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A Woman's Perspective

Life is the best teacher

My name is Ann but can’t tell you my last name for obvious security reasons. My husband is Mike. We have been married for over twenty years and have a wonderful, handsome, intelligent son named Bryan. He is away to college on the East Coast. This is a true story of my life with Mike.

My story actually begins long before I met Mike. I am the only daughter of a high ranking retired military officer. My family comes from ‘old’ money. I lived the first ten years of my life traveling from one duty station to another. My father, Jim, retired in California. I was put into private schools, first private elementary and later prep school, when I turned 16. My mother, Mary was always been a role model for me. She is quite a bit younger than my father. She had stunning beauty and would always be the center of attention when she walked into a room. Mom always took care of herself and looked much younger than her actual age. I looked a lot like her and people would always remark how we look like twins. She actually had me dress alike sometimes when we went out. It was fun. 

After I got my period they decided it was prudent to move me to an all-girls prep school for sixteen and older girls. It wasn't that far from where we live but I still stayed in a dormitory and I came home on weekends. The thinking was that without boys around I would be able to concentrate on my education. The theory was 'out of sight out of mind’. If they thought putting a bunch of horny girls in the same place would take their mind off sex they were wrong. Almost every girl in there, including me, was practicing kissing with one another. Some became real experts at pleasuring other girls. My best friend Sally and I had many adventures. Even though I was a virgin I knew I was a very sexual person. 

When I was a senior and close to graduation I remember standing in front of my full length mirror, after getting out of the shower, and evaluating myself. It was at that time I fully realized how attractive I was, but I also had no idea of how much power that would give me in my life. As unfair as it seems, beauty opens many doors. 

Looking in the mirror at my naked body I twisted to the side and I noted how pretty my athletic legs and firm round butt were. All those years of running cross-country paid off. My slender waist flowed up to my still growing C cup breasts, with my quarter sized areoles and pert nipples that were so sensitive they poked out no matter what I was wearing. I was so happy I got my mom’s hair. It was long thick dark brunette hair with a natural wave to it and reached just past my shoulders. My parents had sent me to an orthodontist when I was younger and I have a pearly white smile that I know is captivating. Conceded or not, I knew who I am and had confidence in myself. I also knew as an only child, I am spoiled and almost always got my way, especially with my dad. 

My graduation was not a big deal but I was glad to be out of that woman’s prison. I would have the whole summer off to do what I wanted before I started college. I was eighteen years old and never had gone on a date, except for when I went to the prom. That doesn't count, because my parents had me go with my pimpled face cousin. 

I had gone to the store that August day to help mom with the shopping, because she had a bridge club meeting. Just as I had entered the store, I saw and heard this old sports car sputtering to a stop. The driver was cursing his jalopy out and kicked the door because it wouldn't close. It was so funny. Then I got a look at him. He was tall and handsome and when he took his sunglasses off, he looked like a model. He caught my stare, but I turned back quickly and went into the store. I didn't want to be caught staring. After picking up most of the things I needed, I was in the canned vegetable isle when I heard this masculine voice say, “Excuse me miss.” I turned and was looking my mystery man in the face. He seemed to be a bit unnerved.

“Can I help you?" I replied. For some reason he didn’t respond right away. Then he mumbled something about needing help with a recipe. Now I was probably the last person in this whole store you would ask about cooking. I don’t cook. However, I played along with it because he fascinated me. We played this game where I was suggesting all kinds of things for him to buy and he put them in his basket while we talked and got to know one another. We walked and talked, and the basket got fuller. 

I found out he had just got out of the Army and was a helicopter pilot. I told him I was college bound. He told me he was starting a business. I told him I went to an all-girls school and he told me he had graduated from Berkley. Finally, we ran out of room in his basket, and he confessed he really didn’t need help with a recipe, that he just wanted to talk with me.

“I know, I can’t cook either." We laughed like there was no tomorrow. 

He then told me that I was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, and wanted to take me to dinner and a movie. What he did not know was that I had never been on a real date before except with my cousin and that did not count. I also knew he was much older than me and father would go ballistic. I took the chance and wrote my address out on a napkin that was in my purse. 

“Seven o’clock?" I asked. 

“Seven sharp," he replied. 

I rushed out the store thinking about all that I had to do and forgot what I came for, leaving the basket of groceries in the isle. I had to do my hair, pick a dress, put on makeup and decide what pair of shoes to wear. There was so much to do and so little time. 

I sprinted into the house. My mother was in the sitting room talking with several older ladies. I ran up to her and said, “Mom! I need to talk with you!” 

“In a minute dear, I am busy," My mom replied. 

“NOW," I said, pulling her arm. 

She stood up and said to the ladies, “excuse me I apparently have and urgent matter to attend to.” 

I explained the whole story to her sparing no details. My Mom replied, “You can’t go out with a man you just met an hour ago! And that is final. It is not safe!” 

Then I cried. I knew that would soften her, it always did. I begged through my tears, “You have to meet him and at least give him a chance. You will see.” 

“OK, we will talk with him,” my Mom relented. 

"Yes!!!” I exclaimed with a fist pump, and ran up the steps to my bedroom to get ready. 

It was about ten to seven when I heard his car in the driveway. No mistaking it was him as his car sputtered to a stop. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had on my cutest summer dress. It was a bright yellow attention getter, cut so it fit snug in all the right places showing a modest amount of cleavage. If I were a guy, I would think I am hot. 

As I waited nervously I looked at the clock. It was twenty after and I could hear laughter coming from down stairs. They not only didn’t kick him out but they were enjoying themselves. It was a miracle! 

I made my way down the stairs, using my sexiest walk, and my dad whistled at me. I felt beautiful. No, I AM beautiful, I thought. Mike stood up to greet me and reached out his hand and held mine. As our hands touched, I looked in his eyes and knew that instant I would spend the rest of my life with him. 

My dad for some reason not only liked Mike, but gave him the keys to his Jaguar. It was probably because Mike was an Army pilot and my dad was a pilot also.

"Remember be back before twelve.” 

We went to a nice Italian restaurant downtown, and talked and laughed and time flew. Then we realized we were the last people in the restaurant and they wanted to close. Looking at the clock we decided it was getting late for the movies. Mike drove us to the parking lot by the Sana Monica pier overlooking the moonlit ocean. We were getting along like we had known each other all our lives. We were even finishing each other sentences. It was a warm night so we took off our shoes and went for a walk on the beach hand in hand. He slid his hand behind my back holding my waist and pulled me to him. Then he took his other hand and put it on my cheek turning my face to meet him. I looked into his eyes, trying some how to will my desire to him. It was as though there was some sort of celestial connection. We stared into each other's eyes and our lips were so close I could feel his breath. He gently put his lips on mine. My first kiss (with a guy) and it was new territory for me. I was dizzy with desire. With our bodies pressed together and mouths searching in an unbroken kiss, I could feel his tongue trying to enter my mouth. I opened to receive his probing tongue and then touched it with my own. We kissed for what seemed hours. 

When Mike tells this story he didn’t give the details I am here. He modestly said he only got to second base on our first date; he was actually rounding third on his way home. 

Back in the car, the tinted windows were steamed from our body heat and gave us privacy. We continued to kiss and he progressed to caressing my breasts, pinching my erect nipples. I unbuttoned my top, and amazed him with the way I could take off my bra inside my dress. It was so erotic to feel his hands on me, I discarded any pretense of modesty. He pulled down the straps allowing him to expose my my sensitive breasts. 

“You are so beautiful," he panted as he cupped me. 

When he flicked my nipples with his tongue my juices were flowing like I had never experience before and I was so hot. This was the next best thing to heaven. He was rubbing my pussy through the cloth of my panties, and my wetness was soaking his probing fingers. It was apparent he was no novice at this. I was worried that my juices would stain my dress and he suggested we remove the dress. I held up my arms and he slid it up and off. I was naked except for my panties. I was concerned my father’s seats would stain so Mike said he had a solution and that was to clean the drip at its source. He then bent over and buried his head in my lap sucking the flow of juices through my panties. Oh my God! That was incredible! I had no clue yet about shaving or trimming my pubic hair, so he was trying to negotiate my bush and material at the same. To make things easier, I lifted my hips letting him slide my panties off. So here I was, fully naked, with an older man I just met a few hours ago. This was either meant to be or I was a wanton whore ... or both. His tongue darted here and there touching all the right places, probing, exploring.

"Ohhh Mike! Don't stop! Ahhh!"

I erupted in my first mind blowing orgasm with a shutter. It was incredible! After I calmed down, Mike helped me get my clothes back on and straighten up.

"Thank you Mike. That was so much better than I ever dreamed of. Is there anything I can do for you?"

“Well ….” He unzipped his fly pulling out his big erect cock. This was a night of firsts for me, my first date, my first kiss, and now I was looking at my first cock. It was big and it was pretty.

"Kiss it!"

“Ewww gross."

He put his hand around my head and pulled me down to it.

"Open your mouth," he commanded and I did.

“Kiss the head," I did. It was salty. 

“Lick it behind the head," I did, he moaned. 

“Put it in your mouth and suck it up and down," I did and it grew.

“Go faster and deeper," I did but gagged.

“Play with my nuts," I squeezed them. 

“I am going to cum. Swallow it all because I don’t want to ruin your dad's car.”

He flooded my mouth with cum, adding blow job to my list of firsts. I was having a hard time trying to swallow it all but It was not as gross as I thought it would be. In fact, I thought I could get use to this. 

“Good girl. Your a natural. Let’s get you home. I will stop along the way to get you a coke to wash out your mouth. Don’t breath on your mom. She will know the smell.” 

We arrive home about a quarter to twelve. I felt like Cinderella with Prince Charming. We stopped to kiss on the front porch. I pushed up on my tip toes , looked him in the eyes and just as our lips touched the door opened with my Mom standing there. 

Mom said, “I take it you had fun.” 

“Yes Mam," Mike replied. 

“It was amazing," I said probably revealing too much. 

Mom is a wise woman and knew there was more going on here than what met the eyes. 

Mike asked if he could take me out again and my Mom said, “She is eighteen and can do what she wants."

Mike proposed to me on our fourth date with a ring and everything. We went to his apartment where he made love to me without intercourse, honoring my wedding bed wish. I remember seeing him naked for the first time. He was a God. I met my match, a person as pretty as me. He was not just fit but well-toned. His abs rippled and his arms were strong and muscular. When he slid down his shorts his cock was huge and ready. For me to stay a virgin before our wedding, there would be a lot of cock sucking. He taught me well, so gentle and patient. He showed me how to hold my climax to intensify my orgasm. He taught me how to pleasure him in the same way. He was a good teacher and I was his eager student. Our honeymoon would be spectacular. 

When we got back to my house, Mike came in with me. He did not leave it up to me to tell my parents by myself. 

My Dad had gone to bed and my Mom had to go get him. They came back with my Dad wearing a robe.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to ask to marry my daughter?"

I held up my left hand and showed them the ring. 

“Mike said," Yes sir! I want to spend the rest of my life with your daughter. I love her and we are right for each other.” 

“If we say no, I suppose she will marry you any way?” my Dad asked.

I replied, “Yes I will! I love him.” 

“Well then welcome to the family son, ... and never call me Sir again.” 

Mike promised I would get to go to college and he would protect and provide fo my every need.” 

We were married three months later in my parent’s garden. I had a custom gown, six brides maids, a band, catered food, and a open bar. Mike's mom came to the wedding also! His dad was dead. There were so many people dancing and celebrating our marriage, I was so happy. My mom went all out sparing no expense. I really liked Mike's mom, Virginia. She gave us some nice gifts. Not very expensive but I knew that is all she could afford on a widow's income.

Somehow I had remained a virgin until my wedding and that required a lot of cock sucking. Trust me. 

Our wedding present from my parents was an all-expense paid trip to Paris and a sizable down payment for a house. There are some real advantages coming from money. 

After most of the guests had left I went up to change clothes into my travel outfit. Mike had gone up with me To my room while I changed. He was trying to take off what I was putting on. Mike wanted to consummate our marriage right there. He was like an octopus, hands everywhere. 

“Stop it!” I giggled. “We have a flight to catch”. 

“Fuck the flight," he said as held me from behind cupping my boobs. 

“Get control of yourself," I said more forcibly. He responded by backing off, and gave me that hurt little boy look for the first time. It was at that point I knew I was in charge of this relationship. 

The plane flight was uneventful and we slept most of the way. The time difference from California to France was huge and I knew there was going to be major jet lag. During the flight, I just kept reminding myself I was married and even had a new last name. I had practiced writing my new signature over and over. My Dad even had credit cards made up in my new name. 

After disembarking we were greeted by our hotel representative. He was holding up a sign with our names on it. We were staying at Hotel Lutetia in the honeymoon suite. 

“We will retrieve your luggage and bring it to your room, Monsieur," he said speaking to Mike. I then realized then that I would not only be addressed with my husband’s name but would also be secondary in matters of business. I was now to be known as Mike's wife, or Mrs. Greer, not just Ann.

We got into the limo and there was champagne on ice waiting for us. I was glad they had popped the cork for us. It always makes me nervous when they pop it open. It scared me as a kid and I never got over it.,

Our trip to the hotel was magnificent. After living in Southern California most of my life the antiquity of Paris overwhelmed me. “It is so beautiful, Mike! We are going to have such a special time.” He pulled me close and was kissing me passionately feeling me up everywhere.“ I had on a top with a stretch elastic top. Chuck had it pulled down along with my bra and was hissing my hard nipples. He could care less about some old buildings. He had all the scenery he needed right here. The driver was getting quite a show. The car stopped and I was hastily rearranging myself when the car door opened. I still had one tit showing and quickly covered it. 

The hotel was of the antique architecture that was prevalent in Paris. Even though the hotel was only ten years old, it looked like it was built in the fourteen hundreds. The manager greeted us and called over one of the bell boys to escort us to our room. This was not like any hotel I had ever seen. It had beautiful patterned carpeting classic oil paintings, fine furniture and expensive accents everywhere. Our suite was breathtaking, like something out of a travel-brochure. It also had an incredible view of Paris and the Eiffel tower. 

We got there before our luggage but the bellman said he would bring it up soon. 

Mike picked me up and tossed me on the bed, pulling my clothes off as fast as he could. He was finally going to claim his prize! Single minded in his mission. It was exciting lust knowing he desired me so much. He got undressed so fast I don’t even remember him doing it. We were rolling around on the bed attacking each other with our kisses and caresses. Then the phone rang. He had his head buried between my thighs as I picked up the phone. 

“Hello” I said, trying to remain calm as a tongue was inserted in my pussy. 

“This is Mom and I was just calling to see if you arrived safely.” 

“Mom, this is a bad time. Could you call back later.” 

“You sound so stressed, are you alright?” 

“Mom I am fine. I am just about to get fucked.” 

“Giggle," and then a hang up. 

Mike was so ready, and so was I. He took his proper position with his massive cock above my opening . I needed no extra lube as mine was more than sufficient. His cock was rock hard and he slowly slipped into me. It was large and I felt so full. There was a bit of a sting when he passed through my hymen but not that bad as I was told it would be. His body always excited me, watching his big muscles flex as he moved his body.

“I love you so much my wife," he proclaimed, as he bottomed out in me, finally claiming his prize.

“I love you too husband," I said, as he picked up the pace. I was now a full-fledged woman. He was not any longer making love; he was just fucking me with wildness I had never seen in him. I loved it. All sorts of emotions were flooding through me all at the same time, love, lust, and joy all mixed together in one euphoric moment in time. We were, as the vows said, as one flesh. 

I realized we had no protection, and I was fertile, but there was no stopping this train. He was closing in on his goal, our bodies were slapping together in our passionate song of love, then there was a knock on the door. He was fucking me so hard I remember that I thought the bed might break.

"We can’t stop now," Mike panted.

It was incredible! I was also reaching orgasm. We were both cumming and he was filling me load after load of hot cum. My head was spinning with intense pleasure. Then the door opened and the bellman stepped in with our luggage rack. 

So here I was lying on my back with cum pouring out my pussy and we have an audience. He saw us and ran out. We laid there and laughed so hard I was crying. I wish I could recall a lot about our trip to Paris but I didn’t see much more than the ceiling above the bed that whole trip. We did bring back a souvenir though. Nine months later we named him Bryan.


Mike and I have now been married for over twenty years. We have a wonderful, handsome, intelligent son, away to college on the East Coast. Life is really good for us now. We live on the ocean in California. In fact a couple months ago we just burned the mortgage for our custom home Mike and I built ten years ago. We are as of now debt free which gives us a lot of freedom. 

Times are good now but they were not always that way. Our life has been a roller coaster. Mike worked for years to establish our business and the bills piled up to the point I had to ask my family for help. That was a huge blow to his ego. Then on top of it I got sick and the hospital bills threatened to bankrupt us. Throughout all this the stabilizing thing for us was our unconditional love. Does that sound corny? Well to me it has been like a life saver thrown to a drowning victim. Mike has always said that our love will take us through any obstacles and it has. I realize that he is my everything. In my whole life I have never even kissed or dated another man and have no desire to do so. 

When it comes to sex Mike is gentle and thoughtful but there are pluses and minuses to that. In the first story he told about Vicky our failed threesome. I was hurt because with her he was not gentle and caring but was like an animal in heat. We make love several times a week and he has never taken me the way he took her. It made me feel so undesirable, almost inferior. What they did in front of me was like I was not there. What I was really feeling was that I wanted to be her. I wanted to be that slut he was fucking in the ass and grabbing by the hair. She was okaylooking but I am a ton prettier than she is. In fact I believe I am better than her in every way. That is really why I picked her. I was angry but also hot watching him treat her like the slut she is. I shared this revelation with Mike yesterday. He was apologetic and told me he had no clue I felt this way, and would be more forceful in the future.

Last night was wonderful. Mike showed me a real man can be sensitive to my needs but also can be rough. I know gentle but rough is an oxymoron but after he practically raped me and spanked my ass he picked me up in his arms like he was carrying a child and took me up stairs and set me on the bed. He went into the bathroom and came back with a damp washcloth. Then he washed my vagina. While he was doing that I got a glimpse of myself in the full length dressing mirror. My butt was beet red from the unexpected spanking I had received. He knew I didn’t have an orgasm so he spread my legs and went down on me giving me what I needed. He cleaned inside my pussy with his tongue the way her cleaned the outside with the cloth. I wrapped my legs around his head, like a wrestler trying for a submission, forcing his head tightly against my pubic mound. I was being ripped with intense orgasm. 

I love this man! We lay in bed that night and just talked. We were spooning with him cupping my breast. It is hard to describe, but I felt safe like a little girl in the arms of her daddy. Ever since the events that transpired a month ago we have been more open and honest than ever. He said that it was a shock to him what I expressed about how I want to be treated roughly like a slut. I told him it was a shock to me also. He apologized for spanking me so hard. He seemed a bit taken back when I said it was wonderful. “Really," he asked. “Really," replied. He seemed a bit apprehensive about this. 

“How far are we going to take this?"

“I have no idea," I replied. 

It seems I am evolving as a woman. My needs are changing all the time as I grow in so many ways. I have no idea what the future will hold and that makes life an adventure. The woman I am now is a different person than that scarred little girl of twenty years ago.

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