A Well Deserved Break

By flytoomuch

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John hits the beach for a well deserved break, but serendipity has plans other than relaxing.
I was in Bali for a well-deserved break. Having completed a big deal, I needed some time to relax and chill on the beach. The beach in Nusa Dua is amazing, so it was my first choice. Since it was Easter it also turns out that the hotel was packed. Luckily the staff knew me as a regular guest and I scored a nice suite overlooking the Balinese ocean.

I arrived and checked-in in the evening and just had dinner in my room to relax. The next day I was up early and out by the pool to get in some laps before it got too crowded. After a few hours the lounge chairs started to fill up. I wasn’t really looking for someone to heat up my bed at night, but couldn’t help noticing a few hot MILF’s around the pool. Can’t help it (men are just made that way), but the gears in my head would spin watching some of their firm young bodies as they paraded past in their multicolored bikinis.

Around lunchtime, I was laying on my back with my head turned to the side to shield my eyes from the harsh glare of the equatorial sun when I sensed a shadow approaching. She walked slowly towards the vacant chair next to me. The “she” in this case was a young Asian girl with an amazing body on the cusp of womanhood. This girl had that “not a girl, but not yet a woman” sexiness that only girls in the sixteen to nineteen year-old age range really possess. These young women possess that perfectly seductive combination of a “who me?” innocence and a “perfect 10” sexuality mixed in equal portions and packaged in one incredible “fuck me” body.

You could tell she was young with her long, lithe, slight, girlish build. Yet her rounded firm ass and pert, high breasts, screamed woman, vixen and budding sex- kitten. She had on a quite small yellow bikini that suited her age with an equal measure of modesty and sexual provocation. The yellow color also contrasted beautifully with her honey, Asian skin tone. She had covered up with a very sheer see-through black drape that added a degree of edginess and sexuality, a sort of flirtatiously teasing temptation to the “girl next door” effect of the yellow bikini.

This young beauty had an iPod in her ears and slipped off her black drape and then lay down on the lounge chair next to mine. Shielded by my sunglasses, I couldn’t help admiring her taut athletic body with glances that were much longer than my age should have permitted. Not that I would ever get to touch her sexy tight body mind you, but these young female creatures are just so captivating and sexy one can’t help gazing a little. My cock stirred and filled with some blood. Hope springs eternal.

After about an hour another couple approached our lounge chairs walking towards the young girl. The couple were comprised of a tall, slim, athletic looking Chinese man about a decade older than myself (I’m almost 40) accompanied by a tall, slim and very attractive young Chinese woman probably not much older than the girl on the lounge chair. I would say she looked maybe twenty-two or maybe twenty-five or so. The girl on the lounge chair turned her head away with a very sour look on her face. I could tell there was a lot of animosity and tension going on here.

The man spoke to the girl lying next to me and asked her if she was joining them for lunch. She replied rather emphatically that “NO!” she was “Busy” and left it at that. The older man sort of shrugged and taking his girlfriend’s hand he walked away. As he walked away I couldn’t but help admire the incredible firm ass of his young girlfriend. She had an incredibly beautiful, young sexy body. I guess I was a bit jealous that a guy his age had such a stunning sexy young girlfriend, while I was there at the hotel on my own.

After another half-hour, I sat up and ordered a tuna salad for lunch. When it arrived the pretty young girl next to me sat up and pulled the iPod out of her ears. Her Asian skin was smooth and flawless and the yellow bikini really beautifully complimented its golden honey tone, drawing my eyes to look once again. Her long dark hair was thick, shining and lustrous, with rolling soft curls. It was so hard for me not to just stare at her body, but I resisted, knowing I would look like a creep if I just kept ogling her. The young girl took furtive sideways glances at my food and me and then surveyed the menu. With a tentative smile she looked at me and then spoke.

“Is that the Thai Tuna Salad that you ordered?”

I looked back at her with my own smile and told her that it was. From behind my sunglasses, her perfect smile and those incredible firm young breasts captivated me. I was thinking how in a couple of years those breasts would be even larger and rounder, but perhaps they were at their most perfect right now? Such perfect, pert and firm breasts, so perfectly proportional to her lithe “almost a woman” body. God how I would love to touch them, suck on them and turn her nipples into hard little nibs of pleasure. Oh my god, my head was swimming with deviant thoughts that were impossible to suppress.

Having been given my opening I started to chat her up. Her name was Anne and she was an eighteen year-old student from Hong Kong. It turns out her dad, David, had just gotten married to his second wife Julie, the proverbial sexy young “trophy wife” I had just witnessed. As I had guessed, Julie was only twenty-four and Anne was very jealous of this new arrangement of her father’s. The arrival on the scene of this newly minted and rather smoking hot stepmother clearly irked Anne to no end.

Anne was a very bright young woman and while she was only eighteen, she had traveled a lot growing up, so we had a lot of stories about traveling to chat about. There was something about Anne’s personality that was bubbly and just drew me in and captivated me. It was unusual for me to be so attracted by such a young girl, but she had a mesmerizing effect on me. It was not just that Anne’s firm young body attracted me (her body was certainly reason enough to be spellbound), but I was also caught up by her youthful zest for life.

We finished our salads and Anne became much more relaxed and opened up as we talked more. I asked her what kind of room her dad had booked for her, considering that the new wife was not her mother. I was wondering if she felt lonely staying on her own. Anne explained that she had been “dumped” in the adjoining room.

She had a provocative smirk on her face as she added, “And they make a lot of noise at night, if you know what I mean.”

And then Anne fell into peels of giggles. I said I knew exactly what she meant and said that this must make her very uncomfortable.

“No, it just drives me crazy that they brought me here. I’m supposed to “bond” with Julie, my new stepmom, but all they want do is crawl all over each other. My god, it’s like they are teenagers. Like, get a room, a room farther away from mine. Sometimes it just drives me mad. I mean I understand it, but why bring me along?”

Anne continued, “I mean, I have no friends here and all those two want to do is fuck and then fuck some more. Really! They pretend to involve me, but really they want to ignore me. Shit, I think that Julie intends to get pregnant as well.”

As we chatted time really flew. Before I knew it, the beautiful Balinese sun was going down with huge splashes of orange-red painted across the horizon silhouetting lines of palm trees. David and his new wife showed up again and talked to Anne. This time Julie was wearing a very short Chanel mini-skirt, mule sandals and a tight tank top. Julie’s hair was now curled and she looked fucking stunning, with incredible 34C breasts and legs that just seemed endless. Was I staring too much? David and his new wife had made plans to go to a Balinese restaurant with a dancing show located off the resort. David was insisting that his daughter Anne come along and join them.

I could tell Anne was very uncomfortable and was looking for a way out of spending the evening with her stepmother. Anne kept glancing in my direction with a pleading sort of look on her face as if to say “Please John, rescue me?” Eventually Anne turned towards me and introduced me to her father and Julie.

Without the slightest hesitation in her voice Anne said, “Actually Dad, John was telling me about the Japanese Restaurant here at the resort. He says it’s fantastic. You know how much I LOVE Japanese food. Why don’t we all go together?”

Anne’s father frowned deeply, as he glanced in my direction. I’m sure David had no wish to have an older male outsider intrude on his time with his new foxy wife. Looking more sternly at his daughter, David said that he had already made a booking for the Balinese dancing show. Anne met her dad’s frown with an even deeper pout of her own, as only a teenage girl can pout. Fuck, she looked so cute, with that faux pout plastered across her face. I could tell Anne was totally playing with her father and I almost started to laugh, she was such an amazing little actress. David looked in my direction pleadingly as if I would help him with his predicament by prodding his daughter to go along with her father’s wishes. I interjected but probably not in quite the way David had wanted me to.

“Look David, you and Julie are newlyweds. Congratulations by the way. Why don’t you two go to the Balinese restaurant on your own and I’ll take Anne out for Japanese food here at the resort? That way you two can have a little time on your own.”

David looked at me with relief as any father would look having rid himself with what he no doubt considered to be an infuriatingly unreasonable teenage daughter.

“Well, if it’s not too much trouble. I don’t want to impose on you on your holiday. You can charge the dinner to my room.”

I smiled and added casually, “No trouble at all. I’ll make sure Anne is back to her room early enough.”

David looked at me, with a relieved look.

“Oh we’re all on holiday, so no curfew. Anne’s a big girl now, almost graduated. She hasn’t really explored the resort so maybe you can show her around, if you have time. Julie and I may stop at the clubs in Kuta to go dancing, so we’ll be out late tonight”

Anne leaned close to my ear, her lips and warm moist breath teasingly touching my skin and whispered, “He won’t even know what time I come home because he’s going to be in bed, crawling all over his new slut wife.”

Anne giggled and I couldn’t help smiling. David thanked me profusely and he and Julie walked away hand-in-hand. Anne looked at me accusingly, her eyes blazing with mock anger and poked me in the ribs.

“John! You’re looking at my slut mother-in-law’s ass! You’re sick!”

We both laughed and I put on a very guilty look and I’m sure I turned a little pink, as my face flushed with warmth.

“Guilty as charged. Sorry, I’m a man and Julie does have an amazing body.”

Anne looked at me quizzically and I could see a sort of perplexed look on her face, as she pondered what I had just said. There was always sexual competition between women and young women on the cusp of womanhood were always a little uncertain exactly where they stood. We agreed to go to our respective rooms and shower and dress casually for drinks, before changing for a later dinner, at the Japanese restaurant. I gave Anne my room number and we agreed she’d knock on my door around six.

I showered and my brain started to swim with crazy ideas. I couldn’t help it, but thinking about Anne’s tight and taut young body in the shower I got a huge hard erection. There seemed to be a real flirtatious edge to Anne and a sexual chemistry between the two of us? Was I just imagining this? I mean I was twice her age? Even as I dressed, my cock was still half engorged, just thinking about her firm young body? I was wondering how she would dress tonight and visions of loveliness were dancing in my head? Would it be sexy? Conservative? Mini skirt? Club dress? My mind swirled and my cock hardened although I admonished myself to be realistic.

I put on a pair of beige slacks, a nice polo shirt and sprayed on a little cologne. A black belt and loafers completed my smart, but casual look. At six-o’clock, Anne knocked on my door. I opened the door to my suite and Anne was standing there in a pair of incredible tight black jeans that were molded to her slim Asian body. With the skinny jeans, Anne looked taller and slimmer than I remembered from the pool and her ass and breasts looked bigger. Anne was wearing a pair of black high-heel mules that were open toed and showed off her cute pink toenails decorated with tiny silver sparkles. Anne’s top was a tight sleeveless black top that showed off her young pert high breasts and her delicious looking shoulders and slim tapered neckline.

Anne had curled her long, lustrous black hair in big tumultuous curls and had on long silver earrings that dangled from her ears. At the pool she’d had no make-up on, but now Anne had done her face and eyes with dark eye shadow in a way that made her look much more mature and sexy. Anne’s fingernails were pink matching her toenails. Anne didn’t look like the sexy teenage girl-next-door anymore; she looked more like a sexy but still innocent young lady. Anne stood in my hotel suite doorway acting a bit coy and timid which for some reason attracted me like a bee to pollen.

“I hope this is OK John? I really didn’t want to go out with my dad and Julie. If this is too much of an imposition and you want to do something on your own I’ll understand.”

I think I looked a little stunned with a sort of “deer in the headlights” look on my face from staring at Anne’s transformation into this new sexy more mature creature. I assured her that I was more than happy to have drinks and dinner with her and perhaps we could walk around the resort and explore a little.

Anne continued, “Well, it’s just that I know you’re a man. I saw how you looked at Julie and, well, if you want to go out clubbing or do something more fun then I’ll understand. I know there are a lot of sexy girls at the resort. Most guys come to Bali to chase the hot Aussie girls in Kuta. I mean I know I don’t look anything like Julie.”

I laughed and assured Anne that “no” she didn’t look exactly like Julie; but that she was an amazingly charming girl and she had gotten herself into this predicament. I jokingly told Anne that now she was stuck with me and I was going to force her to have dinner with me. I told Anne between my chuckles that she had no choice and I would insist she have a good time as well.

This light-hearted banter broke the tension and we both burst out laughing. Anne reached out and grabbed my bicep with her two hands and gave it a friendly teasing squeeze. Anne told me she wasn’t used to walking in heels on the uneven slate stone sidewalk of the resort and could she hold onto my arm as we walked.

We walked down the stone pathway to the resort lounge to have drinks and snacks. I can’t deny that I very much enjoyed Anne clutching onto my arm as we walked along the dark stone path. Anne’s hips swayed in her tight black jeans and she leaned in close to my body for support. We looked every bit the part of a “romantic couple” on a Balinese getaway, so my ego was certainly enjoying having beautiful Anne decorate my arm. At the lounge, I offered Anne a separate seat, but she choose to sit next to me on the sofa bench. The wheels in my head continued to spin. The proximity of Anne’s tight young body was driving me crazy.

We chit chatted in the lounge in an easy manner. I asked Anne what she wanted to drink. Anne said she had been going to clubs with her girlfriends in Hong Kong for over a year and liked to drink Champagne. I ordered two glasses of Champagne and Anne turned to me and made a flirtatious little toast.

“To John, my prince charming who rescued me from another evening of boredom with my evil stepmother. John, I’m so glad I’m here with you instead.”

Anne’s eyes sparkled with life and she giggled at her teasing toast as our glasses touched. We linked our arms and sipped the crisp bubbly Champagne in a toast. Out of the blue Anne leaned in and kissed my cheek very lightly. As she did so her hair enveloped my nose and her rich perfume wafted into my nostrils. Shit my head was spinning and my heart was pounding against my chest. Anne sat back on the sofa peering towards me. I guess I must have looked totally stunned.

Anne turned timid and quiet, “Oh, sorry. I hope you’re not mad.”

I quickly recovered my composure and assured her I certainly was “not mad” and that she was the most charming date I had had in a long, long time. To make matters “even” I agreed to lean in and kiss her on her cheek. Was that a slight tremble I felt in my lips? For some reason this girl had me nervous and on edge. We talked and talked and time just seemed to fly bye. I ordered us a second glass of champagne and then it was time to get ready for dinner. I told Anne she looked lovely and there was no need for her to change, but Anne insisted.

“John, I want you to see me in a dress. You think I’m a teenybopper or something. I know you do. I want you to see me in a nice dress. Especially for a fancy restaurant.”

Anne asked me to come to her room, while she quickly changed. I agreed and Anne again took my arm as we walked along the dark stone path between lush tropical trees and up two flights of stairs to her floor. With a grin on her face Anne teasingly pointed to the room next door to hers and said,

“That’s where the two of them “do it” every night. I mean they’re like rabbits.”

Anne laughed a light feminine laugh.

“And Julie makes soooo much noise. Really. I don’t know what my dad does to her, but she makes a lot of noise.”

Anne looked at me with a smirk on her face. It was like she was challenging me to accept her as an adult. Anne was provoking me with this sassy flirtatious talk to see how I would respond.

I looked Anne right in the eyes and teasingly replied, “Well, Anne, how much noise do you make?”

This brought us both to laughter. Anne didn’t miss a beat and shot back, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Anne grinned at me with a sexy smile. This girl was so smart and vivacious the date was turning into a lot of fun.

This sexy repartee was such a turn-on and I smiled back, “Ha, ha, yes I would. Along with every other man who looks at your hot young body.”

Anne blushed at my comment, the blood rushing to her cheeks and demurely turned her head away with a beaming smile. My compliment had obviously hit a bull’s eye and she was glowing. Anne provocatively walked away from me, with an exaggerated saucy wiggle in her ass. Anne went into the bathroom changing area. I waited in the bedroom sitting area.

There was a sliding door separating the living room area from the changing room and bathroom that Anne slid closed, but not quite completely. Anne left about a one or two-inch crack in the sliding door. I couldn’t help noticing and my eyes kept being drawn back to the crack. Did Anne leave the crack on purpose? Was she teasing me? Was this little minx playing me, just like she played her father?

We kept talking through the door and I paced back and forth as Anne dressed. I pretended to walk randomly, but actually I was trying to get a good angle through the crack. I felt like a peeping Tom, but I was so captivated by this girl I couldn’t help it. Finally through the crack I got a glimpse of her. Anne had her back to me and I could see her now naked body covered by only a pink thong and a lacy pink strapless push-up bra.

Anne arched her back to pull a silver cocktail dress over her head. As she arched her back, her perfect firm, round ass pushed out and her pert, high breasts pushed forward. Anne had the absolutely perfectly stunning figure of a budding young woman. My eyes were transfixed on her rounded firm ass, her softly curved hips, her tapered waist, and her pert breasts and then the dress was pulled down. Anne turned her neck while reaching back to zip her dress and I could swear she glimpsed me gawking through the crack. Was that a smirk on her face?

When Anne emerged, she looked stunning. Her dress was tight on the top, with a deep V-neck showing off her bust line. The dress cinched just below her bust with a black elastic band. Below the elastic band the dress was a very sheer silvery fabric draped in folds.

The fabric across Anne’s midriff was very sheer, translucent and see-through, showing a teasing glimpse of her tapered waist and flat stomach. As the fabric draped down towards her hips it became more opaque and a shimmering metallic silver color. The dress fell just below her hips and was short enough to be extremely sexy, but not slutty.

While the sheer fabric was draped, it was not too full and the dress kept Anne’s slim profile and the outline of her bust, waist and hips. Anne turned in a perky manner and stood with her back turned towards me. The back of her dress had a large oval cut out showing her tanned bare back. Anne tilted her head back and smiled at me.

“Can you hook my dress at the neck? I couldn’t reach the hook.”

I grasped the small clasps and hooked the neckline, while my eyes surveyed Anne’s bare back down to where the dress profiled her firm young rounded ass. You could just see the firm profile of her perfect ass beneath the thin fabric. What an amazing body this young girl had. Given her young age and since it was hot and humid outside her legs were tanned, toned and bare. Anne put on spaghetti strap heels that were silver and had a thin silver leather strap that wrapped up her leg. Anne looked very cute and very sexy.

As we walked towards the Japanese restaurant, Anne held firmly onto my bicep. The feel of this young lady pressed against the side of my body was a big turn on.

When the walkway got smoother she said, “I think I’m ok now. I’ll just hold your hand in case I trip in these heels.”

With that, Anne lightly slid her small slender hand into mine and we carried on our way. I must say, I felt like a million dollars, walking into the restaurant, with Anne holding my hand. We looked like a real couple on holiday and Anne looked stunning in her sexy silver cocktail dress. I’m sure every man in the restaurant was looking at me enviously thinking I was going to be fucking this gorgeous sexy young creature in a few hours. The older women were all looking at me with dagger-eyes assuming I had cast away a woman their age, to bag this extremely young trophy girlfriend, whom they could never compete with, in terms of body or beauty.

Anne and I had a wonderful dinner and talked all about our travels to different places. It turns out Anne, like myself, had been to Bali several times on holidays. I soon forgot about all the glances being cast our way as I became engrossed in our chatter and Anne’s animated conversation drew me in. After dinner I offered to walk Anne around the resort, but she didn’t feel that was a good idea in her heels. She wanted to just get another drink in the lounge instead. This time Anne wanted to try a cocktail. Anne looked so coolly sexy with her legs crossed and her silver dress against her tanned legs as she sipped on vodka and Redbull.

We had a wonderful talk and I became more and more entranced by this young sexy Asian girl. Looking for an excuse to spend more time with Anne I told her I had booked a boat to Turtle Island the next day and she could join me for the trip and some snorkeling. Anne jumped in excitement and agreed immediately. I got up to escort Anne back to her room. Again, she held my hand and we walked slowly through the tropical darkness with the fragrance of flowering Frangipani trees teasing our senses. Anne told me she was so happy she got to wear her silver dress, as she had wanted to wear it “on a real date” and not for her dad and Julie.

As we reached her door I turned to her, “Well, was this a real date then?”

Anne looked at me directly, batting her big brown doe eyes in a most provocative manner.

“No girl wears a dress like this unless it’s a REAL date, John.”

And then she giggled softly. Anne was still that young, innocent girl I had first met, but there was a certain glint in her eyes, a certain mischievously sexy twinkle that betrayed another side to her. Anne was looking me over and I could sense a sexual tension, a desire in her and a desire that was growing more powerful by the second.

Anne was still holding my hand lightly. Anne was standing very close to me and had tilted her head up, just slightly, to look into my eyes and there was an electricity between our bodies.

“Well then young lady, if this is a REAL date, did you enjoy yourself?”

She nodded her head and smiled a shy, seductive smile. I knew I needed to go slow with this young girl, but I needed more. I needed something, so I pushed just a little to see how she would react.

“Most girls I know, if they’ve enjoyed a date, give the man a kiss goodnight?”

Anne tilted her head back further, the glint in her eyes turning to a heated sparkle. The smile on her face became a grin and she leaned in very close while closing her eyes and offering up her soft plump pink lips. God she looked so angelic and beautiful. I moved my lips forward to meet Anne’s. We kissed in a soft, gentle kiss. I could just taste a hint of Anne’s strawberry lip-gloss. I pulled back and let the kiss end. Anne didn’t move and kept her eyes closed. Anne clearly wasn’t going to be satisfied with one short soft kiss and neither was I. I used my arm to pull Anne’s body firmly into mine and kissed her again, but with more passion. This time my tongue gently probed and Anne tentatively opened her lips to allow me in. My tongue penetrated, probing deeper and found hers. Our tongues playfully touched and the kiss became passion, became lust, as the sensations overwhelmed us. A raw sexual energy consumed us. Our mouths hungrily explored the growing need rising inside us.

My cock engorged and rose, becoming rock hard as it pressed against Anne’s firm young hips and pubic bone. Our bodies, in heat, rubbed and pushed against each other with an unspoken desire both of us were having difficulty to restrain. I wanted more, but knew I needed to take it slow with this girl. Neither of us was satisfied with the kiss, but if I really wanted Anne I knew the best strategy was best to depart now. Leaving Anne in her current unsatisfied and highly horny state would hopefully make her think about letting me satisfy her more completely later. If I pressed matters any further now I feared it would all end in tears and recriminations and any chance would be ruined.

We hastily wished each other a goodnight and promised to meet the next day. Our breathing was ragged and uneven and I had no idea what Anne would do, but I needed to return to my suite and have a release before my balls exploded. In my room, visions of Anne’s body were dancing in my head as I lay on my king size bed and rubbed myself until my body shuddered and I shot a huge load into a white cotton hand towel. I fell asleep, visions of Anne in her pink thong and pink bra floating in my dreams.

The next day, Anne showed up in the morning at the boat pier in a black swimsuit with boy shorts bottoms and a bikini top, looking very sexy. Anne had thrown a light cotton jean shirt on top, the buttons left open in the front, to shield her from the sun. Anne looked young, sexy and vibrant and seeing her young athletic body like this set my cock to throbbing again. Anne grabbed my hand with a smile while she jumped into the zodiac boat I had booked. Anne had no make-up on and she looked so fresh and beautiful, her hair full and shining in the early morning rays of sun.

We had a wonderful time on the boat trip and Anne got so excited, holding a baby green sea turtle at the turtle hatchery. We then took the boat out to a coral reef and went snorkeling. Anne got even more excited seeing all the beautiful pink and white coral and the millions of colorful fish. This was a side of Bali that Anne had never seen before and the excitement made her giddy. On the boat ride back, the wind was in our faces, making us a little cold and Anne held my arm and snuggled next to my body for warmth, as I pulled a towel over her to shield her from the wind.

Around lunchtime, we returned to the resort and went to lie by the pool. We both had salads for lunch and then went swimming, to cool off from the blazing equatorial sun. We were sun tanning beside the pool, when Anne’s dad and Julie showed up. I really wanted to spend the evening with Anne, but her dad insisted that she have dinner with him. Anne pouted and had a fight with her dad, but David would not give in this time. My evening with Anne was not to be, so I would be alone with my cock and a towel again. After David and Julie left, Anne turned to me.

“John, I’m so sorry. After such a wonderful day I really hoped that we could spend the evening together.”

Anne looked at me with her big, brown imploring eyes.

Then she continued, “Oh, and by the way, I did notice that you kept your ogling eyes on me instead of Julie this time. That was very sweet of you.”

Anne leaned in and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

I told Anne that I was disappointed as well as I had been looking forward to spending the evening with her as well. In consolation, I suggested that we could get together the next day. Anne’s face immediately brightened and we agreed to spend the following day together.

Anne asked what we would do and I said, “It’s a secret. I’ll come up with a plan.”

Anne became a little timid and shy. She turned sideways with a coy look on her face before putting a smoldering look into her eyes and then leaning in to whisper softly in my ear.

“I hope it’s a plan that we can go somewhere I can dress up. I really want to show you my other outfit.”

Anne turned away to head to her room and I watched as her black boy shorts and hips swayed side to side in an incredibly sexy gait that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from. This girl knew how to tease and I wondered how much of her coy naïve “young girl” behavior was an act and how much was real? Around 10:00 pm, I was in my room having a glass of wine and watching Glee on cable, when my room phone rang.

It was Anne and her voice was clearly excited, almost breathless, “John. I’m so happy. I’m so happy. I just had a huge fight with my dad.”

Anne giggled with irrepressible young girl giggles and was trying to catch her breath. I’m thinking, huge fight, happy? What is Anne talking about? Why is she giggling so uncontrollably after a fight with her dad? It made no sense.

“Daddy and Julie are going scuba diving for two days on the North side of Bali. For two whole days! I refused to go and we had a huge fight. So he’s going to take his little slut wife and they’re going to go by themselves. I’m staying here. Actually I think Julie is secretly glad to get rid of me, my dad too, actually. They both just want to fuck like rabbits and be by themselves.”

Anne giggled at what she had just said and then added, “NO Julie! No Dad! For two whole days!! We’ll be by ourselves. It’ll be so much fun.”

So I had Anne to myself for two days. Now I was really looking forward to tomorrow. I told Anne we would be taking a car ride during the day and to dress comfortably. The next morning Anne showed up in a tight yellow top that covered down to just above her belly button. The top left her cute belly button and about six inches of bare skin around her midriff exposed. Anne had on tight white terrycloth short-shorts that really emphasized her wide feminine hips and her sexy firm ass. On her feet, Anne was wearing a pair of white Keds with no socks. Anne looked super cute and her ass was so sexy in those tight white terry shorts that my eyes kept straying for quick looks. Anne caught me looking a couple of times, but her only reaction was to smile mischiefeously. Anne had pulled her hair back into a ponytail, which made her look even younger than before. Anne leaned in giving me a light kiss and was holding my hand as I guided her into the black car.

I whispered in her ear, “You look so young and cute today with the ponytail and your shorts. I hope those people in the lobby don’t think I’m robbing the cradle.”

I let out a little chuckle, but actually I was a bit worried about the impression I might be making holding hands with this gorgeous sexy young woman. Anne turned to me with a look of mock “shock” on her face. Anne pretended to punch my shoulder with a light motion of her fist. Anne then put her lips near my ear and whispered back,

“You’re so silly John! Our age difference is less than between my dad and Julie. So don’t be so uptight. If my dad can sexually satisfy that slut, I’m sure you can take care of me. I mean, really, I’m a virgin.”

Anne giggled wildly and a provocative grin covered her face, as she looked for my reaction. Anne was the same young girl, but something had subtly changed today. Anne seemed a little more forward, more aggressive today. Maybe it was just my imagination? A virgin? My head was swimming and again I was having a hard time suppressing my deviant lustful thoughts.

We took the hotel car into the volcanic hills rising above Nusa Dua to visit the hillside villages. We stopped every now and then to look at all the arts and crafts for sale in each village. Every village would focus on a different craft with some villages doing woodcarving, other villages doing painting, etc. Finally we came to the village with jewelry studios and the silver studio I had been intending to take Anne to. Here you could watch the craftsman make original jewelry from raw silver and see how they came up with their designs. I let Anne look at all the jewelry and after spending an hour and a half trying this and that, I selected a pair of silver earrings with small pearls that dangled and looked really cute on Anne. Anne was so happy she jumped up and down and gave me a big hug.

“Oh my god, these will look SO GOOD with my outfit. Can we go on a REAL DATE tonight? Can we? I really want to show you my outfit. My girlfriend thinks it looks really sexy on me.”

I told her that my plans were still “secret” but that I was sure she would be able to wear her outfit tonight. We went to the side of the jewelry studio to go to the washroom before taking the long ride back to the resort in Nusa Dua. When I walked Anne back to the car, she pulled me close into her body.

“John, thank you for the beautiful earrings. I really like them. You’re so sweet and I have so much fun with you. You’re not like my dad at all. You’re so patient when I shop and look at things. Most guys aren’t like you.”

Then Anne leaned forward and gave me a very sweet, delicate kiss on the lips. My right hand was placed on the bare skin on her back and tingles ran to my cock as our kiss lingered for just a moment longer than a chaste kiss should. We returned to the resort by 5 pm and I told Anne to be ready to go out by 6:30 pm. I then headed to my room to have a shower and get ready myself. I had arranged with the resort to have twelve big, red, long-stem roses placed in Anne’s room while we were away, along with a bottle of Miss Dior perfume that I had wrapped for her in glossy red wrapping paper and a silver bow.

I had just got into the shower and was soaping my body when the phone rang. I quickly wrapped a towel and grabbed the phone in the bathroom that was hanging on the wall just outside the shower. It was Anne.

“John! You’re so naughty! Why did you do that? I mean roses and perfume! Guys don’t do that stuff anymore you know.”

“Well, did you like it?”

“Of course John. I mean, it made me feel so special, but...?”

Anne’s voice hesitated, “I mean, when I saw the roses and the box I started blushing and my heart was pounding. No guy has done anything like that for me before.”

I couldn’t help a big smile crossing my face.

“Well, you said you wanted to go on a “REAL date” correct? Well this is what a real date is like. I want you to feel special because you are.”

I then told Anne I was dripping wet from the shower and she could thank me later that evening when I picked her up.

Anne had a very mischievous tone to her voice and she said, “You mean you’re talking to me naked?”

I replied that yes, I certainly did take my showers naked. Anne giggled and I laughed and then she added even more provocatively,

“MMMMM... Sounds like I should come over and help you scrub your back.”

Anne burst into a fit of girly giggling at what she had just said and put the phone down. What a little minx I thought to myself. Anne just seemed to love pushing my sexual buttons with her teasing and playful taunts. Anne knew exactly how sexy she was and how much she turned me on and she was using that for all it was worth to make fun of me. When I got back into the shower, the warm water and shower gel flowing over my body, I couldn’t help it, but my cock got hard just thinking about her tight young body. Shit, I was acting like a teenager myself getting all horny for a girl I can never have and she’s acting like a perfect little high school cock tease; you know, the girls who promise, who tease, who tempt, dress up sexy, but never deliver. As I dried myself off I looked at my hand towel and thought that was the very same cotton would be what I would be pumping my cock into at the end of a very enjoyable, but very frustrating evening.

At 6:30 exactly, I knocked on Anne’s door. She opened it and stood there shyly casting me a demure look. Anne was looking at me questioningly as if to ask, “Do you like the outfit?” Anne stood before me dressed in a tight, black, three-quarter sleeveless top covered by little colored sequins. The top stopped just above her belly button, leaving a sexy strip of her bare midriff to tempt me. The band of bare skin also served to emphasize Anne’s slim waist, her flared hips and her firm ass as it widened out.

Further down her body, Anne was wearing an elegant pair of tailored black linen shorts with a thin silver belt. The shorts were cut to fit her very snuggly, but still had a sophisticated look, with a small tailored French cuff and four large front button details and small front pleats. The tight top and the tailored shorts had the effect of emphasizing Anne’s breasts and her cute sexy butt as the main features of her athletic toned body. Anne’s breasts looked firm and amazing, about 34B, but they seemed larger since her waist tapered and was perhaps only twenty-four or twenty-five inches. Anne’s body then flared out into wonderful, feminine, wider hips and an amazing tight young ass.

Beyond the black shorts, my eyes took in Anne’s beautiful toned legs, looking ever so sexy in very sheer, almost not there, smoke colored charcoal stockings. Anne’s shoes were some very elegant black leather heels that gave her another two inches of height. The black tailored linen shorts over the sheer charcoal stockings, paired with the silver belt, were an incredibly sophisticated and sexy look. Anne’s hair was curled in long, luscious curls, framing her cute face. Anne’s hair was held back from her forehead by a black velvet headband with a line of rhinestones.

The earrings I had bought Anne today, dangled and sparkled from her ears. Around her slender neck, Anne had a black velvet chocker, with tiny rhinestones, which added an extra sort of sexual edge to the whole look. This was combined with some dark eye shadow and eyeliner to give Anne’s face a much more mature and sexy look. Anne looked tall, toned, stunning, sophisticated and sexy. No way she looked eighteen tonight, Anne looked more like twenty-five. Anne turned sideways to offer me her profile, which took my breath away for a second.

“So, what do you think? My friend Cindy says I kill in this outfit. Give me a real man’s opinion. Do you still prefer Julie’s body, or are you willing to spend the evening with little old me?”

Anne grinned, challenging me to answer. I reached out and pulled her gently against my body while looking deeply into her eyes.

“Who’s Julie?” I said playfully.

I let my grin convey the message of how stunning she looked before adding, “No Julie tonight, young lady. She doesn’t exist. One-hundred percent of this man’s attention is for you!” I continued.

Anne giggled softly and tilted her head in a coy feminine gesture. A smile spread across her face indicating my reply had made her happy. I kissed Anne with a soft, gentle kiss on the lips. Anne looked damn sexy and I wanted her to feel how horny she made me feel dressing up like this for me. Anne was obviously feeling very competitive with her sexy young stepmother and I wanted to reassure her how sexy and desirable she looked tonight.

I wanted Anne to know right away that tonight I needed her and wanted her completely. No more playing around. Flirting and cock teasing was fun, but I was a man and I wanted more from Anne now. Our kiss lingered and turned more passionate at Anne’s encouragement. Gentle became urgent as the kiss lingered further. The feelings, the need, were rising in Anne, as well as in me. I could feel it in our kiss and in the heat of her body pressed against mine. Anne pulled away from me breathing heavily, almost panting as she sought to collect herself.

I could smell the Miss Dior Cherie perfume I had sent to her, a young, chic, floral scent. I looked at Anne and I’m sure she could feel the need and sexual hunger in my eyes. Anne looked flustered and slightly upset, almost scared.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” I asked her with a tone of genuine concern in my voice.

“No, it’s not you John. It’s me. I’m just… Well, it’s just that when you kiss me. I don’t know how to say this, or I’ll sound silly. I just feel so tingly inside. I’ve never felt like this before.”

I pulled Anne into a hug and we both laughed. It was such a turn-on for me to have Anne say that to me. How many older women would tell you that your kiss made them feel “tingly”? Her youthful honesty and openness was such a turn-on. My cock was getting hard just from the thought of Anne getting “tingly”!

Anne held my hand as we walked through the lobby and I could see men’s eyes being pulled towards her and following her sexy ass as she passed by. In the hotel lobby, there was a placard posted with a tropical storm warning, so I asked the concierge about the weather situation. Apparently the storm shouldn’t hit our area in Nusa Dua until around 2:00 am so we’d be ok going out for dinner. Anne looked at me nervously and told me she really didn’t like thunder storms. I told her not to worry, as the storm wouldn’t hit until much later, when we’d be back at the resort. That seemed to relax her again.

I took Anne to Papa’s Italian restaurant at Legian Beach, near Kuta. I arranged a quiet corner table inside with aircon, but still looking out directly onto the beach and the sunset. Our dinner was wonderful and Anne told me about her plans to go to one of the top design schools in the UK in September, St. Martens in London. Anne showed me some of her designs on her phone and she was clearly very talented.

We watched a spectacular sunset and as we chatted, Anne seemed to get more and more comfortable with me. Anne reached across and held my hand on several occasions during dinner and I reciprocated by giving her hands a gentle squeeze and stroking them softly when I had the chance. There was a full moon, which made the beach and the pounding surf seem very romantic. After our dinner we walked hand-in-hand down the stone path by the beach and listened to the waves collapse in cascades of white bubbles along the long flat sandy beach. Anne and I both craned our necks back to look up into the black sky at the huge full silver moon hanging low on the ocean’s horizon.

Our driver was waiting and I told him to take us to Bacio nightclub at Blue Ocean Beach. Bacio’s is probably the most up-scale club in Bali and I knew Anne would love it. I had booked a corner booth and had a bottle of champagne waiting. Anne looked incredibly hot as she followed me into the club. I held her hand lightly and guided her to the booth I had reserved. Anne’s face was beaming and she was clearly excited.

The DJ was spinning a mix of 80s and 90s along with some house mixes and mash-ups. The place was filing up and there were a lot of hot women dressed to kill. A lot of the girls were dancing together on the dance floor and Anne was having fun just checking out their outfits, their sexy shoes and their sequined clutch bags. Women love to check out other women and assess both their outfits and their bodies. This surveying of the sexual potential of other females is most probably a natural competitive instinct. Women no doubt seek to assess their own ability to attract a male capable of reproduction in competition with the other fertile females in the local area?

Anne would point to this girl and that girl and ask me “how hot” I thought their outfits and bodies were. There was one really stunning blond girl with an amazing body (an Aussie I think) who had on a skin-tight leopard print dress that was very short and sassy.

Anne pointed her out and said, “Now wouldn’t you want to go ask her to dance and take her back to your room? She’s so sexy! C’mon John, be honest.”

Anne laughed and looked at me to see how I would reply to this flirtatious provocation.

I smiled and said, “Yes, I would be chasing her.”

And then I paused enjoying watching a pout develop on Anne’s face, before continuing, “If I weren’t sitting with the sexiest girl in the club and intending to take HER back to my resort.”

Anne’s face immediately brightened from a sour pout into a big smile and she leaned into my body and put her hand on my thigh, rubbing my inner thigh lightly and gave me a light teasing kiss on the neck. The touch of her hand on my inner thigh sent shocks to my cock and it thumped up and down in my slacks. Anne heard the first few notes of the next song and quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me up to dance. We danced for a long time, taking short breaks at our booth to sip our champagne. We actually danced up to the blond girl and Anne and the blond did a little girl-on-girl dancing and grinding, which I found very hot. The two girls were giggling and laughing as they teased each other and virtually ignored me. The DJ then moved into some slower songs and the lights in the club were lowered so it was quite dim.

Anne moved into my arms and our bodies molded into each other and we moved together swaying with the music. Our hips rubbed and my hard cock pushed against Anne’s hips and pubic bone. There is no way Anne wouldn’t notice the effect she was having on me and my body’s reaction to her sexy dancing. After three slow dances, Anne pulled me back to our booth and we sat close together on the maroon velvet padded bench. Anne reached up and put her hand around my neck and pulled my mouth to hers. We started to make out, something I hadn’t done in a club for years. If I was surprised by the sexual hunger in Anne’s kiss I didn’t let that last long as I sought to respond to her heat.

It was so erotic just kissing this girl, her mouth so hungry for mine. We shared long soft kisses alternating with deep passionate lustful kisses. I lightly kissed and nibbled on Anne’s neck; her shoulders; I sucked her lower lip into my mouth and played with it. Anne’s tongue probed and became more aggressive, pushing deeper and deeper into my mouth. Our tongues played with each other in a tangle of need.

I nibbled on Anne’s cute ears and let my warm breath tease the soft sensitive skin of her slender neck. I could hear soft delicate moans escaping from her throat as my teasing had its effect. My hands lightly played across the bare skin at her midriff and I gently coursed my fingers over her thighs teasing the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Anne in turn moved her hand lightly on my inner thigh, moving it closer and closer to my hard bulge. I let one hand slide over Anne’s left breast as I moved it to caress her neck. I was testing to see how far Anne would let me go and if she would pull back, or push me away.

Instead of pulling away, Anne’s own hand became more forward and moved hesitantly to feel my bulge. She slowly moved her hand over the hard rod and rubbed me lightly through my pants. My god, she might be feeling tingly, but so was I at this point. My cock engorged further, throbbing with blood and reached its full length of over eight inches. I think Anne was curious and she was feeling all around my cock to check out how big it was. I wasn’t going to object to her curiousity.

We made out for about half an hour and I then asked Anne if she was ready to go back to the resort. She nodded, her eyes cast down shyly and told me what a good time she had and what a wonderful evening it had been. I said the date wasn’t over yet. This made Ann turn very shy and to smile back in a very timid and coy fashion. I could tell Anne was nervous about what was to happen next on this evening.

We held hands in the car and Anne squeezed my hand nervously several times as we got closer and closer to the resort. We arrived at the resort around 1:30 am and I held Anne’s hand, my heart pounding in anticipation as we walked towards the wing where our rooms were located. Finally we were getting close to our rooms and a decision would need to be made. Anne was as skittish as a young colt. As we neared my suite I could feel Anne slowing her pace and hesitating. I stopped and looked into her eyes and asked her what was wrong.

“Nothing, it’s not you.”

I held both her hands and kept looking at her, “Then what is it?”

I was staring into the deep pools of Anne’s big brown eyes, which were brimming with so much liquid it seemed she was about to cry.

“It’s just… Well… I’ve never… I mean…” Anne’s voice trailed off pleadingly and she looked at me imploringly.

Anne collected herself and looked up into my eyes again.

“John?” She started hesitantly. “Is it ok if I just go back to my room tonight?”

I could see how scared Anne was and I knew that no matter how horny I was and how much I wanted to bring this young virgin to my bed and turn her into a quivering mass of orgasmic womanhood, it would not be tonight. It would not be fair to such a timid and scared young girl to push her further. We agreed to meet the following day and I said goodnight to Anne, with a final passionate kiss at her room door. How hard was it to drag myself away? I would have given anything for the evening to end differently, but I sighed in resignation at the reality that Anne was not ready yet.

I walked somewhat dejectedly back to my room and had a quick shower. As I got in the shower I could hear the thunder start to crack and the tropical downpour of a true deluge of monsoon rain begin to pour down. The shower felt refreshing and I stroked my hard cock and thought momentarily about having a release, but then abandoned the idea for lack of conviction. The evening had turned out to be a bust after such high expectations. I had no enthusiasm even to wank off.

I pulled on my hotel soft cotton robe, in a blue Balinese traditional print and poured myself a glass of wine and went onto my balcony to enjoy the thunderstorm. I’ve always enjoyed rainstorms and in Bali the lightning shooting across the sky comes in flashes bright enough to light up everything, brighter than daylight. Huge explosions of thunder crack like an aerial bombardment a few seconds after the flashes of light. A tropical monsoon like this is Mother Nature at her most awesome.

As I sipped on my wine and enjoyed the sound of heavy rain battering the leaves of the trees, I thought I detected the sound of a soft knock at the door of my suite? I quickly looked at my watch wondering whom in hell it could be at just past two AM in the morning?

I padded over, my bare feet cold on the wooden floor, to my door and looked through the keyhole. My lord what a pathetic sight? Standing there in front of my door, was poor Anne soaking wet, her hair tangled, in a light cotton pink nightshirt plastered wet to her skin. I quickly opened the door and hustled Anne inside asking her what she was doing. Anne explained the thunder and lightning was scaring her and was it ok if she stayed with me tonight? Well, who was I to object trying to keep my eyes from looking at her firm young breasts and small light brown nipples clearly visible through the thin pink translucent wet cotton material.

I got Anne inside and told her to change into one of the hotel robes and to get her wet nightshirt off before she caught a chill from the air conditioning. Once the cold air from the air conditioning hit her breasts Anne’s little nipples hardened and it was even harder keeping my eyes averted as they turned into little points. I pulled the second smaller light cotton blue robe from the closet and handed it to Anne as I directed her towards the bathroom area. I slid the sliding door bathroom door closed so she would have some privacy to change. When Anne reappeared a few minutes later pulling at her tangled hair with my brush I couldn’t help chuckling.

“Stop laughing John, it’s not funny. Thunder scares me easily, ever since I was a little kid. If it keeps pouring like this we’ll need Noah’s ark to save us. Aren’t you even a little scared?”

I smiled while I pulled out the hair dryer for her. Giving Anne a little ticklish poke in the ribs, I told her to calm down and dry her hair before she caught the death of a chill. Sitting in my chair with my glass of wine, I enjoyed the site of Anne’s young body in profile as she blew the warm air into her hair and we chatted. The robe was short and just covered Anne’s firm ass leaving her sexy legs for me to enjoy. Needless to say my cock began to thump up and down again and engorged at the knowledge that Anne was again within arms reach.

I poured Anne a glass of wine and when her hair was dry, we went onto the balcony to watch the deluge of monsoon rain pour down. A monsoon tropical storm is something to behold and the volume of water that can descend from the heavens is breathtaking. As we stood by the rail the sky would be lit up with a bright white light as if god’s camera flash had gone off on a celestial cosmic iPhone. One or two seconds later, the crashing “boom” would arrive as the sound of the thunder followed briefly behind the light, since sound travels somewhat more slowly. The reverberating boom could be felt in the subtle vibrations in the wood railing of the balcony. With each successive crashing boom I could feel Anne’s body shiver next to mine. I put my arm around Anne, as she yawned and I thought it was best to just get her away from the fearful storm.

“Time for bed sleepy head.”

Anne smiled, as my arm around her waist directed her into my bedroom and towards the big king-sized bed. I pulled away the covers on the left side and Anne smiled nervously as she slid onto the bed, in her light cotton robe. I dimmed the lights and left my own robe on so she wouldn’t be too embarrassed as I slid into bed on the other side and then flicked off the light. I could feel Anne’s nervousness as if it was tangible making the air in the room somehow thicker.

“Are you okay Anne?” I asked.

There was a hesitation and a pause, but then Anne wriggled her body closer to mine shifting closer to me in the big bed.

“Can you just hold me John? I…”

I moved closer and slid my arm over Anne’s tiny waist, as her slim body spooned into mine.

“Well… I’ve never slept with a man before.”

Ann pulled on my arm so that my hand was resting right on top of her firm young breast and I could feel her chest rising and falling with her nervous deep breathing. Anne’s toned ass was now pressing its sculpted curved surface into my groin. My cock (as you no doubt expected) was immediately swelling to full hardness and I knew Anne could not be unaware of my manhood pressed up against her bum. My body was nervous and tense and I know hers was as well. I waited to see if Anne would shift her ass away from my uncontrollable hard rod. Instead Anne shifted her bum slightly pressing it harder against my own hardness.

Pressing my nose into Anne’s tumult of dark lustrous hair and smelling her gorgeous scent I waited patiently for Anne to calm down and her breathing to even out. When I sensed her heart rate had slowed somewhat, I used the fingers of my left hand to lightly trace across the top of her young breast. Within seconds Anne’s nipple had turned into a hard little nib, in response to my delicate teasing. Anne said nothing, but leaned her body back into mine more firmly. I continued my light teasing feather-light touches around Anne’s erect nipple, knowing I needed to move ever so slowly with this skittish young virgin. I could now sense Anne’s heart rate rising again, but this time not out of nervousness, but because of my light touches on her breast.

Feeling I had built her up enough I finally used one thumb and one finger to lightly press on Anne’s left nipple. Up until this moment nothing I had done had been overtly sexual. Anne could pretend my light touches were simply the random movements of my hand, innocent movements, as I slumbered near sleep. The pressing on Anne’s nipple would tell me how far I could proceed, as she would know my intentions were now no longer innocent. I pressed lightly waiting for Anne’s response. No she did not pull away, she did not push my hand away. Instead the faintest, an almost inaudible tiny moan escaped from deep in Anne’s throat. I rolled the nipple again more firmly and Anne pressed her ass harder against my throbbing hard cock. This teasing went on for quite a while, without Anne overtly acknowledging my touches. She said nothing and I said nothing, but Anne’s tiny moans and sucking in of her breath became more pronounced as her arousal grew.

Feeling Anne was ready for more, I pulled lightly on the cotton tie at her waist and opened the front of Anne’s robe so I could touch her flawless honey toned tanned skin. My hand slid under the light cotton fabric and I traced around the underside of the firm swell of her pert naked breast. My fingers lightly danced on her silky soft skin, teasing it ever so slightly. Anne’s body pushed back and she arched her back, pushing her breast into my hand as her needs built and her body lusted for more and firmer touches. My cock was pulsing and throbbing with blood now and I had not wanted a woman this badly in years. The build-up, the teasing, the anticipation of this moment had been nothing less than torture for me. Now my cock was so sensitive and excited, I was in danger of losing control prematurely. To be in bed with this beautiful sexy young virgin was beyond a dream come true.

I could feel Anne’s body responding eagerly to my touches and I could sense she was a very sexual young woman with wanton and urgent sexual needs that, until now had been repressed. I could only imagine how great Anne’s pent-up desires must be at eighteen and still being a virgin? I let my fingers slide a little higher up her pert breast to find a now rock hard nipple jutting out. I took my fingers to my mouth and wet them with my saliva and then returned them to Anne’s waiting nipple. I was able to roll her nipple with the slick saliva providing the playful teasing lubricant. In return I received the first full-blown moan from Anne as I felt her body shiver slightly in response my manipulation of her nipple.

Anne turned her body towards mine and our mouths found each other’s in the darkness. Anne’s soft mildly cherry-flavored lips were on mine and her tongue was pushing into my mouth without modesty, probing and playfully thrusting. Up till now Anne had been coy, demure, flirtatious, a teenage cock-tease. Now with Anne’s modesty clothed by the sheltering darkness, she was letting go and becoming a woman, with real sexual needs. I rolled my body in towards Anne’s and pushed my bottom leg forward. Anne slid one of her legs over my thigh so she was straddling my thigh and her pussy was rubbing directly on my thigh. I could feel the heat from Anne’s pussy and some of the slick juices she was producing wet my thigh. Anne now shifted and wriggled her body on top of mine as we kissed ever more passionately and she dry humped my leg with her no doubt tingling young pussy. Anne’s fingernails were digging into the skin on my back as uncontrolled female passion took control of her young inexperienced body. Anne’s moves were juvenile, tentative and unsure, her confidence was lacking, but her female needs and desires were undeniable.

I pulled Anne’s robe open exposing the top half of her beautiful toned Asian body. I quickly let my hungry lips fall onto her right breast. With one hand I pulled the covers back and pushed Anne’s body back on the bed. I held Anne’s arm out wide, pinning it against the mattress as I began my full assault on her senses. My mouth sucked, licked, kissed, flicked, teased, and then lightly bit onto Anne’s nipples and firm young breasts. I paid particular attention to the delicate and sensitive underside of her breasts and the undersides of her arms. My ultra-soft kisses, teasing licks and touches were obviously arousing Anne to new heights of passion. Anne’s body began to writhe and twist beneath me as she felt the sensations building in her young taut body. Holding both of Anne’s arms high above her head pinned to the mattress I let my mouth play teasingly from one breast to the other and then to move slowly and teasingly lower down her ribcage.

Anne’s breathing was heavy and rapid now and I could feel the need growing in her body. I let go of Anne’s hands and let my mouth course down her chest and flat stomach while each hand took charge of a firm breast and each hand rolled a hard rubbery nipple. My delicate light kisses made their way slowly towards Anne’s pussy, while my fingers rolled, lightly pinched and played with her aroused light brown nipples. My lips kissed across Anne’s hips and then found the wispy light tufts of fine dark Asian hair covering her pubic mound. Nuzzling my nose in Anne’s fine little triangle of silky pubic hair my nostrils flared detecting her fresh young rich scent of womanhood. Anne’s hands were nervously gripping my head as my mouth moved closer and closer to its ultimate destination. I could feel Anne’s nervousness rise the closer I got to her virgin entrance. My lips applied soft, delicate and slow kisses, as I moved ever so slowly, not wanting to startle my young virgin into stopping me. I edged my kisses lower, centimeter by centimeter, while I tried my best to restrain my growing desire to move faster and take her totally.

Teasingly, I kissed all around Anne’s pussy, without directly touching her outer lips. I kissed her mound, her inner thighs, and her flat hipbones. I let Anne’s desire and needs build and her nervousness abate before taking the first taste. I wanted Anne to want me to kiss her pussy, before I actually did make the final assault. Feeling Anne’s hands on my head directing me urgently towards her no doubt burning pussy, I knew the time was right. I positioned my head right in front of her beautiful young pussy and let my tongue delicately slide up and down the outer lips, which were already glistening with her creamy juices.

I felt Anne’s nails dig nervously into my scalp at the first shocking touch of a man’s tongue on her pussy lips. Slowly and carefully I played with her puffy outer lips, sliding my tongue in only millimeters deeper each time. As I built a slow and regular rhythm with my tongue I felt Anne’s fingers gently relax and moans begin to sound from deep in her throat. Encouraged by Anne’s light moaning, I let my tongue probe a little deeper and my tongue pushed tentatively at the tightly contracted vaginal walls blocking her entrance.

Sliding my tongue to the top of Anne’s vagina entrance I found Anne’s protruding clitoris engorged with aroused blood. I gently swirled my tongue around it, testing and teasing to see how sensitive Anne would prove to be. After a few cautionary gentle strokes of my tongue to test Anne’s response, I finally applied a light brush right across the top of her clit. Anne’s hips gyrated pushing upwards and her hands pushed my head hard into her pussy, as she urged me to offer her more of the same. My face, now covered in Anne’s slick girlie juices, could not help grinning as I sensed there was no pulling back now.

Up until now, Anne had been mainly a passive receiver of pleasure on a basis entirely dictated by me. But now Anne forgot her youthful nerves and her modesty and her own female lust and wants took control. Anne’s hands began to push my head and direct my tongue towards her own needs with an unabashed feminine certainty of where and how she wanted to be touched. This was Anne’s first acknowledgement as a woman that she needed to be fucked, wanted to be fucked and deserved to be fucked in a way that made her feel wonderful as a woman.

Anne’s moans and sighs became louder and her legs relaxed. As her confidence grew, Anne spread her legs slightly wider, to allow me fuller access to her young sweet pussy. I brought one hand down from her breast and began to play with her pussy with my fingers, probing and teasing around her pussy entrance. I pushed my index finger in against her tightly constricted vaginal walls at the entrance seeking access. At first Anne’s tight vagina walls resisted, but my finger was not that big and Anne’s pussy was slick and wet with her own viscous juices combined with my slick saliva. Without too much manipulation my finger slid inside and I began light flicks with my finger inside Anne’s pussy moving it rapidly from side to side. My finger movements matched the rhythm of my tongue flicking and the teasing on her clitoris. I slowly built a cadence of tongue and finger flicks, that I was certain would bring Anne to the precipice.

This new sensation must have been amazing for young Anne. She had a man’s tongue on her clit and a man’s finger teasing her inside her tight virgin pussy. I built Anne slowly with my strokes, trying not to set her off into a small orgasm too early and disappoint her for her first orgasm with me. A few times I felt Anne was close to release, but I eased off and let her relax and then began building her up again. After several of these build-ups Anne had reached a frenzy of need and lust. Anne’s fingers were digging into me and she was urgently imploring me to let her cum as she tried to push my mouth harder down onto her burning pulsing pussy. Knowing Anne was now ready I finally took Anne over the edge with repeated rapid flicks of my tongue, rapid side-to-side flicks of my finger and a rolling soft pinching of her left nipple with my right hand. Anne’s body shuddered and shook and she cried out in ecstasy. Anne’s body tensed in spasm after spasm of orgasmic convulsions, shaking and twisting against me as waves of pleasure consumed her. I’m sure she had no idea how much noise she was making as she cried out in passionate female release.

“Oh my GOD!! OH GOD… JOHN… OH YES!! OH GOD… Don’t stop... Yes, right… Oh god, right there… Yes… YES!! AAHhhhhh ooohhhh god, that feels so goooodddd... Oh John…”

Anne thrust her hips up and down, coating my face in her secreted juices, as I did my best to keep my flicking tongue in contact with her shifting clitoris. As Anne’s orgasm faded, I slowed my tongue and moved away from direct contact with her clitoris, so she could regain her senses. I slowly pulled my face away from her virgin pussy, slowly removed my finger from her tight vagina and began slowly kissing my way up her body. I kissed lightly across her flat stomach, teased her bellybutton with my tongue, gently kissed her beautiful firm breasts, nibbled and kissed her shoulders and neck before returning my lips to passionately kiss Anne’s lips.

Our bodies were now pressed against each other and Anne could not help but feel my male hardness pushing against her hips and her stomach. I did not want to push Anne too fast, or scare her, but as a man I needed her and wanted her more than anything at that moment. Anne giggled softly and her hand slid down my hard body and finding my cock she took it gently in her hand.

Anne put her lips to my ear, “Thank you John that was amazing. Now I know why Julie makes so much noise.”

Anne giggled and then began to lightly stroke my cock with her hand. She kissed me passionately and pushed me back on the bed so she could look at my body. Anne looked down at my chest and my hips and my thick hard cock, protruding high off my stomach in an arc of engorged male tissue. Anne curiously and gently played with my hard cock and teased around my inner thighs and ever so lightly teased the sensitive skin under my balls. Anne’s slender soft fingers felt featherlike, as she delicately teased my sensitive skin. Tilting her head up Anne looked deep into my eyes, with her doe-like innocence, as if she was searching to see into my soul and perhaps into hers to test the depths. It seemed as if Anne was making sure this was the correct moment to become a woman. Seemingly having made her decision, Anne pulled me tightly into her body and we kissed again, but this time with increased fervor. Anne’s kiss conveyed a new certainty, a new maturity, that I could feel as she began to assert herself as a woman. Anne had changed from an awkward uncertain young virgin tentative about her sexuality, into a young woman who was certain about her right to be filled and fulfilled by a man.

Wrapping Anne’s lithe body in my arms she almost disappeared against my broad chest and our kiss lingered longer and longer and our heat and sexual desire became almost palpable. Anne’s wet pussy rubbed hard against my thigh as she mashed her lips into mine with an intensity that surprised me, but excited me even more. Anne’s heat, her sexual hunger, her intense passion, her female need intoxicated me; Anne’s lust infected me so that I was overcome by the same disease of lust. Anne swung her smooth warm leg further over my body so she was now lying on top of me. Anne’s young virgin pussy and pubic mound was now rubbing directly on top of my hard throbbing over eight-inch cock. This intense foreplay was driving me insane with desire and it could not carry on like this much longer before I would be driven mad with desire and might act rashly.

As Anne’s kiss softened she raked her hand and fingernails across my chest sending shivers through by tightly wound body. I ran my hand down the slope of her smooth back to the sloping rise of her firm ass and then I grabbed onto her ass with my hand pushing her into me while I thrust up, grinding my cock hard into her body with my hips. I wanted to show Anne my need, my desire for her, was total. Anne giggled and pulled her lips off mine and ran her hand gently through my hair as she again looked deeply into my eyes and took stock of the situation. Anne’s look became serious and subtle and she moved her lips next to my ear, her warm moist breath tickling my skin.

“Be gentle John. Please? It’s my first time.”

With those clear instructions, I simply nodded slightly and then reached behind me for the drawer to find a condom.

Anne looked at me wondering what I was doing so I whispered softly back, “I’m getting a condom baby.” 

Running her nails hard into my scalp, Anne raised her hips slightly and reached down looking for my cock.

“It’s okay I’m on the pill. My mom put me on the pill. I want my first time to be special with nothing between us.”

With that Anne’s slender hand pulled my cock higher and raising her hips, she used my cockhead to rub against her slick wet outer pussy lips. Anne held her hips up and I kept my pelvis stationary as she rubbed back and forth along the length of my cock getting my cock slippery and wet and fully lubricated. Pushing down with her hips Anne pushed my fat engorged cockhead past her outer lips. Anne’s tightly constricted pussy walls immediately resisted my thick hard cock.

I let Anne control the pace, as she pushed down tentatively against the resistance of her pussy testing it with soft gentle thrusts of her hips. I raised my other hand to Anne’s firm rubbery nipple and started to tease her nipple to distract her from her nervousness and the tightness of her constricted pussy. The idea of inserting my big thick eight-inch cock into her tight virgin vagina was clearly making Anne more than a little nervous. Anne’s nervousness was making her pussy tighten-up even more making everything even more difficult.

As Anne pushed harder with her hips, my cock went in about one-inch and Anne’s body shivered. I kissed Anne’s mouth harder and just relished how precious this moment was for the both of us. There is perhaps nothing as special for a man as being able to share the first moment when a young woman feels herself filled by a man’s cock. This is the moment when a young woman understands for the first time, her ability to fully complete and satisfy not only herself, but also another human being she needs to be with more than anything. It is the moment a young woman realizes that she does not need to be alone and that two can truly become one.

The friction of Anne’s smooth, supple young body rubbing against mine, the feeling of her hard nipple firm and rubbery between my fingers, the burning of my hard tingling cock slowly entering her tight slick virgin vagina; the sensations and emotions were overwhelming. Anne slowly worked my cock in further by pushing in a rocking motion with her hips, driving me slightly deeper with each downward thrust of her hips. With each rocking motion I felt my cock go slightly deeper and deeper into the extremely tight warmth of her pussy.

I could feel two inches, then three inches, then four inches disappear inside young Anne. The cornucopia of sensations and feelings was almost too much and more than once I came close to cumming. Anne’s lustrous dark hair was falling down over my head tickling my neck and chest, the taste of her mouth, the playfulness of her tongue, the feel of her incredibly tight pussy walls constricting on my hardness, her young body shivering as each inch went deeper inside her filling her never before filled cavity; it was beyond exhilarating and I almost came as I was assaulted by all these intense sensations.

Finally Anne had taken all my over eight inches and she ground her clitoris in a circular motion against my pelvic bone letting out a deep moan of pleasure as her fingernails dug into my chest. Anne’s eyes were clenched tightly closed; her head thrown back as she finally felt the exhilaration of being a complete woman consume her. With the excitement building in me I leaned forward, grabbed a handful of her hair and latched my mouth onto one of her nipples giving it a playful gentle bite. Anne thrust her hips down and finally cried out in a full female cry of unrestrained pleasure. As Anne’s hips began to thrust up and down with more force and a faster cadence she struggled to catch her breath as her moans and cries interrupted her need for oxygen.

Slowly, I began to build my own rhythm as I thrust back gently with my own hips, responding to Anne’s urgent needs with my own and doing my best to match her halting pace. Anne’s loud moans and sighs were sure indication that we were on course for a huge orgasm. We were in the midst of that wondrous moment of first time lovers, that sultry, sexy, seductive part of the mating ritual where we are building the trust and knowledge of the other person’s moves and responses. We were learning how the raw lusting sexual energy of one person passes into the other with the sum of the two energies become much greater through some sort of sexual alchemy; a sort of sexual nuclear reaction. Our bodies clawed at each other, hungering to be transported and united in the goal of seeking a total shuddering mutual release; a release from our own singlehood, a release from our worldly cares, a release from the constrictions and boundaries imposed by society, a release only possible in the oneness of sexual lust and mutual abandon.

With passionate kisses and a frothy, frantic, frenzy of thrusting hips mingled with loud moans, sighs and sexual cries, our ecstasy built quickly. I had no ability to resist Anne’s journey towards womanhood, even had I thought to try. Without warning Anne slammed her hips down into my pelvis, her nails ripped into my chest, she threw her head back while arching her back, her small pointed breast jutted forward proudly and a guttural cry of release came from deep inside her chest. This was too much and I could hold back no longer at the sight of Anne’s eyes clenched shut and feeling her nails ripping into my skin. My cock pulsed and surged inside the grip of her tight virgin pussy and I felt my balls pull up as they tightened in preparation before suddenly constricting and releasing my seed in a huge burst. My own animal cries mingled with Anne’s, as my arms pulled her body hard onto mine. I pushed down hard with a hand on Anne’s ass, trying to drive her hips down and drive my cock as deeply into her as I could. My hot sperm shot in spasm after spasm into her tight constricting convulsing vagina as my body shook in total release.

Sated by our massive orgasms, both our hips ceased moving and I gently cradled Anne’s warm body in my arms. I reached down and pulled the thin cotton sheet over our sweat covered and now cooling bodies. The distant sound of the softly lapping Balinese ocean waves outside the balcony window provided the gentle background music as our bodies floated down from our ecstatic sexual high. I felt my thankful body next to Anne’s, my cock still inside her beginning to shrink already and I began to delicately stroke her long dark hair and her beaming happy face. Anne’s face was glowing and her eyes were gazing at me clearly a bit stunned and overwhelmed by what we had just done. This wondrous young angel had selected me to share this unique experience with and I knew it was my responsibility to show her how grateful a man could be in repaying her for this precious gift. I slowly stroked her back and her hair and kissed Anne lightly and whispered how beautiful she was and how special our lovemaking had been. Anne whimpered softly and clung to me, before finally drifting off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep, but a tingling sensation in my cock pulled me from my deep slumber. Anne’s slender hand was stroking my hard cock and her mouth was on my nipple sucking and playing with my nipple. My eyes cracking open as I felt my need growing. I felt Anne slide her leg over my body as she straddled me. Sliding her pussy along my cock Anne rubbed it until my cock was once again slick with her juices.

Positioning my cockhead at her still tight entrance Anne whispered in my ear, “John can we do it again? It felt so nice.”

I was groggy from sleep and murmured a soft reply and Anne pushed down. This time she pushed with more confidence and soon had me fully inside her. Having cum only a few hours before I had good control this time. Still sleepy, I let Anne ride my cock and slowly learn how her body would respond. It was very relaxing to just lay back and let this young beauty take my cock and let her use it to pleasure herself. Anne also seemed to have more control this time and she slowly built herself up before releasing into a whimpering shivering release. Not satisfied with one small orgasm Anne began grinding again and this time I helped her. I thrust up with my hips and when she leaned forward I moved my hands to her small perky breasts and began playing with them teasing her nipples with little twists and light pinches.

I could feel Anne was building to a much bigger second orgasm and my own tingles started to build in response. Anne’s hips began to move faster and faster and her breathing became deeper and more ragged. Feeling her close to the edge I pinched her two nipples harder and thrust my hips up to meet her urgent downward thrusts. Anne let out a deep moan and I repeated the same actions with each of her downward thrusts with her hips. Looking up and seeing Anne’s beautiful slim and tanned young body straddling mine, her legs spread, beads of sweat forming under her small pale breasts and along her chest, my thick cock sliding in and out of her tight young vagina; my senses were overloaded and I could feel my balls ready to constrict and shoot my load. At that instant Anne cried out and her nails ripped into the skin on my chest and my cock burned as my own cries mingled with Anne’s into one indistinguishable cry of release. I suddenly lost control and my cum shot into her tight young pussy that was madly constricting against the male hardness filling it.

Anne was exhausted by her efforts and her total release and she slumped onto my heaving chest. I could feel Anne’s body rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath. I couldn’t believe how precocious this young vixen had become waking me up to take me a second time. Only a few hours before she had been a virgin and now she was waking me to satisfy her own sexual needs. I couldn’t help chuckling softly as I stroked her hair.

“Sorry John… I didn’t mean to wake you up. But I just needed to feel you inside me again. Are you mad?”

I smiled and chuckled, kissing Anne softly on her cute little nose in response. Anne smiled as I felt my cock shrinking inside her for a second time that night. I could feel our combined juices dribbling down the inside of my thigh and filling the crack of my ass. As I drifted off to sleep again I wondered how the rest of my holiday would go and how many more times I would get to hold this beauty in my arms before I needed to let her go back to her real life.

The End