed not knowing that the best was yet to come.

I matured at a very young age.   Frankly, at thirteen I had the breasts and curvaceous body of an eighteen year old and my 38DD breasts ensured I was never short of attention from the boys at school.   I loved it when they tried to touch me up, especially when some guy got me from behind and his hands 'accidently' found their way across my tits.   I'd scream but the scream was really saying:  'more....yes please more!'.

By the time I was sixteen I became very infatuated with a boy called George....Juddy, they called him for short.   He didn't need much coaxing when I asked him round to my parents house whilst they were both out and although we had nothing much in common he was quite happy to sit with me on my bed talking all sorts of trash.   I knew we couldn't have full sex - though I  felt I'd like to,  but I wasn't on the can a fifteen year old daughter of two parents who are both Doctors,  living in a typical English village, where everyone knows who you are,  get the pill ? - even in this day and age.

His first visit came to nothing - not even a kiss.   The second time I brazenly asked if I could see his cock - on the promise of showing him my fanny.   Within seconds his jeans and underpants were off and  he was stroking this rather good looking, flaccid,  milk-white dick which was rapidly stiffening and expanding.   I quickly dropped my knickers and started fingering myself as his eyes, almost bursting out of his head concentrated on my finger, now inside the flaps of my cunt.   He turned towards me to get a more close up look and now, with our legs astride each other we continued our self stimulation.   It was lovely when a few seconds later a full spurt of milky white fluid jetted from out of his slit.   Its suddenness and ferocity made me jump and when it splashed down on my thigh I felt butterflies in my belly demanding sexual satisfaction.   Then his flood followed and  spurt after spurt jumped wildly up from his dick splashing thickly all over me and the bed whilst the erotic sight of hot spunk everywhere made me climax immediately.   He was surprised to see a gush of fluid from my open vaginal lips as I climaxed again and again then a final third time and by now he was once again ready.  I smiled as his hand once again jerked at his organ and watched as the need for climax built up within him.   Then his erect volcano erupted, this time not so forcefully and the creamy white lava trickled down his shaft and over his fingers. 

The ice now broken there was no stopping us - but we never once had full sex.   It was lovely when he sucked my clitty and licked me out with his tongue and I learned a new dimension in orgasms.   Sometimes when we were alone for long enough he'd make me orgasm as much as fifteen times in a day just using his tongue which he learned to do with amazing professionalism and in return I'd suck his cock.   It was lovely when I'd got his dick -  almost all of it -  in my mouth.   Id suck, lick his purple ring and watch for his response.   I loved to cradle his balls, feeling how full they were and how they would soon be emptied,  then,  almost whenever I wanted I'd just squeeze them gently and he'd spunk his load.   The first spurt would go 'splat' right at the back of my throat and the flood would gush all over my tongue.   I loved its deep sea salty taste and always showed him what he'd done all over my tongue before relishing its taste and finally swallowing the lot.

And so it went on.   We celebrated my seventeenth birthday with him gobbling up my orgasmic juices and me swallowing his spunk as usual, but that summer he had to go away to stay with his Grand parents in a different town.

It was boring that year being on school holiday and no cock to suck.   It was by sheer accident, one evening in a local park when I met  Blake.

Four years my senior, aged twenty one and seemingly so worldly he drove a Jaguar XK8, played football and was heir to his family business - and he had his own apartment.   Sumptuous was the only way I could describe his pad - I didn't need much seducing having gone three days without being licked out and when he kissed me my soul caught fire.   At once my skirt and knickers were removed by expert hands:

                     "I'm a virgin, Blake...and I'm not on the pill...have you got something to use?"   In my heart of hearts I'd never wanted to lose my cherry to a condom, and as I said it I knew I didn't mean it.    Would it be alright this once thoughts,  intoxicated  more and more as his lips chose a breast and sucked gently but firmly till I was out of my mind and now deft fingers explored my pussy hole sought out and found at once my clitoris and I orgasmed almost screaming out my satisfaction.   At once his body was over mine my previous orgasm wafting itself away as I felt his penis nosing and probing my wide open slit.   Nothing could stop it now and I willingly resigned myself to whatever this new venture would bring.   His penis entered me gently,  then  a stab of pain as his thick member sent to oblivion my maidenhead.   I knew in that one moment my chastity, my bubble on the surface of life had gone forever.   He'd taken my cherry and made me a complete woman and now my vaginal walls were stretching and fighting to accommodate his invading weapon.   It felt like he was filling my whole belly.   His erect hot cock dived further and further and subjected my internal walls to hitherto unknown savagery....  but then, at once,  sheer ecstasy took over as his cock rasped up and down my birth canal and my orgasms rattled through my soul one after the other.

                      "Orrhhh...God that's good...god thats good....god that's good !!   Fuck me ...fuck as deep as you can...God I want your dick...MMM fuck fuck fuck !!!  I  couldn't stop screaming out obscenities through jagged breaths and as my fifth orgasm took hold I bit deep into his neck , curled my legs round his torso and sunk my fingernails deep into the flesh of his back.   Then at once I felt him stiffen.   He grunted like an animal several times and I felt his seed like a hot fountain splash deep in my belly. Eight, nine, ten spurts found their mark against the mouth of my womb, sending me once again into climax...making my juices flow like a waterfall and my hip muscles convulse as if to drag inexorably into me his milky fertilising fluid and to secure a conception.   I didn't mind...wouldn't have cared for that short time whether or not he'd impregnated me....I screamed out more obscenities and begged him to spunk me again.

We had sex all night about six times and he took me home at six in the morning.   My vagina ached  - in fact my whole belly felt like it had been riddled by a red hot poker, such was  Blakes' savage taking of my innocence - but I loved the feel of my aching abdomen in a way I still can't explain.   My parents were livid, I was grounded for a month, but that didn't stop us.   Whenever we could I'd ring Blake and either he'd be at my parents house or I'd sneak out at the dead of night and we'd fuck in his car.   One night I sneaked him up to my bedroom while my folks were asleep.   We did it almost non-stop till dawn - then fell asleep only to wake up just in the nick of time before my Mum came into my bedroom.  By now I could fuck all night without a trace of an ache in my belly and sex became almost like a drug to me - I had to have it and became tense and nervy if I went more than three days without. 

 Difficult though it had been to smuggle Blake out of our house I couldn't  resist a final fuck made all the sweeter knowing my parents were right below us having breakfast.   We did it fast and furious 'doggy-fashion' and his cock nearly penetrated my heart ...well that's how it felt and for the rest of the day it felt like I'd - once again - been sat on the famous red hot iron bar.   I just had to fuck him once more that same night, in spite of my burning pussy and I felt  as if he'd ignited the fuse of my whole life.

And so it went on.   Blake said he loved me - even though I was only sixteen and wanted us to be an item.   For a while it seemed a good idea and we fucked like any other loving couple.   Then one night my orgasm didn't seem so good ... which coincided with the fact that I'd just met John.   A real beef-cake of a guy with muscles like gate-posts.   Three days later John and I fucked on a bench in the park late at night.   With John, I sort of melted in his strong arms, and let him fuck me to heaven.   Three days later I finished with Blake - he was gutted and said he'd love me matter whoever was fucking me and would wait till I tired of him.   I did tire of John and quite quickly and Blake was there like a little lap-dog ... but it was pointless.

And so it's been.   I've kind of lost track of truly how many guys.   I just know that when the sparkling sensation dwindles, it's just time to move on.   I just can't resist the touch and feel of a strange guy ...his odour, his body and above all the feel of his cock and balls and the electric sensations when he's sheathed deep inside me.   No two men ever feel the same and I don't think I'll ever get married - it wouldn't be fair ...I just know I could never be faithful to one guy - sooner or later the call of the wild would lure me to penises anew.   I love my carefree life  love the freedom it brings and the lust and breathtaking satisfaction only the the male member can offer.   I just wonder who will own the next solid cock - doubtlessly to make my whole being shudder.

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