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A Whole New Place

The story of Alicia's encounter with own sexuality.
Alicia was staring indifferently out through the window. Behind her she could hear her parents struggling with cardboard boxes and suitcases. She was twenty years old and this was to be her first apartment. The walls looked terribly bare, and the rooms not yet a home to her.

Alicia longed for her home city with the friendly neighbours, and the little Christian school she had attended as a child. She recalled her youngest sister waving her goodbye in the midnight blue uniform. She missed sitting in church, looking around thinking she was lucky to know such wonderful people.

Here she knew no one, and everything she loved seemed so far away. She had been raised in a close family, and the change of not having them there was overwhelming. In moments her father would call for her, and she would have to go and bid her parents farewell.

"Alicia," they called. She wiped a lonely tear away from her cheek. She would not let them see. They believed in her strength only because she had spent so much time convincing them of its existence. They had rather seen her attending college in their own city studying a more traditional subject. Her mother had even suggested, that Alicia could go to homemaking school. But she had insisted on taking Russian, which led to an inevitable move. Alicia stoically saw her parents out.

A few weeks had passed. Alicia lay comfortably on her bed trying to study. She sighed and pushed the all too boring book of the bed. She lay completely silent feeling the blue satin bed cover between her fingers. She twisted her body - stretching and yawning.

Her nightgown irritated her as it draped itself clumsily around her body. She flipped a lock of strawberry blond hair away from her face. Slowly, at first without her noticing, her hand slid down between her thighs. She smiled to herself. Slowly she began massaging herself, by fluently moving her hand back and forth on top of her white panties. She could feel her small clitoris through the fabric.

She moaned as her hand slid under her undergarments. At home she would have done this secretly in her bedroom closet at the risk of getting caught. She was already wet. She gently caressed her aroused clitoris. Her middle finger circled her tight hole - prodding it slowly. She wondered how anything could ever penetrate it. "But it doesn't matter," she thought. "Noboby would want me anyway." The boys at her old high school had never cared for her - neither did the ones in her college class.

It was not that she was unattractive, but she was terribly shy and awkward. She felt so very ashamed. Ashamed that she was sinfully enjoying herself against everything her parents believed in, and ashamed that she was still a virgin, when so many of her friends had become women years ago. She had lied to them and told them she too had been intimate, but she herself thought her lies so bad, that she was sure no one else believed either.

Her body jerked violently as she came. She gasped and clenched the bed cover hard. She lay still in fetal position until it was over.

It was getting dark outside, and the city lights shone through the window. Alicia sat by her computer consulting an online English-Russian dictionary, when an ad popped up. Looking for a relationship? Look no further! Meet interesting and charming people online today!

Alicia became exited. Was it possible she could really meet her first real boyfriend online? Her heartbeat quickened as she clicked the ad. It led her to a dating site. Profile images flashed across the screen, and a big orange button read: Join us. She clicked it and it instructed her to chose a username. She typed in sweetalicia20 and clicked save.

"What am I to do first?" she thought. She decided upon personalising her profile, but the something popped up in corner. It was a chat invitation from someone, who called himself darkwasthenight. She agreed, and a chat opened.

"Hi," he typed.

"Hi," she replied.

"How are you?" he wrote.

Alicia was unsure of how address people online. She replied: "I'm fine, Sir."

He posted a smiley. "Your name is Alicia? It's such a pretty name. I think you must be very pretty." Alicia blushed and thanked god that no one could see. "Tell me about yourself," he asked.

Alicia hesitated. What was she doing? Still she described to the stranger where she was from. She told him what her interests where, about her study and about missing her home. He listened patiently and answered sweetly. "So, that's where you live now?" he asked. She confirmed it. "What are you doing tonight? We could hang out? I really want to see you, babe."

Alicia's hand was sneaking back into her panties. "Where?" she typed. He typed an address, which Alicia didn't know. "I try to find my way there. What time?" she asked.

"Meet in two hours," he replied and logged off. Alicia directed her attention to her hand and though she might be late.

About two hours later Alicia was walking through the dark streets. She had showered and put her hair up in a bun. Under her coat she wore a cute purple set of lingerie and a flowery dress which complimented her bright blue eyes so well. She got to the corner, which darkwasthenight had suggested as their meeting place.

No one was there. The street was empty, and the windows of the houses dark. The wind swept through the front gardens and found its way up under her coat. She shuddered. Perhaps he was late. If so, how long should she wait for him? She decided to walk up and down the street to keep warm. She had begun walking as suddenly something grasped from the side and pulled her into the tall bushes of a front garden.

She lay on the ground in what appeared to be a small "room" between the thick bushes. On top of her - holding her down, was the figure of a young man. Alicia heard the beating of her heart and felt his warm breath on her face. She struggled to get free, but as the first sound escaped her lips, he kissed her. It was passionate and friendly.

Slowly she relaxed and kissed him back. She felt the weight of him on top of her and it was as if he vibrated. it was unexpected, but different and welcomed sensation. "Alicia," he whispered in the darkness. She did not reply. It was as if something inside her wanted the break lose. She moaned, as his hands began unbuttoning her coat. She clenched his shirt. She lifted her head in search of another kiss. He delivered.

Impatiently she pulled her own coat of. The cold was no longer noticable. All she felt was the warmth of his body. Soon they lay naked between the bushes upon their clothes. He held her tightly against him. His hand moved down between her legs, where it soon began playing with her clitoris.

But she was already dripping. He repeatedly whispered her name. Suddenly she felt him between her legs, prodding her vagina as she earlier had done to herself. She gasped, as she realised the size of him and remembered the thought, she had had earlier. "He would tear me up," she thought panicking. Then she again felt his lips against hers, as he thrust his penis inside of her.

Her outburst went unnoticed by the sleeping city, and a sharp pain shot through her body. Slowly he moved inside her - weighed the jerking girl down with his body. Gradually the pain disappeared, and a warm feeling emerged. She sighed and without realising it, she began to move against him, until they became one being. As he came in her, she came with him. He held her tight until her orgasm was over. As he put his clothes back on and disappeared out into the night, she lay trying to comprehend what had happened.

Later that night she decided to thank him for the most wonderful experience of her life. She logged into the dating site and searched for him. She giggled as the screen read: There is no account with the username "darkwasthenight" in existence.

Alicia sat back in her chair and clicked: Browse profiles.

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