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A Virgin Paradise: Part 1.

The story of three magnificent woman that brought meaning to my life again.
A Virgin Paradise

Part One: Anita

The story I am about to relate to you is in three parts, and took place in the mid-eighties in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa and it is based on actual events and not fictional. Only names have been changed to protect the privacy of those concerned. English is my second language and this is my first attempt and if you liked this story, I would appreciate your feedback.


At that time I was 32 years old and after walking out of Court where the final chapter of my bitter divorce case was written, I got in my car and drove the 1140 kilometres down to the coastal city of Port Elizabeth where I was to spend the next four weeks visiting relatives and recovering from the last 6 months of Lawyers, Judges and my now ex-wife. I wanted to get away so quickly that I broke several speed limits on my way out the Capital City but was fortunate enough not to get ticketed.

The harsh landscape of the semi-desert just flew past my window and ten and a half hours later, I arrived at my sea-side Hotel, booked in and just flopped into bed and fell asleep. I basically spend the next two days sitting on my balcony staring down at the surfers and paddle skiers on the beach and in the ocean and had my meals in the room.

The weather was unusually fine for this time of the year and just about windless and on the third day, I went down to the beach for a tan and a swim and I spend the rest of the day doing just that. Returning from one of my swims, I noticed two guys with paddle ski’s drying themselves a couple of feet away from where I left my towel. I greeted them and they introduced themselves as Dave and Chris. I had been watching them the whole day and questioning them about the pros and cons of paddle ski’s, they invited me to a nearby surf shop where I perused all the different paddle ski’s available.

They left soon after exchanging contact details and with promises of free coaching lessons leaving me with the shop assistant to help me select a paddle ski and all the paraphernalia needed to get me going. I could barely sleep that night in anticipation of my first time on the ocean on a paddle ski.

We met the next day and after hours of lessons, pointers, screw-ups and trial and errors, I final managed to catch a good wave and also managed to ride it out all the way to the beach. That afternoon I invited them to my Hotel to thank them for their patience and we had quite a few tankards before they both had to go. Needless to say, the next morning my muscles were so sore and stiff I could barely move but thanks to the efforts of the Hotel masseuse, I was in the water soon after that.

I regularly met them at the beach for a ski session and we had good times together. I never asked them what their occupations were and it was in the third week that Dave asked me whether I had a necktie and some nice semi-formal clothes. I told him clothes but no necktie being on holiday. He invited me to the pub of the National Breweries and wearing of a necktie was a prerequisite so I went out and bought one.

I arrived a little ahead of time at the Breweries reception where they expected me and after completing the required documents, one bulky Security Officer led me up the lifts to the third floor of the Administration buildings and into a very plush furnished office area where I was greeted by Dave, all dressed up in a designer three piece suite. He could see the bewilderment on my face when I saw his name on the door and underneath that, “General Manager”. You could have bowled me over. Never would I have brought those two together.

Nevertheless, he led me to the Brewery pub and I was introduced to everyone there and we spend the next two hours drinking beer (naturally) and playing a bit of eight ball pool. We ended up back in his office and had more beers and then he bowled me over again with his next remark.

Jan, I got to know you pretty well over the past 3 weeks and also know your background from what you told me. My Risk Control Manager is retiring at the end of the month and the vacancy is still open. Would you be interested?”

My stunned silence must have unsettled him a little bit and he remarked, ”Obviously the salary and fringe benefits will be negotiable.”

“No, it’s not that. It just came as a bit of a surprise to me,” I remarked.

“Yes, I can understand that. You probably need some time to think about it”

After my initial surprise has passed and strengthened by the more than the few beers I had during the course of the evening, I decided there and then to conclude the negotiations as I really wanted this job opportunity give which would give me the chance to move out of the town where my ex-wife still stayed and the next couple of hours was spent negotiating and finalizing my employment contract.

I spent the last week of my holiday with a letter of appointment in my pocket and looking for and finalizing accommodation and transport before I had to return home, to resign from my current job and move down to the coastal city permanently.


Arriving back in Port Elizabeth a month later, most of my time was spend taking up the challenges of my new job, furnishing my new two bedroom flat and generally settling in leaving me not a lot of time for paddle ski and socializing .Obviously I chose a flat on the beach front and also close, I discovered this later, to where Chris also had his flat.

It was cold, rainy and miserable on that faithful Saturday morning when I received a call from Chris asking me what I was planning for the afternoon. Replying in the negative, he invited me over to come and share a pot-roast with him. I grabbed a case of beer, one of the perks of being a Manager at a Brewery, and drove the two blocks in the rain to his flat. He had a very nicely furnished two bedroom flat on the ground floor of the building, set aside of the main entrance which allowed him to basically see all entering and leaving the building.

We were on our third beer when he happened to look out the window, slammed the beer can on the counter, rushed out the front door without an explanation only to return a couple of minutes later leading an umbrella yielding women. At first I could not see much of her with her back turned to me whilst closing the umbrella and her head shrouded by her parka hood.

“Anita, this is my friend Jan. Jan this is Anita,” he said introducing us to each other.

“Hi” is all that I could get out as I looked into the face of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in the flesh. Words cannot do justice to her beauty. She was a natural red hair with the bluest of blue eyes, lily white skin, a perky nose with just a scattering of freckles on it and brilliant white teeth.

“Hallo,” she answered and stretched out her hand in greeting. A million light bulbs lit up in my head as I shook her hand and a fire-bolt shot up in my groin.

I released her hand and Chris guided her to a chair which she declined and sat down on the thick carpet. This gave me some time to recover and give her a good look-over. She was maybe an inch or what shorter than my 6 feet. I could not get an idea how she was build as she was wearing a long dress covered by the parka. Even when she removed the parka, I could still not see her build only the outline of her breasts through the dress material. They were not too big nor to small with the nipples only slightly showing but I also noticed her delicate hands and feet and well manicured nails.

It was clear that Chris was quite smitten with Anita and was out to make a good impression on her. He offered her a beer but she declined and requested some wine which CHRIS did not have.

“Not a problem,” she remarked, “I have an opened bottle in my flat.” They both left to collect it and returning a couple of minutes later with Chris carrying the wine and she with a paperback novel in her hands.

“I have a problem,” she said looking at me.

“What’s the matter,” I retorted, still highly uncomfortable whilst confronted with all her beauty.

“Well, I accidentally left my keys on the fridge and closed the door on latch. Chris tells me you are quite the expert on locks. If you could help me later, I will appreciate it tremendously.”

I offered to go and see what I could do immediately but she declined delaying it to later. I was disappointed as I would have done anything that would please this women but accepted her decision.

The rest of the afternoon we spend sitting around, chatting about everything that tickled our fancy, drank beer and she drinking her wine.

It was round about six in the evening when she declared her wine empty and knowing that it was also time to attend to the lock problem, I stood up, offered her a hand to stand up also and followed her one floor up to her flat. I immediately saw an easy solution to the problem and standing on a dustbin, I opened the Louvre glass over the door, leaned in and un-latched the lock. Quickly replacing the glass panes, I went into her flat, and saw her standing in the kitchen holding another bottle of wine.

“Thank you,” she said,” I feel such a fool. I do not know what I would have done. Our caretaker is such a creepy asshole.”

With that she took the wine bottle and the keys and walked past me towards the open front door. Unexpectantly, she stopped, closed the door from the inside, placed the wine and keys on a little table, turn around and shyly smiling at me, she pushed me against the wall and furiously started kissing me and rubbing her breasts against my chest.

Momentarily I was so stunned that I did not respond at first. I mean for God’s sake, here she was, the object of my desire, in my arms kissing me like a women possessed and clearly sexually aroused judging by the way she was grinding her body against mine without any foreplay on my part.

Allow me to pause here awhile to describe myself. At the age of 32, being six feet tall, slightly overweight, blue eyes, moustache, slightly thinning hair and recently divorced, I never would have for all the world’s money have guessed that I could have been selected by Anita for casual sex. Something must have switched her on and believe me I was not one to reject her attentions.

I spun her around and pinned her to the wall and a slight groan came from her throat when I placed a hand on her right breast and started to pinch her very erect nipple. Her tongue darted into my mouth and we French kissed in earnest. My now erect cock was by now perfectly aligned with her pussy through her dress and I slowly started rotating my dick against her mound. Another groan escaped her and she grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me even closer.

We spun around again and again on the wall while all the time French kissing, dry humping and me caressing her nipples. This was foreplay in Turbo drive and we ended in a bedroom which I presumed to be hers. Fleetingly the thought crossed my mind that at the pace we were going at it, our sexual encounter would be over in a couple of minutes and I decided there and then that I would not allow it. I wanted this to last forever. Making love to this Goddess of a women cannot be over in a couple of minutes.

I suddenly broke away and took a step back from her. With questions in her eyes, she just looked at me standing upright against the wall. I moved forward and slowly turned her around and undid the zipper of her dress at the back. I slipped the dress over her shoulders and pressing downwards slipped it completely off her crumpling it to the ground. She was dressed only in her sheer bra and g-string now and with one move, I undid her bra catch and slipped it from her. With one hand I kept her pinned to the wall and slowly, softly rained kisses on her arms, shoulders and down her spine to the top of her panties. She groaned loudly and started gyrating her hips and pushing her ass out against my face.

I went down on my knees and pulled her panties into her crack but all the time kissing those delicious ass cheeks. Her moans were constant now and she grabbed hold of my head and pushed my face against her ass. All that time my hands were not idle. I slightly parted her legs and ran my hand on the inside of her thighs from the knees upwards. I hadn’t moved far when I discovered how aroused she really was. The inside of her thighs were drenched in her pussy juices. The sweet aroma of her arousal filled my nostrils and the room. Man she was just about squirting them out through her panties that’s how turned on she was.

This was more than what I could handle and I hooked my fingers on her panties, I pulled them off to her ankles at the same time spinning her around to face me.

At last I could feast my eyes on this beauty in all her naked splendour.

She just stood there trembling against the wall and looked at me. Her breasts were on the small side but perky but her nipples were big and fully erect. She had small, slender hips but those long legs were perfectly formed. I shifted my gaze towards her pussy and saw it was clean shaved and resembled a young women’s pussy. There wasn’t a hair on her mound and the slit, though glistening, was pink and swollen. Her clitoris, fully engorged protruded cleanly above the petite labia. The sight before my eyes were nearly too much for my constrained cock to handle and I nearly shot my load right then. I shifted my focus and started undressing and with only my underpants to go, I saw her watching the bulge in my underpants intently. I leant forward and pulled my briefs down to my ankles before kicking them away and coming upright . Anita’s eyes were glued to my cock and her mouth wordlessly forming the word ”O”. Now I may not have been blessed in the looks department but I was well endowed to the tune of an overall length of 8 inches but also very big in circumference but I think seeing Anita naked, may have added an inch, I was so randy.

I moved towards her and embraced her, immediately getting a groan from Anita. The feeling of her naked skin on mine was incredible and by crouching a little, my erect cock nestled between her legs against her pussy. Her juices were flowing freely now and by making slow pumping movements, my cock slid against her pussy lips and her groans became constant moans. This was magic in the making and I backed of a little and reached between us seeking her clitoris. The moment I made contact, she started bucking against my hand, heaved upwards, let out a loud scream and climaxed hard. I just held her throughout her orgasm while she trembled and moaned.

After a few moments had passed, I placed her down and took her hand leading her towards the bed. She suddenly stopped and said,” Jan, please stop. There is something I need to tell you.”

I sat down on the bed and she sat next to me. Saying nothing and fearing the worst to come I just looked enquiringly at her. She stared down onto the carpet and when she spoke, I could hear how difficult it was for her.

I was not ready for what I heard and it came totally unexpected.

“When I met you this afternoon an intense feeling came over me and I knew that you must be the one. You see, I am still a virgin and I want you to be my first. Please Jan, make me a women!!”

How was it possible? How was it possible that this beautiful women can still be a Virgin? How old is she? Surely many men would have chased this women in the age old game of love and conquer. Before I could ask, she answered them for me.

You see, I met my fiancé at school and we have been together ever since, right through university and the 2 years after that up till now. He comes from a very rich Christian family and maintains that his wife must be a Virgin on her wedding night. He, (and she mentions a name I knew well), is in Germany until the end of the month and three weeks later we are getting married. I am scared that I will not satisfy him in bed”

What could I say? I just leaned over and softly kissed her cheeks an eye lids and told her to lay back, that I will not hurt her and that she must enjoy the experience of her first sex.


Slowly, I stood up and laid down next to her. She was atop the covers, naked in all her splendour, eyes closed, one hand moving between her thighs, the other playing with the small mounds of her breasts and the stiff little spikes of her nipples. Her hips were moving slightly and the sweet aroma of her juices filled the room

She opened her eyes and focusing on me, “You promised.”

I moved on top of her on my elbows and started kissing her neck, earlobes, face and lips before sliding down slightly and gently started kissing the sides of her breasts. She gasped and her arms flew over my back and pulled me closer. I gently pinched her left nipple with my fingers and at the same time took the other between my lips, gently rolling and sucking on them. She growled a deep animal groan and at the same time she parted her legs, pushing and grinding her mound against my lower chest.

I moved my attention away from her tits and started kissing my way down to her mound. She trembled and moaned so much, it really was a turn-on for me and I had to concentrate real hard not to ejaculate right there and then.

Reaching her mound, I softly blew across those virginal lips. She gasped, started bucking her hips and grabbed the back of my head real tight. I managed to hold her down a little bit, dove in again and started licking around her pussy lips. She immediately grabbed my head and pulled me back asking, “What are you doing?”

I was stunned for the second time that day until I realised that she had never experienced oral sex before. Well, this was going to be an afternoon of firsts for her and with me saying,” Relax, you will enjoy it.” dove back in between her legs.

I pressed my tongue against her labia lips and slowly began licking up and down. Her legs flew open and over my shoulders and she moved around so much that I had trouble keeping contact with my tongue. When the tip of my tongue touched her clitoris she let out a loud, incomprehensible sound and when I touched it the second time, she clamped her legs over my ears, let out a load scream and came hard grinding her pussy into my face.

I worked my hands under her buttocks, lifted her slightly and then really let my tongue go to work on her clitoris. She came again and again, rolling her head from side to side, moaning loudly as each orgasm swept through her beautiful body. I worked her clit as long as I could stand it before moving to the conclusion of her first oral sex experience.

I withdrew my right hand from her buttock and with my hand palm up, placed my finger at the entrance to her virginal pussy. She was unbelievably wet, her juices were flowing from her making a pool on the bed linen, and also tight. I eased my finger in, digit by digit and she went crazy, grabbing a pillow and pulling it over her face, and started making a fucking motion with her hips.

I pushed my finger in all the way until I located the G-spot area and started massaging it while flicking her clitoris with my tongue making her climax almost immediately. “Oh Shit!” she screamed through the pillow. Her belly muscles rippled and her pussy clamped down on my finger as uncontrollable spasms of pleasure wracked her whole body. I continued my oral ministrations on her G-spot and she continued to come without so much as a pause. When I finally withdrew my finger and stopped flicking her G-spot, she just layed there tensed and still cumming on the bed.

She finally removed the pillow from her face and I saw that she must have been crying. I took the pillow and wiped her face dry and kissed them gently. However, there were still urgent matters to attend to and not a moment could be wasted whilst she was still in her afterglow.

She still had her legs wrapped around my back. I moved slightly, grabbed my erect cock and guided it towards it towards her love hole. She lifted her head and watched my cock seeking entrance. “My God. It is so big. Will it ever go in?” she blurted out.

I assured her it would and also that there would be a little pain but that it would go away. Looking at her lovely face and the fear I saw there, I was suddenly filled with doubts. Should this not be her most precious gift to her husband on their wedding night but she gave me the answer by simply saying ”Jan, please. I need you inside me.”

There was no need for lubrication and I started gently pushing my cock through those labia lips. She was so tight I barely managed an inch at a time all the time watching the expressions and emotions on that beautiful face as she, for the first time, experienced the feel of a cock entering her. Her breathing became rapid, her eyes were closed and she bit down on her lower lip. She suddenly tensed as we both felt my cock hitting the constriction that kept her from becoming a women. I kept on applying pressure and suddenly I was through. She gave a short scream and tears formed in her eyes and the room filled with the acrid smell of vaginal blood. I stayed like that for a few moments to allow her to overcome the pain and to get use to the size of my cock before I gently pushed it all the way hitting the cervix wall.

She gasped and asked, “Is it in all the way?” I ensured her that it was and a small smile crept across her face.

I slowly withdrew until only about an inch remained and then started pumping slowly all the way. She groaned, dug her nails into my shoulder and started making pumping motions. It was on my third stroke that she suddenly tensed, groaned, started bucking her hips and climaxed. This climax must have been very intense for her because she really went crazy, bucking, screaming and raking her nails across my back. All I could do was to hold on for dear life and ride it out with her.

It was like rings of muscle gripping my cock. The suction sensation on my dick was incredible and I knew that I would not last very long, knowing that I had to for her sake being her first experience. Slowly she came back to earth after her orgasm and when I started pumping into her, she picked up the motion and rocked in time with my pumping.

Soon her moans and groans began again and turned into soft screams as she approached another climax. I handed her the pillow and she clutched it across her face and screamed into it.

I stopped briefly, grabbed another pillow and stuffed it underneath her ass. As I pumped in all the way, I moved one hand between us and started working her clitoris softly. This pushed her over the edge again quickly and with animal like screams into the pillow, she climaxed again. It was like holding onto a wild horse the way she was bucking and trashing around. Her juices were flowing so much that with each thrust I made into her pussy, the juices were squirting past my cock and all over the bedding. I allowed her a few seconds of retrieve before I withdrew my cock all the way and flipped her onto her stomach and lifted her buttocks till her pussy lined up with my dick and rammed it in all the way before she could anticipate what would happen next.

Prior to this, I did not spare a thought about using contraception but I knew that I was not going to last long whilst ramming away at this Goddess.

“Anita” I said, “I am going to come soon.”

“Oh yes please. Come inside me. I want to feel it. I am on the pill,” is all she managed to gasp before I started hammering away again. The small reprieve I got whilst changing positions, was all I needed to regain control again. This served me well as I was determined to pleasure this women for as long as possible. I was at full strokes now and when I lubricated my middle finger in her juices and stuck it up her asshole, she climaxed again, furiously. I just kept on hammering away and from there on, she would climax on every third or fourth stroke I gave her. Completely possessed by orgasms, she just bucked and screamed into the cushion.

I could feel the jism building up in my balls and knew that the end was near and I accelerated my ramming into that tight, orgasmic pussy. Finally I could not hold back any longer and I came in one almost continual stream. She must have felt my warm sperm hitting her cervix wall because I felt her pussy walls clamping down on my cock and she went into her orgasmic spasms. It felt like her pussy was milking me and I shot load after load of sperm up her. There were so much of her juices and my sperm that the mixture started squirting around my dick and landed all over us and the bed.

I was so spent that I grabbed hold of her hips and with my still hard dick still nestled in the folds off her now non-virginal pussy, rolled us over on our sides. Spooning I just took her in my arms and placed one hand on her breast. Her face was red, she was still breathing rapidly and her hair and faced was drenched in sweat. I continued to kiss her cheeks and shoulders and caressed her body with my free hand and soon we drifted off to sleep. I did have a brief thought about my friend Chris and how I was going to explain this to him but sleep won the battle and soon I was fast asleep.

Sometime during the night I woke up to find us still in the same position and amazingly enough, my dick was still hard and still nestled in her pussy. How was that possible, I thought but my need to take a leak drove that from my mind quickly but I could not unlink us easy because all the sperm and pussy juices had by now dried and I was stuck to her. With a little spit and some manoeuvres, I finally broke free but also struggled to pee with my hard-on that just not would go away. Returning to bed, I covered both of us with a duvet and returned to sleep almost immediately, hard-on still intact.


I woke up the next morning to the sound of running water in the shower and turning I found the bed empty.

Soon after that, Anita came out of the bathroom wearing a white bathrobe and with a towel drying her hair. Standing in the middle of the room with the sun etching her outlines, she took my breath away with her beauty. There was a certain vulnerability about her as we looked at each other rather awkwardly.

You are so beautiful,” I managed to blurt out.

And so are you, ” she answered.

May I use your shower, I need to cool down,” I asked.

Sure you do,” looking knowingly at the tent I erected under the duvet. “I will bring you a clean towel.”

Coming out of the shower awhile later, I wrapped the towel around my waist and followed the smell of bacon and eggs coming from the kitchen. Anita, still with only the bathrobe on, was cooking up a storm and I suddenly realised how hungry I was. She just smiled at me and pointed to the coffee machine in the corner. I drew myself a cup and sat down at the table taking in the surroundings and also Anita’s beauty.

Soon the food was ready and she dished up for both of us. We ate the meal in complete silence occasionally smiling at each other. As an extrovert, I am not normally without words, but this women had me tongue tied. We tidied up the dishes and kitchen together but all the time I was sneaking peeks at that long, fabulous legs and the crack of her butt that was only barely covered by the short bathrobe. Sitting down at the table again, I noticed that her face was really flushed and she became very uncomfortable.

With down casted eyes, she began talking. “Jan, last night was truly amazing and it was like nothing that I ever dreamed about. I never imagined that sex would be that great. Well, when I was a young girl I did but as time went by, I sort off accepted that it would be a drap affair and pushed it to the back of my mind each time that me and….kissed and cuddled. He rarely ever showed any excitement and I accepted that is how our wedding would be. Last night showed me the other side of sex and what I would miss if I marry him. You are truly wonderful and I am sure that you will make any lady happy.”

I moved to answer her but she held up her hand and continued.

“You gave your all to me last night and I climaxed so many times that I lost count, not that counting them mattered though.”(giggle)

“There is one last thing …..” I could see that she was very uncomfortable and just let her be.

I hear the ladies at work talking about…..well, a blowjob, and I have no idea how to do it. Can you show (stammering)……teach…. me.”

I just stared at her speechless and she must have taken my silence as a rebuff.

“I am sorry I asked. Just forget about it.” She whispered.

I stood up from the table, walked across to her, took that beautiful face in my hands and kissed her softly. It was a long lingering kiss and pulling her to her feet, we embraced. I fumbled with her bathrobe and when I eventually untied it, pulled both sides over her arms and she shrugged it off. Meanwhile I undid my towel and with both of us naked, we embraced and kissed again with a soft moan escaping from her.

Half erect before the request, seeing and embracing this Goddess in the harsh sunlight streaming through the kitchen window, brought me to full erection immediately pressing between us and against her stomach. I took her hand and pulled her towards the kitchen chair and I sat down with my erection standing proudly and angry into the air. In this position, her pussy were nearly at eye level with me and I was tempted to have a quick slurp at it, but in a sudden case of modesty, she clasped her hands in front of it cutting off my view.

With my foot I dragged her robe to my feet and indicated to her to kneel on it. Her eyes were fixed on my dick and she placed her hands on my knees. I simply placed my hand over her right hand, guiding it to my cock and started jerking off. Her other hand I guided to the my ball sack and she instinctively started pinching and squeezing it. With further instructions from me, she was soon going at it like a pro but still had not taken my dick it in her mouth.

Her expert ministrations soon had their effect on me and she stopped momentarily when a drop of pre-cum suddenly appeared from it’s little hole. This was the right time to show her where to pinch the nerves to delay the obvious outcome. She was totally fascinated with my dick and I told her to lick the pre-cum from my dick which she immediately did and seemed not to be put off by the smell and taste of it. I gave her instructions what to do next and she licked down the sides of my shaft and the head. I sat perfectly still and watched as she slipped my shaft past those hot lips and into her mouth, jerking and sucking all the time. Suddenly she Deep throated my shaft and without gagging continued to give me an expert blowjob. Boy this girl was learning and she was learning fast as she groaned with my dick still in her mouth. This nearly had me cumming but I managed to exercise control and she sucked and jerked like a women possessed.

All the while she was busy. I hadn’t taken any notice of other things going on so I missed that she moved her left hand from my balls and was busy rubbing away at her crotch. I moved slightly and saw that she had spread her legs slightly and also saw her pussy juices dripping from her onto the bathrobe. This girl was hot!

“I am gonna cum soon. Where do you want it?” I managed

She just groaned, mumbled something and kept on sucking and jerking me off.

The point of no return had arrived and I grabbed hold on the top of her head hoping that she would understand that I am about to shoot my load but she just kept on going. A fire bolt shot from my ball sack into my dick and I started shooting my load into her mouth. Instead of pulling away, she took it all and swallowed until the last drop was drained from me. In the heat of the moment. I had forgotten about her own attentions to her clitoris but she suddenly let out a loud wail, and her upper body started jerking. Only then did I realised that she also climaxed a few split seconds after my own.

She withdrew my cock from her mouth, spread her arms over my upper legs and rested her head on her arms. We sat like that for a while reveling in the magic of the moment and she only got up when I suggested that she do a mouthwash. She did not even bother putting on her bathrobe and walked from the room with me watching her well-shaped buttocks. She did however give them a little wiggle before she walked out of the door.

She returned a little later still butt naked and sat on my lap. We talked about the night before, what happened, what she enjoyed and most importantly we talked about the future. We remained naked, (she finally overcame her modesty and was at peace with being naked) and during the course of the day, we made love in various positions and in various places around the flat. By late afternoon, I was quite sore and my ball sack empty. I took a shower, dressed and greeted her goodbye and returned to Chris’s flat to collect my car keys. I could see that he was pissed off with me but he never said anything and we still remained friends up to this day.

As for Anita, I never saw her again after that memorable weekend until I received a wedding invitation from her in the mail a month later. But that is another story and you will have to read Part two and three ………

End of Part One


To be continued…….

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