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A Treasured Memory, Chapter 5

Mike and Beth play with a computer and then each other.
I toweled myself off as quickly as I possibly could, from Beth dunking me by surprise. I couldn’t blame her. My cock just been in her best friend’s mouth and she wanted it “clean” for her.

A few feet before the sliding door into the house, I stepped over her black bikini top, which she had shed on her way in. When I got to the stairs, I saw her bottoms on the second step. I felt like Hansel and Gretel following a trail of breadcrumbs. Except that I was naked, and I wasn’t in the woods being abandoned by my parents, and I was about to get laid. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t so much like Hansel and Gretel.

About to get laid. The afternoon had been a whirlwind.

When I woke up this morning, I was a freshly divorced middle-aged guy who was living with his best friends Tim and Amy for a few weeks while my living arrangements got hammered out by the lawyers. Actually, I could have found a place to live, but it was nice to stay with them. It was a lot less lonely than a sad divorced-guy apartment would have been. They were worried about me, and it felt reassuring to feel cared for.

Their eighteen-year-old daughter Beth was a feast for the eyes. Honey colored hair, a perfect, toned, athletic body, and golden skin that radiated vitality and health. In a moment of insanity this afternoon, I had seduced her, if that was the right word, into giving me a blowjob on the pool deck after I surprised her sunbathing topless. Tim and Amy had gone out for a day hike at a site a few hours away, and I figured I had some time.

A moment of insanity. I’d been a moron in terms of considering risks and consequences. Fortunately, or at least I think it was fortunate, it turned out that Beth seemed to have orchestrated the whole thing. Maybe not the precise moment of me sneaking up on her when she was lying out topless on this particular day, but she had arranged things so that eventually we’d wind up hooking up. Since that blowjob, a scant few hours earlier, the afternoon had gone by in a blurry whirlwind of increasingly kinky sex and heady emotions.

Her parents had texted us early in the afternoon letting us know they were having car trouble and had to delay coming back until the next morning. So, Beth and I had spent our time creatively. The highlights had been many. Cuffing her to her bed face down and having anal sex with her, at her implicit suggestion. Having her put me on display naked for her best friend, who fondled me and sucked my dick before leaving abruptly. Finding out that Beth had had a crush on me for years, and that her feelings for me were far deeper than I could have suspected.

For all of her sexual confidence and even given all of the things we had done so far, it turned out that Beth was a virgin, in the “technical” sense, and she had made it fairly clear she wanted me to change that later on today. So here I was, in my early forties, taking the stairs two at a time to meet an eighteen-year-old girl who wanted me to be her first real sexual partner. My rational brain was screaming at me that this was crazy. She was my best friends’ daughter (and I had dated Amy in college), and she had secretly taken a video of our anal escapade, which would destroy me if it ever got out.

However, my rational brain, that is, the little angel on my shoulder, had gotten tied up and gagged by the little devil on my other shoulder. Maybe kicked in the face too. Beth was intoxicating, and I had to have her. Beth was the first woman I’d been with since my bleak marriage. Feeling wanted and appreciated felt like a drug. Reaching the landing, I wondered how I’d find her. Naked in bed? Standing demurely and maybe even a little shyly at the foot of the bed? Naked but under the sheets? Wearing some of the sexy lingerie we had seen before in Tim and Amy’s “sex drawer”? I couldn’t wait to find out and I practically flew into her room, my hardening penis leading the way ostentatiously.

I was therefore surprised when I found her wearing a large baggy t-shirt, and sitting at her computer, her fingers flying over the keyboard. When she heard me come in, she turned in her chair and smiled apologetically. The fabric of her shirt pulled tight against her breast, and her left nipple became visible in relief against the white fabric. I couldn’t tell if she had put on panties, since the shirt was so long and came down to her toned thighs.

“What are you doing?” I asked, “I thought we were going to --” I felt vaguely silly, standing in her room naked, my cock hard and bobbing in front of me, eager for her. For her part, she had put clothes back on to meet me.

“Don’t worry, Mike. I haven’t forgotten our … date,” she said with a smile that was almost a giggle. With Katie’s departure, Beth had reverted to her alternately composed and giddy, totally delightful, demeanor. While Katie had been around, Beth had looked vaguely worried, understandably. Now she was back to herself, but I still didn’t know what was going on.

“Mike,” she continued, looking more serious. “I’ve been doing some thinking, and I feel really bad about the video. I shouldn’t have done it, for all sorts of reasons. And I definitely shouldn’t have let Katie see it.”

This was interesting. And promising. That video was the only thing tainting my feelings for our activities so far. In fact every time I thought about it, I felt colder, as I did right now. My cock shrank a bit.

“You see,” Beth went on, “When I set it up, all of this seemed a little less real. It was like a dream come true, but also like a fantasy. It was all a hot scene. Like, ‘Wouldn’t it be hot to make a sex tape and show Katie?’ and it didn’t really sink in until later that it’s not a game. So I’ve decided to delete it.”

She gestured at her laptop, which was docked to a larger monitor. The larger screen showed a window of her room, earlier in the day. She had paused the action, and we were at the moment where I was pushing her face down onto her bed, practically falling down on top of her. We were about to land on the bed, and in the camera angle, the tip of my cock seemed to be disappearing between her buttocks, even though in real life it was only pushing gently against her. Her face was a vision of excitement, glee, and anticipation. I looked determined and eager. I noticed that the picture quality even in a still frame was very good.

“Hold on,” I told her, “tell me more about where this video ‘lives.’ Where is the file?”

She looked at me thoughtfully, and it occurred to me she was trying to figure out how much to dumb down her explanation. I felt offended at first, before I realized that A: most teenagers probably are a bit savvier with at least the technical elements of the tech that dominates their lives, and B: Beth was brilliant, so she almost certainly knew more than I could follow.

“Well,” she began, “The file is on my computer. I also uploaded it automatically to a file storage service. When Katie saw it, I had set it up so that she had permission to stream it live, but not actually download it, so it won’t stay on her computer.”

She saw me start to object, so she cut in quickly, “Ok, technically the file is in pieces in a temporary file on her computer, but you have to be a lot savvier than she is to access it, and it will get overwritten pretty soon. I’m sure the NSA could get it, but unless Katie actually filmed her screen while she watched, she doesn’t have it.”

“Are you sure that she didn’t film--”

“Didn’t film her screen?” she finished my question, smirking. “No, she wouldn’t have let herself get distracted. The only device in her hand would have been her dildo. Or maybe two.” She smiled at the thought.

“So,” she concluded, “I’ve deleted it off of the storage system, and the file is only on my computer here, and I’m about to delete it.”

“Wait!” I cut in. I was really curious to see what it looked like. I had never starred in a homemade porno, and I wanted to see how the action would look. “Could we watch it first?”

Beth looked surprised, but pleased. A smile lit up her face, “Totally! That would be so hot!” She seemed as excited as a kid with a new toy. Moving quickly she disconnected the laptop from a few cables, and the larger monitor that held the still frame went blank. She took me by the hand and pulled us to her bed.

It was a lovely spot. Not just because it was her bed, but because of how it was set up in her room. Her room was surprisingly mature or perhaps not surprisingly, given what I had been learning about Beth. No little girl stuff. Modern, clean furniture in light wood. Hardwood floor with tasteful, elegant area rugs. Tall bookshelves filled with books and awards, both athletic and academic. A serious workstation free from clutter. And her bed was full sized, under a sun-drenched window. A pleasant breeze seemed to always be billowing the sheer curtains into her room, and the effect was cozy and welcoming. Her sheets and pillowcases were white as well, and they looked cloudlike and beckoning.

The handcuffs I had used on her were still looped around the wooden slat of her headboard. We settled in next to each other, with the laptop propped on her tummy. Her t-shirt had ridden up, and I was pleased to see that she had not put any panties on. The shell-like, pink lips of her pussy were slightly parted, and I gently slid my finger between them and found her wet. She sighed, “Oh, Mike, that feels so good.”

I didn’t do much more than slide my finger up and down gently in her slit a few times, but as I did she closed her eyes and her breathing got faster. She was primed from all the action earlier in the day, and the anticipation that the scene just now with Katie had provoked. As I slid my finger back and forth, from her opening to around the top of her clit, I thought of something.

“I’ll be right back!” I said, and I scrambled to my feet. Beth’s eyes flew open, and her look of pleasure was replaced by confusion. I ran down the stairs down to the pool deck, where I found my phone still lying where I had left it earlier in the day, after taking those pictures of Beth playing with herself. I snatched it up quickly and double-timed my way back to her room.

When I got there, I found Beth naked. Her discarded shirt lay on the floor next to her bed where, I had to say, it looked a lot better. She was lying in bed, her nipples hard, with her finger rubbing back and forth where mine had been moments before. When she heard me come in, she stopped, taking her hand away quickly out of reflexive embarrassment. Then, she smiled deliciously, looked in my eyes, and slid a shiny finger into her pussy. She looked at me boldly, and worked her finger in and out slowly, deliberately.

“Where did you go?” Her eyes closed as she started to lose herself in the sensation. I watched her for a moment or two, not answering her right away. I’ve always found the sight of a woman masturbating in front of me extraordinarily sexy, and I enjoyed the view. Soon, though, I took her wrist and moved it away from her gorgeous pussy.

“Hey!” she protested as I held her wrist firmly away. I got down between her legs and gave her a kiss right at her opening. The kiss wasn’t as sexy as it was silly, but she still moaned softly as my mouth made contact with her pussy. She smelled clean and fresh, and I couldn’t resist letting my tongue slip into her briefly, licking strongly before I made my way to making small and light circles around her clit.

“Aaahh!” she moaned as I licked. I had other plans though, and I clambered up next to her. Her eyes opened again, and she looked at me pleadingly. “Why are you torturing me?”

I smiled, “It will be better the longer we wait. Besides, don’t you want to know why I left?”

Her expression got more alert, and she sighed in resignation. “I guess so.”

I held up the phone. “I figured since you offered to delete the movie, I should offer to delete the pictures I took of you. I think you deserve the peace of mind of knowing they’re not going to wind up anywhere for other people to see. Not that I’d show them to anyone, but I don’t want you to worry.”

Her expression brightened, and she threw her arms around my neck. “Mike, you’re the best,” she whispered into my ear.

She settled back and said, “There’s a few differences though. First off, I knew you were taking the pictures. If I had really wanted, I could have just not let you take them, but I didn’t really mind. You had no idea I was taping you. Secondly, there’s a pretty big difference in terms of what they show. Yeah, if I ever ran for president, having pictures of me naked, with my hand between my legs, might be a problem, though in an ideal world we’d be more evolved by then. But, the video could destroy you. You look like a rapist. It’s apples and oranges.”

She was right of course, but I still thought it was right to make the offer. Even if her “transgression” was greater, it didn’t negate mine. I opened the camera roll on the phone and handed the device to her. “You decide what to do with them,” I instructed.

She snuggled into my chest, holding the phone so we could both see. The first few pictures were the tamest, showing her standing in front of me in her thin tanktop, wearing that fantastic thong with the ribbons on the side. Somehow, the fact that she was wearing lingerie in a pool setting was even sexier than if it had just been a skimpy swimsuit. In the next few, she appeared topless, her perfect breasts standing out firmly and proudly, the nipples hard. Finally, there was the one where she was standing with her finger buried deep inside her pussy, her legs wide and stretching the thong, which she had pulled down only part way down her thighs.

“Wow,” she breathed, “I look really... hot.” She paused for a moment, looked embarrassed, and then broke into a wide smile. “I know I’m not supposed to say that, but it’s different seeing yourself in a picture than it is in a mirror. But wow. I think I’m also remembering how exciting and embarrassing that was. I was so turned on. I don’t want you to delete them. I want to keep them as a memory of today.”

I was thrown, but I still felt guilty about even taking them in the first place. “Okay, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll send them all to you and delete them off of my phone. I’m nervous about them getting out by accident and it being my fault. Once you have them, I can delete off of my phone and wash my hands of them.” I took the phone from her and quickly sent them all to her. I just as quickly deleted them. It was a weight off my shoulders. I felt like less of an asshole.

Beth furrowed her brow in concentration. “What?” I asked.

“I just had a thought,” she replied, “but I’ll tell you about it after we watch the movie.” She picked up the laptop and propped it on a pillow so that we could both see the screen. She dragged the slider over to the beginning of the clip, pressed play, and settled back into my shoulder. Her hand found my cock and caressed it lazily. This time there was no hint of shyness. Her hand felt wonderful. Warm. Tender. Affectionate. It was bringing me to an increasingly urgent erection.

At first, the screen didn’t show much. We appeared at the start as we entered the room, which is what had prompted the camera to start recording. For a while, however, we were off screen, and we could hear our earlier conversation. I’ve always thought my voice sounds funny in recordings. I guess your voice just sounds different to you. In any case, I thought I sounded like a dork when I was raving about her track accomplishments, even though I had been completely sincere.

She evidently found this stuff too slow, so she dragged the slider further over, and the action picked up to show me pushing her down face first onto the bed. Beth’s hand continued stroking me, and we got entranced in the scene. The angle was pretty good, and it showed pretty much everything that was going on, although some details were inevitably missed.

Watching the action was surreal. Beth looked achingly beautiful in every second, and even though I thought I looked goofy and creepy at various points, I was also pleased with my appearance. Soon, I watched myself instruct her to stick out her ass, and I saw myself fondling her pussy and anus. There was the blowjob, followed by the dildo play, and the culmination of my sodomizing her.

I realized something funny as we watched. Her acting was horrendous! That is, even though she was protesting, on the screen it looked completely fake. It was obvious that she wanted everything that she was objecting to. I was reminded of watching a friend of mine play with and wrestle with his kid: “No! no! Calvin monster! Don’t sit on daddy’s head! Whatever you do don’t sit on daddy’s head!” And of course the toddler sat on his daddy’s head, to the delight of both. A strange comparison to make, perhaps, and it boggled my mind how I could have found her demurrals realistic at the time, but it was a great relief to see how patently fake they might look to any other viewer.

Still, as a scene it was hot. Watching ourselves doing and saying those incredibly kinky things was an amazing experience. My cock was fully and painfully erect, with Beth’s eager hand wrapped around it and pumping it slowly. My hand found her pussy, and I rubbed her slowly and firmly with one finger. She was fantastically wet, and she sighed as my finger rubbed between her lips, applying pressure but not quite venturing inside yet. She arched her back and pushed her hips against my hand, trying to get more of my finger inside of her, but I moved away from her, continuing to apply the same pressure. Our eyes were still glued to the screen, where I was fucking her ass increasingly forcefully.

Inspired by what we were watching, I used her wetness to slick up my middle finger, and I rubbed it gently against her anus. She started at the first contact, but relaxed right away with a gasp of excitement. I worked her wetness around her bud, and I could feel her body relax. She lost a bit of her rhythm on my cock, and it was gratifying to know that I was distracting her to such a degree.

Indeed, her eyes had closed, and she had forgotten about our home video. I allowed both of my fingers to enter her a bit. My index into her pussy and my middle finger into her ass. Both of them entered easily, though her tightness in each hole was very snug around my digits. I leaned over to kiss her, the laptop discarded next to her. She returned my kiss eagerly. Her tongue darted hungrily into my mouth, and all of a sudden I was the one having a hard time maintaining my coordination with my hands between her legs.

However, I was determined to distract her. I concentrated on what my fingers were doing, and I added my thumb to the mix, rubbing gently around but not quite on her clit. Her breathing speeded up, and I took her right nipple into my mouth, sucking eagerly, feeling it so hard and aroused in my mouth. Soon her body tense, and I could feel that she was about to cum. I removed my mouth from her breast, and I slowed my attentions with my fingers.

Beth’s eyes opened in frustration. “Mike, please!” She pleaded with her eyes, and she worked her hips against my hand, trying to pleasure herself.

I smiled. It was nice to feel a bit more in control of the action. For what seemed like forever I had been at her (and Katie’s) mercy. “So, what were you going to tell me after we watched the movie?”

“What?!” she looked at me as if I were crazy. “You want to talk about that now ?!”

“Well,” I replied thoughtfully, keeping up a slow action on her pussy, to keep her close to the edge. “You said you’d tell me when we were done watching the movie, and it looks like we’re not watching anymore.” I gestured over at the forgotten laptop.

“Are you kidding me?!” she asked incredulously. “You want to talk about that now?” she repeated.

I slowed down my fingers to almost no movement at all. “I’m curious,” I responded, with a twinkle in my eye. I was starting to suspect that she hadn’t had a chance to cum while she played with herself to the sight of Katie blowing me, and she must have been at least as frustrated as I was. The difference was that I had lived for years in a marriage marred by sexual frustration. I was used to it. Beth, on the other hand, was like a kid with a new toy. Having opened the door to sexual activity, she was finding it harder to know how to put on the brakes.

There was a stalemate of sorts. She looked at me with mostly mock outrage, her brow furrowed in grave frustration. Sweat shone on her golden skin, and she was breathing hard. My fingers were still, my index in her pussy and my middle finger a knuckle deep in her asshole. My thumb, having abandoned her clit, rested lightly on her mound. I stared at her with amusement. This was a bit new for her. Ever since the first chapter in our physical relationship, when I had had the upper hand, she had been in charge. Now I was, if only briefly.

She sighed. “This is weird. Talking about something serious when you’ve got your fingers in me. I just want you to keep going.”

I kept my hand perfectly still. Her flesh was tight and warm around my fingers. “Tell me what you were thinking about before, with the movie.”

She made a moue, a very cute one, and practically harrumphed. “You’re terrible, you know that?! Fine. I just thought that I could burn the file onto a DVD for you, and then--”

As she started to talk, I started moving my fingers inside her again. My thumb resumed its orbit around her clit, circling ever closer without quite getting there.

She continued, her breathing speeding up again, “And then I’d delete the file from my computer, and then I’d give you the DVD, and then it could be yours to keep and you wouldn’t have to worry about it. You could just watch it whenever you wanted to. Oh my god!”

As she spoke, I leaned over her body and started flicking her left nipple with my tongue. My fingers were probing her openings, and my thumb was grazing oh-so-lightly over her clit. I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked in time with my fingers’ action in her pussy and ass.

Soon she was close to orgasm again, and again I stopped what I was doing. This time, however, I took my hand away entirely. “Mike, that’s not fair! I told you what you wanted to know.”

She stopped complaining, though, as she realized I was sliding down the bed and getting my head in position between her legs. I remembered how much she had enjoyed things earlier when I ate her with my finger in her ass. I had had to be incredibly careful and gentle that time, as we had been without lube. I reached up to get the lube we had used earlier, to have ready.

Before just diving in and eating her, I took a moment to admire the sight before me. The shell pink lips of her pussy were open and slightly engorged. She was clearly wet and wetness was even visible on her thighs. Her clit was also visible, and her cunt was a thing of beauty. I lowered my head and breathed in her scent, and I found it intoxicating. She smelled clean and crisp and tangy, and I lowered my head and licked her from bottom to top, deeply and firmly.

Her body responded to my touch, and I continued to lick her pussy. I wasn’t trying to make her cum, at least not just yet, so I just licked firmly up and down. Reaching her clit at the end of every upstroke, but concentrating more on her vagina itself. I reveled in her taste and I allowed my tongue to enter her as far as I could get it.

Meanwhile, and this took great concentration and coordination, I squirted some lube onto my right hand and got my fingers suitably slippery. I rubbed my index against her asshole again, and eased it in, to the sound of a gasp from up above. Her hands found my head and held me tightly. I then slowly removed my finger from her back passage and inserted my middle finger. “Ohhhh… yessss….” I heard her breathe.

I reapplied lube onto my fingers, never stopping my action with my tongue. Now she was very well lubed up, and I slowly pressed my index finger back into her ass. It was incredibly tight, and I let her get used to the feeling. Soon, however, I started working it in back and forth. Things were more slippery and better than the last time I had tried this, and Beth went wild. She arched her back and made incoherent moaning noises. I sodomized her with my index finger hard and fast, and I continued to lick her delicious pussy.

I paused for a moment, and one hand released my head and punched the mattress next to my head in frustration. But the pause was just to allow my middle finger to join my index in her ass. It took some effort to get both of them in there, and her breath caught in her throat for a moment. I waited, licking small circles around her clit while she got used to the sensation.

“Ok, Mike, I’m ready. Keep going.” Her ass was so tight on my fingers, that for a moment it was hard to resume my fingers’ action. Soon, however, she relaxed, and I was able to work my fingers back and forth in her back channel. My tongue lost its shyness about actually licking her clit, and I flicked it quickly and insistently as I worked her ass with my fingers. She was screaming and moaning without any sense of reserve, and I actually started to wonder if she could be heard by her distant neighbors, given that her window was open.

Soon, I felt her ass clench around my fingers, and her entire body went momentarily rigid. “I’M CUMMING!” she shrieked as the orgasm took control of her body, making her shake and scream in pure pleasure. My fingers were practically immobilized by the force of her orgasm, and I continued my clit licking desperately, trying to hold on as her hips bucked around and her body thrashed on the bed.

After what seemed like a long time, she recovered, and I carefully pulled my fingers from her asshole. She inhaled sharply as they cleared her outer sphincter, and I planted a final kiss on her pussy before I started climbing up her body.

My face was soaked with her pussy juice, but she didn’t care as she kissed me deeply and eagerly. “Oh god, Mike, that was incredible! I thought it was good before, but that was mindblowing!”

My cock head was lodged at the entrance of her pussy, and before I tried to push in, I looked her in the eyes, which had widened at the sensation. I looked the question at her. Now?

Since she didn’t answer, I leaned my head down and kissed her, and got ready to penetrate her pussy with my cock for the first time, her first time. She seemed to snap out of a trance, and she pushed at me. “No Mike, it’s too intense right now. Wait.”

I rolled off her and lay beside her. Before I had had a chance to recover (have I mentioned I’m easily flustered when things don’t go the way I think they will?), Beth slid down the bed a bit. She announced, “I don’t want the last mouth your dick has been in to be Katie’s.”

She curled herself in such a way that she could reach my cock with her mouth, but she was sort of facing away from me. She was lying on her side, her upper body propped on one elbow, and her ass was facing me. In the bright light of her room, I could see the fine golden hairs that were lighter than the color of her tanned skin. She was a gorgeous sight, and she lowered her head to take in my erect member. Warmth and wetness engulfed me, and her tongue flicked across my head deliciously.

Katie. I couldn’t not think of her now, and the difference between Beth and Katie’s techniques was striking. To be fair, Katie hadn’t gotten very far before she had stopped. Beth, however, was sucking my cock to give me an experience. Katie was sucking my cock for her experience. For Katie, I had felt like a prop. For Beth, a person. God, her mouth felt good. She had started to move her head up and down, pausing every so often to suck on the head. The feelings were rippling through my body, and I was shocked and embarrassed to realize that despite the two orgasms earlier in the day, I was headed dangerously close to another one.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind, but I wanted to make sure I could perform for Beth later. I started fighting the feeling creeping over me, when Beth’s computer started to make a liquid sounding chime. The interruption was a welcome distraction. Beth’s eyes went wide, and her eyes flicked reflexively to the screen, which had woken up. It was a funny sight to see, since her mouth was full of my hard cock.

I laughed. “Go ahead, see what it is. It’ll save me from cumming too soon.” In my mind, I had that same “kids today” thought I had found myself having a few times already that day. But I was not truly grumpy because I had been dangerously close to cumming, which was in some ways surprising.

I guess I had just assumed that as I passed forty I wouldn’t be able to cum three or four times nearly as easily or with as little recovery as when I was younger, and realistically that was probably true. But it was also true that I literally hadn’t had the opportunity to try in many years. Maybe being in good shape kept everything working pretty well. Also, even though I had already had two orgasms that day, it was true that I had spent a great deal of time since the last one in a state of arousal. A partial blowjob by Katie. Beth stroking me the entire time we had watched our video. Going down on Beth (which turned me on to no end). Finally, her eager blowjob. So clearly, I could still go three times in about as many hours. Would trying for four be tempting fate? In any case, the interruption came at a good time.

“It’s Katie,” Beth said, “she wants to Facetime. I’ll just reject the call or it will keep beeping.”

“Why don’t you answer it? Let her see what we’re doing,” I interrupted. Something about having Katie see Beth and me in this state was appealing. It would be a reversal of positions, and it would leave me and Beth with the upper hand that Katie had taken when she had left so abruptly, having rubbed herself to a quick orgasm while she sucked me but left me unsatisfied. Beth hadn’t finished pleasuring herself either as she watched, so we had both been left hanging, so to speak.

“Uh, okay, I guess,” she said, the wheels turning quickly in her head. With a smile, Beth adjusted the computer, which was next to us, in such a way that we could both see the screen. She tapped on the accept button, and Katie’s coolly beautiful face came into view. As did her naked body. She was sitting naked at a desk chair, her legs spread, positioned in such a way that her camera caught her from the knees to the head. An odd way to sit at a desk, I thought to myself.

“Hi Beth!” she said before the sight in front of her sank in. She looked surprised at what her computer monitor must have been showing. My hugely erect cock was in the camera frame, as was Beth’s face next to it, with her hand around the base. My face was out of focus in the background, but Katie could see me smile at what I was seeing.

Katie had a model’s figure, but with incongruously large breasts. Not in absolute terms, but for her figure, which was otherwise lithe and willowy. Her nipples, which I was seeing for the first time, were dark and small. Actually, I could only see one nipple, as her long straight black hair flowed in front of one shoulder and obscured one of her tits. She was beautiful, but there was nothing in her appearance that could be described as “cute.”

A friend and I in college had theorized that there were three categories of female facial beauty. There was hot. There was beautiful. And there was cute. We knew plenty of women who combined two of those, but next to no one who possessed all three. Beth, rarely and almost miraculously, was cute, beautiful, and hot. Katie was certainly beautiful, and she was hot, but she didn’t have the trifecta.

Still, nothing to sneer at. As earlier in the afternoon, Katie’s composure was almost unflappable. She gawked at the sight of us only briefly, and she smiled. When she did, warmth came into her expression, and the change in her generally cool exterior was welcome to see. “I was calling to see if you had done the deed yet. I figured you wouldn’t answer unless you were done. I was ready to hear all the dirty details.” She gestured over next to her, where I noticed a truly large dildo on the desk to her right. “That’s why I’m, you know, all ready to go. Our episode earlier really got me going.”

So, she had called ready to hear Beth describe her deflowering, and it was clear she was hoping to masturbate on cam to the story. Just what kind of relationship did these two have? Whatever it was, I got the sense that Katie had the upper hand, and I didn’t like it, out of loyalty to my Beth.

“Beth,” I cut in, “Why don’t you show Katie what you were just doing?” I nudged her head towards my cock, and with barely any hesitation, she took me in her mouth again. She bobbed her head and hollowed her cheeks as she sucked, consciously performing for Katie, trying to make the blowjob look good.

Katie took her large toy in her hand. It was a smooth, stylized cock. That is, it wasn’t veined and designed to look exactly like a realistic penis. It was thick and it looked expensive and heavy. She rubbed the head of it against her pussy lips as she watched us, and I started talking as she played.

“Just before you called we were watching the video. I was watching Beth suck my cock, and then take it in the ass. While we were watching, we were playing with each other. But then I decided to lick her gorgeous cunt.”

My voice was adding to Katie’s excitement, and she worked the large toy into her pussy. Her lips visibly stretched to accommodate it. Her other hand went to her breasts, where she pinched and pulled at her nipples. It was unselfconscious. She wasn’t doing it for any effect other than to please herself.

“And while I was eating her out,” I continued, “I worked two fingers into her asshole. Then I finger fucked her while I licked her clit. She came so hard that she almost couldn’t take it.” I was being intentionally crude in my language.

“I was just about to take her cherry when she decided to suck my cock again first. She was giving me one the best blowjobs of my life, if not the best. I certainly can’t remember a better one.” I included the last detail to make sure Katie understood that I preferred Beth’s attention to hers. It wasn’t about being cruel to Katie; it was about giving Beth her due. I was hers and she mine, at least for now, and I wanted Katie to know that.

In the meantime, Beth had forgotten about making her cock sucking camera-friendly. She was lost in the experience. Knowing her friend was watching her. Hearing my words. Her hand was also between her legs and she was rubbing herself almost frantically.

“This one comes pretty close, though, I have to say,” I finished speaking as I watched both Beth’s face and Katie’s image closely. Beth was sucking with gusto, and Katie had gotten at least six inches of that gigantic dildo into her pussy. I couldn’t keep talking as the feeling of Beth’s mouth overwhelmed me, and I closed my eyes and moaned.

“Jesus, Beth, you’re getting me too close! It’s too much!”

Beth removed her mouth from my cock, now glistening with a generous coating of her saliva. She glowed with excitement and maybe also from pride at what I had said about her skills. “Time to say bye-bye, Katie. I’ll call you later,” she said with urgency. She tapped on the red end button, leaving me with a final view of Katie’s pussy stretched around her plastic toy even as she was protesting the sudden end to the call.

Beth’s abrupt dismissal mirrored Katie’s earlier departure, and I smiled inside at the symmetry of it all. Beth shut the computer and put it on the floor, giving me a marvelous view of her pussy and backdoor as she bent over away from me.

She got on the bed and lay back. She reached her arms up and out to me and said, “Mike, hurry up please, it’s time.”

Her chest was moving quickly up and down with her breathing, and her nipples were hard points. Her legs were spread, waiting for me to get between them, and her pussy was open and inviting. I lifted myself up and on top of her. My cock slid against her pussy lips before I stopped it from sliding in too soon.

“Are you sure?” I asked, looking into her eyes, our mouths a breath away from each other.

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