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A whole new world ...... (part 2)

Please read part 1 submitted on 07/16/08 before reading this, thanks!  


Later that evening the two friends were sharing a pineapple pizza for dinner over another glass of wine.


“So,” Debbie started, “does this make us lesbians?”   She sipped her wine and giggled.


Dianne blushed and said, “I don’t think so.   I think it makes us horny - at least it makes me horny.   I mean I’ve never really had any interest in other women.   But I guess I had reached the stage where I just needed someone else to, well, you know….”


They were thoughtful for a few moments when Dianne continued, “Although now that we’ve broken the ice, this does make the next ten days pretty interesting to think about.”   Their eyes met and they both laughed out loud.


“Yes…. I think so,” Debbie agreed.   “But we need to do something about your situation with Will.   I mean you can’t possibly keep going the way you have been if it drove you to this!   I mean I have to say that while enjoyed it very much, I’m not going to replace sex with Gary over it.   Do you still love Will?”


Dianne looked at her intently – “Of course I do!”   And I can understand you wanting to keep what you have with Gary .   But in my case, I don’t think I’ll ever experience with Will what you have with Gary .”


“Of course you can hun,” Debbie exclaimed.   “It’s just a matter of getting his interest worked up and making the time for it.”


It was Dianne’s turn to blush.   “No, ummmm, I ummm….. well what I mean is that even if Will was into it, he’s just not ummmm, well, umm,   endowed the way Gary is.”


Debbie smiled broadly.   “Ahhh, I see what you mean.   Well, I suppose not, and at his age he’s certainly not going to get any larger.”


They were silent for a few moments when in a low voice Debbie said, “But there is a way….”


A puzzled look on her face, Dianne asked, “How?”


“Do you have a dildo?”


“NO!” Dianne exclaimed.   “I’ve never used anything like that.   Do you?!?!”


Debbie smiled.   “Come on Dianne, really?   I’ve had a couple for years and a vibrator as well.   Gary travels a lot and after all, I’m not a nun!   I can’t believe you don’t.   How do you masturbate?   With just your fingers?”


Blushing Dianne nodded her head and said, “Where do you get them?   I think I’d die of embarrassment.”


“You can order anything over the internet nowadays.” was the reply.   “And they come in innocent packages so no one has to know.   But I don’t know why you’d be shy about going to an adult store.   It’s just shopping after all.”


“Aren’t they filled with perverts?” Dianne asked.


Debbie laughed, “I’m sure some of them are but who cares?   It’s not like they are going to follow you home.   You’ll probably never see them again.   Just be brave and bite the bullet.”


Dianne moaned in mock embarrassment, “I just don’t think I could.”


Debbie looked at the clock and said, “It’s early hun, we’re going shopping.”


After a quick search on the internet they located an adult superstore only eight miles from the house.   Taking Dianne by the hand Debbie led her to the rental car and off they went….


It was all Debbie could do to drag Dianne into the store once they reached it.   Dianne had complained that there were too many pick up trucks in the parking lot which meant that it was full of strange men wanting to ogle her.   But Debbie eventually got her in and the two quickly found the dildo aisle.   Dianne was amazed at the number and variety available.   Everything from monster sizes to rabbits to vibrating eggs.   After some debate she picked out a flexible one that was about Gary ’s size (according to Debbie) and vibrated.   She also picked out a slightly smaller personal vibrator in the traditional rabbit shape.


Before they headed to the register, Debbie brought Dianne to the back of the store where a doorway led to the video area.   They wandered the aisles reading and giggling at the titles.


“I think there’s something here for every perversion,” Dianne remarked in an amazed voice.


“Oh yeah,” Debbie seconded, “and lot’s you’ve never thought of as well.   Come back here and you’ll see where the real perverts hang out.”


She directed them through an unobtrusive door in the back that had a small sign which read Live & Video Booths.   Debbie walked up to a video booth and opened the door beckoning Dianne to follow.   She fed some money into a slot, pushed a button and a screen lit up.   On it a man was tied to a rack and a woman dressed in a revealing red leather outfit was switching him across his backside.   His ass was bright red and Dianne thought looked very painful.   But strangely enough, Dianne could see from an angle that showed an opening under the table that the man was sporting a huge erection.   She watched fascinated.   A couple of minutes later the video ended and they left the booth.


“Come on into one of the live booths,” Debbie whispered.   Again she fed some money into the mechanism and the window cleared revealing a naked woman gyrating on a platform.   She was heavily made up and had huge breasts.   There were numerous darkened windows surrounding her and she seemed to focus on each of them in turn.   She stopped in front of their window women and squatting down she spread her legs wide.   Her hairless pussy opened wide and she briefly rubbed it before moving on.


Dianne was amazed.   “Could she see us?” she questioned.


“No, she just reacts to who is paying her the most,” Debbie explained.   “If we’re lucky, one of the guys will give her a really big tip.”


Moments later a light illuminated over one of the windows.   The woman moved to it and danced seductively.   Then Dianne saw a round hole open up next to the window and an erection popped through.    The woman fell to her knees, opened her mouth and started sucking it.   Dianne stared open mouthed at the scene.   Her head bobbed up and down on it and quickly it was over.   Dianne watched the woman swallow the result.  


“I think they call those glory holes,” Debbie whispered as they left the booth.


From there they moved to the register, paid for their purchases and left quickly.



End Part 2 - Look for Part 3 soon, sooner if the feedback is good!

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