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A trip to remember (part one)

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A sexy holiday for two
The summer holidays was upon again and I had booked to go to Scotland  with Jennie as she had nobody to go with and her family was  very churchy and her father was the local vicar in the Parish. She was a nice girl and had a terrific figure, but was very quiet  and seemed to be naive  as regards what went on with young people although she worked in an office with plenty of the opposite sex  around her.
Anyway the time had come that we had to leave for Scotland to explore this part of the UK.
We set of to catch the train and got there just as the train arrived. We found two nice seats with a table in front of us so that we could put our sandwiches and laptops on and  do what ever we wanted to for the long journey ahead.
The train moved off exactly on time and  we settled down with our books and papers to read as we watched the country side dash by.
We chatted about how nice it was going to be, living in a log cabin just the two of us and taking our  time  over doing anything we wanted to do
Work was truly forgotten as we trundled away down the track towards our destination.
Four hours later we arrived in Scotland and the first thing we had to do was to get a taxi to take us to our log cabin.
The taxi drove us to our cabin which was just out of town and in a field with many log cabins strewed around the perimeter. We entered our cabin after getting the key from reception and picking up a leaflet  telling us that there were going to be a sports day the next day in the field with many different events taking place.
Well we got settled in and Jennie decided to have a shower before we got our first meal in the nice and cosy cabin. Idecided to cook a light refreshment for both of us while she showered and I would have my shower after.
Jennie came out of the shower wearing a very Victorian nightdress that covered her from head to toe and was right up to her neck.
"My goodness what ever have you got on" I asked
"This is my best nightdress" she replied
I took out one of my spare nightdress from my case and told her to go and put it on as the weather was to warm to wear a nightdress like she had brought with her and it did nothing for her.
She was not sure when she held it up, but said she would try it on and then made a hasty retreat to the bathroom to try it on
I laughed out loud and said that we were all the same and she was not to be too shy about undressing in front of me
Jennie came out of the bathroom  wearing the very skimpy nightdress which I had given her. It was showing most of her very good figure. "Wow you are looking good" I said. "Well I am never allowed to wear anything like this at home, Dad has very religious beliefs and I have to wear  very conservative clothes."

We ate our  scrambled egg and bacon, washed our dishes up and  then I went in for my shower as it was getting pretty late. I came out wearing my nightdress that was quite short and very low cut in the front.

Jennie was spread Eagle across her bed showing most of her figure reading the leaflet that I got from reception. I marvelled at her body as I had never seen her like that before in the many years that I had known her.
"WOW that does not leave much to the imagination does it" she said
"Its not meant to " laughing  I said

" They are holding a  army marching band tomorrow in the field" she said, holding up the leaflet showing the soldiers in their kilts.
"I wonder if they wear any underwear under those kilts" she said
"Have to find out" laughing as I said it
"That would be an experience I am sure" she replied
" Have you had many boy friends" I asked her
"No, father would not allow any boys  to call at home, and any boys I got friendly with did not last long"
" So you never had any affairs then" I asked
"No, I have never had any affairs and never  seen any men's bits and pieces, so I will have to have a look tomorrow and see if its true what they say about  men in kilts, have you?" she said  laughing  allowed..
" Oh yes, I have had a few, and seen a few" I said.
"What was that like, did you enjoy them?" she asked
"Oh yes ,it was good at the time, and I am not in any relationship at the moment and I miss it"
"So your still a virgin then?"I asked
"Yes" she replied
"Poor soul ,you don't know what your missing out on, we will have to see what we can do about that this holiday"
She laughed and said "I would not know how to start or what to do"
"Oh it would come quite naturally once it got started" I said.
Now it was getting dark and we had to put the bed lights on and draw the curtains across and lock the door.
We both lay on our beds facing each other, I felt comfortable in my mid length nightdress while Jennie laid on he side facing me, her breast were partially hanging out of her nightdress and her long slender legs  protruded out of a bikini pair of briefs. I could see that she had shaved her pubic hair ,in fact I could not see any hair at all.
I could not believe that nobody had touched that lovely body of hers, but who knows what the future holds for her, I am sure some lucky person will enjoy her. As I looked at her I started to feel a bit horny myself so I said goodnight to her and placed my hand on my pussy and gave it a few rubs and soon fell asleep.

The morning seemed to come around so quick as I opened my eyes to  the sun shining through a gap in the curtains. I glanced over to Jennie, she was lying half in and half out of her sheets on the bed and it seemed she had a restless night. I got out of bed and made my way silently to the bathroom  where I had a quick shower and done the necessary ablutions, then made my way back to the bed where I got dressed in a pair of shorts and a T shirt.
Jennie was still sleeping so I thought I would just leave her  to come around in  her own time and I made my way to the door and opened  quietly to let myself out.

To my surprise the games contractors were already there putting up tents, laying out  markers which I presume were for the games to take place. As I walked around the perimeter of the field a convoy of  army lorries came into the field and the men inside alighted from the lorries and started to erect there tent.
They seemed to be part of a band as many of them were carrying the instruments into the tent they just erected.
As I moved  around the field I could smell the aroma of frying bacon, it was being cooked by more soldiers who had put up a small kitchen ,oh my goodness that did smell nice and made feel quite hungry. As I passed  I could see that sausages were being cooked as well by the men in white aprons and chef like hats..
As I got nearer to them one of them cried out to me “ Want a big fat sausage lady”  I laughed and said “ W hy do you think you got one big eneough for me” he laughed and said “I  would certainly find one, even if I haven’t got one at hand”
I laughed  and cried back “ Good for you , you never know when you might need one”
I trundled my way back to the cabin and let myself in only to find Jennies bed empty and the water running in the bathroom, so I gathered she was having her shower.
I called out to her and  she yelled back that she would not be long.
I started to get the breakfast ready and put the kettle on for a cup of tea when there was a knock on the door.I opend it to find a soldier in his kilt , he smiled at me and asked if he could get a bucket full of water to make the soldiers tea with.I told him to come in and showed him where the tap was.
 He started to fill his bucket when Jennie decided to come out of the bathroom just with a towel wrapped  around her well shaped torso not knowing that the soldier was in the kitchen. "Oh my goodness" she cried out loud.
" Oh sorry my dear but I am only getting a bucket of water for the men's morning tea"the soldier said
Jennie made a hasty retreat into the living room  and started to dress in a hurry, putting on only a pair of shorts and a T shirt. She did not have time to put on her bra as she heard the soldier turning off the tap in the kitchen and the water had stopped running.

 I came out of the kitchen and went into the living  room laughing as I went at the surprise meeting Jennie had with the soldier. As I walked through to the living room the soldier was following me and said "it was kind of us to help them out so early in the morning" and he gave us two tickets to see his show in the afternoon. I could see that he was looking at Jennie  most of the time and she was getting  all red in the face at the embarrassment of being caught in her shorts and T shirt which her full breast were pressing hard against the fabric and her nipples  were really poking out like organ stops.
"Fine I said we will do that and come and see you later" and I let him out of the front door.

We sat down at the table to eat the breakfast that I had made and began to talk about the morning and what we were going to do. It was decided that after clearing up we  would take a walk around  the field and see what was happening.
Jennie seemed really embarrassed about the soldier seeing her with only a towel around her , but she soon got over it as we made our way around the field.

About half way round we could hear the military band playing and we assumed that they were practicing  for the  later in the day performance. Eventually we came across them, they were all sat down in there  military  kilts  etc  playing there instruments outside the large tent.
We moved forward as far as we could to watch them.
"Do you think they wear any underwear" Jennie asked,  laughingly I said "Well that one doesn't in the front row third from the left as you  can see his balls and prick hanging down, as he is sat right on the edge of his chair
"Oh my goodness,pass me the binoculars" Jennie said
I passed her the binoculars and watched her home in on the  soldier, "My goodness he is so big, have a look"  she said passing me the binoculars.
Sure enough he was certainly well endowed, but for all we could see he had small balls.
"What one could do with that lot  Jennie" I said
"To big for me I think , I would not know what to do with it"Jennie replied
" Never, you cant ever have something that is too big, bigger the better to grab hold of " I said laughing.
We stayed and listened  for a while and watching  the men, then moved on around the field and watched a few further events that were going on and made our way back to the cabin to have something to eat.

After we had eaten Jennie  asked if I minded if she wondered into the village on her own as she wanted to buy a few odds and ends. It was ok by me and I just lay stretched out on my bed.
I lay there getting warmer and warmer as the sun was beating through a window in the roof and playing straight onto my bed. I decided to just strip off into just my bra and pants and have a rest until later when we could go out into the town and see what was happening locally.

I just settled down when there was a knock on the door, I looked for my clothes but just could not get dressed quick enough before the knocking started again. I thought it was Jennie back so opened the door to find it was the Scotsman in his kilt and he was asking if he could have some more water for there tea.
I could feel my face getting more flushed as I told him to carry on into the kitchen and help himself as he knew where it all was.

I followed him into the kitchen and he was chatting all the time about the band that he was playing in when he suddenly turned around and and said "You look very nice and have a very good  figure,are you getting dressed to go anywhere nice?"
"No I was just relaxing on my bed" I said
"Oh sorry to have disturbed you" he said
" No problem" I replied
With that he went to lift the big container out of the sink and spilt some on the floor.splashing me on my legs,"Oh I am so sorry, I will mop it up straight away, have you a cloth  please,"

I had to go into one of the cupboards to find him a cloth which he took from me.He got down on his hands and knees and started to wipe the floor. As he started to wipe the floor I could see right up underneath his kilt and it is true that they do not wear any underwear. His balls were hanging down and it looked like he had a quite a large cock  to go with them.

He finished the floor and asked if I was ok and did he want him  to dry my legs
I said " No,its ok", but I thought he could as the size of his cock had me very interested ." Its ok  I will go  in the bedroom and change my shorts as they are wet as well"
I left the kitchen and went into the bedroom where I started to take off my shorts when I noticed him in the doorway watching me.
"Thats a fine body you have there " he said
"Thank you, you have a nice one as well as far as I could see"I said
" Do you want to see more " he said lifting his kilt to around his waist
" Oh my,you certainly have a good size body" I said giggling and not taking my eyes off his now erect penis.
"You like what you see" he said
"I certainly do, come here and let me see if its real" I replied
He walked over to me,he still was holding his kilt up to his waist, as he walked his balls were bouncing and his cock seemed to be getting harder and longer, I could feel my pussy getting very moist at just the thought of holding it and giving it a rub.

He came up to me and undid his belt that was holding his kilt up and it all dropped to the floor, He was completely naked from the waist down and his cock was throbbing, I caught hold of it and gave it a few rubs, it felt so big and strong in my hand and I wondered what it would be like inside me.
He put his arms around me and undid my bra and I shook them off my shoulders, his hands were exploring my breasts, my nipples were now quite hard. I could feel the warmth of his cock pressing into my stomach so I lowered my hand down to grasp his shaft that felt so big and so warm.
I gave it a few rubs and he lowered his hands around my backside and pulled me in to his body .
His hands slid inside my brief panties and he began to explore my now wet pussy. Tugging at my pants he pulled them off and lay me down on the bed where he began to explore my body from the neck down. Sucking gently  on my nipples his hands wandered down the length of my body until he reached my mound where there were only slight pubic hair. He gently forced two fingers inside me and began to rub me up.
I was still holding his cock, so I began to rub him up as well and  it was so exciting to feel the hardness and length that he had that all I wanted was for him to slide that full length into my slit.

Now I  could feel his pre cum beginning to come from his large knob, I stopped rubbing as I did not want him to cum just yet, I rolled over onto my side giving him a full view of my cunt,  with lips that were now swollen and very moist.
As I turned I could see Jennie watching us through the slightly ajar door, she had returned from the shops and she was rubbing her self up with her hand down her shorts. I pretended not to take any notice of her and thought we could talk about it later.
 At last I could feel his prick searching my cunt to find the hole where to put it,  it was all nice and wet and it did not take long  before he pushed the wet head of his cock into my cunt, sliding it it in very slowly as I could feel the pre cum allowing it to slide in with no problems.
I glanced over to the door and saw that Jennie had undone her bra and was fondling her tits with one hand and rubbing  her cunt with the other.
I was very tempted to call her over and join us, but I thought better of it at this moment as I wanted him to fuck me hard with his big cock.
I was quite willing to take all his sperm up me as I was on the pill and had no worries about getting  pregnant, and did not want anything to spoil my orgasm and his when that magic moment arrived.

He pulled me over and I was now on all fours and he was  shagging the daylights out of me and fondling my tits that were hanging down and bouncing with the rhythm of thrusts into me
I could feel the length going further and further into me and it was getting very tight and I could also feel that he was nearly ready to explode his hot juices into me .As he thrust he was making contact with my now swollen clit and the sensation was electrifying and getting better every second. His balls were now banging against my cunt as he thrust faster and faster into me. I was just about to let out a big yelp as my orgasm began to thrust my cunt  back further onto his cock when he let out a moan, I felt a torrent of cum shoot right up into me. At that precise moment I came as well  and my body just churned with extacy as the flood gates opened.

He lay back on the bed and I did as well, I could feel the sperm flowing out of my slit so I grabbed a paper hankie that was nearby and began to wipe away the flow that coming out of my slit.

I could see that Jennie  was in quite a state herself in the door way.
 I called her over . To my amazement she came over and the Scotsman said ,"Where did you come from"
"I have been watching you perform with my friend" she said
"Did you like what you saw" he asked
"Oh yes I certainly did"she said, "But could I just ask one favor  from you" she said
"Certainly" he replied
"Can I hold your cock please,its so big and I have not seen one properly before"
The Scotsman rolled over onto his back and said,"Carry on my dear , do whatever you wish"
Jennie took hold of his cock and began to look at it all over and then she pulled his foreskin back to reveal his  now not so hard knob and cupped his balls with the other hand.
She looked at me and said"How do I give him a blow job?"
"Just go down on his cock and and give it a good old suck" I said
The Scotsman  said,"Just get astride me on all fours facing my cock and then you can go down on me and suck all you want, and I will lick your pussy and you can get the best feelings of both worlds."

Jennie straddled his body and with her backside to his face, she had already pulled her shorts and pants off. She leant forward to get his  now not so hard prick into her mouth and began to suck  the top of his deflated prick, as she sucked she could feel it getting harder,
"This is good" she said
"This will be even better "the Sotsman said as he began to lick  and put  his tongue in her tight pussy.
"Oh that is so good a feeling" she said ,in between holding his balls and sucking hard on his now erect cock.

She could not resist taking hold of his cock and sliding her hand up and down it drawing his foreskin over his knob and back down again. The hardness of his cock in her hand made her do it faster and faster as she could feel a twitching in the shaft, his knob was getting quite red  and secreting  a little  juice from the hole in his knob.
"My goodness am I going to make you cum already"
" I think you are " he said and with that  he had another orgasm but did not secrete very much cum.
" You must do that again when I have not just cum before" he said
"Oh yes please" she said
" Now let me  give you a nice orgasm" he said.,and pushed her over on to the bed where I was sat watching all this going on.
I noticed that Jennie had a small amount of light pubic hair and her slit was showing quite clearly and the Scotsman would have no trouble in finding its opening. It turned me on to see her slit and I even felt another urge in my slit.
 He moved his head up and started to suck her breasts and his tongue darted from one breast to another.
I watched as he began to lick her slit at first, then started to finger fuck her,  he felt that she was still a virgin and he pressed harder into her slit and broke her hymen. "Now you are a different woman" he said.
 His other hand found her clit and he started to rub that in a circular  motion , soon she was moaning with pleasure.
It did not take her long before her orgasm took hold of her feeling and she let out a deep and prolonged ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound crossing her legs and raising her bottom to get the full impact of her orgasm,

I was so intrigued to watch some one else in real life having wonderful sex that it turned me on and I wondered in my own thoughts what would be next in my sexual outlook.

Well the Scotman picked himself up off the bed, brushed himself down and said that he must go now as they would be waiting for there cups of tea. He thanked us both very much and said that he hoped to see us both again in the very near future and off into the field he went with his bucket of water.

We both lay on the bed naked and Jennie  was the first to speak,
 "Well that was really something wasn't it"
"Yes it sure was and quite unexpected " I replied
"Did you enjoy it, or is that a silly question to ask" I asked Jennie
" Oh yes I really did,he was so gentle and so big to hold, I am glad in one way that I lost my virginity to him by using his fingers as I am sure I would not have been able to walk properly for a few days " she said laughingly
We lay there staring at one another, I could not help but to place my hands on her silky skin and caress her firm breasts which were stood out proud from her chest and her nipples were very large and hard.
She did the same to me and we snuggled up to one another and fell fast asleep.

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