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A Treasured Memory Chapter 2

I continue to seduce my friend's daughter, or do I?
When Beth came back, I was blown away. I wasn't sure what I'd been expecting, exactly, but I wasn't expecting what I got.

I had instructed her, after our poolside fun, to get dressed in a tank top and thong. I suppose I thought an eighteen-year-old would have at least one thong, but I figured it would be more of a simple, cotton, no panty-lines, variety that wouldn't raise too many eyebrows in the locker room or in the laundry pile at home.

This wasn't that. The tank top, sure enough, was a pretty normal tank top. A simple, thin, cotton tank top that was tight against her body. Thin enough, especially in the heat, that it revealed every curve, and if possible made her breasts even more noticeable than her bikini had. Her nipples were hard from the air conditioning she had just come out from, and very visible through the thin fabric. Certainly not something she could wear in public without more covering. And just about exactly what I had hoped for and imagined when I told her what to change into.

Her panties, however, stunned me, and not just because of how obviously sexy they were. She was wearing a skimpy black satin thong, with little lace details along the top edge of the waistband. Except that calling it a waist band was completely inaccurate, given that it barely covered her pubic mound. Even more sexy was the fact that it tied at each side with little satin ribbons. This had to be beyond just "my sexy pair of panties" for her -- this was full-on lingerie, probably not really even meant to be worn out, except for short periods.

Her extreme inexperience and apparent innocence at the poolside earlier was being contradicted by her choice of wardrobe. To make things even better, she had come out also wearing a pair of high-heeled sandals. Obviously, she wanted to make her spectacular legs look even better. So a more grown up, sophisticated side of Beth.

Then again, she was blushing furiously, and she was making an obvious effort to stand in front of me as if nothing had happened just a few minutes earlier. To take my own nudity in stride, as well as the fact that I had just cum in her mouth and fingered her to a shuddering orgasm. Or that I had made her admit that she had masturbated about me that morning.

I smiled at her, and she looked away, having a hard time meeting my frank, appraising, and lustful gaze. With a force of will, she met my eyes, and I said, "Beth dear, you look beautiful. Turn around, please. I'd like to get a better view of your ass."

She turned around, starting to turn around quickly, but realized that her attempt at nonchalance would be broken if she didn't turn slowly, so she slowed down, and she paused when she was facing away from me. Her hands made a little motion, as if she had started to try to cover her buttocks, but she controlled her urge.

Her ass was spectacular. I hadn't had a chance, even after this afternoon, to really get a good view. With all the time she had spent in front of me in a bikini, I'd had to sneak shorter glances, out of discretion. And her bikini bottoms, while they weren't full coverage by any means, didn't show off her assets to such a degree.

She had the body and skin tone only a teenager could have, and only a lucky teenager at that. She had golden skin, and she practically glowed with vitality and youth. Her calves were nicely muscled, from her season of running track in the spring, and her thighs were similarly toned and gorgeous. Her muscles rippled fluidly, like quicksilver, with every movement, with no hint of masculinity whatsoever.

I lay back in my chaise longue, appreciating my extreme good luck. It was a perfect early summer day in their family's secluded backyard, by an idyllic pool, with the sun sparkling off of the blue water. And her parents were gone for the day. The temperature was perfect, and I had an impossibly beautiful eighteen-year-old girl standing in front of me in the skimpiest clothes possible.

My cock, which had so recently spent in her mouth, started to swell with the memory and the sight in front of me. Her eyes darted down to my growing erection, and back to my face, almost embarrassed, but also a bit surprised that I was making no move to cover myself.

I wasn't embarrassed. I had always been comfortable in my skin, especially when, as now, I was in great shape. Even in college, one of my first girlfriends had commented that she was surprised that I'd never made an attempt to cover myself after sex. "Most guys I've been with-- it's been like they don't want me to see them when they're not hard. They've always grabbed a sheet and covered up." For whatever reason, being naked in a sexual situation, or post-sexual, as in the moment that girlfriend commented on, had never taken me aback. Beth's embarrassment, on the other hand, was delicious.

I didn't fight my growing hardness, but lay back and looked her in the eyes as my right hand grasped my erection and stroked it softly and slowly. With each stroke my cock got harder, and Beth couldn't decide where to look. My erection was clearly fascinating to her -- she could barely keep her eyes off of it, but she also would meet my gaze, as if to stare at my penis for too long was in bad taste.

On her end, it was clear she didn't quite know what to do. She was turned on, that much was clear. Her nipples were erect. Her face was flushed, and her breathing was coming a bit faster. And though it was hard to tell in the black fabric, I thought I detected a bit of a damp spot in her panties. But she was also standing on her family's pool deck in the middle of the afternoon in a tiny thong and and an almost sheer tank top, watching the man in his forties who had just pushed her into her first blowjob masturbate as he looked at her brazenly. With her body, she had to know that men looked, but she had certainly never been looked at like this.

Finally, she couldn't take it anymore, and she said, "What are you going to do to..."

At that moment a loud vibrating buzzing interrupted her. Both of our phones were dancing across the round glass table next to my beach chair. For a moment normalcy intruded, as we both reached for our devices. There was something ludicrous about checking our texts at such a moment, but the oddity of both of them going off at exactly the same time was arresting.

The message, which I saw was to both of us, was from Amy and read: "Hey guys. The car wouldn't start when we got back to the trailhead, so we got a ride into town. We got the car towed, but they won't be able to fix it until tomorrow morning. We'll spend the night here and head back once it's ready. Sorry! Order pizza or something, love, Mom / Amy."

Beth snorted, and I heard her mutter, "Must have taken her fifteen minutes to write that out..." I laughed too, though I recognized in her comment a bit of the generational gulf between us. I wrote long texts, using whole words and sentences. Beth evidently didn't.

Having my phone in my hand gave my an idea. I opened the camera app and snapped a picture of her. The fake electronic shutter sound made her raise her head from her phone and realize what I'd done.

"No! You can't!"

"Why not? You look beautiful. Come see."

I had been lucky with the lighting, and the picture was perfect. Her hard pink nipples were visible through the tank top, and the way she looked in her thong was sexy and, in that moment, completely unselfconscious, as her attention wasn't on the situation, but rather on the phone in her hand.

She sat almost primly on the edge of my chair, her derriere as close to the edge as possible, as she tried to see the phone that I held intentionally at an angle that made her lean close to me to see. She smelled of Coppertone and heat, the scent of all my summers growing up. I closed my eyes for a moment and let her aroma wash over me.

Without any warning, I pulled her toward me and onto me. In an instant, she was lying on top of me, her arms pinned between my chest and her breasts, with her hands on my chest, as my arms encircled her back. My cock was pressed against her stomach, and I brought one of my hands down and cupped her magnificent ass.

Although she was tense, she didn't resist, and when I brought my head up to kiss her, her lips met mine halfway, and she even explored my mouth with her gently darting tongue. We made out like that for a little while, and my hands went down to her hips, so that I could move her body up and down on my painfully hard cock as I thrusted gently at her. The satin of her panties felt like heaven on my shaft, and the pressure of my cock was exciting her, and she more than helped me by moving back and forth in time with my thrusting.

Even as we kissed, a part of my head couldn't help but worry what was next. Yes, now we had all of the rest of the day, not to mention the night. But would she tell anyone? I reassured myself that my actions weren't illegal, but I might lose my best friends if this ever came to light. Should I stop now? Before I made it worse? Then again, at this point worse was just a matter of degree. But if it came to light, it would be incredibly humiliating for me at work, and it might hurt in the divorce settlement, even if I could prove (could I?) that I had never done anything sexual with Beth until after the separation. It occurred to me that having the picture of her wasn't the worst thing in the world. It was almost like insurance. Embarrassing me could embarrass her -- it was like mutually assured destruction. Even as I felt guilty for even thinking that way, I decided I needed more insurance.

"Stand up, Beth," I murmured in her ear, nuzzling it, as I pulled her tank top over her head, revealing her gorgeous breasts. Her dark pink nipples were fully hard, and the areolas looked tight. I couldn't restrain myself, and I brought my tongue to each nipple, flicking them quickly, before taking each one between my lips and sucking gently, bringing a gasp from her. Still, I had plans, so I brought her to her feet.

She was a glorious sight. Her breasts stood out proudly, in that almost mystifyingly sag-free way that only teenaged breasts can. Her chest was heaving from our make-out session. Her golden skin was covered in small goose-pimples, despite the warmth of the afternoon. She was standing with her legs about shoulder width apart, and I immediately grabbed my phone again and took a picture.

"No, don't!" she began as she brought up her arms to cover her breasts.

"Why on earth not?" I asked, feigning surprise. "What's a topless picture or two after what we did a little while ago?"

"But that just ends... what we did. A picture, that's different."

"Don't you trust me?" I asked, feeling more than a little slimy.

By now, she had brought her arms back to her side. I don't think I was convincing her with my words. Rather, I think her desire to seem mature, worldly, sophisticated was overcoming her very reasonable hesitation about my little photo shoot.

"You look so beautiful in these," I reassured her, taking a few more pictures as she stood with her breasts exposed. "I'll show them all to you later."

I took a few more, and as I did, she got more relaxed, and I realized that she was still fascinated by my erection, so I stroked it a few more times. She licked her lips, without even noticing what she was doing.

"Sexy girl, can you pinch and pull on your nipples for me?"

With less hesitation than I would have expected, she brought both hands to her breasts and pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger. She tugged at both nipples gently, pulling upwards as well, drawing in her breath sharply as the self-stimulation sent tingles of pleasure radiating from her breasts to the rest of her body.

I continued taking pictures of her, standing with her legs a bit spread, in her tiny black thong, just a few feet from me, playing with her nipples. It was almost surreal to be in her backyard, feeling the wind on my thighs and cock, stroking my cock slowly as I watched her stimulating herself, and I took a picture every so often. While her parents' house was in the middle of nowhere, and it was almost impossible to be seen, with the nearest neighbor three or four miles away, there was something very brazen about the setting.

"Beth, I want to see you touch your pussy now. Slide your panties partway down your thighs, but don't take them off, and then finger yourself like you did this morning when you said you were thinking about me."

At this she did hesitate a bit, but taking a deep breath, as if to say, "in for a penny, in for a pound," she hooked her thumbs under the strings of the skimpy black thong and pulled it, as requested down her thighs. That didn't allow her to stand with her legs as far apart, but I still got a view of her beautiful pussy. Her shaved lips were swollen with the excitement from the last hour, and her finger parted them, revealing a gorgeous set of delicate inner lips, which she slid her finger between and into, gasping as she worked it in to the second knuckle.

Taking one last picture, I put the phone down and paid full attention to my best friends' teenaged daughter standing in front of me, one hand pinching her left nipple and her right hand between her legs. My own hand was stroking myself faster and faster, and I soon felt the unwelcome stirrings of what would be an all-too-premature orgasm. I somewhat reluctantly took my hand off my cock and decided that we should move things indoors, which would give me time to recover a bit.

"You can pull them back up now," I told her, taking her by the hand as she fumbled to pull her panties back up. We walked through the kitchen, the living room, and to the stairs up to the bedrooms. As we went up, I decided that we should go to her room rather than my guest room. There would be something deliciously naughty about fucking her in her own room. But as she preceded me up the stairs, I again noticed the thong she was wearing. Hard not to, as her pert ass was practically in my face as I followed her up the stairs. Something about it didn't fit. Strike that, it fit perfectly, and framed her perfect ass almost better than if she were fully nude. But it was definitely not the kind of thing that I imagined an eighteen-year-old girl could own. My own college girlfriends, ages ago, had never owned anything this high end. Their idea of sexy panties was whatever Victoria's Secret put in their catalog, and this little item was of such obvious quality that it made VS panties look silly, like a little girl playing dress-up.

I had to ask, "Beth, where did you get those panties?"

And as she started to say, "At the mal-"

I interrupted her by saying, "You definitely didn't get them at the mall. I don't know what brand that is, but it's not from Victoria's Secret."

Reluctantly, she admitted, "They're not mine. They're my mom's. I raided her sex drawer when you sent me in to get changed. She doesn't know I know about it."

"'Sex drawer?'"

"My parents have this drawer in the big closet in their room. It's got a locked drawer, with a combination lock, custom built. But they used their anniversary as the combination, so I was able to get in. It's got... a lot of stuff in it. They don't know I know about it, but it's got lingerie, toys, porn, and stuff. It wasn't really a big surprise, really. My mom offered to give me a vibrator a few years ago. I think she heard me playing with myself, so she thought it was time. She said she wanted me to be able to get myself off so I didn't need to get with the first loser boy who made me feel a little bit good. I didn't want it. Well, I did, but it was too weird for her to be the one to give it to me, so I said no. But a couple of days later she left me a box in my night table drawer. And it had a vibrator and a dildo, and since they looked high end from the packaging, I went snooping. I wanted to know what she had."

"I have to see this!" The thought of my friends having a special locked sex drawer was priceless, especially since I had had a summer-long fling with Amy in our college years, just before she met Tim. She had been enthusiastic, and game for almost anything, but we had been in college, and we didn't know as much about sex as we thought we did. It made sense that she would have explored new things to the point where she'd have a sex drawer with her husband.

"I shouldn't have told you... I'm not sure I should show you."

"Well, you told me where it is, and what the combination is, since I was at your parents' wedding, after all."

"Fine. Follow me."

"Gladly, sweet buns."

Her perfect ass flexed prettily in front of me as she led me into her parents' bedroom. The room was large and tastefully decorated in light colors and modern furniture. Everything radiated quality and money, and was highlighted by the light entering from huge windows on two sides. I considered taking her right then and there on her parents' bed, but the earlier orgasm had taken the edge off my urgency. I was more curious about Tim and Amy's stash. Still, I took Beth into my arms from behind, pressing my hips against her ass and kissing the back of her neck. I cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples gently, bringing them back to full hardness. Beth moaned softly and pressed her body back against mine and turned her head to kiss me. The kiss was urgent and utterly delicious, and my cock throbbed against her buttocks.

I let her go, curious again about what I might find in the locker that I might use on her, and as I did, she turned around and grabbed my cock. Looking me straight in the eye, she gave it a few playful strokes before releasing me and leading me to the walk-in closet. It was hard not to be impressed by the sheer size and luxury of the room, which rivaled that of many of my bedrooms in my first few apartments. One side was a bank of wooden drawers, and the bottom one had a discreet lock with a combination panel. Beth entered in the code, and slid the drawer open on its whisper-quiet track.

My jaw dropped open when I saw what she meant by sex drawer. First of all, the drawer was wide, tall, deep, and divided into sub-sections. On the left was a section containing dozens of x-rated DVDs. I recognized some titles, such as Debbie Does Dallas, and The Opening of Misty Beethoven, but the titles also ran to the less plot oriented. Titles involving "anal sluts," "luscious lolitas" and "gang bang girls" also populated the section. And there was also clearly a fetish section, involving S&M, as well as titles like "Bend Over Boyfriend," which from the DVD case turned out to be exactly what the title suggested.

In the next divider of the drawer was Amy's lingerie section, which was extensive. Stockings, garter belts, corsets, teddies, bras. Everything clearly of high quality, and obviously where Beth had filched the thong.

And finally there was a section that contained toys and equipment. A number of dildos, both realistic and also somewhat more stylized. They ranged in size from small to fairly normal. There was an outlier, though. A very large one that would make almost any man feel inadequate, in black silicone. A variety of vibrators, and a few butt plugs, including a set of metal ones, of various sizes, with a jewel on the end. A harness for wearing a dildo, and various items for restraint.

It was impossible not to think of how my friends used these items, and I was instantly filled with jealousy and regret. My sex life had never been this adventurous, and my wife and I had grown apart over the years. If I had held on to Amy and not lost her to Tim, this might have been how my life worked. At least my sex life, which would clearly have involved an openness I had never known.

"Beth, holy shit! When did you find this again? How old were you?"

"I found this when I was sixteen. After the dildo fairy left me my surprise," she answered, and I smiled at her turn of phrase.

"And what the fuck did you think when you saw it? Were you totally shocked?"

She considered the question carefully before answering, at length. "Not really. Well, sort of, I guess. The thing is, I've always known they've had a lot of sex, and they've been pretty open about being sex positive, I guess you'd call it. They don't act like pervs in front of me or anything, but from things they say, it's clear that they're not embarrassed about sex being anything but natural and normal. It was a little bit of a jump, though, from kind of knowing to having it be in my face. And some of the stuff is a little extreme. Makes it hard not to imagine them using it, or doing certain things to each other, and that was a little weird. But mostly I guess that I'm happy that they make each other so happy. A lot of my friends' parents have gotten divorced, or it's obvious that they're tired of each other and just staying together 'for the kids'. Also, I've had a lot of time to get used to it. I like to check the drawer out when I get a chance, to see when they get new stuff or videos. A lot of it seems kind of normal now, to tell you the truth."

As she spoke, I was impressed and more than a little in awe. There were still some of the rhythms of teenage speech in her, but hearing her talk for a longer amount of time made me realize what a smart and poised young woman she was. As physically inexperienced as she obviously was, she had clearly absorbed a lot of her parents' positive attitude toward sex. And if she was accepting, mentally, of the contents of the drawer...Well, let's just say I was intrigued and wanted to find out more.

"So, you've watched some of these DVDs? Which ones do you like best?"

As poised as she was, having me ask about her porn-viewing habits was still something that elicited a blush. Gathering herself, she admitted, "I've watched almost all of them. I like just about everything there."

Interesting, I thought to myself, given that there was some pretty extreme stuff in there. Again it struck me how great the difference in age was. At her age, I'd had no internet. My exposure to porn had been much more sparse and limited. She on the other hand, seems to have had access to "bend over boyfriend" and other examples of very hardcore porn. And not just been exposed to it, but appreciated it and was turned on by it.

"Any favorites?" I pressed.

"I really like The Opening of Misty Beethoven. I love the way it's like My Fair Lady, but it's how the girl gets educated sexually, and she winds up becoming the teacher by the end. And I also really like anything that has," she hesitated, but she gathered herself and continued, "Someone tying someone else up, and you can tell that the person being restrained is pretending not to have a choice, but actually they're just giving themselves up completely. And I really like videos with anal sex. It seems so raw and... naughty."

Hearing Beth, naked except for her panties, but still looking so young and innocent, explain that she liked watching anal and bondage porn was a bit surreal, in that I sometimes found myself almost seeing the situation from the outside, and not believing it. It also made my cock so hard that I had to do something.

I scooped her up in my arms, eliciting a giggle and a squeal, and I carried her to her parents' bed, where I dumped her unceremoniously. I rolled her onto her back and pulled her towards the edge of the bed, so that her legs dangled off the side. She was a remarkable sight. Golden skin and honey blonde hair standing in stark contrast to the black satin of her thong panties. Her face showed a mix of lust and apprehension. I knelt on the floor in front of her and admired her.

I paused a bit, enjoying the moment, but I had to touch her, and I brought my head down and kissed her pussy, through the fabric of her panties. Her body shuddered as I made contact, and I heard her moan softly. I slid my hands up her sides, and up to her breasts, as I turned my attention to her thighs, kissing them, and licking gently upwards towards her pussy. With my hands I gently massaged her firm tits, using my fingers to pinch her nipples.

Her hands came down to my head and she ran her fingers through my hair as I kissed her. I imagined she wanted to guide me to hurry up, but she was too hesitant to actually push my head to her pussy. After I continued to tease her, she reached down and untied the ribbons on the side of her panties and pushed the flimsy fabric out of the way.

"Please..." she murmured.

I decided to tease just a bit longer. "Please, what?" as I kissed ever so close to her intoxicatingly beautiful pussy.

In frustration, she answered, "You know... Please, do it."

"Do what? How have you asked your boyfriends to do this if you can't say it?" Yes, I was fishing for information. I suspected that she had little to no actual experience, even despite her advanced exposure to porn and kink.

"No one's ever... Oh, god! This is so embarrassing!"

I smiled to myself. This is what I had hoped for, and at the same time I could sympathize. I had gotten started late myself as well. Or at least it had seemed late at the time. I remembered my first real sexual experience, at age nineteen, when it seemed that I was the last person in the world who had had sex. When I finally got lucky, I was terrified that my partner would discover I was so inexperienced that I had never even been naked with a girl before. I thought I had covered up well, and she had the good grace to play along, although I found out later she had strongly suspected it was my first time. She had been so gracious about it that I realized I had been silly to try to cover up in the first place. And, her own experience had not been all that vast either.

So, it had taken bravery for Beth to admit her inexperience, and teasing her needed to end.

"Never?" I asked, planting a kiss directly on her pussy lips for the first time, prompting another shudder. "How come? You are so beautiful that it can't be because you don't have the opportunity if you want it."

"Well, basically, AAAH! (I had allowed my tongue to part the shell-pink inner lips of her pussy) I think the boys at school are completely immature. Almost all my friends who have done things with boys have been slut shamed in one way or another. I," she broke off again as I licked a bit more insistently.

Her pussy was perfect. Pink, with delicate little lips that responded instantly to my tongue. She tasted fresh and clean, and sliding my tongue up her slit was making my cock throb with anticipation. I licked increasingly harder, pushing into her vagina as deep as I could get my tongue, feeling its tightness grip my tongue. Then sliding my tongue up and flicking it ever so gently around her clit, which was getting more prominent as I licked. Beth was making little noises of extreme pleasure as I ate her more insistently.

I paused for a moment. "Beth, quick question. I love your shaved pussy. When did you start shaving it? And do most of your friends do that too? When I was about your age, most girls that I knew of didn't shave, just trim."

Beth seemed puzzled that I was interrupting to talk about her grooming habits, and she seemed ready to tell me so, but it was still too hard for her to be insistent about what she wanted, so she just answered me. "It was sophomore year. Mom was letting me wear skimpier bikinis, and since I knew she shaved too," (Amy shaved! she had had a bush when I knew her) "It made sense. I don't know. I don't really stare in the locker room, but I'd say it's maybe two thirds of girls my age who are shaving."

Another generational difference, I realized, as I brought my head back down to her pussy. After a few more licks I asked her, "Beth, tell me what I'm doing to you. I want to hear you say it. I want you to be able to ask for it."

"You're licking ... me."

"Licking your what?" I pressed.

"You're licking my pussy! Oh my god it feels so good!"

As I continued to lick, concentrating more and more on the area just around her clit, occasionally flicking it but mostly staying away from direct contact, I pushed her knees up towards her body, exposing her better to my view. I buried my face in her delicious warmth and wetness, enjoying how my face was getting wet from her arousal. With her pussy more open, I very slowly but firmly pressed my index finger into her extraordinarily tight channel. Her body tensed at first, but soon relaxed against the welcome intrusion. I worked my finger in and out of her, crooking it up in a "come here" motion. It wasn't too long before her body started to tense, and I felt the beginnings of her orgasm as her pussy tightened around my finger. I gave her clit more direct attention with my tongue, and soon the waves flooded over her. "I'm cumminggg!" she half-gasped, half moaned.

I continued to lick as I withdrew my finger slowly. It was wet and slick, and in a moment of experimentation, I very gently pressed the wet tip against her anus. "What?" she started to say, before realizing that I was only probing gently. Her ass was wet from all the moisture that had dripped down from her pussy, and I rubbed the tip of my finger around the wrinkled rosette. She clearly liked the attention, and my cock hardened to a painful degree as the intimacy of what I was doing to her heightened my arousal to new peaks.

Very slowly, and very gently, I pressed my slick finger tip against her asshole. My tongue went back up towards her clit, even as the last aftershocks of her orgasm subsided. She was barely recovering before her body started reacting again and building to a new peak.

As her arousal heightened, I was able to press my finger slowly but surely into her ass. It had been a while since I had last played with a woman's ass. My wife had gone along with it early in our relationship, but admitted as time passed that it didn't do anything for her. As a result, anal play now held the allure of the forbidden. A quarter inch at a time, I wormed my finger into her back passage. Before too long, my finger was in all the way, and I wiggled it a little bit inside her.

My tongue washed over her clit, and my other hand caressed her body. I worked my finger forward and back, just about a half an inch in each direction. I didn't have enough lubrication to finger her more vigorously without risking hurting her. So I kept up my efforts, and soon her body was tensing again. Although I had thought the first orgasm was big, it made it seem like only a warmup as it ripped through her body, forcing a guttural shriek from her as her asshole clenched around my last knuckle. Spasm after spasm washed over her, my tongue never letting up, and finally she was done. The tension in her body disappeared abruptly, and she collapsed down on the the covers. I gave her pussy one last little lick, sending a shiver through her, and I carefully withdrew my finger from her ass. I couldn't resist, and I planted a big sloppy kiss on her cute little puckered bud.

I crawled up beside her, and she snuggled into me. "Thank you, Mike. That was wonderful. Just like I imagined. I'd pictured what it would be like to be licked like that before, but this was so much better." She kissed me, and I knew she had to be tasting her pussy from my wet lips.

"You're very welcome," I responded, as I was amused at the idea of a girl so gorgeous thanking a middle-aged man for being nice enough to make her cum.

"But what about you? You didn't..." she asked, a worried expression coming over her face.

"I had my fun before. There's no rush," I reassured her, even as my cock throbbed painfully, the head tight and purple.

She looked down and reached out hesitantly. "Can I?"

"Of course."

"I didn't get a good look before. I was so nervous." As she spoke she took my cock in her hand, and slid her hand up and down, experimentally. Her hand, so small and delicate, made my cock look and feel huge. I didn't remember being this turned on in years, and since my own hand was so much bigger, my dick looked even bigger in contrast with her smaller one. The feeling was exquisite, and I felt myself draw in my breath sharply without meaning to.

"Is it ok, did I do it wrong?" she asked in alarm.

"No, you're fine. You're doing great," I managed to get out.

Curious, she slid down the bed, so she could get a better look. She rubbed her thumb across my cockhead, and she offered, "It's so weird. It's so hard, but the skin is soft like satin there." She repeated the thumb move, and my body shuddered. She continued to stroke me, examining me closely. Her other hand caressed and cupped my balls, as if weighing them. "It's strange," she said, "Penises are kind of funny looking, but right now, yours is beautiful." She almost demurely stuck out her tongue, and, releasing my cock from her grip, licked up softly from my shaved balls up my rod to the head. When she got to the head, she engulfed it in her mouth, and sucked, swirling her tongue over and around the head. After a minute or so, she took me deeper into her mouth, and about halfway down she stopped, reaching her limit. "Sorry!" she said, gasping. "I thought maybe I could take you deeper." With that she returned her mouth to my cock and continued to pleasure me with a skill that belied her inexperience.

"Beth, how are you so good at this?" I kind of wanted her to stop, as I didn't want to cum again yet, and she was bringing me all too close. Making her talk might do the trick.

"I've practiced on my dildo," she said matter-of-factly. Her shyness, such as it had been, seemed to be gone. "The first time, It was more about wondering what it would feel like to give a blowjob, to have a penis in my mouth. But once I was doing it, it made sense to practice so I wouldn't be a total spazz the first time I went down on a guy. I didn't remember anything before, by the pool. It was all so sudden. But now I can really try things out and pay attention."

She started to lower her head again, but I had another question. "What kind of other practicing have you done with that dildo?"

A moment's hesitation, but again that "in for a penny..." expression came across her face and hardened her resolve, and she answered me mostly confidently. The traces of shyness, however, were delicious. "I've used it in my... pussy, a lot. It feels really good, and it takes the edge off when I get too horny. I've also tried it, you know, back in my butt."

"You've really stuck your dildo up your ass?" I tried to use blunt language, to see what effect it would have on her.

"Yes, so what?" Defensiveness made her less shy. "What's the big deal? I mean, it's natural. Well, not really natural, but you know what I mean. It feels good, and I'm not hurting anyone, and it turns me on, and it makes me cum. So what's the big deal?"

"I'm not judging!" I explained. "If anything, I'm awestruck. Where the hell were you when I was in high school?"

"I wouldn't have dated you in high school," she answered, giggling, the tension broken.

More and more I was amazed by Beth. She was mentally the most mature sexual partner I had ever encountered. It was bizarre. If I took her at her word, and I did, she hadn't really ever done anything sexual with anyone else up until today. But she had experimented in ways that much more experienced and older women often didn't, and she had met some of the most extreme items and videos in her parents' secret collection with both an open mind and eagerness to experiment. Her relative lack of shyness was nothing short of miraculous, given what we'd been up to. Yes, she'd been a bit hesitant about some things, especially talking to me about what I was doing or what she wanted, but it is hard to verbalize with a new partner, even for more experienced people. When I considered everything I had done to her that day...

"So why me now?" I asked, quietly.

She gave my cock a long, lingering lick from balls to head, and one last flick of tongue on the head. From between my legs she answered, "Well, you didn't really give me a choice, sir. As I recall, you basically sneaked up on me, groped me, and then stuck your cock in my face." Her residual hesitation before the word cock was wonderful.

"Well, but you could have said no. It would have been easy. Maybe I was forceful, but I didn't make you do anything. I didn't think it through, because if you hadn't been up for it, I'd have been screwed. But I had a feeling you had a crush on me. Besides, you didn't ever really make a big secret of your topless sunbathing. I think you're being disingenuous if that wasn't at least a hint."

Despite her position between my legs, with her hand around the base of my cock, she was still able to blush prettily. "Ok, smart man, you got me. I've had a crush on you for a while. You're super handsome, and you're in great shape. But you're also funny, and you've never talked down to me. Most adults do. And..." she broke off.

"And what?" I prodded, eager to hear more.

"Well, my parents have been worried about you for a while. I'm not supposed to let you know I know this, but I know your wife left you for her assistant, and one thing my mom said is that despite how as far as they knew everything was her fault, at least the cheating, you never once called her a slut or a bitch or anything, at least not to them. I really hate slut shaming, even when the woman is a slut. I can't believe I said that, but I was impressed that you were a gentleman when it came to talking about it. You could have been bitter, but all you said was, 'It didn't work out,' and I liked that. It made me think that if we had sex that I wouldn't have to worry about you telling anyone, or bragging to your friends about how you bagged me, like the guys at school would."

I was touched. There was much she didn't understand, but in large part she was right. I was bitter against my ex, but I couldn't really blame her. We had been in trouble for a while. Though as far as my being discreet with the details, I'm not sure she realized that the details were more than a little embarrassing to me, even if they painted my ex as the one at fault. I was the one wearing the horns. I felt awful about my motivation to take the pictures earlier, and I resolved to both delete them and show her I was deleting them.

Beth's embarrassment had returned, and she had a hard time meeting my glance, but this time it wasn't the sex side, it was the embarrassment of admitting a crush. She covered her embarrassment by lowering her head back to my head and sucking me enthusiastically, as if trying to make me cum in thirty seconds.

I put my hand under her chin and stopped her. "No, don't," I murmured.

"Did I do it wrong?" she looked mortified.

"Not at all. If anything you're too good. But I think the next step is for you. What do you want to do next? Anything you've wanted to do. I'll do anything for you that you want. Do you want to have sex? I mean, I'm assuming I guess that you would want..." This time it was me who was babbling, as it dawned on me that she might not want to lose her virginity to me today, despite everything that had happened.

"No, I don't think so," she said thoughtfully, and my heart sank. "For some reason," she continued, "I've always pictured losing my virginity at night. So I'd like that later. Tonight, definitely."

I was more relieved than I could imagine. "Then what would you like me to..."

Her hand firmly around my cock as she looked me in the eye, she said, "I'd like you to take me to my room and handcuff me to my bed, face down." Even for a girl as self-possessed as Beth, this was hard to get out. "And then I want you to do anything you want to me. Except put your cock in my pussy. But anything else. Anything. Do you understand?"

I thought I did, but I clearly didn't, not yet, because I stupidly blurted, "You want me to fuck you in the a..."

"No!" she interrupted sharply. "I want whatever happens to be your choice. I'm giving up control. If you want to just tease me, that's fine. Or make me give you a blow job, or do what you said, it's all ok. You can do whatever you want. I might pretend to say no. But you should continue. I want you to continue. Unless I say 'avocado'; then you should know I really do mean for you to stop."

Again I was amazed at her. This time it was the teenager remembering that a safe word would be a good idea.

"Anything I want," I mused. "But you're going to pretend to resist? I'm not sure about that."

"It's not about rape," she said. "I don't have a single rape fantasy in my head. It's a different kind of role play. It's like..." she changed gears, "Suppose you caught me smoking weed, and this is the price you made me pay for not telling my parents. Maybe I have to decide which option is better, and I choose giving myself to you over being grounded for a week or two. How reluctant can I really be? But I can give myself the out, that the responsibility is all yours. It's so hot."

"You've given this a lot of thought."

"I know I overthink things," she admitted, "and I've overthought this too, probably. But this is why once I'm in that bed, you can do your cock in my pussy. I want to surrender to you. Can you handle that?"

When exactly the tables got turned I wasn't sure, but they clearly had gotten turned. It was clear we both knew what I'd do once I had her where she wanted me. "Lay on, MacBeth," I told her, as we got up.

"You got the quote wrong," she told me smugly.

"Yes, but your name is Beth, so I figured you'd forgive me."

She grabbed onto my cock and guided me to the closet by pulling on me, where she gathered up a velvet-lined set of handcuffs. I started to close the drawer when I was interrupted by a sharp clearing of her throat, and a pointed look down. I followed her gaze and leaned down to pick up a bottle of lube. Yes, despite what was going to happen, I had lost control. And I didn't much care.

Still holding on to my penis, she pulled me to her room.

To be continued.

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