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A True Story

An autobiography of a true account by the Author and his bride.
A True Story

All names have been changed to protect the Innocent.

Laurel was my bride of 14 years at the time of this story. The year was 1998. One night about six months after we had bought our first computer, primarily because Laurel had returned to college to earn her bachelor's degree in education. Computers had windows 98 then and it was before lap-tops were in vogue and widely in use. We started to talk about all of the cool things we had discovered on the world wide web.

 One of the things I had discovered (besides porn) was chat rooms.

I told her all about them and of course all about the pervs and sluts that were into cyber sex on there, she was astonished that people do that!

Please allow me to digress.

My definition of a slut is a woman that loves sex. And that's OK by me!

So I continued telling her that I had met this guy online, and how I had described her to him and finally that he wanted to have cyber sex with her.

"So what do you think?" I asked not knowing how she might react.

 I was prepared for the worst, but I am a no guts no glory kind of guy. However to my surprise she said, "Sure, why not, it might be fun."

To my delight I said, "OK then I will set it up with him, when do you want to do it?"

Laurel replied, "How about tomorrow night after we get the kids to bed."

 We had two young ones, they are both in college now.

"Cool," I said, "I will set it up with him," and I did.

We had our HP desktop computer set on a honey colored oak desk that we bought just for the computer. Alongside the desk sat a matching smaller two-shelved table that we set the printer on that also held extra printing paper and other supplies, and of course a comfortable desk chair all set up in one corner of the living room.

The next night I got on the desktop and signed in at the designated time in the designated chat room and sure enough he was already on and waiting. We exchanged pleasantries and waited for Laurel who was checking on the kids to make sure they were asleep. Obviously the LAST thing we wanted was our kids to walk in while we were doing naughty things!

Laurel came in and once again surprised the shit out of me wearing only a thin white Tee of mine and a smile! The tee was so worn the cotton had become completely transparent thus showing her firm, pert, grapefruit sized tits and quarter size nipples, leaving nothing to the imagination as her remarkable breasts were displayed in all of their splendid glory through the gauzy material.

Below the hem of the Tee crowning her willowy legs was her lavish love muffin with it's fine soft black fur framing her kittenish pussy. I was stunned at the eagerness she came to me with, not only willing to do this, but to have come dressed like this blew my fucking mind, and my cock instantly started to rise to the occasion!

Laurel only weighs 110 lbs soaking wet and is a petite sylph-like woman with the tightest little alabaster ass that looks as if it were sculpted from white marble, and lustrous brunette hair with streaks of red running through it with classic natural banana curls that flowed gracefully down to the middle of her slender back.

Laurel has the features and southern charm of a Victorian lady. Not that it is surprising considering she grew up in the deep south, born in Texas then her daddy moved her family to Louisiana. She came to Iowa as a teenager, her mother’s home state.

I got up, and she sat down then asked demurely, “What do I do?"

I told her he was already on and his screen name is (Seaman.) Seaman was a lifer in the United States Navy stationed in Georgia. Then I told her, "Just start by saying Hi..."

"Hi Seaman," she typed suddenly realizing the un-intended pun on his name and laughed telling him she thought his name was appropriate for their chat.

He told her that he made it up just for her (a little white lie of course). Laurel did not bite and typed, "Yes I'm sure you did," with humorous sarcasm. Soon he started to flirt asking her what she was wearing, when she told him it was on from there!

Before you know it he was telling her how he wanted to slide his hard cock into her honey pot while I watched her getting fucked!

Soon after that she had already started squirming in her seat so I reached down and she instinctively parted her slender nicely tanned legs and I slid my finger up and down along the slit of her parted pussy lips. To my pleasure and surprise I discovered that she was already soaking wet, glazing my fingers in her feminine cocktail.

 I slid my fingers in her, just a few digits, teasing her for more to come. She moaned softly, moving her hips forward trying to force my fingers in her deeper. All the while she was typing away furiously as she told Seaman how she would like to fuck him while she sucked my cock. She was really starting to get into the whole scene.

Then she told him what I was doing to her and was wishing he could come to our house and finger bang her cock starved cum bucket himself. Seaman typed back that he could almost smell her female aroma. Laurel was getting more and more aroused as Seaman told her what he would do to her should he ever get the chance.

I moved my fingers upward and let one slide over her clit slowly and gently circling it, then back down and up into her slippery hole curling two of my fingers upward, hitting what I knew was her G-spot.

 Laurel whimpered softly making a cooing sound as I did, her eyes closed, her eyelashes fluttering like miniature butterfly wings. I knew if I continued and gave her what she wanted she would cum way too soon, as horny as her cybering with Seaman, and of course my fingering had made her.

And to be honest I was absolutely fascinated and overjoyed at how much she was enjoying our new found method of spicing up our sex life that frankly had been getting a little old, boring and stale, up to now anyway.

So I removed my fingers from her well lubricated love tunnel and moved behind her, reaching down as she straightened up in her chair and continued typing as I read over her shoulder. She was telling Seaman in explicit detail everything I was doing to her and telling him how having two men caressing her, having their fingers in her, one playing with her clit while the other filling her pussy with his fingers driving them in and out of her wet gash and how that would just drive her wild!

Then I started to massage her tits while lightly pinching her nipples that were erect and hard as tiny bullets, then lifting her shirt so I could feel her warm smooth flesh. Seaman was telling her how he would like to see me licking her pussy as my fingers worked her velvet tunnel, while she sucked on his ridged man bat, watching her lick the pre cum that formed on the tip his cock, looking like a little pearl nestled in the crease of his dick.

I was kneading her soft mounds lightly brushing over her pinkish nibblets. Laurel loves having her nipples played with. She looked up at me with her hazel green eyes that had narrowed to near slits now, but her green eyes still sparkling like two tiny hidden emeralds. She smiled sweetly, her tender pink lips turned up at the corners that lit up her flawless face was tell tale sign she was in deep, deep lust.

Seaman and Laurel had been going back and forth for about a half hour by now and he was telling her how he was stroking his cock and wanted to shoot a thick load of cum for her, filling her baby maker. Then in a near whisper she said to me, "I need your cock in me!"

At this point my dick was so fucking hard it was throbbing and the head was turning a bluish -purple as my blood engorged it. So I was more then ready!

Replying I said, "OK how about I sit in the chair and you sit on my cock."

Laurel shot up so fast it was almost as if she hit an ejector button. I nearly laughed it was so comical. I pulled the chair out sat in it then rolled it back under her. She immediately sat down reaching through her legs and up under her and gently taking hold of my enraged cock guiding it to the entrance of her sopping quim. She slowly sat on it impaling it inside her, filling her creamy velvet love canal. She moaned deeply and her back arched outwards toward the desk as a cat might while being stroked. I reached around her with both arms filling my calloused hands with her tits rolling her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers my cock buried inside her.

Now she was typing to Seaman telling him she was sitting on my cock and wished his could be in her, and how she wanted to have both of our cocks one in each hand while she took turns sucking them.

All the while she was moving up and down on my cock pausing only to roll her hips back and forth grinding her pussy on me working it to get maximum penetration as if she were trying to force my cock to knock on the door of her womb.

But I knew she was using me too, making her love button glide over my rock hard cock causing her to breath hard and fast.

Suddenly her head flung backwards nearly bashing me on the nose. I had to move my head quickly to the side to save myself from what could have been a very painful situation; her long silky hair now tickling my face as she drew closer to her climax.

Temporarily forgetting about Seaman, her eyes closed tightly, then opening them blurry eyed and trying to focus, Laurel started to type again. But she was typing slower now, her breath short and raspy, groaning as she stirred her pud pocket on my man shaft. Her juices were running down my balls saturating them so much so she was making squishy sounds as she moved over me.

Now she was telling Seaman how close she was to cumming, imagining his cock was in her and ready to fill her with his jizz so I could fuck her after he came inside her, so I could feel his sperm in her and fill her with more!

If there was one thing Laurel loved more then anything was feeling a man shoot his cum in her.

Seaman typed back that he was ready to explode for her and Laurel started to fuck me in frenzied abandon. It was if she were a completely different woman and I was in literal fucking HEAVEN!

Laurel typed back to Seaman that she was Cumming and BOY DID SHE! Laurel let out this deep, almost primitive groan as her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Her head moved backwards easy this time resting on my right shoulder. I inhaled deeply at the scent of her perfumed hair that was filling my nostrils, her mouth open, sucking air, and her body was convulsing and trembling as she came wave after wave.

I could feel her tight pussy squeeze and release and squeeze my cock over and over as it quivered around my shaft causing me to erupt into her with one blast after another as my seed splashed against the walls of her womb, filling her with my searing load.


Once again her cunt convulsed around my dick, milking every last drop of my precious man sap from me.
After she and I regained our sensibility. Laurel looked down at the keyboard, spent physically and emotionally, her slender fingers shaking as she typed back to Seaman about how hard she just came twice, and how that this was the first time she had ever done that. And I can tell you for a fact that I have been fucking Laurel since she was nineteen and it was the first time she had ever came with one climax following rapidly upon another.

Seaman was obviously very impressed and happy about that!

He typed back that he came so hard his sticky goo covered his screen. Which made her happy, and brother or sister, I promise you I was MORE than happy!

After that we did this more then a few more times, once with a fire fighter from Chicago. Soon the conversation organically transited from fantasy and cyber sex into talking about having a real ménage a triois
"But with who?" Laurel asked quizzically.

 I suggested my oldest friend who I had nick named Stubby long ago because he has a really thick cock with a bulbous well defined helmet yet was average in length so the sheer girth made it look...Stubby.

 I have known Stubby since the fifth grade and he is my oldest and one of my dearest friends and confidant.

 Stubby and I had threesomes with my first and ex-wife Sam (Samantha) who was his girlfriend early on in high school and of whom she gave her virginity to. I married Sam right after high school, but we were only married about three years and on and off at that.

Stubby and I had many fantastic DP's with Sam, she loved being filled with two hard cocks in her, one in her ass and one in her pussy his juice seeping from her gaping ass and mine from her well fucked pussy. Sam called us her two favorite men back then, we often all fell a sleep in our bed, Stubby on one side, me on the other, and Sam in the middle.

One thing I can say about Sam is that she too had a smoking body back then and was a proverbial nymphomaniac. We continued to fuck for a year after our divorce, even when her new boyfriend started living with her and who coincidently, was Stubby's brother.

Yeah, we were both pretty amused by that.

Barry is a musician who had gigs on weekends often out of town. Sam would call me when he was gone and ask me to come over to fuck her in her favorite position, doggy style.

Sam could not go a day without fucking at least once; she was exhausting at times. Yeah, I know any guy would have traded places with me in a heart beat, sure you say that but let me tell you when once a day was not enough for her, it wore your ass out pleasing her. A man has to eat and work too ya know.

After I moved out of town it ended.

A year later I met Laurel, and we married a few years after that.

Sam married Barry soon after us, they moved to Washington State around the Seattle area a short while later.

So considering our history, Stubby was a natural to ask to fuck my bride with me, besides Laurel really likes Stubby. So he decided that it might make Laurel feel more at ease if he made a video of himself masturbating to break the ice. Stubby, by the way, shoots Peter North style loads, lots and lots of hot wet sperm! If you have never seen Peter North cum you have to get one of his movies.

I told Laurel what Stubby was doing for her before he sent the tape, and I must say she was looking forward to seeing it! Stubby lives about forty five miles away and when he finished the video he mailed it to us. Stubby was a videograper for hire and had a professional editing and movie special affects system to make first rate videos.

After receiving the tape we prepared for bed that night. I put in the tape and climbed back in bed with Laurel as she cuddled up to me crossing one leg over mine, her head nuzzling my shoulder, her pussy up against my leg.

 Once settled in, I hit the start button on the remote to our bedroom VCR/TV combo. And yes this was before DVD's and DVD players were affordable. We watched his five or six minute video with crawling descriptions running along the bottom, hearing his panting from the audio as his cock hardened then Stubby masturbating until he came.

Once again Laurel’s muffin was drenched just from that short video.

In the last few minutes as he was about to shoot hot stringy cum all over himself, she had already started to grind her sloppy pussy on me leaving a snail trail on my leg.

I asked if she liked?

Laurel replied, “Yes," adding that she really liked how thick his dick was. So I asked her the obvious question. If she wanted to have a threesome with him?

Laurel said, "Oh yeah!"

I know it was a dumb question but I had to ask. Kissing her deeply, brushing her hair from her face we fucked like bunnies in heat that night.

Later we arranged the time and day, and I have to say Laurel 's pole hole nectar soaked through her panties hours before Stubby even got there that day. But that as they say... is another story!

In conclusion: My ho-hum but gorgeous bride went from boring run of the mill sex into a regular slut!

But she is MY SLUT till death do us part.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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