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A treasured memory

Mike makes a risky play for his absent friends' teenaged daughter.
It's been a good week, hanging out at my friends' house as well as enjoying the pool. I didn't want to come at first, but Tim convinced me that it was the best thing after my cheating wife left me for her boy toy assistant. Turns out he was right.

It's too bad, the four of us had always been close, to the point where each half of each couple had dated the other before we settled down. I guess Tim picked the right one. Amy is beautiful, smart, sexy, and she's not leaving him for her secretary.

Their daughter Beth isn't bad to look at either, especially in her bikini. Actually drop-dead gorgeous. At first I thought she was teasing me the way she would parade around in it, but I think she's a pretty inexperienced and naive girl. I have caught her looking at me sometimes, which is flattering. A forty-five-year-old guy with his shirt off attracting the notice of an eighteen-year-old girl is not a usual thing. I feel glad that I've made a point to stay in really good shape, just for my ego. I've noticed Beth makes a point to be outside by the pool whenever I do my push ups and crunches by the pool and when I come back from my daily run.

For my part, I enjoy the view. I can't stare too much; it would be rude to Tim. But what a body. Cute face, too. When it's cold her nipples get all perky under her bra top, like little pencil erasers. Her bottoms are tiny. Makes me wonder how she keeps her pussy trimmed. Good thing I can't stare too much, or I'd get hard, and that's tough to hide in swim trunks.

When Tim and Amy announce one morning that they're going on a day hike, I'm surprised at how pleased I am that I'll be left alone with Beth. Beth, for her part, seems upset that her friend who usually hangs out with her is doing something with her parents. "Don't worry, kid, I'll find things to do to keep us entertained." She rolls her eyes at me and plonks herself down on a deck chair to get some sun.

I announce that I am going in to work for a few hours. Actually, I'm full of it. I'm pretty sure she lies out topless in private. The room I work in is on the other side of the house. She may figure she's got the privacy she wants, and I can put my plan into action.

After a few minutes, from a nearby window, I see her look around, and untie her top. She lies down, looking spectacular. My dick starts to stiffen, and I reach into my trunks to adjust myself. She has glorious breasts, only barely less tan than the rest of her. Firm, no sag, cute little nipples that beg to be sucked...

She closes her eyes and puts in her ear buds. I walk quietly out to the deck and stand beside her, getting the eyeful I've been denying myself w her parents around. She is oblivious to my presence. My cock is at full hard, making a funny tent in my trunks.

I get her attention by oh so gently tracing my finger around the edge of her right nipple. She shrieks, sits up, and covers her breasts with her arms, "What are you..?!? You can't...?! Go away!"

I don't move. "Look what you're doing to me, Beth," gesturing to my erection. "You can't expect me to ignore that..."

"Did I...make it stick out like that?"

"Indeed you did. You look fantastic. Do you want to see it?"

I don't wait for her to answer. Instead, I pull my shorts down over my erection, freeing it. It feels weird but exciting to be naked outdoors. It's also exciting to see Beth's eyes glued to my penis.

"It's so big..." I smile and grow harder. "How does it go back to normal?"

"Well, the best way... Let me just show you... Touch it."

I take her hand and place it on my cock. Her fingers grasp it, and she giggles, "I didn't think it would feel so soft. Soft and hard at the same time." Turning serious, she asks, "Are you sure this is..."

I know I shouldn't but her hand feels so good, but I want more. "Sshh... It's ok. You're making me feel so good... It's ok."

I move her hand back and forth until she realizes how to do it. Her face is intent with concentration, inches away from the tip of my erection. I can't help myself, and I poke it at her lips. "Kiss it... I want to show you how to give me a blow job."

She's innocent, but not so innocent that she doesn't know what that is... She opens her mouth and I slide into her warm wet mouth. The feeling is electric. Embarrassingly, it's going to be very soon. It's been a while, and the sight of this almost naked eighteen year-old-goddess with my penis in her mouth is doing almost as much as the feelings themselves.

I hold her head in my hands and thrust into her mouth as I explode. "I'm cumming!" I tell her a little too late. Some of it dribbles from her mouth. She looks stunned but excited. Her nipples are hard, her chest is heaving, and I see her thighs squeezing together. My cum is on her chin, and some of it has dripped onto her breasts.

She's caught almost unaware as I pull down her bikini and slide it down her legs.

My mind is racing as I slide her bottoms off her ankles. What the hell am I doing? What the fuck did I do? Can I go to jail for this? Will Tim kill me? It's not like I can back out now. Will she tell? If we keep going, maybe she won't. Part of me can't help but think that now I've had a blow job from both mother and daughter. Amy was more experienced - it hadn't been her first time. I wonder if I'll wind up doing some of the things to Beth that I did with her mother half a lifetime ago.

Still, my body feels so good. I can't remember the last time I had such an .. honest blow job. And enthusiastic. By the end she was definitely getting into it. For years it's been part of negotiations and resentment, quid pro quo and all that. I would get them because she thought she should throw me a bone. I feel relaxed, tingly, excited for more.

What the hell am I going to do next? I look at her pussy, and my cock twitches to see that she keeps herself shaved. Part of me wants to taste it and run my tongue along those delicious bare lips. But I also don't want to turn her into one of those women who won't go down unless she has her pussy licked, like it's a transaction. I can give her that experience later.

Without really knowing why, I take her bottoms and wipe off my cock on them. I feel like I want to claim her, for her to realize she's mine for the afternoon. Also, my cock still has cum on it, and I don't think she's ready to be told to lick it clean quite yet. So, I use her bikini bottoms. And I guess it also means she'll be naked longer.

She looks at me in alarm, and I realize she has no idea what I'm going to do next. She says, "But how'll I wash these without mom finding o-"

Smiling, I interrupt her by pulling her to her feet and giving her a deep long kiss. Strange that I got her to go down on me before we even kissed. Kids these days. But more importantly, I now know she has no intention of telling her parents. Which relieves me a lot, and makes me think the afternoon could be very interesting.

The thought of the next few hours makes my cock, which had never gotten all the way soft, harden against her stomach. I can taste a hint of my cum on her tongue as we make out, and her body responds to mine. My hands clutch her gorgeous ass, and her full firm tits press against my chest.

I turn her around, so my hardness presses against her ass. I can kiss the back of her neck, makig her tremble. More importantly, my hands can cup her breasts and feel her tight nipples. I trace one hand down her stomach, and I see her almost stand on tiptoes to let me reach her pussy sooner. I hold off. Rubbing her belly. Back to her other breast. Hands down on her hips, pulling her against me as my cock thrusts forward between her cheeks.

"Tell me where you want me to touch you..."

"I... I.. Can't say it!!"

"How can you expect me to do it I you can't say it?"

"it's so embarrassing..."

I feel bad for her. I remember how hard it was to say certain things the first few times around. Harder even than doing them sometimes. "Do you want me to touch your pussy?" I breathe into her ear.

"Yes..." she replies in a small voice.

"Yes what?"

She looks confused. Some of her Catholic school training takes over and she says, "Yes, sir?" in a hesitant voice.

I laugh. That's not bad. "Not quite what I had in mind. All I meant was I wanted you to say please."

"Yes please!" All this time my hands have been roaming up and down her body. Pretty much touching her everywhere except between her legs.

I have pity and slide a hand down to her lips. I rub those deliciously bare lips with my finger, finding them already wet and parted. She gasps. I don't even have to ask. I realize I'm the first person to touch her there sexually except for herself. My finger explores a bit. Sliding around, getting nice and wet. Probing, pushing gently, going in only an inch or less before coming out and tracing a little circle around her clit.

My cock is sliding up and down her ass crack as I sort of dry hump her standing up. My finger getting deeper every time in her pussy, while I sort of hold her up with my other arm, since her legs are wobbly.

"Tell me, Beth. Tell me when the last time you touched yourself here was..."

"I don't...!"

"Of course you do. We all do. When was it?" My finger is putting more pressure and attention on her clit, and I can tell she's getting close. "Was it last night? Two nights ago? This morning?"

I'm relentless, rubbing, and fingering, and playing. My lips on her ear, her neck, her shoulder. My other hand playing with one of her breasts gently rubbing and pulling on her nipple.

"This morning!!!! Oh my god!!!!!"

"tell me who you thought about..."

"I can't I can't I can't. Oh my god it's so it's so...!!!!"

As I quicken the pace of my attention, though actually lightening on the pressure on her clit as I speed up, she gets to the edge.... "It was me, wasn't it Beth?"

She screams out an almost violent "YES!!!" as the orgasm rips through her body. Her pussy, wet and hot and tight, gets even tighter on my finger in little spasms. She collapses in my arms, and only me being there keeps her from falling...

I hold her up, and then deposit her on the deck chair. My cock is back to full strength, and it's bobbing almost obscenely in her face. She starts to cover herself in a towel, but I take it away. "I think we're past that, Beth. Go inside and get dressed , and I'll decide what to do next. Oh, and dressed means a thong and a short tank top."

She looks down at my penis with a range of emotions. Lust, fear, embarrassment. She sees me looking and looks away. She gets up and scampers away. I can tell she wants to cover her ass with her hands but her desire to seem grown up wins over. She keeps herself from running. And speed walks into the house to get 'dressed'.

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