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A Trip to the Family Cabin

first time sex ends up being a threesome with cousin and girlfriend
It was a bright summer day in early august and me and my girlfriend Jessica were looking forward to the week ahead but dreading the week after. We were going to my uncle's cabin for the week with my family and my cousins. We got up there and we get a warm welcome from my cousins who are always there before my family and then we set up the camper trailer that we would be sleeping in because the cabin will be filled with 2 of my 3 cousins and our parents. Then we filled up the mini fridge with pop and snacks. later on that day after some swimming in the lake and sunbathing on the speedboat we settled down to get something to eat. we had hamburgers and hotdogs and chips and whatever we wanted to drink, pop, juice, water, lemonade, anything else we could find in the fridge.

After it started to get dark, us kids had a choice to make: Go to bed(not necessarily to sleep) or Go make a campfire in the back of the cabin. We decided to go out and make a campfire and just settle down and talk for a few hours. Me and Jessica layed on the nearby hammock and my cousins each sat on a stump. we sat there talking for about an hour about the days festivities and how school was going for each of us. It started getting cold out since up north it gets down to about 45 - 50 degrees at night and the bugs were getting bad. Me and my girlfriend covered up with a blanket i had brought and then we cuddled. We started making out, that lasted for about 15 minutes. I knew Jessica was getting turned on so i started grabbing her boobs and butt. then i reached up her shirt and unclipped her bra. she was a little startled at first but then she let it go since we had gone further than that before. I started rubbing her naked breasts. I felt her nipples and pinched and flicked them and i knew there would be more.

But then my mom shouted out the screen, "Hey everyone, come in for ice cream!!"

I re-clipped Jessica's bra and we went inside. i knew she was horny, because she wanted to go out to the camper as soon as we finished. We finished our ice cream and then it was time for bed. Me and Jessica went out to the camper with my cousin alicia and we settled down under our blankets. I started grabbing her in her crotch and i undid and took off her bra. She was wearing a hot pink bra with black hearts on it. She smiled and then she slipped her shirt off for me to reveal her naked, perfect breasts. The farthest me and Jessica had gone before was oral sex and only for about 10 mins. we started getting hot and we started stripping each other. I slipped off the denim mini-skirt that Jessica was wearing to expose her thong that was already dripping wet because of her being so horny. Her thong matched her bra, hot pink with black hearts. I decided to leave the thong on for a while longer. My cousin was already asleep but as soon as i started licking Jessica's pussy, my cousin alicia woke up because Jessica was moaning and groaning.

alicia asked, "what the hell are you guys doing!"

we got really embarrassed and we told the truth. we said we were going to have sex and then my cousin admitted that she had been horny as well since the campfire. thats when it all started. alicia came over to our side of the camper and took her clothes off, the first layer was a My Chemical Romance t-shirt and short shorts. After that layer was off she had on a black bra with rainbow stripes and a thong that was teal with a black design on it. Her thong was a little wet so she was horny. I was a little hesitant at first since this was my cousin.. but the idea warmed up to me because she probably wouldn't let me and Jessica have sex if she wasn't having it with us. My cousin started stroking my 7 inch cock with her hands, then she grabbed it and started giving me a great hand-job.

I wondered to myself, "How did she get so good at that?"

Then after she was done with the hand-job, she started with a blow-job, only like 3 inches down at first, but after a minute she deep-throated it the entire 7 inches! I instantly felt a chill run up my spine with alicia sucking my cock and me licking jessicas hot pussy. The camper was getting filled with orgasmic groans.

Jessica screaming, "OH OH oh my god sam! oh thats good!! ohh!!!!"

I was then Groaning. Then once that was over i got them to turn away from me with their asses in the air. i alternated fucking alicia, then jessica on each thrust, this lasted for about 30 minutes. i was getting close to cumin when i heard the front door of the cabin slam.

"Shit!" i said to them.

We quickly got back to our own sides and covered up and just as alicia got covered by her blanket the door to the camper opened. My mom was standing there looking at us.

"Are you guys asleep in here?" she asked.

None of us responded. i laid there stroking my cock so i didn't loose my boner. I rubbed Jessica's clit at the same time. My mom shut the door and went back inside the house.

We all said, "Well that was close!" at the same time.

We got all situated again this time with them each laying on their backs. I started thrusting 3 times each into their deep pussies. This lasted for about another 30 minutes when Jessica hit her climax. My truly biggest turn on is the screaming of a climax. then soon as i was about to cum alicia hit her climax. that pushed me over i put my cock back into Jessica's pussy and i thrusted until i couldn't thrust any more.


I was thrusting and in the middle of the hump i let it go. My sweet juices went crazy as they got emptied into the depths of Jessica's pussy. I just laid down on top of Jessica with my cock still in her vagina. it felt warm and defeated. after about 5 minutes, i got out and she sat with her pussy facing the ground. after about 20 seconds, my cum started dripping out and Alicia caught it in her mouth. she gargled it and swallowed it. Then i put my cock back in her slit and she gave one last little moan and we cuddled that way for the rest of the night. We all slept under the same blankets that night. all naked. all happy, satisfied, and no longer virgins. it was a great way to loose my virginity, and i think they would agree as well.
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