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A whole new set of firsts (courtesy of Altargen)

A couple changes genders in an attempt to repair their relationship - a night of firsts results.

Note about the formatting: text between sets of ":::" shows which character's perspective that portion is in.

----Thursday Night----


George collapsed on the bed next to his girlfriend Lucy. “That was the best yet sweet buns. Night”. He laid down his head, closed his eyes, and smiled as remembered the big game the next day.

“George Hallis Lindern, what do I tell you day after day?”

“Like I care?”

He heard Lucy give an audible sigh. “Sometimes I don't know why I stay with you. You treat me like shit and you don't even care if I cum or not”.

“Bitch bitch bitch... that's all you do. I wish you would shut up sometimes”.

“But we need to talk”.

He sighed. Once she starts... “Fine... if it's that important to you, we'll talk. Tomorrow, after the game” That always gets her off my back... if she wasn't such a good fuck, this wouldn't be worth it. He switched back to thoughts of the game as blackness claimed his senses.

----Friday Afternoon----


“Why do you put up with him Lucy?”

Lucy shook her head. “I don't know Marsha”.

“Well it can't be the sex. The last time you mentioned it positively was a few months ago”.

Lucy chuckled and continued to pick at her salad. “In, out and done. He didn't used to be like that”.

Lucy watched Marsha shake her head. “Right... the 'it honestly happened' prom night. I don't believe that for a moment”.

“Ok, so it wasn't the best I've ever had. But it was a hundred times better than the best of these past months. I'm at wits end. I've worn out three vibes this month alone. I'm running out of ideas”.

She looked down at the remains of her salad and sighed. “I see only two options. One, dump him and find someone else. Two, get those needs met with someone else”.

Lucy stared at Marsha. “You know that neither of those are options. I love him too much to do either. Some friend you are”.

“Well, there is one more option... but you'll have a hell of a time getting him to agree to it”.

Lucy balled her free hand into a fist. “Tell me or I'll be forced to punch you for holding back on me”

“It's called the Altargen experience. Somebody at the college built a machine that can temporarily change your gender. He's opened up it's use to any couple that wants to try it”.

“Is it safe?”

“So he says. There's a sign-up sheet outside the room he keeps the machine in... five twelve I think”.

Lucy looked down at her breasts for a moment. This could be my last chance to make things work with George. “I think it's worth a shot”.

She watched Marsha shake her head. “Maybe you're okay with it, but how are you going to convince him?”

Lucy smiled and took a sip of water. “Easy... tell him this is his chance to have breasts he can play with all day and orgasm as much as he wants without needing to recharge. He won't be able to resist that, and it'll be too late when he learns the downsides of his fantasies”.

----Later that night----


Time to get the bullshit over with. “What did you want to talk about last night dear?” George watched the pout that had been on Lucy's face since dinner disappear.

“There's something special I'd like us to try as a couple”.

Something special? This can't be good. “What is it?”

George took in a deep breath and prepared himself for the worst. “It's this technology called Altargen. Basically, it allows someone to temporarily take on the body of the opposite gender. Think about it: you'll have breasts you can play with anytime you want. Even better, you can orgasm all you want without needing to have any tissues on hand for clean up. Did I mention you won't be restricted to one every hour?”

He pinched himself. There was no way something this good could exist. She's got to be lying. “That sounds awfully unbelievable dear. Don't take me for a fool”.

“Marsha warned me that you might not believe me. I've made an appointment to meet with the person running it tomorrow if you'd like to join me”.

George turned back towards his paper for a moment. It's worth a shot I suppose. If she's lying, I can always just dump her and find someone else. “That sounds just fine dear. We should probably get some sleep so we're fresh for our appointment”. He folded up the paper, placed it on the end table and turned off the light.

----Saturday Morning ----


Lucy looked at her watch and back at the crowd. “He fell for it Marsha. He has work until four, but we're going to meet with Mark at five. I can't wait... in two hours I can finally start fixing my relationship”. She reached into her purse and pulled out her headset, plugging it into her phone.

“Are you sure he'll go through with it? Besides, from your voice it sounds like your more interested in revenge than problem solving” Marsha's voice blared through the headset.

“The revenge is just a perk... honest. You know that if I was only out for revenge I could get it so much more easily”.

“Ah, right... his hot, bi brother. I forgot about Micael”.

She heard the phone ring. “Speak of the devil. I'll talk to you later”. She quickly switched the call. “So what is he up to this time?”

“He got off work early and is on his way to the college for some reason. This wouldn't happen to be one of your schemes, would it?”

“Guilty as charged. In that case, I should make sure I beat him there. Thanks for the warning Mic”. She grabbed her bag and stood up, turning towards the college in the distance. “I suppose you want to know what the deal is this time?”

She grinned as Micael laughed on the other end. “That is my normal fee. Time to pay up”.

“Of course. I tricked him into doing something he'd ordinarily never do: agree to swap genders for a little while. Of course, he thinks we're going to just meet with the person who can do the swap... he doesn't realize our appointment is for the actual treatment itself”.

She looked up, noting her distance to the college. “Ah... very sneaky of you. I hope you don't think this is going to change anything about your relationship. Not even a week in a woman's shoes would be enough to change him”.

She frowned for a moment as she walked through the main gates of the college. “It's worth a shot. Besides, this way I get to feel what it's like to be the man for once. Anyway, I'm almost there, and Mark made very clear that cell phones can disrupt the machine, so I gotta go. Thanks again for the heads-up”.

“My pleasure. Enjoy yourself”.

She smiled and opened the door to the main building. “Of course”. She ended the call and quietly shut off her phone. She quickly made her way up to the fifth floor and stopped in front of the open door to room twelve.

“You're early Lucy. I wasn't expecting you for another two hours”.

“I hope it's not a problem Mark, but George got off of work early and is going to meet me here instead of where we were originally going to”.

She looked at Mark. For a geek, he's not bad looking. “Of course not. I'm not expecting anyone else for the rest of the day, so this works. Besides, this is not the first time a couple decided to show up early. Please come in and sit down”.

She smiled. “Are there any things I should be careful of besides what you told me yesterday?”

“Not really. You did warn him that getting pregnant may cause the change to become permanent, right?”

She smiled again. “Yes. One question though: are we still going to be attracted to each other after the change?” She looked up and saw George approach the doorway.

“I take it that's George? Perfect timing then – come right in and I'll only need to answer that question once”. She watched George nervously enter and sit down in the chair next to her. “Attraction to your partner is not a problem. The machine temporarily makes you attracted to your old gender. This doesn't actually change anything for people who are bi, gay or lesbian. However, straight people will effectively become bi-sexual while they're transformed”.

Lucy watched the concern on George's face start to disappear. “Good. How soon can we get started?"

Mark pointed toward the machine. “As soon as you're both ready. George, I'm assuming Lucy explained the warnings to you already”.

Lucy smiled at the nervousness on George's face. “Uhm... right. She told me them this morning. How long will the transformation last for?”

Lucy watched Mark walk over to a computer attached to the machine. “Right, she wasn't sure how long you could both agree on. Normally I set it for an hour to make sure both partners wish to continue, then extend it out for as long as the couple wants. A full day seems to be a fairly popular time frame”.

Lucy stepped onto the platform of the machine. “A day works for me. How about you sweetie?” She watched George gulp.

“A day is fine”.


George watched as Mark punched in a few commands. “I'll start with Lucy for now. Are you ready?” He watched Lucy nod her head. Suddenly a blindingly bright light filled the room for a few seconds. When George was able to see again, Lucy was standing on the platform of the machine, now in the body of a slightly overweight male, her overly tight clothes revealing a small belly.

“If you're ready George just stand on the platform. As you see, the machine changes you based on your genes and general features, so you'll probably end up with large breasts and a slight stomach”. George walked over to the platform and nervously stepped onto it as Mark punched in a new set of commands. “Here we go”. He felt his body get torn apart for a second then get rapidly put back together as the bright light surrounded him. It faded a moment later as his underwear and jeans fell off.

He turned towards Mark and pulled them up again. “Is this normal?”

Mark smiled and pointed to a closet in the back of the room. “Yes. There are some clothing you borrow in that closet. Lucy can help you select a bra, and there's a full size mirror so you can see what you look like now”.

George made his way over to the closet slowly, getting used to his changed gravity while holding up his pants. These breasts weigh a ton... I can hardly walk. He scowled as Lucy began to laugh lightly.

“Having trouble dear? Those aren't the paradise you thought they'd be, are they?”

He sighed loudly and looked at Lucy. “Yeah... Help me”. He paused for a few seconds, finally adding “please”.

He could only categorize the smile that crossed Lucy's face as slightly evil. “Since you asked so nicely, of course” she added, a slight hint of venom on the words. He watched her step forward and cup his breasts forcefully. “Thirty-four triple D. I'm kind of jealous”. He watched Lucy quickly disappear and reappear with a bra, panties, skirt and blouse. “I'll put the bra on for you, but you put on the rest”. George watched Lucy quickly slip on the bra then step away. George rapidly got the remaining clothing on then looked at the flat sandals Lucy laid in front of him.

“No heels?” he asked, voice equally venomous.

“The heels come later. I'd like for us to get home before dark, and that'll be hard enough as is”. He watched her turn towards Mark and smile. “Should we come back at the same time tomorrow?”

Mark smiled. “It's not entirely necessary. The transformation should wear off on it's own. You can if you'd like”. George looked nervously. In case something goes wrong I suppose. He smiled nervously and started wobbly toward the door.

----A few hours later ----

Lucy breathed in deeply as she collapsed onto the bed. She looked up at the clock and waited for George to get out of the bathroom. I know he's not used to female plumbing, but not even I take half an hour in the bathroom! Finally, George opened the bathroom door.

“Before you bitch about how long I took, yes, you do take just as long. It just seems like a long time when you can pee standing up”.

She watched him sit down next to her. “You did remember to wipe afterwards, right?”

The stare that suddenly appeared from his face surprised her. “Of course. I may look kind of stupid sometimes, but that's certainly not the case”.

She smiled inwardly. Stupid you certainly are. “Are you ready for your first sex as a woman?”

She smirked a little as a nervous look crossed his face. “Kind of. I'm a little worried”.

"No need to be. I'll be just as gentle as you were my first time”. Which means he's in for a lot of pain. This should prove fun. She stripped off his blouse and skirt with little flair then smiled. “Heh heh... momma's gonna have a little fun. Sit up”. She smiled as George obeyed. “While I get your bra and panties off, you get the honor of getting my dick ready. You know what to do”.


George gulped loudly as he hesitantly reached through Lucy's pants and underwear. When did she become such a commanding bitch? He found her dick and pulled it out. Despite the fact that I know I'm a man, this doesn't seem strange.

He started to rub his hand up and down it as Lucy removed his bra and panties. “Good... now use your mouth and make me feel good”.

He looked at her nervously. “But I don't know how”.

Lucy scoffed loudly. “Just put it in your mouth and suck like it's a lollipop. And if you use your teeth, I will be very cross”. George nodded his head and started to suck. This isn't as bad as I thought it would be. A little odd tasting, but I suppose that's normal.

He looked up and noticed a glazed look in Lucy's eyes. Is that how I normally look when I'm getting a blow job? He glanced at the clock on the wall and noted the time. He reached with one hand and started to play with one of his breasts.

“What do you think you're doing?” Lucy suddenly shouted, putting her hands on his head. Uh oh...

Suddenly, he felt his head being pushed onto her dick and pulled off rapidly, the head threatening to go down his throat. I can't breathe like this... He attempted to pull back and stop.

“No you don't. You suck until I tell you to stop. Is that understood?” she shouted. He mumbled yes as best he could and resumed sucking. He looked up a moment later and noticed a familiar look on Lucy's face. Oh no... she's going to cum and she hasn't bothered trying to warn me. He watched her shake in a familiar way as her cum started to pour into his mouth. Strange... it's pleasantly warm. He felt himself start to gag as she let go of his head. Right, if I swallow, I won't choke on it. He forced himself to swallow and nearly gagged. Yuck... this tastes horrible. He breathed a sigh of relief as she finished cumming and let him pull his head back.

“You managed to swallow it all. I guess you deserve a reward then”. He felt Lucy push him down onto the bed, spread his legs open, and lower her head to his pussy. “Don't think I'm going to make a habit out of this”.

Her tongue started to lick around his clit. This feels kind of good. He closed his eyes and let himself get lost in the sensations. “I think you're ready for a good fucking now. Here I come!” He opened his eyes in time to see Lucy ram her dick into him as a massive pain spread through his body.

“Mother fucking ow!!!! What the fuck happened to being as gentle as I was?”

He watched in shock as an evil smile appeared on Lucy's face. “I'm a woman of my word. This is exactly what my first time was like. Don't worry... give it about ten minutes and it'll start to feel ok” she replied, the venom dripping from her words. George winced at the pain each thrust produced. Ten minutes? I don't think I can take two minutes of this, and she expects me to take ten? George glanced up at the clock again, determined to prove Lucy wrong.

Finally, what felt like hours to George, the pain started to give way to pleasure. He glanced at the clock again. Fifteen minutes... I knew she was wrong. He looked up at Lucy again and noticed that same familiar look on her face . He watched her start to spasm, as he felt a warm liquid start to fill him up. I hope I can't get pregnant while in this body.

“Uhm... Lucy... did Mark say anything about the possibility of pregnancy while transformed?”

“I think he said it's impossible”. George breathed a big sigh of relief as Lucy laid down next to him and turned off the light. “I'm done then. Night”.

George turned to look at her. Wait, I never came. What do I do now? He thought for a moment. Right. He reached down to his breasts and started to massage them, feeling the sensations from earlier start again. Okay... this is exactly like I thought it would be. It's too slow though... what else can I do? Ah, right...

He removed his right hand from its breast and moved it down until he found his pussy. Carefully, he inserted two fingers and started to rub them back and forth. That's a little better he thought as the pleasure started to build a little faster. Still not enough though. Maybe if I use the other hand on the clit at the same time? He moved his other hand down and started to gently rub his clit. He smiled as the pleasure increased rapidly. A few minutes of this and I'll... I'll . Suddenly, an orgasm unlike he had ever felt before surged through his body.

Wow... that was intense. I'm kind of tired though. He smiled and closed his eyes, letting the darkness take over.


George stepped through the door to room twelve, this time much more confident in the new shoes. Heels aren't so hard. It only took me three hours of practice to stop falling.

“So, how did you two like the experience?” Mark asked, turning towards them.

George smiled hesitantly. “It wasn't quite what I was expecting... not bad though”.

He watched the evil grin appear again on Lucy's face. “I'm not sure I want to transform back”.

Mark seemed to sigh. “The machine doesn't do permanent yet. Besides, there would be a whole mess of paperwork you'd need to file with the government if that was an option. Honestly, it's not worth it”. George watched Mark glance up at the clock on the wall. “Looks like it's time”.

George watched as Lucy shimmered for a moment and become female again. He looked down at himself and waited. Minutes passed, yet he didn't see any changes occur. Finally, he looked back at the clock. Twenty minutes have passed. Shouldn't I have changed back by now?

“Uhm... George, I want you to go into the bathroom down the hall and use this pregnancy test. The instructions are in the box”. George nodded his head and made his way to the bathroom. Sitting in one of the stalls he started to panic a little. Is it possible that just once was enough to get me pregnant? And worse yet, could it somehow delay the transformation back? He finished prepping the test and returned to the room.

“Let's see that stick George” Mark said, reaching for the stick in George's hand. “This is not good. Lucy, did you warn him about the pregnancy risk?”

George turned toward Lucy and stared angrily. “Risk?” he shouted at her. He turned back towards Mark. “She didn't tell me anything about any risks associated with getting pregnant. In fact, she said that it was impossible to get pregnant while transformed”.

Mark groaned loudly. “Lucy tricked you then. There is a risk that getting pregnant while transformed can make the transformation permanent. If you step onto the machine's platform I can run a quick scan to check if this is the case”.

George made his way to the platform and stepped on, glaring at Lucy the entire time. A moment later he heard Mark start to hyperventilate. “I'm... I'm sorry to say this, but it looks like your stuck as a woman George. I'm going to do my best to find a way to reverse it, but chances are good you'll need to go through the pregnancy first”. George watch Mark grab Lucy by the arm and motion for George to step down. “I need to check you too... make sure nothing was permanently changed in you either”. George watched as a beam of light passed over Lucy a few times. “It's as I expected... Lucy, you're now both barren and permanently bi-sexual as well. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to fix either of those changes, so you're stuck that way for the rest of your life”.

George smiled as Lucy's face dropped. “But... how?”

Mark shrugged. “I don't know. All I know is that you two have a lot to discuss, and some very important paper work to take care of. George, I'll let you know the moment I make a breakthrough”. George watched Lucy storm out of the room.

“Thanks Mark... I hope you can figure something out soon”.

Mark nodded his head. “Me too”.

----Epilogue: One Year Later----

“George... I mean, Julia dear... Anna's hungry again” she heard Lucy call.

“Coming”. Julia looked at the calendar and smiled. It's odd to think that just a year ago I wouldn't have even considered staying in this form. Yet now, I can't imagine it any other way. She smiled as she picked up her daughter and put her to the breast, instantly silencing the infant. It might be nice to spend a few days as a guy again... she thought, then quickly put the thought aside. This was her life now... and she was finally starting to make peace with it.

----The End----

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